Koopa Bots

By Cubone

"Faster Luigi!" shouted Mario as the Brothers were driving through the town.

"I can't!" said Luigi."We're in a car that was built in 1942 and that only travels up to fifty miles per hour!"

"But we have to get to E. Gadd's!" exclaimed Mario. "The Koopas will no doubt give chase!"

At that, a Bullet Bill soared past the Brothers. Behind them, Morton was firing at the duo while in car mode.

"Hahaha! I gotta tell Iggy he rocks after this!" laughed Morton while firing missiles.

"We need weapons!" said Mario. "Do you have any Fire Flowers?"

"My right pocket!" said Luigi while driving.

Mario reached into Luigi's right front pocket. Luckily, there WAS a Fire Flower. Mario rolled down the window and leaned out of it and fired six fireballs. Morton avoided them all and fired another Bullet Bill at them. The Bullet Bill barely missed the car's side view mirror. Mario fired two more fireballs. They both hit the Pontiac's front left wheel. The wheel exploded, causing Morton to lose control and hit a Mushroom house.

"Yes!" cried Mario in glee. "We ditched the Koopas!"

Suddenly the car jerked to a stop at the end of town. Luigi tried to start the car back up but it wouldn't budge.

"What happened?" asked Mario.

Mario tried to get out, but the car door was stuck. Thick purple sludge surrounded the car. "Hey, Mario Brothers!" said a voice. Mario looked out the car window to see Lemmy's blue robot jogging over to them.

"You guys weren’t leaving, were you? Please, stay and enjoy the show!" said Lemmy.

"Oh dear..." said Luigi, staring at Lemmy's large robot.

"I'll *bzzzt* TAAAAke it fROm *bzzzt* here, shorty," said another voice.

Lemmy turned around to see Morton running over to Lemmy and the Mario Brothers, looking quite beat up. The paint was scratched, the chest dented, and the bot's left arm couldn't move.

"I can handle things by myself, Morton," said Lemmy.

Morton emitted what sounded like a snort and shoved Lemmy out of the way despite what Lemmy said. Morton picked up the old car and pulled the goo off of it. Morton began to carry the car back to the town square. Lemmy, angered, transformed into his go kart and drove past Morton. Lemmy then drove into Morton's bot's leg, causing him to trip. The car containing Mario and Luigi was dropped next to where Morton landed.

Morton got back up in his robot and angrily said to Lemmy, "What*bzzzt*'s thE biG I*Bzzzt*dea, Lemmy?!"

"I said I can handle this!" said Lemmy.

"So WHAT *bzzzt*?!"yelled Morton.

"So, I have higher authority than you!" replied Lemmy, enraged.

"What *bzzzt* is that sup*bzzzt*possed to mean?!" asked Morton.

"It means I'm tired of you always picking on me!" said Lemmy.

Morton shoved Lemmy and said to him, "Wanna do somethin' about it?!"

Lemmy retaliated by shoving Morton back, and the two started to punch each other repeatedly.

Morton landed a blow on Lemmy's robot's chest, sending him toppling over. Lemmy got back up, charged at Morton, and grabbed him. Lemmy flung him into a nearby tree and fired a goo wad at Morton, sticking him to the tree. Morton dangled helplessly as Lemmy started to punch his bot. Morton was really taking a heavy beating, but his arm transformed into the Bullet Bill cannon and blasted Lemmy. Lemmy was sent flying back on top of the car Mario and Luigi were in.

"Let's get out of here!" exclaimed Mario.

Luigi floored the car and the two took off, barely able to see Morton free himself from the tree and fight Lemmy some more.


Meanwhile, Professor E.Gadd was watching the TV show "How it Works". Suddenly the TV switched to the news for an emergency broadcast.

"What's this?" asked E.Gadd.

"This is Fungus Spore, here with an emergency news broadcast!" said the news Toad. "Today, the town is being destroyed by GIANT ROBOTS!"

E. Gadd's jaw dropped in awe as the camera turned to Larry, unaware of the camera, stomping on someone's property.

"We are unaware of who is inside the robots ,but they are most likely the evil doings of Bowser's horrid children."

Larry, finished with the property, noticed he was being filmed and ran over to the news crew. Larry picked up a camera and said, "This won't be the last time I'm seen on camera! One day, I'll be on TV as a pro tennis player and musician!"

Larry smashed the camera, thus ending its transmission.

E. Gadd knew that in a crisis like this, the Mario Brothers would no doubt be coming for the giant robot, so he hurried into the kitchen and turned on the garbage disposal. The warp pipe rose out of the floor, and E. Gadd leapt in to ready the machine.


The Mario Brothers pulled into E. Gadd's driveway, having driven quite a ways. Mario and Luigi hurried out of the car and up to the front door, and rang the door bell. The ground opened up, engulfing the Mario Brothers (who were now screaming), and the Brothers landed on a soft mattress.

Professor E .Gadd strode over to the Brothers. "Hello boys! Your big ol' robot is this way!"

The Brothers, unaware of how E. Gadd knew they were coming, followed the professor over into his lab.

"Actually, the Super Scope can handle this job," said Mario. "It shouldn't be too hard to defeat the Koopas."

"Sorry boys, but about three weeks ago the Scope was stolen," said E. Gadd. "I would assume it would be by those Koopas as part of their plan. I don't know how they did it, but it was definitely stolen."

"Oh, wow," said Luigi, staring at the fifteen-foot-tall robot. "This looks... advanced."

"Sure is ,yes indeedy," said E. Gadd. "With built in lasers, a rocket launcher, and a jet pack that has had its power magnified ten times."

"This'll be a synch," said Mario.

E. Gadd moved a ladder in front of the robot. Mario climbed up and got in the bot. Inside were small sensor pads that Mario put on.

"Anything you do, the robot does as well," explained E. Gadd. "It took me a good three weeks to make this."

"What's this last pad for?" asked Mario.

"That one goes on your noggin, feller," said E. Gadd. "Say you think, ‘activate jetpack’, or ‘fire laser’. The jet pack'll activate and the laser will be fired!"

"Woah," said Luigi.

Mario put the pad on and thought, "Activate jet pack."

Mario's robot flew out of the lab and started heading back to Toad Town, with Mario's brain doing the piloting.

"I guess I'm taking the car," said Luigi.

"Good luck!" said E. Gadd as Luigi jumped in the warp pipe.


Lemmy received a sharp kick in the stomach from Morton, and rolled backwards. Morton did it a second time, this time causing Lemmy to backflip. Lemmy wasn't doing too well, and his bot was nearly demolished. Another good kick would finish his bot off.

Suddenly Lemmy saw something that frightened him. Lemmy transformed into the go kart and sped away. Morton grinned, knowing he had won. He started to laugh, but was cut short.

Morton's bot collapsed in a heap as the missile Mario fired from a distance hit him. Morton was ejected by the emergency eject, and stared at Mario.

"Not so tough without a robot, huh?" said Mario.

Mario picked up Morton and punted him away, the Koopaling screaming.

Mario grinned. "Who's next?"

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