Mario's Koopamon Adventure 4: The Champion's Tournament

By crankymama5452

Chapter 13: Changing the Team Can Be Dangerous

Mario, Peach and Wart enter Dry Dry Outpost to see everything normal. The three proceed towards the Toad House when everything begins to shake.

Mario: What is that?

Peach: I don't know.

As the place rumbles a citizen runs up to them. He tries to talk but his voice vibrates as the place shakes more and more.

Toad: thank goo..dness you’re h..hhere. This h..h..has been going on since that tounam..m-m-m-ment began.

Wart: Let's g-g-g-go.

The three run while shaking constantly. Suddenly the rumbling stops and a glowing, black cloud puffs from Toad Town into the sky.

Wart: What the?

Peach: I don't know, but we need to go to the Toad House, and quick.

They run to the Toad House and enter to see Merlon waiting for them.

Mario: Merlon...

Merlon: Mario, I knew you'd come here so I came ahead of you. I have something very important to tell you about that earthquake you just witnessed.

Peach: What? Please tell us.

Merlon: Peach, it is coming from YOUR castle. The ones in charge of this tournament... they have been taking Koopamon in large numbers and doing something to them. I saw the culprit in charge in a vision.

Mario: And what did you see?

Merlon: It is interesting. They speak of reviving the evil in Koopamon. Then the leader is planning to transform the Koopamon to fighting machines.

Wart: What?

Merlon: The smoke. You just witnessed the after-effects of the transformation.

Mario: No...

Merlon: Mario, you came to change your team, correct? Do that and get into that castle. Find your five remaining pieces. I see all of them. Unfortunately you only know two of them. I see the one who is transparent and holds ice, and I see a witch.

Mario: Crystal King and Cackletta.

Merlon: Exactly. The other three... I can't say. They don't look familiar but I have horrible news. One thing I do know is that one of them has something to do with the tournament. He has one of the pieces of you, Peach, and the league Champs.

Wart: Somebody behind the creation of the tournament is among us? Why?

Merlon: To keep from entering the ones who he knows can stop them. I can tell he will avoid you at all costs.

Mario: Okay, Merlon. Thank you.

Mario runs over to the machine and puts G King, Ameboid, and H Bro into the machine and pulls out three more.

Peach: Thank you, Merlon. We'll do all we can.

Merlon: Please do.

Merlon turns and walks out as Mario runs back. The three then leave and choose the shortcut back to town and head to the sewer pipes.

Chapter 14: An Uncalled For Detour

The three go to the sewage pipe, which is currently being examined by some of the Toad citizens there.

Mario: Hey what is going on?

Toad #1: There is a problem down there. The pipes have been jumbled and we have people down there finding where the pipes go.

Peach: How were they jumbled?

Toad #2: I don't know. I mean, the workers must have entered your place by now, right?

Peach: Wait there is no sewage pipe to my castle.

Toad #1: Yes there is. Four workers came and said they needed to inspect the pipe lines and go through into each pipe to see the connection.

Toad #3: Yeah! You said it was fine.

Peach: Oh boy. I know where this is going…

Wart: Yup.

Toad #3: There were four and we said nope, you's can not go in there without the princess’ say-so. The four left, then three came back with you. It was odd you'd come all the way out here just to say they could enter, but you did. I let the three in and you followed.

Peach: You can't seriously think I'd do or say that.

Toad #2: That's what we thought, then here you come.

Peach: There has been somebody impersonating me in order to travel around and break into the castle.

Mario: Clearly that explains it.

Peach: Nothing is wrong with the pipes. You can let us through now.

Toad #3: No prob, Princess.

The three move out of the way and the gang jump into the pipe and into the sewer.

Mario: Looks like we aren't going back to town just yet. Let's find how they got into the castle. We can end this now.

Wart: Right.

The three begin to walk down the trail of wet, slushy stone. They cross a pipe bridge, then follow more trail, and then cross another pipe bridge to a dead end.

Peach: Darn. Turn back.

Wart: No, wait a second, Peach. This wall has a bit of dried cement along the wall. There is also drying cement at the center of the wall. This wall was just put up.

Mario: You’re right. GO!

Mario calls out Monty Mole.

Mario: Monty, use Rock Throw and Quick.

Monty begins to throw rocks at the wall, cracking it more and more until it breaks and falls into a pile of rubble, revealing a pipe behind it.

Mario: Oh, really now? Good job Monty, come back.

Mario calls back Monty and the three go into the pipe. The three emerge from the pipe inside of the pipe room in Peach’s basement. The three look around and go up the steps out into the main halls of the basement.

Peach: I don't believe this. Let's go.

The three turn a corner and then another corner. Little do they know that newly installed security cameras are watching them. Meanwhile in Peach's room, our transformer, still as Wart, is on Peach’s bed reading a magazine on shoes.

?????: Oh, those are ssssooooooo CUTE! Diamonds too. Let's see, and- WOAH! A MILLION COINS! Pass!

A guard walks into the room as the person quickly turns back to Peach. The Toad guard walks up.

Guard: Miss, we have intruders.

????: Who?

Guard: A demon frog thing and, oddly enough, you and Mario. They entered through our newest pipe installment.

????: Well don't be silly. Escort Mario, frog head, and me out of the castle.

Guard: Will do, Miss.

The guard leaves. Meanwhile, Mario, Wart, and Peach have exited the halls of the basement and are going up the stairs to the main floor. A door opens and six guards rush in.

Guard: Hey, you three! Stop right there!

Mario: Woah! Turn and run! Turn and run!

The three begin to run from the guards back into the basement.

Guard: Oh no you don't! GO GET THEM!

The guards call out Swoopers that begin to chase them at high speed. The three turn and enter another room, and go down a slide and run out the castle’s back door before running towards Shooting Star Summit.

Mario: So much for that. Well I guess the best we can do now is go this way and hope to find some of our pieces. Clearly we aren't getting at the source of this the easy way.

Peach: I can't believe they'd attack unless they though I was an impersonator and you two were in it with me.

Wart: True. The best we can do now is to keep going.

They run to Shooting Star Summit.

Chapter 15 - The Revealing

Mario, Peach, and Wart continue to run to Shooting Star Summit, away from the guards who may still be following them.

Mario: Let's go to the top of the mountain. It's the only place to go.

Peach: All right. Hurry.

The three begin to run up the mountain as the guards run into the area and begin to run up the mountain. Mario, Peach, and Wart reach the mountaintop, and the guards do too.

Guard #1: Finally. You three are under arrest.

Guard #4: For breaking into the castle.

Peach: You’re arresting ME?! You’re arresting ME?! ME?! I'M the princess!

Guard #2: ... Yeah, you are... Hmmm… Well, you just ordered us to capture you three.

Peach: No I didn't.

Wart: Yeesh is everybody too stupid to tell there is an impersonator?

Guard #4: What?

Guard #5: That Peach in the castle is an imposter.

Peach: Bingo. Now tell me, is anything unusual about her? Anything she does at all?

Guard #3: Well there was one moment a while ago. I went into your room and she, he, it, whatever was on your bed reading a book on shoes. This was when you broke in. She was going to buy overpriced diamond shoes, but backed out due to the price and kind.

Guard #6: Right, right. Obviously it is a girl.

Mario: Okay. Anything else?

Guard #3: Yes, actually. During the regular cleaning time the cleaning Toad said he went to clean your room and you were gone but there was a message to somebody we don't know saying to make sure he keeps away from you so neither of you can get in.

Peach: What?

Mario: Her. Our imposter has a piece of our pictures she gave to somebody who is trying to avoid us.

Guard #4: Makes sense. Well we'll head back to the castle and stay on guard for her.

Peach: Good.

Wart: Mario, we need to find that person and get your pieces. If we get that piece then we'll be able to find who is behind all of this.

Mario: Right.

Guard #4: All right, then we are outta here.

The six guards turn and run back to the castle.

Mario: Let's go. I need to find Crystal King and Cackletta first, though. Then we'll deal with the mystery two and whoever has our other piece.

Wart: Hmmmm.

The three turn and run back to town.

Chapter #16: Preparation for a Public Battle

Mario, Peach, and Wart get back to town. They then begin to head in the direction of the harbor, when they see Cackletta moving towards them.

Mario: It's Cackletta.

Peach: Wow. She has a piece of your picture.

Cackletta comes up to them and smiles.

Cackletta: Looking for me, I guess. I know you know I have a piece of your picture. Mario, I'll battle you, but we’re doing things differently. No double battle, just three on three, however we'll have the match right here in town. We'll follow the stadium rules.

Mario: What?

Cackletta: Each stadium in the town forces you to battle differently. They prepare you for the end in Peach’s Castle, as you'll be forced to battle in many different ways to test how you battle in different situations.

Mario: Okay.

They go to the arenas to look at each set of rules. Mario is shocked by the new methods of battle as they go from one to another. Mario goes and gets a booklet off of an arena for his use, and begins to look through it.

Arena #1 - Trade Battle
Each trainer must use three Koopamon owned by the opponent. These three Koopamon will be used in the battle.
Arena #2 - Random Battle
Each trainer is given three random Koopamon held by neither trainer to test how they handle unused Koopamon.
Arena #3 - Timer Battle
Each battle is broken into rounds. Each round is five minutes, and if one round ends and both Koopamon are standing then the most damaged will be declared loser. When a round ends either way the winner must recall his Koopamon and not use it again in the battle. When one trainer loses two of three Koopamon, he loses.
Arena #4 - Friendship Battle
Each trainer must not call commands. Their Koopamon battle as they wish. This will determine if you have a good enough bond with your Koopamon that they know what you want them to do.
Arena #5 - Grab Battle
Every Koopamon held by each trainer in hand and storage is placed in a machine, and three will be dispensed for each trainer to use.
Arena #6 - Stall Battle
Each trainer will use three Koopamon. Each Koopamon gets a timer for five minutes. As the battle goes each timer will go down. If a Koopamon is hit its trainer’s timer will be restored ten seconds. In order to win a round your timer has to run out first. Two of three wins gives you the victory.

Cackletta: Well Mario, see anything you like?

Mario: Yes. Let's try out arena number six, Stall Battle.

Cackletta: Very well then. Let's go.

Peach: Go Mario.

Wart: Yeah. You'll do it no matter how different it is.

With that the four head to arena number six.

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