Koopa Bots

By Cubone

Hmmmm... Lessee... Where did I leave off... Oh yeah! Lemmy had just declared the fact that the Koopas would strike tomorrow! And the other Koopalings yelled Huzzah. Hehe... Huzzah... What a ludicrous word! Anyways...


The Koopalings were all in Iggy's room. Or his Laboratory, whatever you want to call it. They were helping Iggy design the structures of the giant robots.

"Everyone, please line up and give me your height," Iggy said while writing on a clipboard. "These heights will determine how gargantuan you're robot will be, since you'll all have to fit inside your robot."

Lemmy rolled up to Iggy. "I'm- I think- two feet and ten inches?" he said.

Iggy wrote this down. Then Larry and Ludwig strode up to Iggy. "We are four feet and one inch," stated Ludwig.

Iggy marked this down also. Roy walked over to Iggy casually. "Four two," he said, apparently trying to talk cool.

Wendy strutted across the room. "Three feet and nine inches," she said in a bored tone. "So how tall will my bot be?"

Iggy grinned at this. "Everyone's robot will be three times their height, and two times their girth."

Wendy cocked her head. "How are you gonna figure out everyone's girth?"

Iggy chuckled. "I know who's thin and who's wide. I do live here," Iggy said.

Ludwig looked offended at the comment while Lemmy and Larry looked quite pleased.

Morton frowned. "Am I wide or thin?"

Iggy started to laugh uncontrollably at this. Morton, infuriated, hollered, "Just take my height!'

Iggy stopped laughing momentarily. "Height?"

Morton whispered into Iggy's microscopic ear, "I'm three-foot-eight."

Iggy started to giggle again. "IT'S NOT FUNNY!" Morton yelled, and he stalked away.

Junior snuck over to Iggy. "I'm three feet tall," he whispered.

Iggy wrote that down. "I'm the tallest," he said. "I'm four-foot-three."

"Junior!" called Ludwig. "It's time to do your thing."

If you don't know what Ludwig was talking about, he meant it was time to ambush E. Gadd.

Junior grinned like mad. "I'm gonna make old E.Gadd wish he had never given me this brush!"

"Don't hurt the professor, though," Ludwig said. "We just need the Super Scope destroyed."

Bowser Jr. nodded. "Destroy weird-lookiní gun, don't hurt old geezer in white coat," he recited. "Got it."

"Good. Now letís go," Ludwig said. "We need to leave now."

Ludwig and Bowser Jr. exited the laboratory and began to board the doomship that Ludwig owned. It was big, brown, and loaded with weapons... a Koopa's dream come true!

"Woah," said Junior as he stared at the doomship. "It's big, brown, and loaded with weapons... a Koopa's dream come true!"

Ironic, eh?

"Yup," Ludwig said in a sort of snobby tone. "And it's all MINE."

Junior looked quite jealous but said nothing. The pair boarded the doomship silently, until Ludwig shouted, "To Pipe Land!"

The ship kicked into high gear and began to fly at at least one hundred fifty miles per hour.

"Pipe Land?" asked Junior. "Professor E. Gadd lives in the Mushroom Kingdom!"

"It'd be easier to use a warp pipe in Pipe Land, though," Ludwig said, trying to keep his blowing hair out of his eyes." E. Gadd would be able to see us coming three miles away!"

"I still think it would be easier," Bowser Jr. insisted. "If E. Gadd has some sorta high-tech security system, the doomship could come in handy."

"Well I'm the oldest," Ludwig said. "Oldest knows best."

"Nuh uh. Iggy does."

"Shut up."

"You shut up!"

"You shut up!"

"You shut up!"


"A little to the left, Roy! ... Keep going... PERFECT!"

Roy set down a large, robotic arm part that Iggy had already built.

"Wow, in the first couple of minutes,we  already have a part of an arm done!" exclaimed Lemmy excitedly.

Iggy shrugged. "The arm is the most basic part of the robot," he said. "And I still need to install the plasma cannon."

Morton looked as though Halloween had come early. "We get plasma cannons?!"

"Larry does," Iggy said, inspecting the arm. "Morton gets a Bullet Bill launcher, Wendy a flamethrower, Ludwig a chainsaw, Roy a giant morning star, Lemmy a goo cannon, Bowser Jr. a large war hammer, and me a machine gun."

"All of these weapons are built in?" asked Larry.

"Affirmative," Iggy said.

"Man, we are so lucky to have you as a brother, Iggy!" Wendy exclaimed. "I wish Ludwig was here to hear this!"

As you all know, so did Ludwig.


Ludwig and Junior had been having a shut up fight for ten minutes by now and were just over Ludwig's Castle.

"Shut up!"

"You shut up!"

"No YOU shut up!"

"No YOU shut up!"

"Prince Ludwig, we have reached our destination," said a Fire Brother. "We are hovering over your palace."

Ludwig paused and turned to Junior. "Oh. It's time to do your thing, BJ."

"Thanks for flying me here, your pudginess," Bowser Jr said as he flung himself off the doomship and into a warp pipe below.

"... Did he just call me your pudginess?"

"... Yes sir."

"I'll get him one day..."

"Well you have put on a little weight, sir."

At that the Fire Brother was sent flying off the doomship.


Bowser Jr. safely landed on his back after he was sent shooting from the pipe. He got up and dusted himself off. Bowser Jr. could just barely see E. Gadd's house off in the distance.

"How do I get all the way over there without the professor noticing?" Bowser Jr thought. Then something else shot out of the pipe. It landed about a foot away from Junior.

It was the magic paintbrush, with a note attached to it saying:


You left this on my doomship when you leaped into the warp pipe. TRY to be better at remembering things!

Ludwig, the NON-pudgy prince of Pipe Land

Bowser Jr. laughed.

"Poor old fatty Ludwig," he chuckled. "He can't take an insult!"

Bowser Jr. picked up the paintbrush and started to draw something.


You will choose what Junior will draw to assist him in the mission of getting to E. Gadd's house. Soooooooooo... What'll it be?

A: A warp pipe to E. Gadd's house
B: A go-kart
C: A small helicopter

*... The votes have been tallied. Thank you for playing.*

Bowser Jr. had just finished drawing his go-kart. It bore a resemblance to Bowser's Kart in Mario Kart Double Dash. He leapt on to the kart and began the treacherous mission of stealing and destroying the Super Scope.

Read on!

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