Mario and Yoshi: The Ten Gems

By Blaze Koopa


Sparkle was all alone in Dark Master’s throne room, still floating in the dark bubble. The white Yo’ster was ever so confused. What was this about vessels? Why did Dark Master need her so badly? What was going to happen? And what had become of Shine Guy and the others? Sparkle was slightly scared.

She jumped when she heard some loud yells.

“Let me outta here already! I have nothing to do with this whole thing!”

The throne room door burst open, and there was Dark Master, holding all ten Power Gems in one hand, with Blaze, also still trapped in his bubble, floating up alongside his head. Sparkle raised a brow upon seeing this. Now Dark Master had brought the flame-haired Koopa with him as well. It was most likely for the same reason as her being here, but what was that reason?

“I’m beginning to wonder why I didn’t just do this myself at first…” Dark Master muttered as he walked over to his throne and sat down.

Blaze’s bubble floated down next to Sparkle’s. Blaze glanced over at Sparkle. “You too?” he asked.

“Don’t ask why because I have no clue…” Sparkle replied.

“You’ll get that clue right now,” Dark Master interrupted.

“Right…” Blaze said sarcastically. “’Bout time… Let’s hear it…”

“I shall make this quick. I have a destiny to fulfill. Now then, as you may have guessed, I will be unstoppable once I’ve opened the altar.”

“Tell us something we don’t know…” Blaze said. His bubble was immediately hit by a finger blast from Dark Master. The bubble was unharmed, but Blaze was shaken up a bit.

“No interruptions please…” Dark Master grunted. “As I was saying, despite this mass amount of power, I still wouldn’t be able to spread my darkness across the four corners of this planet.” He then released Sparkle and Blaze from their bubbles, then bent down towards them, making them both shake. “… And that’s… where you come in!” he said sinisterly.

Sparkle had had enough. “… You know,” she said nervously. “Suddenly I don’t want to know…” She and Blaze began to back up.

“Uh… Nice chatting with you, big guy…” said Blaze. “But… we gotta go now…” Blaze and Sparkle bolted for the open door. Just as they reached it, however, it slammed itself shut with a loud BOOM! Sparkle and Blaze stared at the huge door, then at each other, then back at Dark Master, who only laughed.

“Psychic powers can do wonders for you, can they not?” he mused. “And now, you’re mine… Ultraviolet and Shadow Flame!” The dark haze began to appear from Dark Master, flowing across the room towards Sparkle and Blaze.

Sparkle began to develop a terrible and frightening feeling of Déjà vu as the haze neared them. He suddenly had a flashback.

The frightened white Yoshi slowly backed up as the dark, ominous haze came closer and closer to her. She was so scared, she began to cry. What was about the happen to her? “Please… Go away… Leave me alone!” she said tearfully.

The monstrous-sized Magikoopa let out a sinister laugh. Hovering next to his head, the Paratroopa also laughed, enjoying the show. “Haha! I LOVE watching people quake in fear!”

The Yoshi was now completely surrounded by the haze. She suddenly had a strange feeling inside her. He felt herself begin to change. “Wha… What’s happening to me?” Through the haze, he looked at her hand, and much to her horror, her skin slowly changed from white to purple!

“There’s nowhere to run now!” he said coldly. “You’re mine… Ultraviolet!”

Sparkle felt the same way she had all those years ago. She began to cry a little. “No… Not again… Please…” she said tearfully. By now, the haze had completely surrounded her and Blaze.

Blaze showed no particular emotion. He simply uttered a sarcastic “Here it goes again…” as he noticed his skin shading, his shell turning purple, and his hair turning green. Through the haze, he could see Sparkle charging from white to purple. Then, simultaneously, their eyes turned yellow, and Sparkle began to grow.

Dark Master laughed sinisterly. “Yes…” he said. “And now… my destiny begins… Come! We must assemble the Troops! We’ve no time to waist!” After he spoke, he heard two answers coming from within the haze.

“Yes… Master…”



The group materialized at the base of the hill on which the altar sat. Everyone besides Shine Guy and Dark Paratroopa looked around in amazement. Where they stood, the moonlight covered the ground, but beyond the hill was no light at all, nothing but darkness, darkness, and more darkness. “So… this is your Land of-a Light and Darkness, is it?” said Mario to Shine Guy.

“Correct,” Shine Guy replied to Mario. “… Or… it used to be the Valley of Light…”

“That’s weird…” said Lemmy. “All the moonlight is over here, and there’s no light over there…”

“Why do youse think it’s called da Land of Light and Darkness?!” Roy snapped rudely.

“Just making an observation…” Lemmy muttered.

“A rather… unusual place, wouldn’t you say?” Kamek said to Kammy.

“Quite…” Kammy replied.

As the rest of the party conversed, Shine Guy turned to Dark Paratroopa. “Now that Dark Master has all the Gems,” he said, “he would most likely waste no time in getting here…”

“So…” said Dark Paratroopa, “you’re saying we should wait for him? I don’t know if that’s such a good idea… He’d most likely kill us right off the bat…”

“There is strength in numbers,” Shine Guy replied. “Besides, going over… there… would be a foolish idea. I fear he would have a much better advantage in his own castle…”

“… That’s true… All right then. We wait for him… though either way I don’t feel like we can do it… Us versus him with all ten Gems, not to mention the…” Dark Paratroopa gazed up at the hill.

“Nevertheless,” said Shine Guy, “we must try, and if we fail, at least we’ll go down fighting…”

Dark Paratroopa thought for a moment, and agreed. “Let’s do this…” he said.

Shine Guy turned to the party. “Everyone!” he called. They all turned to him. “Dark Master could very well be on his way here. We must prepare for his arrival.”

“Where to now?” Yoshi asked.

“The altar is at the top of this hill,” Shine Guy answered. “Follow Dark Paratroopa and me.”

Shine Guy and Dark Paratroopa led them up the hill. The party continued to converse, while Mario and Yoshi ran ahead to catch up with SG and DP. “Just curious…” said Mario, “but… what exactly is this treasure?”

Dark Paratroopa looked at him. “… We’d show it to you, but… that wouldn’t be a good idea…”

“Really?” asked Yoshi. “It’s that bad?”

“Even worse if Dark Master gets a hold of it…”

Shine Guy stayed silent. As they neared the top of the high hill, he suddenly began to have a very bad feeling. Trouble was coming, up the other side of the hill.

The party finally reached the top of the hill. “Well, here it is…” said Dark Paratroopa.

Everyone stared at the altar, slightly confused. “… Right…” said Luigi. “And-a where’s this… treasure?”

“Under the panel,” Dark Paratroopa said as he and Shine Guy walked up to it. Yoshi ran ahead for a closer look. He gazed at the altar. On it were ten small holes arranged in a circle, and in the center of the circle was a large panel. “So this… treasure is under here…” he said. “And I’m guessing these holes are where the Power Gems go?”

“Right,” replied Dark Paratroopa.

“What exactly do you guys call this treasure anyway?” Yoshi asked.

“Well, the name isn’t very appropriate while it’s in its current condition, but its… the Grand Gem…”

Yoshi raised a brow. “… So it’s just an eleventh Gem?”

“Basically, but… you be surprised if he releases it…” He trailed off when he noticed Shine Guy being strangely quiet. He turned too him. “You’re looking a little nervous there…” he remarked. “Something wrong?”

“Something’s wrong all right!!!” said a booming voice. “For YOU!!!

“Oh… There he is…” Dark Paratroopa said sarcastically.

Everyone jumped, then watched as the Dark Troops came marching up from the dark side of the hill! Then, above, Dark Master himself materialized, ten Gems in hand. He gazed down at the party. “Well…” he said, “I’m surprised you’ve made it this far!”

“Yeah,” Dark Paratroopa retorted. “And now we’re gonna finish the job! You’ve caused enough trouble around here!”

“Dark Master!” Shine Guy yelled. “You will pay for all your crimes! You will pay for…” He paused, a tear coming out of his eye. “You will pay for what you did to my father! I swear it!”

Dark Master recollected the event. “… Ah yes…” he said. “Glow Guy… What a pain in the rear he was! I’m quite pleased I finally rid myself of him, and now… I’d be more than happy to do the same to his beloved son!” He turned to Dark Paratroopa. “And you… you little pest. I’m sorry I ever created you.”

“How did you create me anyway?!” Dark Paratroopa asked, half furious, half curious.

Dark Master paused, grinning slightly. “Well, let me put it this way… It’s amazing what one can do with a magical mixture and the dead remains of a Koopa Troopa!”

Dark Paratroopa was speechless. Dark Master continued. “And you’d be surprised to know where this Koopa Troopa was from!”

Dark Paratroopa thought for a moment, then… “Wait… you mean…” He looked at Shine Guy.

“… It is true…” Shine Guy said. “From the Light World…”

“… I… I…” Dark Paratroopa was again speechless. “… You… I’m… You’ll…”

Dark Master paid no attention to his stutters and turned his attention to the others. “And you all… All I can say is… You should’ve minded your own business!”

“Saving the world is our business!” Mario yelled.

“You’re going down, big guy!” Yoshi yelled.

“It doesn’t matter how powerful you are!” Luigi yelled.

“Give up! Bad guys don’t win!” Parakarry yelled.

“We’re taking you out!” Peach yelled.

“WE SMASH YOU!” Donkey Kong yelled.

“Yeah! We cream you!” Diddy yelled.

“You’re dead!” Wario yelled.

“What he said!” Waluigi yelled.

“It’s over for you!” Woshi yelled.

“Yeah, ugly! It’s over!” K.K. yelled.

“If anybody’s taking over the world, it’s ME!” Bowser yelled, with the Magikoopas and Koopalings nodding in agreement.

Dark Master stared down at the rather persistent group, then laughed evilly. “So naïve…” he said. “You all shall be disposed of quickly! TROOPS, ATTACK!!!”

The Troops charged.

BOSS!!!: Dark Army

The group split up.

Shine Guy jumped to avoid a sliding Koopa Shell. He then blasted a Hammer Brother out of his way, but was hit by a swooping Paragoomba. Shine Guy staggered slightly, but quickly recovered and blasted the Paragoomba out of the air. He then dodged a boomerang from a Boomerang Brother and blasted away another Koopa Troopa. He was suddenly hit by a boomerang from the same Boomerang Brother from earlier. Shine Guy blasted him away, and ducked to avoid a Boo. He got up and sent a shock across the ground, wiping out a line of charging Troops. He then turned after missing a sledgehammer and blasted the Sledge Brother it belonged to. The Sledge Brother was knocked far back, collecting a Goomba and flying off the hill.

Dark Paratroopa blasted lightning bolts in opposite directions from where he was standing, hitting two Koopatrols charging at him from both directions. He then flew upward as a Sledge Brother charged under his feet. Dark Paratroopa blasted the Sledge Brother, then caught a Paragoomba as he was swooping in on him. The Paragoomba grinned nervously, then felt ten-thousand volts entering his body. Dark Paratroopa let him go, allowing him to fall on a Koopa Troopa. Dark Paratroopa then began blasting the Lakitus and other Paragoombas out of the air, them falling on other Troops on the ground after being blasted.

Mario punched a Hammer Brother aside, then easily stomped on a Goomba. He then noticed a Koopa Shell sliding towards him. Judging his moment, he jumped on the shell to stop it, then kicked it away, hitting a Koopa Troopa, a Koopatrol, and a Fire Brother in that order. Mario caught a flying boomerang and threw it back at the Boomerang Brother it belong to, hitting him square in the face and knocking him out. A Spiny landed directly in front of him, dropped from a Lakitu above, who was immediately knocked out of his cloud by Dark Paratroopa. Mario knocked the Spiny back with a swing of his hammer, with the Spiny flying back into a Hammer Brother.

Yoshi ground pounded, creating a shock that knocked several surrounding Troops back. He swallowed a sliding Koopa Shell and spat it back at a line of Troops. He then swallowed a Goomba and created an egg. He hurled it at a Hammer Brother, and it ricocheted off and hit another Koopa Troopa and a Koopatrol, a triple strike. Yoshi dodged a sledgehammer from a Sledge Brother, then jumped forward and flutter-kicked into his face, knocking him unconscious.

Luigi punched a Koopa Troopa out of his way, then jumped and kicked a Sledge Brother in the face, knocking him back and out cold before he could lob even one sledgehammer. Luigi jumped forward, bouncing off the head of a Goomba and performing a spinning drill attack into a Koopa Troopa, jumping backward and back-kicking a Boomerang Brother who tried to sneak up on him. He grabbed a boomerang from the Boomerang Brother’s hand and swiftly threw it, hitting several Troops in the face before it returned to him.

Donkey Kong pounded his fists on top of a Boomerang Brother, slamming him into the ground. He then picked him up and threw him hard into a Koopa Troopa, knocking them both unconscious. Donkey swatted away a Swooper as if it were a fly, then grabbed a Hammer Brother and threw him far and wide, completely off the hill! He then charged toward a Sledge Brother, easily knocking away his sledgehammers (and squishing a Goomba he never saw in his path) and biffed him in the stomach hard.

Diddy jumped around, bouncing off the heads of the Troops and knocked them down as he did, until he bounced off the helmet of a Koopatrol, feeling the full pain of the helmet spike as it jabbed into the bottom of his foot. Diddy cried in pain. He fell on the ground, clutching his injured foot. As Diddy cried, several Troops began to surround the suffering ape kid. Diddy noticed this, but couldn’t do a thing. The Troops prepared to attack him, when a light-blue shell with wings winged in out of nowhere and slammed hard into each Troop, ricocheting off them and hitting more. Diddy looked up as Parakarry landed next to him. “Need a hand… or a foot?” Parakarry said jokingly.

Diddy, finally getting over his pain, jumped up and balanced on his hand, giving Parakarry a thumbs up. The two stood back-to-back and fended off the Troops as they came.

Wario punched a Koopa Troopa swiftly in the face, instantly knocking him out. He then grabbed a charging Sledge Brother and pile-drove him into the ground. He ran over the grounded Sledge Brother and charged into a hoard of Troops, knocking them away like a truck running into traffic cones. Wario looked back at the line of Troops he had just run over and laughed. “WAhaha! You can’t stop me! I’m-a like a rock!” he yelled, reaching back and punching out a Hammer Brother who charged at him from behind.

Waluigi skillfully took aim with his Bob-ombs, pitching them at the oncoming Troops and defeating them with instant knockouts. He threw his Bob-ombs every which way he could, laying direct hits on the surrounding Troops. He was about to throw another when… it hit him. He was out of Bob-ombs! He looked around as the surrounding Troops… well… surrounded him. The Great Waluigi had nothing. Then…


Larry jumped in out of nowhere and punched out a Hammer Brother as he prepared to throw his hammer. He then retreated into his shell and ricocheted off the enemies, knocking them out. A gray Shell came in also, hitting more enemies. Roy also jumped in, performing a hard ground slam, creating shocks that knocked away the Troops. The gray shell, Morton, stopped in front of Waluigi and popped out. Waluigi gave him, Larry, and Roy a thumbs up.

A Sledge Brother was being squished by two golden bracelets, Goombas and Koopa Troopas were being burned to a crisp by a certain Koopa with wild blue hair followed up by hard punches and slaps from a Koopa/Yoshi hybrid, Hammer Brothers and Boomerang Brothers were being knocked away by two spinning, rainbow-haired “twins”, and a yellow Koopa Shell darted swiftly across the ground, knocking away any enemies in its path after being launched from the mouth of a red Yoshi. The gold bracelets, after crushing the Sledge Brother, returned to their owner, Wendy.

Bowser wildly swatted away and burned the Troops as they came, while Kammy and Kamek hovered above (with Kammy riding with Kamek on his broom), backing up Bowser by blasting away any Troops that tried to sneak-attack him. Bowser was just about to knee-slam a Sledge Brother, when he noticed Princess Peach greatly outnumbered! Peach had hardly any way of attacking her enemies, as all she had was an umbrella. She smacked away the enemies as they came, but there were too many. And a hoard of Troops was charing towards her. Peach began to back up. When they were about twenty feet away from her, a huge green shell slammed into them and knocked them away like bowling pins. The owner of the shell popped out, and turned to Peach, who was speechless. “… Uh… Thanks… Bowser…” she said, slightly uneasy, but grateful.

“No problem, my Peachie!” Bowser said. Then he froze. “BEHIND YOU!!!”

Peach turned to see a Sledge Brother (the same Sledge Brother that Bowser was about to knee-slam) charge toward her from behind! He was just about to strike her down with a sledgehammer, when a shadowy-blue version of Mario jumped in from out of nowhere and kicked him away, knocking him out. “Need some help, Mama Peach?” he said. Peach groaned.

The group fought hard, and soon all the Troops had been defeated. Dark Master was slightly shocked, but otherwise showed no panic. After all, this was only the appetizer. The main course was coming shortly.

The party stared around at all the defeated Troops, then up to Dark Master, who simply laughed. “I must admit…” he said, “that was pretty impressive!”

“That’s right, Dark Master!” said Dark Paratroopa. “Your entire army is destroyed, and we’re gonna do the same to you!”

Shine Guy was about to add on to the banter, when he suddenly remembered. “… Wait… What have you done with Sparkle?!” he asked. “Where is she?! You’d better not have harmed her!”

Bowser stomped forth. “And what’d you do with Blaze?!” he roared.

Dark Master laughed again. “Hm… No need to worry about your friends!” he said coldly. “ULTRAVIOLET!!! SHADOW FLAME!!! You can come out now!!!” Immediately after Dark Master spoke, everyone watched as a giant purple Yoshi materialized in front of Dark Master. The Yoshi roared loudly. Everyone who had not yet seen this before was stunned.

“What in the world?!” Luigi cried.

“Oh… my… gosh…” Parakarry said slowly.

“Dude! That’s HUGE!!!” Lemmy cried.

“A one-hundred-foot purple Yoshi?!” cried Iggy. “Now I’ve seen everything…”

“What a… rather immensely-sized Yoshi…” Ludwig remarked.

“Immensely-sized?!” Karma said sarcastically. “That’s putting it mildly…”

“Wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowwowowow—” Morton was silenced by Roy’s fist.

“SHADDAP!!!” snapped Roy.

“Oh… shoot…” said Larry.

“Woah!” said Bowser Junior. “That’s the biggest Yoshi I’ve ever seen!!!”

“Oh my…” Kammy said, speechless beyond words.

“… Sire…” Kamek said to Bowser. “And I thought you were huge when I enlarged you as a baby…”

“… I… thought so too…” Bowser replied

Shine Guy was horrified. It happened… again! The only thing that puzzled him was what Dark Master meant by “vessels”. What was to happen now?

Next to the giant Yoshi’s foot, someone else materialized— a Koopa with shaded-red skin, a dark purple shell, and a green, untamed Mo-Hawk. The Koopa stared forward, blowing steam from his nostrils and growling.

“… He doesn’t look dat bad…” said Roy.

“He looks kinda familiar though…” said Lemmy.

“… Wait…” said Iggy. “Isn’t that…”

“Oh… shoot!” cried Larry. “That’s… that’s…”

Bowser was in shock. He couldn’t believe it. He had already seen Blaze’s dark form, but now he was being used as a… “Blaze! BLAZE!” Bowser yelled.

“HA!!!” Dark Master laughed. “He no longer answers to you, you sorry excuse for an evil mastermind! These two belong to me now, and they are going to help me spread my evil across this planet!” He stretched out his hands, and the spirits of all the defeated Troops arose from their bodies, flying up and into Dark Master. Then he held up the Gems in his hand. “And now… it begins!” The Gems slowly began to float out of his hand and downward towards the altar.

“NO!!!” cried Shine Guy. “He’s going to release it!!! Stop those Gems!!!” Everyone ran forward, but were blown back by Violet’s roar, with the wind of her breath blowing them backwards.

The Gems all floated down into the small holes in the altar: White, Yellow, Purple, Cyan, Orange, Red, Brown, Pink, Blue, and Green. Once all the Gems were in place, they glowed, but in a dark, evillish-purple color.

The party recovered from the blowover, just in time to see…

“The panel’s opening!” Yoshi cried.

“Uh… that’s a bad thing… right?” Parakarry asked.

“That’s very bad…” said Dark Paratroopa. “Very bad indeed…”

“No… He has done it…” Shine Guy said. “He has the treasure… the Grand Gem…”

The large panel on the altar slowly slid open. Then, there it was, the Grand Gem, the center of life in the valley… or at least it was before it was corrupted… rising up, glowing in the same evillish purple as the Gems. Dark Master grinned widely and evilly. “Yes…” he breathed. “For too long, it’s been shut away in that hole… but now… I finally have it! Darkness shall rule! The world is mine! MINE!!!” He then grabbed a hold of the Grand Gem. Then, he began to change. Everyone watched in shock as Dark Master slowly transformed, from his Magikoopa form to the form of a gigantic and fierce dragon creature, with glowing yellow eyes with pupils as narrow as slits, and the now evil Grand Gem planted in the creature’s chest. The dark dragon gazed down on the party. “Behold…” Dark Master spoke, his booming voice being heard without the dragon moving his mouth, “my true form!”

Thunder roared. Dark clouds gathered above in the sky, blocking out the moon. Lightning flashed all around, and the lighted half of the land began to darken, just like the other half. Leafy trees became leafless, the rich green grass became brown and rocky, and the small houses of Shine Guy’s village began to decay. The villagers were startled and awakened by the noise of the thunder and lightning, and ran from their decaying homes to see a shocking and terrifying site at the top of the hill.

Everyone watched as it all unfolded. Some were fearless, some were confused, and some were just downright spooked. “What’s happening?” Mario asked Shine Guy.

“Darkness…” Shine Guy answered. “As soon as Dark Master lay his hands on the Grand Gem, it became rotten to the core. The Land of Light and Darkness is now… the Land of Darkness…”

“This is only part of it!” Dark Master yelled. “More than just a Land of Darkness. Soon this shall become the World of Darkness!” He turned to Sparkle/Ultraviolet and Blaze/Shadow Flame. “Now, my monsters!” he said. “Arise!”

Ultraviolet growled, and Shadow Flame nodded with a slight laugh. Then, slowly, Dark Master, Ultraviolet, and Shadow Flame began to float upward. Everyone watched as the dark three ascended upward into the thundering sky. After floating about one-hundred feet off the ground, they stopped, still floating. “And now…” Dark Master yelled. “FUSE!!!” The three began to merge together. Dark Master began to glow even darker, becoming a very dark purple, nearly black. Lightning flashed all around him.

“… What just happened?” Yoshi asked.

Shine Guy thought for a moment. Then, he realized. “… Vessels… This is why he kidnapped them! Now he will be able to…” He gulped.

“At last!!!” Dark Master boomed. “For too long my destiny has eluded me… but no more! Finally! My destiny has been fulfilled! Let darkness RUUUUUUUUUUUUUULE!!!” He spread out his arms and wings, and dark waves spread across the valley and beyond, reaching even the places the group had previously visited.

In the Mushroom Kingdom, the loud booms of the thunder and the decaying buildings had awakened the citizens. Everyone had rushed out of their homes to find the raging storm overhead, and the buildings looked like one-thousand-year-old ruins. Patients were even rushed out of the decaying hospital, including the injured Flapps.

The people of Dry Dry Outpost also awoke at the sound of the thunder. Not just there, but even over Luigi’s Mansion, Marrymore, the Seaside Kingdom, Lavalava Island, Donkey Kong Isle, the village in the Giant Kingdom, Bowser’s Keep, and Yoshi’s Island.

Soon, the entire planet had been consumed by darkness- vegetation killed, civilizations nearly destroyed, total darkness.

At the altar, the center of the darkness, Dark Master boomed evilly. “Yes! I’ve done it! I’ve finally completed what the Dark Rulers before me couldn’t! Victory is MINE!!!

Everyone down below watched. Though Dark Master was powerful, they weren’t going to submit to him just yet… or at all.

“Dark Master!” Shine Guy called up. The giant dragon looked down upon him. Shine Guy continued. “So what if you have the world in your possession! Your reign will not last! We will destroy you!” Everyone else nodded in agreement, all standing their ground.

The dragon only laughed. “Ha! You think you can defeat me?! You pathetic,naïve little fools! I shall crush you like insects, crack you open like eggs, and overall, kill you all! I am Dark Master no more! From this day forth, I shall be known as… DARK MASTER KAI, SUPREME DARK RULER OF THE WORLD!!!” His booming voice echoed everywhere, to the four corners of the planet. He looked down on the party. “But… if you choose to be my servants for life, I might spare your miserable lives. If you choose not to, then you’re nothing but worthless trash! Well, what’s your choice?”

Shine Guy clenched his fists. “No! I will never follow you!”

“After all your lies?!” Dark Paratroopa yelled. “You’ve got to be kidding!”

“We won’t fall under the rule of-a the likes of you!” yelled Mario.

“Servants for life?!” yelled Yoshi. “No way!”

“I’d rather jump into a pit of poisonous Spinies than have you as my master!” yelled Luigi.

“Fat chance!” yelled Parakarry.

“I’d rather Bowser rule the world than you!” yelled Peach.

“Donkey not be controlled by big lizard!” yelled Donkey.

“Diddy not be controlled by lizard, too!” yelled Diddy.

“Go suck a lemon!” yelled Wario.

“And while-a you’re at it,” added Waluigi, “go jump off a cliff!”

“You don’t scare us, you overgrown snake!” yelled Woshi.

“Overgrown snake with wings!” added K.K.

“No!” yelled Bowser. “I should be ruler of the world, not you!

“What he said!” yelled Kamek.

“Ditto!” yelled Kammy.

“Serve you?!” yelled Iggy. “Take a hike!”

“No! No! And I’ll say it again, NO!!!” yelled Morton.

“You kidding me?!” yelled Lemmy. “Of course not!”

“We are not intimidated by your threats!” yelled Ludwig.

“In a single word,” yelled Karma, “no!”

“You messin’ wit da wrong guys!” yelled Roy.

“I’d rather… DIE!!!” yelled Wendy.

“After you killed plant life?!” yelled Larry. “Never!”

“Uh… What everyone else said!” yelled Bowser Junior.

Dark Master (I guess I should call him Dark Master Kai now) stared at them for a moment, then laughed again. “Well then… all I can say is… it’s time to take out the trash!” Dark Master opened his mouth. A dark, deadly orb of dark energy began to form, aimed straight at the party.

“Well guys…” said Mario. “It was nice-a knowing you all… even you, Bowser. You were a worthy adversary…”

“Likewise…” said Bowser.

“… Wait!” said Yoshi. “Can’t we just use the Gems?” He ran up to the altar. All ten Gems were still there, still glowing in the evillish-purple color.

“I don’t think so…” Dark Paratroopa replied. “Now that Dark Master… Kai… has control of the Grand Gem, the same effect must be on the Gems…”

“Come on!” cried K.K. “Think of something! That dark death ball up there’s getting bigger!”

Shine Guy went up to the altar and looked at the Power Gems. He studied them for a moment or two, then, his confidence suddenly sky-rocketed. “… No!” he said. “When Dark Master released the Grand Gem, he only used the negative power of the Gems. With of the power of good, we can use them on him! We still have a chance!”

“HE’S SHOOTING IT!!!” K.K. cried.

Dark Master Kai, after gathering a huge amount of dark energy, launched his orb at the party. “So long, fools!” he roared.

The dark beam stopped. It hadn’t made it all the way to the ground where they stood. Something was holding it off. Dark Master Kai stopped his fire, then looked down and couldn’t believe what he saw.

“… WHAT?!”

There was a shield, surrounding the party, formed by Shine Guy, who had just in the nick of time powered himself up through the positive power of the Power Gems. Dark Master Kai was deeply shocked. “You stopped my dark blast?! How?! How is this possible?!!”

Shine Guy stopped his shield. “The power of good,” he said, “will always triumph over that of evil!”

“In other words,” added Dark Paratroopa, “evil… never… wins!”

None of the party showed any fear, despite the mass amount of power Dark Master Kai held within him.

The Gems began to float in a large circle around the entire party. Power flowed into them all. Everyone glowed brightly in the power of the Gems. Dark Master Kai was confused.

“And now…” said Shine Guy, “it is time to finish this!”

Dark Master Kai, after getting over his state of shock, laughed. “Always want to do it the hard way, do we? So be it! This ends NOW!!!”

FINAL BOSS!!!: Dark Master Kai

First up to attack were Wario and Waluigi. “It’s-a time for… WARIO MAN!!!” Wario yelled.

“And-a WALUIGI MAN!!!” chimed in Waluigi. The two powered up, both now wearing purple supersuits and capes. They flew upward, hovering in front of Dark Master Kai’s face.

Seeing this, Dark Master Kai only laughed. “What is this?! You think just because you wear capes you’re a match for me?! HA!!” The dragon’s eyes glowed. Wario and Waluigi darted to the side as Kai fired hot beams from his eyes. Wario and Waluigi hovered up higher and flew in circles above Kai’s head. Kai fired another death orb from his mouth, but Wario and Waluigi narrowly dodged it. The Warios then sky-bombed downward into the dragon’s head. However, Kai was unharmed. Wario and Waluigi were puzzled.

“Ha HA!!!” Dark Master Kai laughed. “You can’t actually hurt me. I’m INVINCIBLE!!!”

“Great…” Waluigi said sarcastically. “What now?!

Shine Guy saw this and tried to recollect as Dark Master Kai prepared to blast the Warios. He knew Dark Master Kai had to have a weak point, but what was it?

Then, he remembered their battle with Ultraviolet, how they had defeated her. That was it! Shine Guy shouted up to the Warios. “THE EYES!!! YOU MUST ATTACK THE EYES!!!”

Wario and Waluigi were just dodging Kai’s blast when they heard Shine Guy’s yells. “… The eyes?” Wario asked. “… If you say so… Waluigi! Up we go!” He and Waluigi rocketed upward. Once they decided they were high enough, they stopped, then sky-bombed again downward towards the dragon. Kai began to blast wildly, from his eyes, from his mouth, and even from his tail, aiming from between his legs. Wario and Waluigi were able to dodge the oncoming beams. Once close enough, the two stretched out their fists. Wario headed towards the left eye, while Waluigi aimed for the right. Kai tried to attack them with an eye beam, but was hit in both eyes before his beams could even be fired. Dark Master Kai roared in pain.

Wario and Waluigi, with that attack, had used up their power, floating downward back onto the ground as they powered down to their normal states.

“It’s our turn, Koopalings!” Bowser said. The Koopalings all nodded. Bowser and the Koopalings began to power up. Bowser grew… and grew… and grew! He was huge, more muscular, with larger horns and the bigger muzzle. He was now Giga Bowser! The powered-up Koopalings jumped onto his shell, and Giga Bowser performed a spectacular jump up to Kai, with the Magikoopas coming up behind. Kai blasted a shot from his tail as the Koopas came up, but the shot whizzed over Bowser’s head. Reaching Kai’s altitude, and before Kai could do more, Bowser slammed both fists hard in the dragon’s eyes. Kai roared as Bowser began to power down and fall. The Koopalings jumped up in Kai’s face after Bowser fell. Iggy, Lemmy, and Ludwig all began to spin rapidly, standing on top of one another and performing a painful triple drill attack into Kai’s left eye. Simultaneously, Larry, Morton, and Roy grouped up, retreating into their shells and spinning on top of each other in a stack, laying a triple shell shot into Kai’s right eye. Wendy then sent her bracelets flying, striking Kai in each eye, and Bowser Junior attacked the left eye again with a shell shot as Karma lay a powerful kick into the right eye.

As the Koopalings powered down and fell, the Magikoopas came up, riding on the same broom. Kai blasted several times from both eyes, but Kamek’s skillful flying with his broom prevented them from being hit. Kamek and Kammy held their wands up, then fired a combined beam at Kai’s face. The beam split in two, hitting both eyes.

Luigi, Parakarry, Woshi, and K.K. had their own attack ready. Powering up, Woshi gained wings. K.K. was ready, retreating into his shell. Woshi swallowed and held the shell in his mouth as he took off upward. Parakarry followed, carrying Luigi by the hand. Woshi was up in the dragon’s face, but just as he came up, Kai was already forming a dark orb in his mouth. Woshi was hovering right in front of Kai’s wide-open mouth. He made a panicking noise, his mouth muffled with the shell. Parakarry and Luigi came up alongside. Just as Kai was about to fire…


Dark Master Kai suddenly found himself in an extreme color disorientation. He became very dizzy, just the chance they needed. Luigi, with no power left, floated back down, while Parakarry retreated into his shell and darted swiftly into the dragon’s left eye. Woshi followed up by launching K.K.’s shell from his mouth with incredible force, sending the spinning shell sailing into the dragon’s right eye. Parakarry, Woshi, and K.K. floated back down, using up their power.

Donkey and Diddy came next, with the most obscure-looking attack ever. Donkey, after powering up, suddenly had a set of drums in front of him. He began to do his famous Konga Beat. The soundwaves of the drums rattled Kai’s ears, making him lose his guard and allowing a Barrel-Blasting Diddy to rocket upward and launch into the dragon’s left eye, then managed to sneak another hit on the right eye just before his power went away.

Mario gave Yoshi a look that said “Are you ready?” Yoshi nodded in response, as if saying “Let’s go!” They powered up.



Mario now had wings on his cap. Yoshi too had gained wings. The two winged upward to Dark Master Kai. The dragon was furious now, and wasn’t about to let Mario and Yoshi get a hit that easily. Kai sent a deadly blast from his mouth at the pair. Mario and Yoshi dodged. Mario and Yoshi flew toward Kai’s eyes, but were forced to miss them as Kai fired his eye beams.

Mario could see Dark Master Kai wasn’t going to go easy on them. He quickly thought of an attack plan.

“What now, Mario?!” Yoshi asked.

“Forward! Fast!” Mario replied. He and Yoshi rocketed forward towards Kai, who began firing steady beams from his eyes, mouth, and tail. Mario and Yoshi narrowly dodged them, still maintaining their speed. He neared Kai’s head. “Split!” Mario yelled. The two quickly spread out and flew past both sides of the dragon’s head. Dark Master Kai whipped around, just in time to see Mario and Yoshi launching huge, hot balls of fire into the dragon’s eyes. Dark Master Kai roared in pain, and Mario and Yoshi powered down and floated downward.

Everyone else had used up their power and was exhausted, leaving Shine Guy and Dark Paratroopa to finish the job. The shining Shy Guy and the not-so-shiny-yet-still-good Paratroopa powered up, floating upward until they were right in front of the dragon’s snout. Dark Master Kai stared coldly at the pair, then laughed sinisterly. “You two…” he said. “You’re the cause of all my troubles! I’d be more than happy to rid myself of you little pests!”

“You still fail to intimidate us!” Shine Guy yelled. “No matter how powerful you are, we will never surrender, and will do whatever it takes to destroy you!”

“You can just kiss your dark empire goodbye!” Dark Paratroopa yelled. “You’re through! This… is… it!”

Dark Master Kai laughed again. “Aha! You mean… you’re through! DIE!!!” He opened his mouth to form a dark orb. Shine Guy and Dark Paratroopa spread out, allowing the orb to go flying between them. Kai then went after Dark Paratroopa, snapping his huge jaws. Dark Paratroopa flew as fast as he could, turning back to shoot lightning bolts at the dragon. The bolts simply bounced off the dragon’s nose and disappeared. Kai opened his mouth again and tried to swallow Dark Paratroopa whole. Dark Paratroopa flew hard, but Kai was too fast. Dark Paratroopa looked up, teeth above him! He looked down, teeth below him! He was in Kai’s jaws, as they were beginning to close down!


Dark Paratroopa was trapped in Dark Master Kai’s mouth! He could see on orb beginning to form back near the uvula. Kai was attempting to disintegrate him in his mouth! Dark Paratroopa began to ram the dragon’s teeth, trying to force his mouth open, but to no avail. The orb grew larger, and he was beginning to run out of room. So… this is how it ends… he thought. Eaten alive…

Then came a miracle. Just as the growing orb was about to reach Dark Paratroopa, Dark Master Kai’s mouth flew open, immediately followed by a loud roar, with the dragon’s breath blowing the Paratroopa out of his mouth and the orb barely missing him. The dragon’s eyes were shut. Dark Paratroopa wondered what had just happened.

“I am sorry, Dark Master Kai!” said a voice. “But dinner is cancelled!” Dark Paratroopa turned to the source of the voice-Shine Guy, who had attacked Dark Master Kai’s eyes just in the nick of time.

“Good timing, Shine Guy…” Dark Paratroopa said sarcastically.

“One more hit should do him in!” Shine Guy said. “Let us finish this once and for all!”

Dark Master Kai had finally recovered from the hit. As he opened his eyes, he saw Shine Guy and Dark Paratroopa rocketing straight at him. Dark Master Kai growled and fired a long, steady dark beam from his mouth at them, but to no avail, as the Shy Guy and Paratroopa split the beam, flying past it on both sides. Shine Guy began to use up the full force of the power, forming an orb of bright energy that began to grow and grow as they flew closer to Dark Master Kai. Dark Paratroopa too went into full power mode, forming a growing orb of lightning.

“You’re finished, Dark Master Kai!!!” Dark Paratroopa yelled. “Enjoy the underwhere!!!”

“Farewell, Dark Master!” Shine Guy yelled.

Before Dark Master Kai could react, Shine Guy and Dark Paratroopa released their orbs, hitting Dark Master Kai swiftly and square in the eyes. The dragon roared even louder than before. “AAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUGH!!!” cried Dark Master Kai.

With that final blow, the world began to restore. The plantlife returned, as did civilization. Overall, the world darkness had disappeared. The world was back to normal.

… Except in one spot.

Shine Guy and Dark Paratroopa had used up all their power and floated back to the ground. “… We… we did it!” Dark Paratroopa said. “Dark Master is…” He looked at the rest of the party, who were all still staring upward. Dark Paratroopa raised a brow, then turned around to see that Dark Master Kai was still alive! “…gone?” he said.

“The only thing gone…” Dark Master Kai spoke, “is my, dark world! Curse you all!” He nearly exploded even more, but regained his composure and laughed. “No matter! I’m still here, and I can still kill you all!”

Dark Paratroopa was confused. “… Uh… Isn’t he supposed to be… you know… dead?” he asked Shine Guy.

“The world is back to normal…” Shine Guy said, “but the valley in still engulfed in his darkness… But if the rest of the world is no longer in darkness… then…”

“… Shine Guy?” said a voice.

Shine Guy jumped. He recognized that voice anywhere. “… Sparkle?” he called. “Sparkle! Where are you?”

“I’m… still stuck up here!” Sparkle’s voice was heard coming from the dragon. Shine Guy looked up. Then, he realized what had just happened. “… So… When we attacked the dragon’s eyes… we released his vessels out of his control, he can no longer control world darkness!”

“But his vessels are still stuck inside him…” said Mario, walking up to him. “And he’s still just as powerful as before…”

“Well now what?!” Yoshi cried.

Another voice was heard from the dragon. “… Huh… What’s… He’s not controlling me anymore!”

Bowser knew that voice. “Blaze!” he called. “Is that you?!”

“Bowser dude! I’m up here!” Blaze called. “Someone get us out!”

“Ha!” Dark Master Kai yelled. “I may not have control of you anymore, but you’re still mine! This valley is still mine!” The dragon looked down to the party. “And the trash…”

“Quick, guys!” Yoshi cried. “Get the Power Gems again!” Yoshi grabbed one, then froze when he noticed neither it nor the other Gems were glowing, neither in the bright glow of good nor in the dark glow of evil. They were completely powerless! Yoshi dropped it, his heart pounding. “What? What’s happened now?!

Shine Guy stared at the Gems, then figured out what had just happened. “Oh… no…” he said. “The Grand Gem is the center of power for all the Power Gems, but it is purely dark now. The Power Gems were usable while the Grand Gem was sealed away, but now that it has been released, if the Gems are used for the opposite of dark, they will lose all their power.”

“… So… basically… we’re dead…” said Luigi.

“It would appear so…” Shine Guy said. “… I am sorry, Father… I have failed…”

“That you have!” Dark Master Kai yelled. “And now… you DIE!!! FAREWELL, SHINE GUY AND DARK PARATROOPA!!! You shall be the first to go!!!” The dragon held up his claws, forming a dark orb in each hand. He then fired then, hitting Shine Guy and Dark Paratroopa directly! The two cried in pain, then fell over, both motionless! Everyone was horrified.

“NO!!! SHINE GUY!!!” Sparkle’s voice was heard.

“This is mad…” Blaze’s voice was heard.

Dark Master Kai laughed maniacally. “YES!!! FINALLY!!! I’M RID OF THOSE PESTS!!!” he boomed. He then gazed down on the party. “And now… to take out the rest of the trash!” His yellow eyes began to glow sinisterly as he focused on the party, opening his mouth and beginning to form a huge dark orb.

“This is not how I wanted my vacation to turn out…” Yoshi muttered.


“Shine Guy…”

The Shyster woke up. He looked around. Yet again he was in the darkness, the very same darkness he was in during his visions, only this time, it seemed real. Shine Guy looked over and was to see Dark Paratroopa lying next to him. Shine Guy scratched his head in confusion.

Dark Paratroopa woke up. Sitting up, he rubbed his head, then turned to Shine Guy. “… Shine Guy…” he said. “What’s… going on…?’

Shine Guy hesitated. “… I think… we are dead…” Shine Guy replied. “And now Dark Master will destroy the others, and if he somehow regains control of Sparkle and the red Koopa…” Shine Guy couldn’t finish the sentence. He simply looked down sadly.

Dark Paratroopa sighed. “… Well…” he said, trying to cheer Shine Guy up. “… At least we can say we gave it our best shot…”

“Yes, yet our best shot was not enough…” He paused, then continued. “Dark Paratroopa… it was my job to retrieve all the Power Gems and prevent the world from being corrupted… And I could not finish that job… The world is doomed to a life of darkness… And it is all my fault…”

“Shine Guy, I’ve never seen you so dejected. What happened to the never-give-up Shine Guy I saw earlier? If I learned anything from you in this short time I’ve helped you, it’s never give up…”

Shine Guy looked up as Dark Paratroopa continued. “We can’t just come this far and say we screwed up.”

Shine Guy stared at Dark Paratroopa for a moment, then stood up. “You’re right…” he said. “What am I thinking?” He began pacing back and forth. “There must be a way to fix this. This battle is not over yet. But… what can we do?”

“Wait… what exactly are we doing here?” Dark Paratroopa asked.

“This place… looks exactly like my visions…”

“Shine Guy…” There was the voice again. The two looked around. Looking ahead, they could see a light, growing bigger and getting brighter. “… Father?” Shine Guy called.

The spirit of a Shy Guy then appeared within the light. Shine Guy recognized it. The spirit was then followed by the spirits of several other Shy Guys. Shine Guy was amazed, while Dark Paratroopa was slightly confused.

“Father… It is you…” Shine Guy said.

Dark Paratroopa walked up. “… Glow Guy?” he said.

“My son…” he said. “You have done very well. Now is the time to finish what should have been finished years ago.” He turned to Dark Paratroopa. “And you… I commend you for your change in heart.”

“Well, here’s that chance we needed,” Dark Paratroopa said.

“We can still do this!” Shine Guy replied. “Father, and all the guardians before you, I ask you now! Please lend us your power!”

The guardians all began to circle around Shine Guy and Dark Paratroopa, and power began to flow into them.


Dark Master Kai had an enormous dark orb forming in his mouth, aimed straight at the party. Mario and Yoshi stood their ground with no fear, Luigi and Parakarry were shaking, Donkey Kong and Wario were slightly nervous, Diddy and K.K. were hugging other and whimpering, Woshi and Waluigi had their eyes shut tight, Peach simply kept her eyes glued up to the dragon, Bowser looked disappointed that he would die without ruling the world, the Magikoopas showed no particular emotion other than slight nervousness, and most of the Koopalings were shaking.

Dark Master Kai had finished forming his orb. “Goodbye… trash!” he roared sinisterly. Just as he was about to fire his orb…

“Hey!” cried Yoshi. “Look at them!” He pointed to the ”dead” bodies of Shine Guy and Dark Paratroopa, who were both beginning to glow in a bright white color. Dark Master Kai saw this, too, and in shock, accidentally shot his orb way off target, the orb flying over the party’s heads and exploding in the distance. “WHAT?!” Dark Master Kai roared.

Shine Guy’s fist flexed, as did Dark Paratroopa’s. The Power Gems also began to glow, in the bright light of good. The two slowly stood up. The Gems began to revolve around them. Then, as they and the Gems began to float upward, Shine Guy, Dark Paratroopa, and the Power Gems all merged. There was a bright light. When the light disappeared, there was a single floating figure where Shine Guy and Dark Paratroopa had been. The figure wore the same white clothes Shine Guy wore, but had a Koopa’s beak in the mask, wore the same spiky shoes of the Paratroopa, and had Paratroopa’s wings. Paratroopa Guy… the light.

Paratroopa Guy hovered up in front of the confused Dark Master Kai’s snout. He spoke to him in a multi-toned voice. “Dark Master Kai!” he yelled. “You have caused enough trouble for this peaceful valley, and now, you will pay for your crimes!”

Dark Master Kai, while still shocked to see them still alive, laughed. “Well… you just don’t know when to quit…” he said. “No matter… I will end you… right here… right now!”

“Fight me…” Paratroopa Guy taunted.

FINAL BOSS!!!: Dark Master Kai (Phase 2)

Kai roared and blasted hot beams from his eyes. Paratroopa Guy dodged them easily. Kai snapped his huge jaws at the Paratroopa/Shy Guy cross. Paratroopa Guy began to fly faster as Kai tried to suck him into his mouth. Paratroopa Guy exited the range of Kai’s sucking, whipped around, and darted swiftly down towards the dragon’s chest. Before Kai could react, Paratroopa Guy rammed hard into the Grand Gem imbedded in the dragon’s chest. Kai suddenly felt a jolting pain as his took the full force of the hit. He roared loudly.

Kai recovered, then fired a beam from his tail. Paratroopa Guy flew out of the way to avoid it, then darted at Kai again. He stopped his charged, however, as Kai charged up another dark orb in his mouth and fired it. Paratroopa Guy quickly created a shield, which blocked the blast. Kai flew straight at Paratroopa Guy with an open mouth. Paratroopa Guy darted off to the side just as Kai’s jaws snapped shut. Kai swung to see Paratroopa Guy charging toward his chest again. Paratroopa Guy, too fast for reaction, rammed the Grand Gem again, Kai letting out yet another loud, pained roar.

Kai was now furious. “Lucky shots, but I’m not going to go easy on you any longer!” The dragon let out an ear-piercing roar. The soundwaves of the roar hit Paratroopa Guy hard, nearly blowing out his ears (if he has ears). When the soundwaves stopped, Paratroopa was thrown way off his guard. He recovered, only to see a huge tail heading straight towards him. Paratroopa Guy was hit hard again and knocked far back. He recovered from the blow, then charged again at Kai, who opened his mouth and blasted a dark orb. Paratroopa Guy slightly shifted his angle downward, barely flying under the orb and avoiding it while maintaining his speed and ramming the Grand Gem yet again.

Dark Master Kai was fed up. He furiously charged towards Paratroopa Guy, who flew over his head as the dragon passed under. Both whipped around to face each other and blasted long, steady energy shots. The two beams met, pressing against each other. Dark Master Kai tried furiously to force his beam closer, but Paratroopa Guy’s beam came closer to him. The beam was forced all the way into the dragon’s mouth. Kai was forced backward, but recovered and blasted his eye and tails beam simultaneously. Paratroopa Guy allowed the two eye beams to fly past him on both sides, then flew to the side to miss the tail shot. Paratroopa Guy charged again at Kai, who blasted all his shots- mouth, eyes, and tail- at Paratroopa Guy, who flew between the eye beams, over the tail beam, and under the mouth dark orb, heading for the dragon’s chest again. Before he could reach the Grand Gem, however, he was stopped, as Kai leaned his head forward, leaving Paratroopa Guy with nowhere to go but into the dragon’s snout. Paratroopa Guy was slightly dazed, then recovered, only to see the dragon’s glowing yellow eyes, glowing brighter. Paratroopa Guy quickly flew out of the way as Dark Master Kai fired his beam, but missed Paratroopa Guy and hit the end of his nose. Kai roared, clutching his snout with his claws. Paratroopa Guy held back a snicker as he saw this happen.

Dark Master Kai roared in anger. “You think that’s funny?!” he roared. “I shall have the last laugh!!!” Kai blasted his eye beams again (though aiming slightly higher to avoid zapping himself again), following up with his dark orb. Paratroopa Guy flew between the eye beams, then dove as the dark orb passed over his head. He came back upward. Kai opened his mouth and blasted his dark orb downward. Paratroopa Guy dodged it as he continued to fly upward, while the orb exploded on the hill, narrowly missing everyone else.

“HEY!!! WATCH IT!!!” Wario yelled from below.

Dark Master Kai heard the yell. “STAY OUT OF THIS, YOU—” He was interrupted by Paratroopa Guy ramming the Grand Gem again. The dragon roared loudly.

“I must give the big man a thanks for distracting you!” Paratroopa Guy mused.

Dark Master Kai lost all patience. “THAT’S THE LIMIT!!!” he boomed. “DIE!!!” He rapidly fired his eye beams. Paratroopa Guy flew through the barrage of eye blasts. Then, following the eye blasts was a tail shot. Paratroopa Guy flew over the blast, and continued on towards the dragon. However, just as he was about to ram the Grand Gem again, the dragon teleported. He stopped. Then he felt a breath of air from behind him. He whipped around to see a huge pair of jaws heading towards him! Before Paratroopa Guy could react, the jaws chomped down, and Dark Master Kai swallowed Paratroopa Guy whole!

Everyone on the ground shrieked as they watched it happen (with the exception of Wario, Donkey Kong, and Bowser, who don’t shriek).

Up above, Dark Master Kai roared. “HA!!! YES!!! FINALLY!!! And he tasted good, as well…” He then began to descend towards the party, opening his mouth for a blast of the dark orb. Everyone braced themselves.

“And now comes the part where we die saving the world…” said Yoshi. “Goodbye, everybody!”

“Yoshi…” said Mario. “You were a great friend, and-a Luigi, you were the greatest brother anyone could ever have… and Princess… it was a pleasure saving your life all those-a times.”

“I guess this is it, guys…” said Parakarry.

Dark Master Kai’s orb was fully formed. He aimed it down at the party, preparing to launch it.

Dark Master Kai suddenly felt a jolt of pain from the inside. He accidentally released his orb off-target. He roared in extreme pain, shaking violently. Something was happening inside him. “NO! NO!!!” he roared. “WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?!”

Everyone on the ground watched, confused, as the dragon shook and squirmed. “Woah! What’s happening?” Yoshi asked.

Something was going on inside him. Though Paratroopa Guy had been swallowed whole, he was able to attack from the inside, forcing a steady and very powerful beam on the Grand Gem, which greatly affected Dark Master Kai’s chakra.

Dark Master Kai continued to shake. Rays of light began to stream from his body. He shook even more violently as even more rays of light spewed from his body. He let out one final cry. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!” Then, there was a bright light. Everyone covered their eyes, temporarily blinded, as the light was too bright to look at directly.

When the light disappeared, the dragon was no longer there. The spirits of the defeated Troops flew around before returning to their bodies, where they morphed back into the form of their normal states… their real forms… light-worlders, changing from the evil, more intimidating species (Hammer Brothers, Sledge Brothers, etc) to their peaceful, less threatening appearances (Toads, Koopas, other Shy Guys, etc).

Everyone looked around at the people, all finally released from the control of Dark Master. There were even people from the village gathering at the bottom of the hill.

In the sky, Dark Master Kai was nowhere to be seen. All that was left up there were Paratroopa Guy, the floating, unconscious bodies of Sparkle and Blaze, and the Grand Gem, which had now turned white, in the light of good. The thundering clouds overhead disappeared, and the moonlight shown, not only over the light half of the valley, but also beginning to spread across the darkened half. As the light reached Dark Master’s fortress, it began to tremble, then finally fell apart.

Paratroopa Guy began to split, reversing the merge and releasing Shine Guy, Dark Paratroopa, and the Power Gems, the power having been restored in each of them. Shine Guy turned to Dark Paratroopa. “We… we have done it…” he uttered, feeling somewhat exhausted.

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