Koopa Bots

By Cubone



"... Hammer."


"... A sports car."

"What could you possibly need THAT for?" Larry asked, looking baffled.

"The robots need to be able to transform into something," Iggy said. "We are going to need to maintain cover and have a quick getaway if things get out of hand during the attack."

"But why an earthly sports car?" Larry asked. "There isn't anything like that around here."

"Remember that festival that the Mushroom Kingdom always celebrates?" Iggy asked. "The day Mario and Luigi came to Plit?"

"Oh yeah!" Roy exclaimed. He and Morton were smelting ore into iron for Iggy's robot. "When they celebrate those losers by making all sorts of earthly devises, to make them feel more at home?"

"Precisely," Iggy said. "We'll sneak into Town disguised as Earth technology, then, attack!"

"Good thinkin’, Iggy!" Lemmy said, piling up all of Iggy's past inventions. "But one question."

"Yes?" said Iggy.

"Why am I gathering up your old inventions?" Lemmy asked.

"I intend to insert my rocket engine into Wendy's bot," Iggy said. "The goo cannon I made you and the plasma cannon I made will have their energy and *ahem* goo transferred to cannons that will be installed into the robots later on."

Lemmy just stared blankly at Iggy. "What?" Lemmy said, confused.

"Just do your job," Iggy sighed.

Lemmy did just that. Everyone was doing just that (Larry got on the increasingly popular website, "Get a sports car.org”). For about ten minutes, nobody spoke, until Lemmy was beaned with a chocolate wrapper.

"Hey!" Lemmy exclaimed, rubbing his head. "Who threw that?

Lemmy glanced around the room, trying to figure out who threw the wrapper. He paused on Wendy, who was sipping a soda while looking at herself in her portable mirror. She had chocolate all over her face.

"Why'd you throw that at me?" Lemmy asked, aggravated.

"I didn't throw it at you, you were just in the way," Wendy said, not bothering to look up.

"I was not!" Lemmy said. "You did it on purpose!"

"Did not."

"Yes you did!"

"Did not!"

"Yes you did!"

"Will you shut up?!"Roy yelled. "You're givin’ me a headache!"

"YOU'RE givin’ me a headache!" Morton said to Roy.

"Yeah, Roy!"Wendy said. "Why don't YOU shut up?"

"Don't change the subject, Wendy!" Lemmy shouted.

"I'm not!" Wendy yelled.

"Everybody shut up!" Larry yelled. "I'm trying to buy a Pontiac Solstice!"

"Make me, Larry!" Wendy yelled.

"I said shut up, fatty!" Larry shouted. Larry was then tackled to the ground by Wendy. Morton went to pry the two apart, but Larry threw Wendy onto Morton, who elbowed Lemmy in the eye.

"You guys are better than the circus!" Roy laughed. Roy was then tackled to the ground by Morton.

Iggy just rolled his eyes. Knowing that unless his siblings stopped fighting and got back to work, the robots would never be built in time, he dove into the fray and began to separate his family.


Meanwhile, Bowser Jr. was riding down to E. Gadd's place. He was still thinking up a plan about how he would manage to sneak into the laboratory, grab the scope, and get out safely. Even as Shadow Mario, it would be difficult.

Junior pulled up right next to E. Gadd's fairly small house and jumped out of his go-kart, which he shifted into park.

"It's time," he decided. He then began to draw what looked like a dark blue tornado, and leapt into it. A minute later he jumped out as Shadow Mario.

"Let's-a go!" Shadow Mario said, impersonating Mario's voice.

Shadow Mario climbed through a conveniently open window and began to inspect his surroundings. There was nothing impressive, for a scientist, just a couple of paintings, a nice, comfy-looking chair, and a bowling trophy. Shadow Mario figured this room must be the living room. Shadow Mario searched the other rooms in the house, but only found a bathroom, a kitchen, and E.Gadd's bedroom.

"But where is the lab?" Shadow Mario thought.

Suddenly, he heard the front door open. He realized he had about ten seconds or less to find a decent hiding place. Shadow Mario immediately crept into E. Gadd's bedroom and dove under the bed. He heard footsteps enter what seemed to be the kitchen. Then he heard the garbage disposal start to work. Then the ground began to quake.

"Maybe hiding under this king-sized bed wasn't a good idea..." Shadow Mario whispered as the bed began to shake.

Suddenly the shaking stopped. Everything was still. All was silent, until Shadow Mario heard a voice.


Shadow Mario got out from underneath the bed and crept into the kitchen. Nothing

"Where'd he go?" Shadow Mario asked. "How could he vanish?"

Shadow Mario tried to remember what he heardL the garbage disposal, a small tremor, and a yahoo. Shadow Mario began to think incredibly hard.

"I've got it!" thought Shadow Mario. "I'll bet that garbage disposal must be a warp pipe switch!"

Shadow Mario was about to flip the garbage disposal switch, but then realized how loud the tremor was.

"How do I get down to... wherever E. Gadd is without him hearing me?" Shadow Mario asked himself.

He began to wrack his brain for an answer, when a large air vent caught his eye. Shadow Mario realizing this might be his only chance to find the super scope, jumped onto the counter and started to climb into the vent.

"It's dusty in here..." Shadow Mario said to himself. He began to army-crawl through the dusty, spider-infested air vents until he heard a voice.

Shadow Mario began to crawl to the voice, hoping it was the professor's.

"I've done it again!"

Shadow Mario began to army-crawl as silently and as quickly as he possibly could. As he was crawling, he slipped and fell down a vertical vent. He landed near a grate, army-crawled up to it, and peered through the slits, seeing E. Gadd.

"I've done it!" E. Gadd exclaimed. "I’ve finished my newest invention!"

Because of the angle that E.Gadd was standing and where Shadow Mario was, what the professor had built couldn't be seen. But something told Shadow Mario it wasn't anything that his family would like.

"Time to have me some pasta," the professor said after covering whatever it was with a sheet.

E. Gadd walked over to a large, red button that was installed in the iron walls and pressed it. A warp pipe appeared and E. Gadd jumped into it. As soon as that happened, Shadow Mario kicked the grate open and climbed out.

Shadow Mario glanced at his surroundings. Basically, it was like Iggy's room. There wasn't much of a difference except this room was slightly bigger.

Shadow Mario noticed an oddly designed gun. "Could it be?" he thought.

Shadow Mario cautiously approached the gun and picked it up out of curiosity.

"It is!" Shadow Mario thought.

Shadow Mario began to gleefully do a victory dance. He wanted to radio Iggy about it, but had forgotten to bring his magic paintbrush into the vents with him.

Suddenly, he realized that he was right in front of E. Gadd's newmachine.

"A peak won't hurt," Shadow Mario decided. "Besides, a prince has a right to know about whatever this is."

Shadow Mario grabbed the sheet and yanked it off.

Shadow Mario toppled over at the sight of the invention. His heart began to pound at the sight of E. Gadd's gadget.

"I d-don't b-believe it…" Shadow Mario stammered.

What is E. Gadd's newest invention? Will Bow- er, Shadow Mario's mission be a success? These are just two more good reasons to keep reading, folks!

Read on!

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