Koopa Bots

By Cubone

Lemmy drove through the vast town, trying to get rid of Mario. Lemmy was happy though. He had finally stood up to Morton, something he had never done before.

More importantly though, Mario had managed to reach the robot. This could ruin the Koopas’ plans. Iggy had only had three weeks to make eight robots, meaning theirs would be weaker than Mario's robot.

Suddenly, Lemmy's kart jerked to a stop. It was slowly lifted up to a point where he saw a big robot that belonged to Wendy. "Lemmy, what's wrong?"

BEATUPMORTON!!!" screamed Lemmy in horror.

"What? Talk slower, Lemmy! I can't understand you at all! Now, what happened with the... the.."

Wendy was cut off as Lemmy screamed, "LOOK OUT!"

A missile homed in on the two Koopas. There was an explosion that sent Lemmy and the go-kart hurling across the street. Lemmy weakly got up and saw that his go-kart was almost destroyed. It was now too unstable to drive Lemmy wondered if it could still transform without falling apart, but he turned his attention to Wendy's bot.

Wendy's green robot had lost both of its legs upon impact with the missile. The bot crawled over to Lemmy and moaned, "What was that...?"

Neither of the two were sure, but their puzzled thoughts were interrupted as a large, red figure flew over to them like a jet. The figure paused in midair as it reached them, and Lemmy was able to see it was Mario and his robot.

"Hello Koopalings," said Mario from inside the robot. "You little brats are about to pay for what you've done to the Mushroom Kingdom!"

Wendy gulped, and Mario grabbed and hoisted her and her bot up. Mario then sent it hurling across a Mushroom house that was destroyed by the Koopalings.

Wendy tried to get up but was knocked aside by Mario. Wendy's bot toppled over. The bot was barely functioning but had enough energy to fire the flamethrower at Mario. Mario's bot, however, was barely affected. Mario fired a few lasers at the chest of Wendy's bot chest that opened it up, to the point where Wendy could be seen inside. Mario grabbed Wendy and flung her across the town and out of sight.

Mario turned to Lemmy. "You're next!"

Lemmy screamed and hopped on the damaged go-kart and pressed the "Transform" button on it. The robot slowly began to transform, but Mario readied his rocket launcher. Lemmy saw this and knew that one blast would annihilate his robot. Lemmy braced himself, but Mario's bot was tackled to the ground by another bot.

It was Iggy's white, tall robot. But it was hard for Lemmy to tell since all he could see on the visual screen inside his robot was a blur of red and white.

Iggy finally pinned Mario to the ground and said furiously, "Don't you dare, Mario! I spent long, harsh weeks on these, and I'm NOT about to let you and your confounded machine obliterate them!"

With a swift kick, Mario knocked Iggy off of him and readied his laser. "Trying to be a tough guy, huh, Iggy? Walk the talk!"

Iggy did so. He fired his machine gun and hit Mario's bot in the shoulder. Mario jumped up and used his jetpack to fly at Iggy, narrowly missing. Mario hovered in the air firing his laser at Iggy. Iggy avoided the blasts and picked up a kitchen table inside of a destroyed mushroom house and hurled it at Mario. Mario was hit directly and lost his jetpack power, sending him hurtling to the street.

Iggy picked up Lemmy and carried his weakened brother behind a house that wasn't destroyed. "Lemony, I need you to call for backup," stated Iggy. "I'll require assistance defeating Mario."

Lemmy replied, "Gotcha."

Iggy suddenly was knocked forward. Something had crashed into him. Iggy turned around to find Mario had hurled one of the parade's cars at him. Iggy charged at Mario firing his machine gun all the way, providing Lemmy cover to get a signal through.

Lemmy turned his bot's radio on and called. "This is Lemmy! I need help! I'm at the western side of Toad Town!"

Lemmy waited, hoping that he would hear a reply. Suddenly he heard Ludwig's voice. "This is Ludwig; Roy, Larry, and I are mobilizing!"


It was true. The school bus and corvette were speeding through the town, en route with Lemmy's coordinates.

"I hope we make it..." said Ludwig, who was driving the school bus.

"We will!" said Larry in a laid-back tone. "Just chill!" Larry was in the back seat of the bus enjoying the ride.

Roy was adjusting his rearview mirror so he could enjoy his good looks. "There ain't nothin' to this whole driving thang," he stated. "I don't see why we have to wait four more years ‘til we get a license."

It was at that time when the three were able to see Mario and Iggy brawling. Iggy's bot was still in good condition other than the small dent where Mario chucked the car at his back.

Roy transformed into robot mode and his robotic hand transformed into his morning star. "Fall back, Iggy!" he shouted while raising the morning star.

Iggy did as told and backed off, as Mario was dealt a heavy blow by Roy. Mario stood up as larry and Ludwig also transformed into robot mode.

"Three against one, huh, Koopas?" said Mario. "If that's the way you want it, I'll just beat you all."

"Heh. You can't beat me, the very Kool, very stylish Roy Koopa!" gloated Roy.

"Face it, Mario, you've lost," said Ludwig.

"That's what you think!"

Then came Luigi, zooming through the city. He zoomed into Ludwig's legs, tripping him. Roy and Larry tried to help him up, but Mario fired his rocket launcher, hitting all three of them. The explosion sent the three bots hurtling backwards into a Mushroom house.

Luigi gave Mario a thumbs up and started to drive away.

"Oh no you don't, Luigi!" cried Lemmy.

Lemmy began to chase after Luigi in robot mode along with Larry. The two were firing plasma balls and purple goo at Luigi as they sprinted after him in the old beater.

Mario was about to go help him when he heard a buzzing noise, and ducked. Ludwig had swung his chainsaw at Mario, but missed and was caught in the side of a Mushroom Kingdom store. Mario punched Ludwig's bot in the back but was propelled sideways when Roy hit him with his large morning star. Mario caught himself, and fired a missile at the building Ludwig's bot was caught in.

The building collapsed on top of Ludwig, who also collapsed. Roy charged at Mario, who flipped Roy and began to kick Roy's bot profusely. Roy caught one of the kicks, however. He flung Mario onto a tree and rose from his crumpled position, then sneered. "Can't beat the best.”

"Somebody is feeling egocentric today," laughed Mario.

Roy growled and raised his morning star, swung it over his head once, twice... and came down hard.

... Unfortunately... for Roy, that is, Mario caught the morning star. Mario used it to fling Roy across the street and into a van. Mario then blasted Roy's bot, literally, to pieces with his missiles.

"I can't believe I was taunted into making a mistake," said Roy miserably.

"It happens," laughed Mario as he threw Roy like a football across the park in which they had previously battled.

Meanwhile, Larry and Lemmy were still firing at Luigi, who was heading for Peach's castle.

"Dang!" said Lemmy. "I'm tuckered out."

Lemmy and Larry began to slow down, and oddly, so did Luigi.

"Wait..." said Larry. "What's with Luigi? He isn't trying to outrun us..."

Lemmy was also suspicious. He turned on his radio, to find Luigi communicating with Princess Peach!'

"So we're clear?" said Luigi.

"Yup," said Princess Peach. "Those Koopas will be surprised by what's on 57th Street!"

Lemmy grinned, and told Larry about the intercepted transmission. Oh did they have a surprise for the princess, all right...

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