Mario's Koopamon Adventure 4: The Champion's Tournament

By crankymama5452

Chapter 1: The Mystery Letter Starts it All

It is a peaceful day in the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario is at Peach's castle for a party. Recently they constructed a Mario statue in the cnter of Toad Town honoring all of the many deeds Mario has done to keep the kingdom's status the same.

Mario: Hey Peach, this is a good party. I wish it was my own.

Peach: ... It kind of is. We are honoring you.

Mario: Wow! Why honor me?

Peach: Oh, silly Mario. You and your humor. Listen, I was wondering about something. About last year on Delfino, are you sad to leave Koopamon training?

Mario: Of course. I still have them though, they are simply friends now.

Peach: Yeah, that is true. I heard an advertisement by some guy who is constructing something to do with Koopamon. I'm not sure what, though.

Mario: Yeah, well some things are best left unknown. Now I need to hit the buffet. I see a cake I will call appetizer.

Peach: Eh-heh... heh. That's Mario... unfortunately.

Mario goes over to the buffet table and preparess to gobble a cake in one bite, but the Mail Toad stops him.

MT: Mr. Mario, sir, I have a letter.

Mario: A letter? Oh boy! Maybe it's cake.

Mario opens it to find a letter.

Mario: Close enough.

Mario goes to eat it but Peach rips it away and begins to read it.

Peach: Dear Mario Mario, Peach Toadstool, and Luigi Mario, it has come to my attention that all three of you have a history in Koopamon training, be it a Champ, an Elite Four member, or a Three-Time Champ. As you may or may not have heard, a Koopamon tournament is beginning. It is composed of all high-classed Koopamon trainers, said being Elite Four members, Champions, and previous Champions as well as several other legendary Champions. As the creator of this tournament, I would like you three to take part in it. The location, simple enough, will be in Toad Town. I trust you'll take part. There’s no need for me to tell you when it is as you'll know when it starts. Signed...
There is no name.


Peach: Yeah, I guess. Listen Mario, do you think we should enter it?

Mario: Why not?

The two begin to talk as Luigi comes up to them and eyes the letter in
Peach's hand, though Mario is making several attempts to snatch away.

Luigi: Hey, what is that?

Peach: A letter from some guy who wants us to join a Koopamon tournament.

Luigi: Really? Cool. What are the requirements?

Peach: Just be a Champ, a previous Champ, or Elite Four member. This means the three of us qualify. Thing is, the tournament is said to be here.

Luigi: What? Well let's get our Koopamon, I guess. I'll get my flying types, Peach your water, and Mario your everything.

Peach: Okay.

Mario: But what about my party?

Peach: Not now.

Mario begins to cry but soon after gets up and goes with Luigi to get some Koopamon.

As the day ends Mario and Luigi drift to sleep in their beds and all goes black. Thumps are heard and then a door slams, there is some mumbling, and then seconds later the door slams shut again. No more than twenty minutes later the same happens in Peach’s castle. The next morning Mario, Luigi, and Peach wake up in the Shy Guys’ storage shed. They get up and open the door and head to the square.

Peach: What were we doing in there?

Mario: I don't know. How should I know? Should I know and you just won't tell me? Huh huh huh?

Luigi: Quiet. Look at that.

As they enter the square there is a giant stage in the center of the square. Helicopters fly overhead and drop stages down into the six sections of Toad Town. Another copter drifts out to see and ones heads to Shooting Star Summit. Peach's castle lights up and a whole bunch of people have gathered. A ship docks in the harbor and everybody races to it to see all the mentioned people in the letter exiting the ship and coming to land, confused.


Smithy, Tatanga, and Cackletta go up to them.

Smithy: Mario, Peach, Luigi; good to see you again. You act surprised. You act as if you don't know what is going on, like you never set this up.

Tatanga: Yeah. It was you who sent us invites, after all, signed and everything.

Peach gasps as the others realize something is up. They all stampede, in unorganized fashion, to the main square to see a Koopa at a desk labeled registration.

Koopa: Oh good, you’re all here. Sign up, please.

They all stare on blankly at this seemingly abnormal, confusing, messed up situation as it becomes even more so strange. What is this? Well they don't seem to know or care as they all line up to register…

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