Koopa Bots

By Cubone

"Let ‘a rip!"

A huge bottle rocket was shot up high in the air, where it exploded.

"Hooray!" shouted the people in the Mushroom Kingdom, watching the fireworks going off.

The festival explained earlier was finally taking place. The streets were filled with Toads, all of which were watching the many fireworks explode in midair.

"Gee Princess, was it really necessary to go and make a holiday celebrating us?" asked Mario. He and Luigi were positioned on two large thrones on top of Toad's Mushroom house.

"After everything you and Luigi did, I think so, Mario," said Peach. "Can I get you two anything else?"

"Nah," said Mario, "I'm good."

"Actually," said Luigi," I could use a tad bit more rootbeer."

"Coming right up," said Peach, climbing down the ladder off of Toad's roof.


The vehicles had almost reached the Mushroom Kingdom. Just a few more miles away… The Koopalings were imagining what it would be like to defeat Mario... To please their father...

To finally win.

"Man this is gonna be great!" said Lemmy in his Go Kart.

Suddenly, the Pontiac Solstice Morton was driving rammed into Lemmy's Go Kart. The Kart spun out of control, and Lemmy had to hold on for dear life. Lemmy pressed a button on the kart to cause it to transform into the robot. The other vehicles drove over to Lemmy, who was still spinning a little.

"What happened?" asked Larry.

"My bad," said Morton, stepping out of his vehicle. "I lost control of my car."

"Well, we'd better keep going," said Roy. "We gotta do this for Pop, to make us look Kooooool in his evil eyes."

"Yeah," said Wendy."Let's keep moving."

All the Koopalings got in their cars (Junior jumped on his motorcycle) and continued to drive over to the Mushroom Kingdom, except Lemmy and Morton. In fact, now that Lemmy thought about it, there had been a lot of accidents involving him and Morton when the robots were being built... Morton was hammering a part, but missed and hammered Lemmy's hand instead... And when Morton was washing his hands... it took him quite a while. Lemmy tried to use the faucet after him, and it drenched him.

"Hey, Morton!" said Lemmy as Morton was getting back into the car.

Morton hopped in, and the car transformed. "Ye*bzzzt*AAAH?"

"Have those accidents involving us... been on purpose?" asked Lemmy.

"Duh*Bzzzt*," said Morton.

"Why? Is it because I saw what you said to Mom? I haven't told anyone!" Lemmy said truthfully.

"Maybe. Or mAAY*bzzzt*bEE I just like to*Bzzt* mess with ya, shrimP!"

Morton pushed Lemmy over and transformed back into his car and drove off. Lemmy, who was a little frustrated, transformed into his Go-Kart, and drove after his siblings.


Back at the festival, Peach was on top of Toad's house again, microphone in hand.

"Now, my Mushroom People, let the parade begin!"

A stream of automobiles were now driving down the road past the Mushroomers, who were cheering.

Peach climbed down once more, to be greeted by Toad.

"Princess, we're missing a few of the automobiles!"

Peach pointed to a group of vehicles that had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. "Is that them?"

"Huh?" said Toad. "I don't remember those being there before..."

"Well, they're there," said Peach. "Now get those into the parade, double quick!"

"Aye, Princess!" said Toad. "Guys, over here!"

Seven Toads ran over to the Toad who pointed out the vehicles. The Toads hopped in the vehicles, but were tossed out, without anyone noticing.

The group got in line for the parade, and began to drive though town a few times. But when they reached the center of town, the vehicles came to a stop.

"What happened?" yelled a few Toads who were watching the parade.

The vehicles all transformed at once, causing the Toads to flee in fear.

"Let's blow this joint!" said Roy, his bot's arm transforming into the morning star. All the other Koopa Bots’ arms transformed into their weapons as well, and the Kids began to destroy houses mercilessly.

Iggy began firing his machine gun at a tall building, making it look like swiss cheese, then Ludwig chopped it down with his mighty chain saw. Lemmy retrieved the remaining fireworks and pointed them at a house.Wendy then set them off with her flamethrower. Bowser Jr, Roy, and Morton uprooted three trees and began to use them as baseball bats against the Mushroom houses.

Larry found something else to do. He was chasing a group of Mushroomers that were running away and was playfully firing his plasma cannon at them.

"HEY!" yelled Mario."Stop that, or else!"

Larry paused. "Who's gonna make me?"

"I will!" said Mario. He and Luigi jumped down and hopped in a small, beat up car and started to drive away.

"Oh crud!" said Larry, who knew Mario and Luigi were going for the robot. "You guys!"

Larry turned around and headed back to the center of town. "Mario and Luigi are gonna go get the robot!" shouted Larry.

"I'll stop him!" said Morton.

"Good,.Lemmy'll go too," said Iggy.

"Huh?" said Lemmy.

"Your goo-cannon would be useful for catching Mario," said Iggy.

"Nothing about Lemmy is ever useful!" lLaughed Morton.

Lemmy scowled and said, "All right, I'll go too."

The two bots transformed into vehicle mode and began to give chase after Mario. The Koopas weren't about to let him win.

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