Mario's Koopamon Adventure 4: The Champion's Tournament

By crankymama5452

Chapter 17: Avoiding Battle in Battle

Mario and Cackletta position themselves on their sides of the arena and prepare to battle. Mario is going into a stall battle.

Cackletta: Okay Mario, remember, three on three and the first person to have their timer run out wins the round. When one Koopamon goes out we recall our Koopamon and send a fresh new one in.

Mario: I got it. Shall we begin then?

Cackletta: We shall, and by starting the timers.

Mario - 5:00
Cackletta - 5:00

Cackletta: BEGIN! Go Dark Boo. Mario, you chose the wrong person to battle with the wrong battle method.

Mario: We'll see. Go Monty.

Mario calls out his Monty Mole and Cackletta calls out her Dark Boo. The two Koopamon prepare to battle.

Mario: Begin. Use Rock Throw.

Cackletta: Dodge it.

Monty throws a pile of rocks at Dark Boo, who disappears, and the rocks fly by. Mario slaps his face, knowing that Cackletta has full advantage with a ghost team.

Cackletta: Shadow Ball!

Dark Boo reappears and shoots Monty with a shadow ball, and Mario’s timer goes up.

Mario - 4:43
Cackletta - 4:33

Mario: Sand Attack, then Rock Throw.

Cackletta: Repeat it again.

Dark Boo disappears but the flying sand covers it and the rock goes in, but a previously shot shadow ball destroys it.

Cackletta: Dark Pulse!

Mario: Jump and Sandstorm.

Monty jumps up as Dark Boo sends a shadowy shockwave through the ground. Monty then sends a sandstorm up that blinds Dark Boo.


Monty begins to break rock after rock on Dark Boo, sending it flying, and up goes Cacklettas time.

Mario - 4:01
Cackletta - 4:41

Cackletta: Switch to Lick and paralyze it.

Mario: Use Dig, then Sandstorm.

Monty digs under the ground just as a massive tongue slaps the digging area. Monty springs up behind Dark Boo and makes another sandstorm, but Dark Boo swings her tongue around and slams it into Monty Mole.

Cackletta: Disappear and use Lick again.

Dark Boo disappears and a tongue flies from nowhere and slaps Monty back.

Mario: Dig and Rock Throw.

Monty dives underground and rocks fly up and out of the holes from the two digs. A rock hits Dark Boo and she reappears as another rock hits and the sandstorm gets in her eyes.

Cackletta: Dark Pulse.

Dark Boo sends the shadowy shockwave out, and it falls into the holes and hits and forces Monty above ground.

Mario - 2:06
Cackletta - 2:36

Mario: Rock Throw and Sand Attack.

Cackletta: Double Team!

Dark Boo begins to clone herself as the sand and rocks fly about. Dark Boo flies in and slams Monty, but Monty manages to hit a rock on it.

Cackletta: Dark Pulse.

Mario: Jump it.

Monty jumps over the attack and comes landing towards Dark Boo.

Mario: Rock Throw!

Monty breaks another rock on Dark Boo as the timer gets really close to its end

Mario - 0:49
Cackletta - 1:29

Cackletta: Double Team, then Lick.

Dark Boo clones and flings multiple tongues out that slap Monty about.

Mario: Sandstorm.

Monty jumps up and spins, blowing around sand that gets in Dark Boos eyes.

Mario: Dig!

Monty digs below the ground as Dark Boo swings blindly about as the timers go to their end.

Mario - 0:13
Cackletta - 0:23

Cackletta: Ugh. Okay, I see this is how it is done. Good job with this one, Mar-


Wart: ROUND ONE IS DONE! Victory goes to Mario.

Mario: Yippee.

Both: Return.

Cackletta: So you dodge too. Fine. GO !

Cackletta calls out an Ameboid.

Mario: WOAH!

Cackletta: Look familiar? I know you have one.

Mario: No prob there, though. I'll still win this round and give myself the battle. GO!

Mario calls out his Parabuzzy

Peach: Parabuzzy! I haven't seen that in so long.

Mario: Begin round two.

Mario - 5:00
Cackletta - 5:00

Mario: Para, use Aerial Ace.

Cackletta: Take it!

Mario, Peach, and Wart: TAKE IT!

Parabuzzy zooms in and smashes Ameboid and sends it through the air.

Cackletta: Now Icy Wind!

Now in the air, Ameboid shoots down an icy wind that covers the whole arena and hits Para constantly, slowing it down heavily. Ameboid lands safely.

Mario - 5:55
Cackletta - 4:55

Mario: Silver Beam!

Para fires a glowing silver beam at Ameboid!

Cackletta: Double Team, then Shadow Sneak!

Ameboid clones itself and avoids the beam before sinking into the ground and zooming into Para, sending it flying.

Mario: Silver Wind.

Para instantly fires silvery, dusty wind out that strikes Ameboid and forces it back.

Mario - 4:33
Cackletta - 3:43

Cackletta: Icy Wind, then Hydro Pump.

Ameboid fires the icy wind, which hits Para, before shooting it with a massive stream of water, knocking it out.

Cackletta: No need for a timer. My Ameboid knows how to fight.

Mario: Ugh. I need to pick wisely.

Cackletta: Keep thinking that.

Mario: All right, well I can still win. GO!

Cackletta: You can try to, but it isn't likely. GO!

Mario sends out his Eeker and Cackletta send out Atomic Boo.

Cackletta: Psychic, eh? No problem then. Shadow Ball.

Mario: Heat Wave quickly.

Eeker sends out a wall of heat that hits the shadow ball and causes it to explode, sending flaming bits of sludge shadow goo raining down on Eeker.

Mario - 5:16
Cackletta - 4:36

Mario: Flamethrower and Psychic.

Cackletta: Use your Psychic too.

Both Koopamon use psychic powers as Eeker shoots its flamethrower, which is forced back and forth.

Cackletta: No challenge. Atomic Boo, do your thing.

Atomic Boo glows and the flamethrower zooms back into Eeker

Mario - 4:59
Cackletta - 3:39

Mario: This isn't happening. Use Heat Wave and Chemical Wave.

Eeker fires another wall of heat and fires into it a stream of glowing green goo that turns into some kind of nuclear wave.

Cackletta: Psychic.

Atomic Boo stops the walls and begins to send it back.

Mario: Flamethrower.

Eeker fires a stream of fire into the wall, making it explode. However Psychic is still in play and it backfires on Eeker.

Mario - 4:33
Cackletta - 2:23

Cackletta: Thunderbolt.

Atomic Boo begins to strike Eeker over and over until Eeker’s eyes light up.

Mario - 4:51
Cackletta - 1:21

Cackletta smiles and then sighs, but then Eeker releases a ray of red light that hits Atomic Boo, startling Cackletta but even moreso as Atomic Boo falls asleep.

Cackletta: HYPNOSIS!

Mario: Yippee! FLAMETHROWER!

Cackletta stares in horror as Atomic Boo is struck with an endless stream of fire and the timers begin to reverse.

Mario - 4:21
Cackletta - 2:01

Mario: Switch to Chemical Wave.

Eeker begins to mix attacks and form the glowing wall, which explodes on Atomic Boo

Mario - 3:34
Cackletta - 2:54

Mario goes to call an attack switch but Atomic Boo wakes up and floats up.

Cackletta: Finally. Shadow Ball!

Mario: Jump it and Hypnosis again.

Cackletta: Safeguard. I'm prepared now.

The rays are shot out but reflect off a glowing barrier Atomic Boo sets up. Eeker begins to land but shoots Atomic Boo overhead with its flamethrower and causes it to crush inwards and go up in flames.

Mario - 2:05
Cackletta - 2:45

Cackletta: Thunderbolt.

Mario: Psychic!

Atomic Boo fires thunderbolts and Eeker counters by holding them back, but the bolts push through and zap Eeker into paralysis.

Mario - 1:13
Cackletta - 1:43

Mario: Heat Wave and Psychic. Let's show her some magic.

Cackletta: Psychic and thunder bolt.

Eeker sends out a heat wave, then uses Psychic to blow it up and send flashing fireballs down on Atomic Boo, as Atomic Boo blows up several thunderbolts, sending sparks flying into Eeker. Both Koopa fall and roll about.

Mario - 0:30
Cackletta - 0:49

Mario: Get up and Hypnosis.

Cackletta: Get up and Shadow Ball.

Atomic Boo gets up and fires a shadow ball that blows the rays up. Another is shot at Eeker.

Mario - 0:10
Cackletta - 0:19

It closes in on an unable to dodge Eeker.

Mario - 0:06
Cackletta - 0:16

And closer and closer.

Mario - 0:02
Cackletta - 0:12

Mario and Cackletta:  Come on...


Mario – 0.00
Cackletta - 0:10

Cackletta: What?

Wart: Match over. Mario wins it.

Peach: YAY! My sort of hero.

Mario: Yippee!

Cackletta: Absolutely unbelievable. Mario, this is yours.

Cackletta throws Mario the piece of his picture.

Mario: Thank you, Cackletta.

Cackletta: You’re quite welcome. I'm totally impressed.

Mario: Thank you.

Cackletta: Now I think you have four more to go. That should be easy. Try to find somebody out of Lavalava Island. I find it hard to believe all four piece holders will be together. For now I have to say goodbye.

Cackletta gets off the arena and walks away while waving.

Peach: Excellent, Mario, but I have an idea.

Mario: Oh?

Wart: Yes, and I agree with her.

Peach: We should all split up. Anytime we get one of our pieces or one of another of us, we should meet up and give them to each other. We work together to get them.

Mario: I like it.

Wart: Great. I think I'll stick around with Mario, though, for now. I want to go out to the island, too.

Mario: Great then. Away we-

Peach: Okay, bye Mario.

Wart: Oh, and be careful. Don't battle that person who took my piece unless you intend to win.

Peach: Right.

And with that Peach turns and runs off while Wart and Mario continue to the harbor.

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