Mario and Yoshi: The Ten Gems

By Blaze Koopa


It was morning in Dry Dry Outpost. Mario was just waking up. He yawned and looked over at Yoshi, asleep in the other bed, and Shine Guy, waking up on the same bed, on top of the covers.

Shine Guy yawned as we sat up. “Well, Mario,” said Shine Guy, “it is a new day. It is time we begin our search for the next Power Gem.”

“I agree,” Mario replied. “As soon as-a we wake-a Yoshi up…”

Shine Guy stared down at the sleeping Yo’ster. “Can we? He seems fast asleep…”

“I can fix-a that…” Mario slowly crept over to Yoshi. He slowly stuck his hand under the covers and onto Yoshi’s belly. He squeezed his belly quickly.


Yoshi shot up from his bed, hit the ceiling, and fell back down. Shine just stood there, dumbfounded. “That is the most peculiar wake up call I have ever seen…” he remarked.

“DON’T DO THAT!” Yoshi cried, rubbing his head. “You know I’m ticklish!”

“Uh… Now that you’re awake,” said Mario, “it’s-a time we headed out.”

After checking out, the three exited the inn and headed out of Dry Dry Outpost for their next destination.

“Okay, Shine Guy,” said Yoshi, looking back at the white Shy Guy on his back, “where’s the next Gem located?”

“I shall see.” Shine Guy closed his eyes hard. Ten seconds passed. Then he found it. “Yes… yes! There it is… the Purple Gem!”

“Where is it?” Yoshi asked.

“It is… Woah…” Shine Guy gulped, shivering. He didn’t find the locating very pleasant. “Uh oh…”

“WHERE?!” Yoshi asked. He could tell Shine Guy was nervous. He didn’t intend to sound impatient; he too was slightly nervous.

“It is… in a very dark forest… very spooky… ah… It is in a large mansion…”

Mario thought for a moment. Then, he knew. “I believe I know what he’s-a talking about…” said Mario. “Luigi inherited a spooky mansion once, but rejected it after some… strange events…” Mario thought back to the incident. For once, he had been the damsel-in-distress. And Luigi, facing his greatest fear, had fought past the many dangers in the mansion to free his trapped brother. Mario would never forget that night.

“Well come on,” said Yoshi eagerly. “Let’s go get that Gem before someone else does!”

Mario, Yoshi, and Shine Guy trecked through the hot desert and soon they were back at Mount Rugged. When they reached the bridge to Mount Rugged, Mario checked to see if Buzzar was nearby this time.

“It looks-a like Buzzar is not here…” he said. “But that’s a good thing.”

“NOT GOOD ANYMORE!” someone yelled.

“I spoke too soon,” Mario muttered as he watched a large bird hover just above them! They watched as the giant bird landed directly in front of them, eyeing them sinisterly.

“I suppose this is Buzzar?” Shine Guy said nervously to Mario.

“Yeah… That’s-a him…”

“How DARE you try to pass without my say-so!” Buzzar squawked at them.

Yoshi stepped forward. “Why not?” he retorted. “We did yesterday…”

“WHAT?!” Buzzar screeched. Never had anyone gotten past him without paying a toll… But then, there was when Mario outfought him on his way to finding the second Star Spirit...

Yoshi slapped his forehead, inaudibly uttering the word “stupid” from his mouth.

“You’re gonna pay, big time!” Buzzar yelled.

“Just hang on to my back, Shine Guy,” said Yoshi. “This could get messy…”

MINIBOSS!!!: Buzzar

Buzzar swooped at Mario, talons first. Mario ducked. Buzzar turned back around and swooped at Yoshi and Shine, who both ducked. Buzzar began circles above them, then swooped at Mario, beak first. Mario, with no time to react, was hit hard in the chest. Mario lay on the ground, breathing heavily. Yoshi jumped up and tried to punch Buzzar, but missed. He ducked to avoid another swoop by the bird and launched his tongue. Buzzar avoided Yoshi’s tongue and chomped on it. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Yoshi screeched in pain. He retracted his tongue, while Buzzar was spitting repeatedly.

“Quit complaining!” he yelled to Yoshi. “That wasn’t fun for me either… But then… why did I—” *WHAM* He was interrupted by a large, wooden hammer flying into the side of his head. Buzzar became dazed, giving Yoshi the opportunity to try the old gulp again. This time he was successful. He spat the bird back out. Buzzar lay on the ground, covered in saliva.

“Well… This is gross…” he muttered.

“Perfect hammer shot, Mario!” Yoshi remarked.

“Not a bad gulp either, Yoshi,” Mario said back. He turned to Buzzar. “Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a world to save!”

Mario, Yoshi, and Shine Guy headed across the bridge toward the Mountain Trail, leaving Yoshi’s pile of feathered throw-up behind.


“All right, Ludwig,” said Bowser. “Today’s your turn. Good luck.”

“I shall not fail!” Ludwig reassured. “They vill not even know vhat hit them!” Everyone else (including Karma) rolled their eyes.

“Oh… And one more thing before you go…” said Bowser. “If I find out Karma was helping you, you’re disqualified! Clear?”

Ludwig groaned. Why exactly would he even need Karma’s help anyway? He was the oldest and smartest of the Koopalings. He need not any assistance. He could handle himself. “Yes…” he muttered.

“Good! Now get with it!”

“Yeah, Kooky! Get with it!” Karma echoed. Ludwig gave her a sharp look. “I did not need that, Karma…” he grumbled. Karma shrugged. “Just come on!” Ludwig urged. Ludwig exited the throne room, as did Karma and the Lakitu that had been spectating for Iggy.

“So… Kamek,” Larry whispered, “ya think Ludwig’ll do it?”

“I’m hoping not…” the Magikoopa said back.

“He won’t stand a chance!” Roy said.

“Somehow I figured he’d say that…” Blaze said to Morton, who then began another one of his infamous rambles.

“Yeah I figured too because Roy said that exact same thing yesterday it’s just like you guys always know I’m gonna say wedding cake because I always say wedding cake because I always eat wedding cake because I love wedding cake because wedding cake is good and everyone should eat wedding cake because I can’t think of a single person in the world who doesn’t—” *WHACK* “Ow! You could’ve just told me to shut up…”


Trouble was brewing again in the Mushroom Kingdom. Luigi had just received word from Toad that Ludwig Von Koopa and a strange, Yoshi-like girl were causing havoc in Mushroom City (or Toad Town, whichever you what to call it). Luigi arrived in the downtown area by taxi. He jumped out and hastily tipped the driver, who immediately drove away at the sight of people running away from a large, humanoid robot (the second phase of the Ludwig battle in Yoshi’s Safari). The robot jumped on, following the terrified citizens. Behind the controls, Ludwig was laughing.

“WAHWOAOHWOOWAHOOWOWOHAAWOWA!” he did his infamous laugh. “This is more fun than stealing Vendy’s bow!”

“I hate to ruin your fun, Kooky,” Karma, who was standing just behind Ludwig’s seat, said sarcastically, “but you’ve got a green problem right in front of you…

Ludwig growled under his breath. “I know… you…” he grumbled.

“I said in front, not behind, you airhead!”

“Rrrr!” Ludwig gazed forward as Green “L” stood just ahead of him.

“Ah!” Luigi greeted. “Ludwig Von Koopa! I see you’re having fun…”

“Oh yes…” Ludwig acknowledged. “And know that YOU’RE here, I’m about to have the time of my life!”

“Well then,” said Luigi, “let’s-a have some fun!”


Karma groaned. The hero versus villain bickering was getting to her. “Just get on with it already, will you?!” she yelled.

“Oh, cease your chatter, Karma!”

“You’re the one chattering, not me!”

Luigi slapped his forehead. These two seemed completely incapable of cooperating. “You’re BOTH chattering, now knock it off so we can-a fight!”

BOSS!!!: Ludwig Von Koopa

Ludwig began to walk towards Luigi, who slowly backed up. “Ha!” Ludwig said to himself. “I have him scared!” Ludwig launched the robot into the air. Luigi began to feel a chill as a shadow appeared directly over him! He jumped out of the way as Ludwig landed hard in the street.

“GET A LOAD OF THIS!” Ludwig yelled. He launched both robot fists at Luigi, who ducked to avoid the first and dodged the second Matrix-style.

“You are good!” Ludwig said. “But I am better! GET A LOAD OF THIS!” He fired his side cannons. Luigi ducked.

“You can run, but you can’t hide! GET A LOAD OF THIS!”

“Will you stop saying that?!” Karma yelled. “You sound like this fat, egg-shaped dude in red!”

Ludwig ignored Karma, and began to walk towards Luigi again. Luigi had no defense and no way to penetrate the large robot. Ludwig jumped forward, attempting to squash the plumber. Luigi jumped to the side, narrowly avoiding the robot’s foot. Ludwig turned to face Luigi again. He opened his main cannon and fired. Luigi shrieked and ran out of the way, allowing the cannon shot to explode into a nearby shop. Several people ran out, frantic but unharmed, much to Luigi’s relief. Luigi then decided it was time to try to attack. This needed to end before someone got killed. Luigi charged at the robot with his hammer and jumped, slamming the hammer against the front of the mech. However, nothing happened, and the hit repelled, sending rattles up Luigi’s spine and throwing him to the ground.

Ludwig laughed maniacally. “Pathetic!” he taunted. “Just… pathetic! WOAOAWHWHOAWHAO!” Ludwig jumped high into the air. Luigi noticed the shadow of the robot falling straight at him. He jumped out of the shadow as the robot came crashing down hard onto the street. He then launched both fists at Luigi simultaneously. Luigi ducked as the fists flew over his head, then returned to the mech. Ludwig opened and fired his main cannon again. Luigi narrowly dodged it, ducking under it, then watched as the shot went flying into a gas station, creating an amazing explosion!

Luigi gasped upon seeing this. How can I destroy this thing?! he thought frantically. He turned angrily to the robot. “Quit shooting so-a carelessly!” he cried. “You’re going-a to kill someone!”

“I’m not stopping until I’ve fully eliminated you!” Ludwig yelled. “So vhy don’t you just…PIPE DOWN!” Ludwig laughed hard.

Karma slapped her forehead. “Lame…” she commented. “That was totally lame…” She noticed even Luigi was shaking his head at the joke. “See there? Even he thinks it was lame! Where’s a tomato when you need one?”

“Oh shut up!” Ludwig snapped.

He launched his fists at Luigi again. He then fired his side cannons at the plumber. Luigi ran and ducked behind a car to avoid the fists and blasts. Ludwig opened his main cannon and opened fire at the car Luigi was hiding behind. The car was blown to bits. Luigi was blown backwards, dazed. He recovered and stared down at what was once a driveshaft at his feet. “That’s-a not good…” he muttered.

“Okay, I must admit…” Karma remarked, “that was pretty good…”

“You haven’t seen anything yet!” Ludwig said. “I’ll squash that plumber! WOAOWOWOAAOWOAOWOAAWAH!”

“Uh… Kooky?”






“LOOK—” A light-blue winged Koopa shell then smashed into the cockpit shield, creating a large crack.


Parakarry came out of his shell. “Hey, Luigi,” he called, hovering just above Ludwig’s mech, “need a hand?”

“Or a wing? Ba-KAWK!” Flapps flew up beside the Paratroopa.

“Just in the nick of time!” Luigi remarked.

Ludwig looked up at the two hovering over his robot. “Great… More pests…” Ludwig muttered.

“Who ya callin’ pest?!” Flapps hovered just in front of the robot.

“You, that’s who!” A fist came out of nowhere and slammed into Flapps.

“OW! Ba-KAWK! That hurt!” Flapps fell to the ground. He felt a pain in his beak, but was otherwise unhurt.

“How do we beat this guy?!” Parakarry called to Luigi, who thought hard. He then stared down at the remains of the car. “Parakarry! Flapps! Come on! I have an idea!”

“Nothing can save you now!” Ludwig yelled. “WOAOWOHAWOHAOHAW—” *SMASH* Ludwig stared at a large hole in the cockpit shield, then he noticed he had a license plate in his lap. The shield had already been slightly damaged from Luigi’s hammer and Parakarry’s shell shot, and the license plate had finishing it off.  He looked ahead at Luigi, who had a driveshaft in his hand. “That’s… not good…” Ludwig squeaked. Something then crashed on top of the robot, as Parakarry had carried a piece of the carburetor and dropped it on the robot. Flapps then carried the radiator and lodged it in the main cannon. Ludwig tried to fire it to blow the radiator out, but this only made things worse. The robot began to shake.

“EJECT!” he cried. Karma hung on to the seat, which rocketed upwards. There was an amazing explosion! When it was over the robot was in pieces, some of which were on fire. The seat landed hard on the ground, with Ludwig and Karma landing next to it (Ludwig had forgotten to buckle up).

Luigi, Parakarry, and Flapps went up to the dazed Koopaling and Halfling. “Well,” said Luigi, “I had fun. How about you?” Ludwig mumbled something inaudible. Luigi turned to the hybrid. “And I don’t know you… but you’re going in with him anyway!”

“I guess I don’t mind…” Karma muttered.

They took Ludwig and Karma away. As they were dragged away, Karma began to try to think up a good insult for Ludwig. She finally came up with one, and turned to Ludwig. Just as she was about to open her mouth…

“Not a word!” Ludwig snapped. Karma grumbled. Though she didn’t get to say it, she still kept the insult in her head. He laughs weird, he can’t beat a few guys with a big robot, and he makes corny jokes. How…pathetic. She giggled softly.

The Lakitu had seen everything from atop a building. He radioed in to Bowser.

“Yes?” Bowser answered.

“Master Ludwig… shall I say… did exactly the opposite of what he said.”

Laughing and cheering was heard. “Ouch…” said Bowser. “Oh well… you’re up tomorrow, Kamek.”


It was now sunset. The train pulled into the station at Mushroom City. The passengers disembarked.

“Now, Mario,” said Yoshi, “where exactly do you think Shine Guy sensed that the next Power Gem is?”

“I have a hunch,” said Mario, “that the Purple Gem is-a in Boo Woods. It’s-a just north of Mushroom City.”

“Boo Woods?” Shine Guy asked.

“Yes,” said Mario, “very dangerous place. Will-a have to stay on our guard.”

“Well, how do we get there?” asked Yoshi.

“There are some pipes east of-a town. One of those will take us there. Let’s-a go!”

Reaching the pipes, Mario pondered, trying to remember which pipe was the correct one. There were seven pipes.

“So…” said Yoshi, “which way do we go?”

“Hmm…” said Mario. “I-a think it’s… eh… that one.” He jumped into the pipe he pointed out. Immediately after, yelling was heard. Mario shot out of the pipe followed by a hungry Piranha Plant, which snapped at him before retreating back into the pipe. Mario’s hands were on his rear. “Never mind… I-a meant that one…” He pointed to the pipe next to it. Mario jumped in, followed by Yoshi and Shine Guy.

The trio emerged from the pipe. They looked around. Everywhere was nothing but leafless trees. Shine Guy shivered nervously.

“Uh… Shine Guy?” asked Yoshi. “Is… this where you sensed the Purple Gem to be?”

Shine Guy swallowed hard. “Y-yes,” he stuttered. “Although I wish this weren’t the place…”

“This forest is nasty…” Mario added. “But we have-a no other choice… Shine Guy, you said the Gem is in a mansion, yes?”

“That is correct.”

“Which-a way is it from here?”

Shine Guy stood still for a second. “I am sensing the power of the Gem… coming from… this direction.” He pointed northeast. Mario and Yoshi glanced off in the direction the Shy Guy pointed out.

“Well…” said Yoshi, “here we go…”

They started northeast. “Oh, by the way,” Mario added, “as you may’ve already guessed, the forest is-a crawling with Boos. Keep a sharp eye out…”

“I’ll consider that…” Shine Guy said nervously.


Sunset turned into night. Continuing through the ominous forest, the trio cautiously looked around. Something could pop out at them at any second. Mario tried to keep as calm as he could, as his main focus was on the next Gem. Yoshi was not quite as calm, but still alert. Shine Guy, on the other hand, was all but not scared. He was so nervous he would most likely scream at the slightest touch from behind. Yoshi looked back at the nervous Shyster. “Shine Guy?” he asked.

“H-huh…?” Shine Guy was slightly startled.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh… um… Yes… I… I am fine…”

“Sh-h-h!” Mario said. He stopped them.

“What’s up…?” Yoshi asked, slightly nervous.

“Something isn’t-a right here…” Mario said slowly, glancing in every direction.

“W-what is wrong?” Shine Guy asked, beginning to sweat.

“Stay close,” said Mario.

They looked cautiously around for anything strange. Just then, Yoshi spotted the strangest of things. “WATCH IT!” Yoshi yelled. They stopped, gazing at a tree on their left, which was moving. The tree uprooted itself. The tree crossed their path and continued slowly away. Shine Guy was frozen solid at the sight of this. “A walking tree…? Truly one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen.”

“The woods are-a full of them…” said Mario.

“Come on, guys,” said Yoshi. “As creepy as that was, let’s just pretend we never saw it and press on…”

“I agree,” Shine Guy said quickly.

“We should-a be reaching the mansion soon…” Mario said.

“I hope so…” said Yoshi. “How far are we from the mansion, Shine Guy?”

“We are not too far away…” Shine Guy answered.

“Just to make sure…” said Yoshi, “maybe I can see more in the trees…” Yoshi spotted a tree that seemed taller than the rest. He slowly began to climb up. When he reached the top, he looked all around. In the distance was a large shape. Yoshi gazed at it until he could make out a mansion.

“What can-a you see?” Mario called.

“Treetops… and a mansion,” Yoshi yelled back. There was no answer. “I said I see a mansion!” Yoshi yelled even louder. There was still no answer. Yoshi looked down at the ground, only to see Mario and Shine Guy… lying on the ground.

“Oh great…” Yoshi muttered. “Now they’re asleep…” He climbed back down. Reaching the base of the tree, he stared down at the plumber and Shyster. Yoshi thought for a second. “Wait… If Mario’s asleep he’d be snoring, but he’s not…” It was certain. Mario and Shine Guy were unconscious! Yoshi pondered. How did this happen? Suddenly, the sound of a stick breaking was heard. Yoshi froze. He slowly glanced left, then right. Cackling was heard. Yoshi developed an anime sweatdrop. “Who… who’s there?” There was no answer except for more cackling, only this time it was even louder… and closer… closer? Yoshi slowly turned around.


Yoshi yelled and jumped backward at the sight of a Boo. “Smack him, woodie!” the Boo ordered.

“… Woodie?” Yoshi quirked a brow, and was immediately hit in the back of the head by a tree branch! He fell over, unconscious!


Dark Paratroopa was in the forest, along with four Purple Boos. He looked around. “Shine Guy’s been here…” he said.

“Where do you think they are now?” asked one of the Boos.

“Hmm… That way.” Dark Paratroopa pointed northeast. “Out next Power Gem is also in that direction. Come on.”



Mario, Yoshi, and Shine Guy awoke to the sound of the maniacal laughter. They looked up to see that they were in a huge room. In front of them were two huge Boos. The Boo on the left wore a crown.

“Well well well,” the crowned Boo said coldly. “Did you enjoy your nap?!”

“King Boo!” said Mario. “I should’ve-a known!”

“What do YOU want?!” Yoshi yelled.

“I want you dead for trespassing in my territory!” King Boo snapped. “What right have you to just waltz into my forest like that?!”

“Come on now,” Shine Guy spoke bravely, but nervously. “No nonsense!”

“We’ll give YOU nonsense!” King Boo retorted. He turned to the slightly larger Boo next to him. “Crush them, Boolossus!” he ordered.

Boolossus roared and floated towards them.

“Shine Guy?” Yoshi said.

“I know, Yoshi.” The Shyster climbed onto the Yo’ster’s back.

BOSS!!!: Boolossus

Boolossus bounced on the floor towards them. Mario and Yoshi jumped out of the way. Boolossus continued to bounce, moving towards Mario, who ran under Boolossus. The giant Boo turned around, only to receive a shoe to the face, courtesy of Mario. Boolossus backed up, but recovered. He then bounced high, attempting to fall on Mario, who ducked out of the way, barely missing Boolossus, who was then kicked from the side by Yoshi. Boolossus roared, then turned invisible. Mario and Yoshi looked all around the room for any signs of where Boolossus might be. At first they saw nothing, until…


Mario whipped around, only to get rammed in the front by Boolossus. Mario fell to the floor, with Boolossus floating over him. Boolossus was preparing to slam right on top of the plumber. Just as he was coming down, Yoshi jump-kicked him in the face. The giant Boo roared, and lost five Boos, which flew away. Now Boolossus was only made of ten Boos, making him smaller than usual. Boolossus angrily bounced towards Yoshi, who jumped out of the way. Boolossus turned to face Yoshi again, but took no notice of Mario, who jump-kicked him. Boolossus then lost five more Boos, which flew away.

“One more-a good hit should-a bring him down!” Mario called to Yoshi.

“Yeah!” Yoshi replied.

The not-so-big Boolossus floated upward. He then swooped at Mario, who ducked. Boolossus flew back upward, then swooped at Yoshi, who also ducked. Boolossus began flying in circles. Mario and Yoshi watched him carefully to see what he was doing. When Mario was sure he knew what Boolossus was planning, he motioned Yoshi to come over. Yoshi nodded and positioned himself next to Mario, who then whispered something in Yoshi’s ear (if he has ears). Boolossus then swooped at them at a swift pace. Mario judged the moment. “NOW!” he yelled. He and Yoshi both jumped up at the same time, fists held out in front, leaving Boolossus to fly straight into the fists, face first. Boolossus roared, then separated into his remaining five Boos, which flew away.

“DANG!” King Boo yelled in frustration. “Fine! I’ll destroy you myself! Taste defeat, fools!”

“Try us!” Yoshi yelled.

BOSS!!!: King Boo

King Boo slowly crept towards them, smirking evilly. He suddenly charged at them. Mario and Yoshi jumped out of the way. King Boo turned and blew a blue, homing fireball at Mario, who ducked to avoid it. However, the fireball turned back around and headed back at Mario! Mario turned to it. Now he saw it, now he didn’t, as Yoshi swallowed the fireball. He turned to King Boo and blew a wave of blue fire at King Boo’s hanging tongue, setting it on fire. King Boo yelled in pain and tried desperately to put the fire out. When he finally did, breathing heavily, he smirked, then disappeared. Mario and Yoshi looked around for him. They did not know where he was. Then, Shine Guy knew.

“THERE!” he yelled. Mario and Yoshi looked at the floor where Shine Guy was pointing. There was King Boo’s shadow. Mario jumped at the shadow and punched. King Boo appeared, his hands on his face and wincing. King Boo angrily blew a fireball at Mario, who backed up. While Mario focused on the fireball, King Boo turned his attention to Yoshi. He suddenly blasted lightning at Yoshi, who dodged.

“Since when could you do THAT?!” Yoshi yelled.

“Since I got THIS!” King Boo held up a gem, and not just any gem, but the Purple Gem!

“The Purple Gem!” Shine Guy cried. “We must have it!”

“Too bad! It’s mine!”

“Uh… King Boo?”


“You might want to watch your back…”

King Boo turned, only to see Mario run under him, with the fireball heading straight for his tongue. King Boo’s tongue was set on fire again. King Boo again tried to put the fire out, and finally did. He glared angrily at Mario, Yoshi, and Shine Guy.


“I guess it’s safe to say we’re really pushing his buttons…” said Yoshi.

This time, King Boo blew two fireballs: one at Mario and one at Yoshi. Mario and Yoshi ran around the room, trying to avoid the flames. “HA!” King Boo said with a snarl. “Prepare to get totally fired up! BLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH!!!” Unfortunately for him, he had spoken too soon, as Mario and Yoshi were rushing towards him. They ran under him, and the two fireballs went straight into… well, you know…

“AH! AH! OW! HOT!” King Boo cried.

“Who are you to start complaining?” Yoshi mused. “You breathe fire!”

King Boo then “poofed”, leaving the Gem behind. They then heard his voice. “You can’t get rid of me that easily! Remember, ghosts don’t die! BLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH!!!”

“Geez, I hate that phrase…” Yoshi muttered.

Mario picked up the Gem. “Well,” he said, “here’s Gem number two. Eight more to go…”

“Come on, guys,” said Yoshi. “Let’s at least try to get back to Mushroom City before midnight…”


Dark Paratroopa and the Boos were navigating the forest. Suddenly, Dark Paratroopa had a feeling. He stopped.

“What’s the matter, sir?” one of the Boos asked.

“I’m… sensing the Power Gem,” said Dark Paratroopa. “It’s extremely close by!”

While Dark Paratroopa was talking, one of the Boos spotted Mario, Yoshi, and Shine Guy walking by in the trees.

“Uh… sir?” the Boo said.

“Hold the thought!” Dark Paratroopa said.

“But sir?”

Dark Paratroopa lost his patience. He turned sharply to the Boo. “WHAT, YOU IDIOT?!”

“There are Shine Guy and the other two!”

“What?! Where?!”

“Right over…” the Boo pointed, but Mario, Yoshi, and Shine Guy were long gone, “… there?” the confused Boo finished.

“Very amusing…” Dark Paratroopa said sarcastically. “… Oh great! Now I can’t sense the Power Gem anymore! YOU STUPID IMBECILE!!!”

The Boo smiled nervously. “… Hehe… Um… ah… Phooey…”

“Just try explaining it to Dark Master!”

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