Mario and Luigi: The New Dynasty

By kooplord123

Chapter 2:

We are shown looking at Gilliam Castle. It’s right behind Princess Peach’s castle (or the remains of it, at least). It is much larger than Mushroom Castle.

King Gilliam is seen with his faithful assistant, Fawletta.

King Gilliam: So, Mario, Luigi, you set out with the intent of taking back the kingdom? Useless attempts, useless attempts! We must put a stop to it.

Fawletta: What plans, what plans, what plans do you have?

King Gilliam: You shall see when the time is right. But for now…

BOWSER was furious when he got back to his castle.

Iggy: What’s the matter, Dad?

Lemmy: Dad?

Ludwig: Did my potion work?

Bowser: Oh, Ludwig, it worked just fine. It’s just ME! I used it all wrong. I didn’t expect Mario to be in the shrine before I reached the shrine. Mario was a coward. He used distractions and slams to defeat us all.

Iggy: What? Dad, Mario cheated? Oh, I should’ve known. Say, do you want us to go and defeat him?

Bowser: No. Stay in the castle. We need to be prepared before King Gilliam seizes a moment of weakness and takes over our castle.

Kammy: Say, Bowser, shouldn’t we at least try to work together with Mario, because he’s also trying to get rid of King Gilliam? We have some knowledge that could help him, and in the long run, us too.

Bowser: All Mario wants is fame. He wants to be famous for saving the Mushroom Kingdom. And Luigi just tags along with Mario because he’s scared of him. I hate the duo!

Kamek: Lord Bowser, we just have received word that Princess Peach is in Boo Mansion. What are your orders?

Bowser: If Princess Peach is in Boo Mansion, then what are we doing here? We should go immediately!

Morton: I’m comin’ too, Dad!

Bowser: No, Morton, you all need to stay here.

Iggy: That means that I’m in charge again.

Roy: Forget it, Iggy, it’s me!

Bowser: I designate… Lemmy!

Lemmy: Thanks, Dad!

Bowser grabs his Clown Copter, brings along Kamek, and then leaves.

Kammy: Wait for me!

Kammy grabs her broom and comes along with Bowser.

MARI O AND LUIGI decide the Northern Path is much brighter than the path to Mushroom Mountain.

Mario: Hey, Luigi, do you see that gate in the distance?

Luigi: Yah.

Mario: My guess is that the gate is the border between the Mushroom Kingdom and Gilliam Empire.

Luigi: Yeah… Let’s stay away from that…


Luigi: We’ve gotta run!

Mario and Luigi begin running as fast as they can away from the loud speaker stationed on the fort on the other side of the gate. Suddenly a Gilliam Underling sees Mario and Luigi.

Gilliam Underling: Wow… Complete opposites of Oiram and Igiul. I’d better report this to the major.

Mario and Luigi are well on their way to the Bootown because of their fast-paced running.

Luigi: I think we lost them, Bro.

Mario: Yes. Let’s leave before they return again.

Luigi: Uh oh. I think I hear them!

But what they hear is definitely not the King Gilliam Underlings…

BOWSER AND KAMEK are shocked to see that Kammy has followed along behind them.

Bowser: Kammy, what a pleasant surprise. What’re you following us for?

Kammy: What are you trying to say? Don’t you want me along?

Kamek: Look, Kammy, it’s pretty evident that I’m way stronger than you. So just give it up.

Kammy: Ignoring that, Bowser, please, don’t leave me to babysit the Koopalings. They can get highly obnoxious.

Bowser: Of course. What else can you expect from my children? Anyway, I honestly don’t think we need anyone to order them around. Lemmy usually does a pretty nice job at that.

Kamek: I guess we could let her tag along…

Bowser: Now, let’s continue on! We’re not going to retrieve Princess Peach from Mario’s clutches, so we need to quickly take her and leave.

Kammy: (under her breath) And lose her again.

Kamek: What was that you said, Kammy?

Kammy: Nothing, nothing at all.

Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek see a Gilliam Underling running to Boo Mansion.

Bowser: No way! No. I’m gonna take down that entire fort of yours if you don’t leave.

The Gilliam Underling tries to slam into Bowser but Bowser quickly jumps on top of him and prevents that.

Gilliam Underling: Ow.

Bowser: I’m Bowser, baby! The almighty Koopa King! And now, we must go before we get delayed anymore.

MARIO AND LUIGI reach Bootown without any further obstacles. The town is very underdeveloped, and there is a fence against the Gilliam Empire which obviously has been broken down since there are many holes in it.

Bootown Mayor: Who are you guys?

Bootown Citizen: Wait, aren’t those guys Oiram and Igiul?

Bootown Mayor: Why, yes they are!

Everyone in the town comes out.

Bootown Mayor: As you can see, we are at the mercy of you two. But please, spare us. We’ve no crop, no money, and you have stolen all of our valuables. It’s not our fault.

Luigi: Now I really want to meet those two.

Bootown Mayor: What are you talking about?

Mario: We’re not the Oiram Bros. We’re the Mario Bros. We’re here to get back our princess.

Bootown Mayor: You mean, Princess Peach?

Mario: Yes.

Bootown Mayor: You know, I do recall the Oiram Bros. coming here with the princess and taking her to the mansion. They’re in league with that stupid Boo Thief Gang. They’ve kept their hideout in the Boo Mansion, around where our first ancestor lived. They’re tarnishing it, our fair land.

Luigi: Well, then, we’re going to meet up with the Oiram Bros. Pleasant surprise.

Bootown Mayor: If you defeat the Boo Thief Gang, we’d be greatly indebted to you. Will you?

Luigi: What kind of question is that? Of course we will!

Mario: We’re going to need directions. Could you please tell us what we’re going to need to cross?

Bootown Mayor: Directly west from here is Boo Forest. It’s filled with Boos working for the Boo Thief Gang. Among those Boos, there is a good Boo, Booson. When you find him, he’ll help you cross the Fog River. Beyond that river is Boo Path. That place is Boo Thief Gang territory. And then after that path is Boo Mansion. There is where your princess is, and our culprits!

Luigi: Thanks for the info. We’ll be back shortly with all of their stolen goods.

Bootown Mayor: Yes, well, we’ve only you left to rely upon.

Mario: Can we at least rest in an inn before we continue on?

Bootown Mayor: Of course you can. Under normal circumstances, you’d have to pay, but now you get free admission into the inn before your journey.

Luigi runs to the inn.

Mario: Thank you… And also, thank you on behalf of Luigi.

Bootown Mario: You have a rather odd brother.

Mario: Yep. He’s Luigi, my green-hat brother.

BOWSER, KAMMY, AND KAMEK reach Bootown as soon as they can. Mario and Luigi are deep asleep inside the inn.

Bowser: Tell me where Mario is! At once!

Kamek: He’s there, Lord Bowser! I see him! He’s sleeping— inside the inn!

Bowser: Perfect. Mario’s laziness will be his downfall. I just want to get this over with. Let’s just head up into the mansion before anything else happens.

Bootown Mayor: Mario! Luigi! Come out, now! It’s Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek! Please! Save us!

Bowser turns around to the screaming and jumping mayor.

Bowser: Don’t disturb the lazy plumber!

Bowser jumps on the Bootown Mayor and Kamek teleports him to their inventory.

Bowser: Now, let’s go!

BECAUSE OF all of this noise, Mario gets interrupted from his sleep.

Mario: This entire adventure started in my sleep. We’d better check outside to see what’s happening!

Mario turns to find Luigi fast asleep, hugging his pillow and sleeping on his blanket.

Luigi: Come back here, ice cream! We Brooklyners know how to eat ya right!

Mario: Luigi, wake up.

Luigi still is in his sleep, muttering something.

Mario: LUIGI!

It seems as if the entire inn jolts up and then falls, but Luigi is still asleep, and begins sucking his thumb.

Luigi: This thumb gives me ultimate rejuvenation! Now take this, resistant ice cream!

Luigi acts like he’s shooting something.

Mario takes a bucket, fills it up with water, and splashes it on Luigi.


Mario begins shaking Luigi. Then he gets an idea.

Mario: Luigi! You already ate the ice cream!

Luigi sits up straight now in his bed, wide awake.

Luigi: I did?

Mario: Listen, Luigi, something happened outside. We’ve got to help it!

Luigi: Okay. What was I dreaming about, anyway?

Mario sighs and gets out of bed, freshens up in the bathroom, and then exits. Luigi goes in next, coming out much later than Mario did.

Luigi: The sink got clogged. But no worries. When a plumber stays at an inn, his bathroom will forever work.

Mario: Where’d you get that proverb from?

Luigi: From the back of the Mushoats Cereal box!

Mario: I forgot, they were forced to begin writing praise about the Mario Bros.

Mario notions toward the door.

Mario: We’ve stayed here long enough. Let’s-a go!

Luigi: As soon as I pack my things.. .

Mario: You brought things… to an inn where we didn’t even know we’d be staying?

Luigi: I always carry around my stuff.

Mario: Whatever. Let’s just go to the town road.

About half an hour later, Mario and Luigi are standing outside of the inn, where everyone is so scared.

Bootown Citizen: They’ve taken the mayor! The mayor!

Luigi: Who took the mayor?

Bootown Citizen: One of the Boo Thief Gang rogues stole the mayor and went to the mansion. We think he’s King Gilliam’s Reswob. He’s the biggest man we know.

Mario: Reswob. Igiul. Oiram. Why does these names ring a bell so much?

Luigi: (Maybe they are our names spelled backwards… No, that’s not it.) Let’s-a go, Bro! The mansion seems to be drawing us in, huh?

Mario: Yeah, let’s-a go.

Luigi: No, Mario, you have to say it with a lot of enthusiasm. Not like “Whatever, I just wanna get outta here.” Say it right!

Mario fakes a smile.

Mario: Let’s-a go!

Luigi: That’s the spirit.

Mario and Luigi, with their hammers, are able to take care of all of the Boos.


Bootown Citizen: Wait, I forgot to tell them about the two other guys who were following that beast… Oh well.

BOWSER, KAMEK, AND KAMMY, after much flying, finally reach Boo Mansion. Suddenly a Bullet Bill Blaster fires at the 3, and Bowser’s Clown Copter gets hit.

Bowser: What gives?

Kammy: This is the mansion, Bowser.

Kamek: I think he knows.

Bowser: Let’s just grab the princess and get outta here before Mario comes and ruins everything.

The Oiram Bros. both come out at the same time.

Igiul: Look, Bro! It’s-a Bowser!

Bowser: Mario Bros? You guys really ARE quick!

Oiram: Let’s get him.

The next thing Bowser knows, he’s being dragged along in a net and Kamek and Kammy’s wands have been snatched.

Oiram: Mess with us, and you meet the consequences.

Bowser: What in the world happened to your Italian accent?

Igiul: We’re 100 percent British. Now you just tell me how in the world we get an Italian accent.

Kammy: Who are you two, anyway?

Igiul: (copying off of the Shadow Sirens) Those who wish to know our names often meet their demise, but we’ll tell you anyway.

Oiram: We are…

Igiul: The great…

Oiram and Igiul: OIRAM BROTHERS!

Kamek: Why in the world does that name ring a bell?

MARIO AND LUIGI are crossing Boo Forest when they see a commotion. They can’t recognize anything, but they’re pretty sure they know who it is.

Luigi: I think it’s King Gilliam.

Mario: Probably waiting to destroy us.

Luigi: But we have no Toad Gem!

Mario: I just hope we pass by without him finding both of us.

Mario and Luigi go on and then, as soon as they reach the Fog River, they find no one there.

Luigi: Probably was a trick of the light.

Mario: Whatever it was… OFF TO BOO MANSION!

Luigi: We’re at Fog River. We need a Boo named Booson to help us cross it. We’ve forgotten about that.

???: Who goes there?

Mario and Luigi turn around. A puny Boo comes out, and immediately gets mad.

???: You’re the stupid Oiram Brothers, huh? What were you carrying away, anyway?

Mario: Wait a second. We’re the Mario Bros!

???: No you’re not.

Luigi: Really! Check our hats!

??? studies the hats.

???: You guys’re really the Mario Bros! Pleased to meet you, my name is Booson!

Mario: Booson… HEY! You’re the guy who can help us cross the river.

Booson: Ya got that right!

Luigi: So can you help us?

Booson: Anything to help us with getting back our stuff from Boo Mansion.

Luigi: Wait. What’s the story with you? What did the Boo Thief Gang take from you?

Booson: Well, the Boo Thief Gang wanted to takeover Toad Town, but settled for our town. We’ve tried as hard as we can to stop them, but they have their allies. We’re powerless. That’s when I decided to start up a mutiny against them. I made them think I’ve changed sides, but really I’m plotting to get back what’s rightfully ours. And now the Mario Bros are here…

Mario: Let’s-a go, Booson!

Luigi: Yeah… Can you help us with crossing this river? The mayor said you could.

Booson: If you guys have the mayor’s approval... Wait, that’s the wrong mayor! That guy works for the Boo Thief Gang. Our real mayor is a prisoner of Boo Mansion!

Mario: Then how does he know about you?

Booson: This isn’t good! Surely by now that replacement mayor must’ve told the Boo Thief Gang EVERYTHING. That means they’re expecting you two!

Luigi: Well, then, we’re gonna stop them. It’ll show them who’s boss, when they’re ready for our arrival and we still defeat them all.

Booson: Spoken like brave heroes who wish to stop the Boo Thief Gang and the Gilliam Dynasty!

Mario: Let’s not waste any more time. Booson, can you help us cross the river now?

Booson: Sure can. Hold up one sec.

Booson disappears into the darkness of the forest and doesn’t come back for a long time. Luigi and Mario begin to get worried.

Luigi: It was a trick. Watch, any moment now the entire Boo Thief Gang will come up and attack us. It’s all that Gilliam’s plan!

But just then Booson comes back with a button.

Booson: This button brings down the bridge.

Luigi begins to blush.

Mario: Let’s-a go!

Booson brings down the bridge to Boo Path and Mario and Luigi cross it.

Booson: Good luck, Mario Bros.

Mario and Luigi begin to cross the Boo Path, which is strategically designed to always have an enemy on Mario and Luigi.

Mario: Take this! And that!

Mario and Luigi eventually begin to see the large mansion, which is the headquarters of the Boo Thief Gang. Black Boo Thief, one of the Great Six, pops out of nowhere and fixes his eyes on Luigi and Mario, and glares.

Black Boo Thief: So, these two are the rogues wishing to stop us. This’ll be easier than I thought.

Mario and Luigi continue emerging closer to the mansion, but suddenly a bush rattles a lot.

Luigi: Did you hear something?

Mario: No, why?

Luigi: No reason…

Suddenly the Boo Thief comes out of nowhere and jumps on top of Mario. Mario spins around, but no one is there!

Mario: Luigi! What’d you do?

Then Black Boo Thief jumps on top of Luigi’s head. Luigi jumps and actually damages Black Boo Thief!

Luigi: Mario! I think it’s the work of a Boo!

Mario and Luigi both slam their hammer behind them, surprising the Boo Thief. The Thief materializes.

Black Boo Thief: So, you’ve found me. Very well, you two, you’re not passing anywhere, anymore. You’re in my grasp now, and that’s most certainly not a good thing.

While Black Boo Thief is talking, Luigi super-jumps on him and then, while Mario ground pounds him, Luigi slams him with a hammer. This all happens in a matter of about 5 seconds, which is why Black Boo Thief was caught by surprise and jumps up. Then he dives at Luigi, but Luigi steps to the left and then hammers his back.

Black Boo Thief: You stupid Mario. Bros, sneaking up from behind and stopping me… You think it’s funny? That it makes you all powerful and tough like everyone thinks you are? Well I’ve discovered you—

He gets cut off because Luigi smacks him in the head with his hammer as hard as he can and then Black Boo Thief faints.

Mario: Why’s my hammer vibrating?

Luigi: I dunno… <ine is too!

Suddenly Luigi and Mario’s hammers become Level 2 Normal Hammers, which means they deal much more damage.

Luigi: Now, look at that! Calling us a coward when he’s the one turning invisible and thumping us in the back of our heads.

??? (1): That’s because…

??? (2): You guys are!

You already have probably guessed who it is, but for suspense I’m going to turn to Gilliam Castle.

King Gilliam: Fawletta, preparations are ready, I presume.

Fawletta: You are right.

King Gilliam: Bring me… your father. I wish to reward your kindness and loyalty.

Fawletta: Why, of course!

Now I’m going to turn to Boo Mansion and the other five Boo Thieves.

Blue Boo Thief: So, Black has just been terminated.

White Boo Thief: He was useless, anyway.

Red Boo Thief: Useless though he was… he didn’t need what he got.

Pink Boo Thief (1): But… now it’s time to send someone else out.

Pink Boo Thief (2): And who would that be?

Blue Boo Thief looks out the window and sees something he can’t believe.

Blue Boo Thief: We don’t need to worry. Oiram and Igiul are dealing with the two.

Pink Boo Thief (2): It shall not last long. Knowing the Mario Bros, they’re surely up to no good and have brought some items they can use to defeat them. We’re going to need one of us stationed at the door.

White Boo Thief: But there’s none who’d want to fight the Bros!

Red Boo Thief: I think… we should turn to one of you Pinks…

Pink Boo Thief (1): No.

Pink Boo Thief (2): We save the best for last.

White Boo Thief: Well, next to Black, Blue seems a little bit stronger.

Red: Yes… Blue, are you ready to defeat the Mario Bros?

Blue Boo Thief: I can assure you that if the Mario Bros. get past the Oiram Bros, they won’t be able to get past me!

White Boo Thief: That’s the way to think, Blue!

Blue Boo Thief menacingly eyes Mario and Luigi fighting Oiram and Igiul.

BACK WITH MARIO AND LUIGI, Igiul and Oiram are right in front of them.

Mario: What’s-a going on?

Luigi: I don’t know… but that’s obvious.

Mario: Who are you?

Oiram: Who are-

Igiul: We?

Oiram: (repeating what he said earlier to Bowser) Those who seek our names are often disappointed…

Igiul: But since you shall both die soon we shall tell you that we both…

Oiram: Are the…

Igiul: Super handsome, super clever, super powerful….

Oiram and Igiul: OIRAM BROTHERS!

Oiram steps over to Igiul.

Oiram: (whispering) What was the point of adding all of that useless junk?

Igiul: I thought it was all true!

Luigi and Mario huddle up.

Luigi: I’ve been wondering who these people are. They are the Oirams. Wait a second… Oiram, Mario. Er... I think I get it! Oiram is Mario spelled backwards. I just don’t get Igiul…

Mario: (Luigi can be so stupid sometimes!)

Oiram: What’re you two planning?

Igiul: An escape plan?

Oiram: Let’s just tell you that-

Igiul: An escape plan will-

Oiram: Not work because-

Igiul: We Oiram Bros-

Oiram: Are after you!

Luigi: Let’s just tell YOU that we’re not going anywhere.

Igiul: Brave lot, huh?

Oiram: Yes, indeed… We British folk are not to be trampled with.

Mario: Italy’s number one, and the accent is-a better!

Luigi: And you guys look as stupid as Wario and Waluigi! And as weak as Bowser, may I add.

Igiul: I take it that you want a piece of us, and we’ll give you one. I’ll take that man dressed in green, who obviously copied my style.

Oiram: And that red guy’s mine.

BACK IN THE MANSION’S ROOM, Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek all are debating as to whose fault it is that they got into this mess in the first place.

Bowser: If you two wouldn’t have argued the entire way here, we would’ve already had Princess Peach. Now Mario’s going to get Princess Peach!

They are in a pit in the dungeon, and the pit is sealed off by rocks.

Kammy: Lord Bowser, please, it’s not my fault. Kamek just loves arguing with me, and annoys me so!

Kamek: Kammy’s a liar, and the truth is that Kammy always wants to be better than me.

Bowser: Enough! Even now, when we’re about to die, you two find a way to argue about something!

Kamek: Lord Bowser…

Bowser: ENOUGH! You stupid Magikoopas couldn’t help if the chance was right in front of you!

Kammy: Please forgive us, Lord Bowser. And together, we’ll find a way out.

Bowser: I won’t forgive you until you and Kamek bring all three of us out of this mess. Then we’ll go back to the castle before Mario catches us. He’ll want to whip us again because he wants to put up a stupid act in front of the princess.

Kamek turns away from the two. Kammy leans over, trying to hear what Kamek has to say.

Kamek: So, Mario, you’ve won this time. But mark our words, this current tide shall change. Mario will win… no more!

Kamek turns around and faces Bowser and Kammy.

Kamek: I’m willing to work with Kammy if Kammy is willing to work with me.

OIRAM AND MARIO each give the other an angry glare.

Oiram: You guys really made a bad choice challenging us.

Mario jumps on Oiram’s head without Oiram noticing.

Mario: That’s for stealing my color!

Oiram hammers Mario, but misses. Then, surprisingly, he immediately jumps, and land’s on Mario’s feet.

Oiram: You stole OUR colors. We’ll pay you guys for that.

IGIUL AND LUIGI have also gone face-off.

Igiul: I hate this. I want to fight Mario, but I’m stuck with this guy.

Luigi: This guy will kick your butt!

Igiul: Of course you will. Sure you will. You’ll jump, hammer me, and do whatever you can. But then I’ll counterattack, jump on you hard, and you’ll be done for.

Luigi: I take that as a challenge.

Igiul: Look. Honestly, I don’t feel like fighting you. I want a piece of Mario.

Luigi: I won’t let you touch my bro!

Igiul: Please. Luigi, don’t be stupid. You know there’s no way you can stop me.

Luigi: You are insulting Luigi Mario?!

Igiul gets serious all of a sudden and gets on his tiptoes and glares wide-eyed at Luigi, chest out.

Igiul: I am Igiul. I won’t lose to an idiot like Luigi!

Luigi: Let’s see what kind of idiot I am after this battle!

BLUE BOO THIEF gets ready. He grabs his “Trident” from his room, refreshes all of his attacks, and then waits at the entrance of Boo Mansion for Mario and Luigi.

Blue Boo Thief: I mustn’t lose focus.

A small Mowz waltzes by.

Blue Boo Thief: Oh, hi Mowz!

MARIO AND OIRAM get ready for an extreme battle. Oiram takes out his hammer and spins it in his hand. Mario ties his laces and blows off the dust from his hammer.

Oiram: You understand, Mario, that this will be hero versus hero? I have all the powers you do.

Mario: Don’t try it. No one is an obstacle to me and Luigi!

Mario pulls back his hammer. So does Oiram. They both run up and slam down their hammers…

THINGS ARE MUCH different in the battle with Igiul and Luigi. Luigi is trying his hardest to give Igiul a little bit of damage, but Igiul just counterattacks it. Luigi has already used 2 Mushrooms. Luigi puts back his bag of items, wondering what Mario will say when he finds out. Oh well. At least he has the 2 Fire Flowers safe…

Luigi: (FIRE FLOWERS! That’s it! We’ve got two Fire Flowers. I wonder… What’ll happen if I use one on Igiul?)

Luigi takes out a Fire Flower.

Igiul: A Fire Flower? How’d you know?

Luigi smiles, but deep inside he’s really scared. Then he takes out the Fire Flower and points it at Igiul, then places it on the ground. An arc of fireballs get thrust at Igiul at immense speed. Igiul falls back.

Igiul: You need items to defeat me… How amusing.

Luigi jumps on Igiul time after time after time, until he’s sure Igiul has fainted. Then, like a Diablo, he places a foot on Igiul’s chest.

Luigi: (imitating Western Spanish accent) For He who messes with… *snaps fingers* …Luigi.

Then Luigi gets rammed in the head and gets knocked out cold.

OIRAM AND MARIO both have just recently slammed down their hammers with full force. Both are badly damaged.

Oiram: We’re evenly matched. This fight could go on forever, with no end!

Just then, Mario hears Luigi take a Mushroom.

Mario: Don’t waste them all, Luigi!

Luigi runs away from another one of Igiul’s power attacks.

Oiram: Your brother… is weak. Does this mean you too are weak?

Mario: Let’s find out!

Oiram barely dodges when Mario Power Jumps him, hard.

Oiram: Oof!

Oiram shakes the blow off and grits his teeth, obviously extremely angry. Mario bangs his fist into air because it didn’t work.

Oiram: You won’t win that way.

Mario: It was worth a try.

Oiram grows spikes on his legs, arm, and head. He charges at Mario, and Mario flawlessly jumps over Oiram. Oiram trips because he put all strength into the ram into Mario, and fell over. There are no spikes on his back, so Mario quickly does another Power Jump on Oiram.

MARIO AND LUIGI meet at the center. Mario is fighting on the left, and Luigi on the right. They look at their duplicates. Oiram and Igiul barely manage to stand up.

Oiram: We will-

Igiul: B- OWWWW!

Igiul just hurts his arm all over again.

Oiram: Grrr- YOWIE!

Oiram clears his throat.

Oiram: We’ll be back, stupid Mario Bros.

Igiul: And you be- YIPE!

Igiul bites his thumb and limps away.

Luigi: Okay… Shake it off, Luigi. That surprise attack from Igiul at that last second was nothing. It only knocked you out cold for a quick second, that’s all…

Mario raises an eyebrow.

Luigi: Okay, Mario, next time YOU’RE fighting Igiul. That guy’s a menace.

Mario: Y’know, Luigi, they’re technically the exact copies of us.

Luigi and Mario begin to walk to Boo Mansion.

Luigi: Yeah, I know, why?

Mario: That means, whatever Igiul can do, you can do too.

Luigi: Those two probably have spent years of training to master all of those moves. And we’ve only been in the Mushroom Kingdom for about three years!

Mario: Yeah.

Blue Boo Thief materializes after Luigi touches the door to the entrance of the mansion.

Blue Boo Thief: What’re you doing, waltzing into that mansion as if you own it?!

Mario: Great. Someone else to deal with. Honestly! No break!

Blue Boo Thief: That’s great… but I’m not going to reschedule this fight.

Luigi has already made a dash for it, and made it into the mansion.

Mario: Luigi…

Blue Boo Thief: He must come out.

Blue Boo Thief waves his trident. Suddenly the room Luigi’s in gets filled with water, and Luigi gets chucked out… right to where he was standing before.

Blue Boo Thief: No one leaves from here unless I say so.

Luigi: Which is why I just did.

Blue Boo Thief: You’ll pay for your rudeness.

Luigi: And YOU’RE going to punish us? You’re a common underling! We’re the Mario Brothers!

Mario: Luigi, you’re getting him angry. How’re we supposed to have a chance when the guy is already angry?

Blue Boo Thief puts his trident to his face.

Blue Boo Thief: Let’s do this!

Blue Boo Thief begins shooting arcs of red light from his trident, which Luigi and Mario easily dodge.

Luigi: Is that the best you can do? Seriously?

Luigi jumps on the Thief and the Thief lowers.

Luigi: Now, Mario!

Mario grips his hammer tightly and slams it down on the Blue Boo Thief, and then his trident falls to the ground.

Blue Boo Thief: MY TRIDENT!

He swerves down, picks it up, and goes high in the sky.

Blue Boo Thief: Just watch what I do. You guys can’t even get me from this height!

Luigi: Just watch me. Mario, stand back.

Mario takes a large step back. Luigi bends down, runs up, and Super Jumps high into the sky and lands square on Blue Boo Thief’s head. Luigi keeps jumping on him while Blue Boo Thief falls down and down.

Blue Boo Thief: Argh! You’re not going to win on my watch!

Mario is waiting at the ground. When Blue Boo Thief falls, his hammer swerves right into his head. Blue Boo Thief flips from the blow.

Blue Boo Thief: I’ve had it up to HERE with you Mario Bros. You can’t win against me! Give it up!

Mario: Just watch it. You’ve already taken countless blows while you’ve failed to hurt us.

Blue Boo Thief: Then let me do so.

Luigi turns to Mario.

Luigi: Why’d you instigate him?

Mario: Kind of like you instigated him at the start as well as the Oiram Bros. Don’t talk to me about “instigation”.

Blue Boo Thief swings his trident. A wave of water comes up and meets with the trident.

Blue Boo Thief: I told you so.

Luigi: Mario! Jump on him!

Mario and Luigi both simultaneously jump on Blue Boo Thief, and he is done for.

Luigi: Whew! What a battle!

Luigi and Mario continue into the mansion.

IN THE BOO MANSION CONTROL TOWER, the White, Red, and 2 Pink Boos are amazed at the strength of the two Mario Bros.

White: I don’t get it! Even the Oiram Bros, completely identical to the Mario Bros, lost to the duo! That’s something appalling!

Pink (2): Now, drastic measures must be taken. White, at this moment, pour all of your strength into the fight with Mario. Red, ready yourself; at any cost, Mario shouldn’t come to this tower and defeat all of us.

White: Okay.

Red: Sure. Fine.

Pink (1): Since Mario is so close to defeating us, we all must work together.

Pink (2): Yes… very true, very true, Pink, indeed. If we work together, then we’ll do the impossible!

White: Yes… Together, there’s no telling what we can do…

Red: Well, then, if you’ll excuse me…

Red vanishes.

White: I guess I should be going as well…

White vanishes.

MARIO AND LUIGI have now been in the mansion for at least a half-hour, and the entire time, Mario and Luigi have been trying to decipher an odd riddle to continue on to the staircase. The riddle is:

There’s a connection between visibility and invisibility,
And only he who masters both
Can comprehend it fully
Only he who understands
Can make it past this grand door.

Luigi: Yeah, Bro, I have no clue.

Mario: Luigi, look!

They spot something at the door they came in from.

Luigi: Let’s check it out!

Luigi and Mario run to the thing while White Boo Thief comes and spreads fog throughout the room.

Mario: What’s-a going on?

Mario and Luigi look around and get scared, seeing a lot of fog.

White Boo Thief: Hehehe! Come now, Mario! Luigi! See what you can in this blinding fog.

Luigi: You’re a Boo Thief!

White Boo Thief: Got that right!

Mario: You don’t look anything different than a common Boo!

Luigi: Mario…

White Boo Thief: I’ll totally get you for that!

Mario and Luigi do tons of spins, hammer slams, and jumps. But they soon realize that White Boo Thief is much stronger than the first.

White Boo Thief: Now YOU take this!

White Boo Thief bites Luigi, and Luigi gets poisoned.

Mario: Luigi!

Luigi: Bro, I’m okay!

Mario slams White Boo Thief hard, then flips after the hammer is slammed down, jumps on the thief, flips and does a ground pound, and then falls off, grabbing his hammer.

White Boo Thief: This is insulting. You and your stupid mustache are going to defeat me!

Luigi jumps on the Thief, and then White Boo Thief is finished for.

Luigi: Look! The door opened! Obviously, only a Boo can open that door!

Mario: Whatever. Let’s just rescue Princess Peach.

Luigi: (I’m starting to wonder if Princess Peach really IS here.)

Mario: Let’s-a go and rescue Peach!

BACK AT THE CONTROL TOWER, Pink 1 and Pink 2 are shocked that another attempt to destroy the Mario Bros. ended up in another loss

Pink 1: These two Mario Brothers are beginning to become a threat to us.

Pink 2: Yes… But he’ll never beat us. We have an Anti-Human attack shield on us, so no matter what attacks Mario and Luigi do, they’ll never stop us.

Pink 1: You’re right… But let’s just hope Red takes care of it all.

Black pops out of nowhere.

Black: He-hello, Pink 1, Pink 2.

Pink 1: Hello… Please, we must flee from here immediately. Our plans and our entire game have been finished by the arrival of that Mario fellow… He’ll defeat us all! Come on, Black, us three will escape!

Pink 2: You both go nowhere unless I say so.

Pink 1: Come on, Bro, we’ve gotta! We don’t want to get beaten in battle. People will think less of us entirely!

Pink 2: Who’s to say we can’t defeat Mario and Luigi?

But Black Boo Thief and Pink 1 have already gone.

MARIO AND LUIGI climb up the large staircase beyond the grand door. The door leads to a large staircase, and large staircases ALWAYS mean something good’s on the other side.

Red Boo Thief widens his eyes. A red glow covers his iris, but then decreases, and Luigi vanishes.

Mario: Where’s-a Luigi?

Red Boo Thief: He’s mine, now!

Mario gets mad and makes that stance he always does.

Red Boo Thief: Oh, I’m so scared! Seriously!

And he vanishes. Mario walks back and forth, wondering what he should do now. Luigi is not there, but he has an open doorway to something special. Mario makes a quick decision.

Mario: I will… defeat the Boo Gang, once and for all!

Mario hops along the large staircase.

PINK 2 is all that’s left in the tower, because the other two have already left.

Pink 2: Now the Mario Bros. will eat me up alive! What am I to do? I’m definitely not going to be a coward and run away. I’ve too much prestige. What to do…

MARIO reaches the top of the staircase and looks down.

Mario: What a workout! This better have had some effect on my weight.

Mario pushes open the door to the royal command post… but all that’s there is a spring. Mario jumps on the spring, and he’s in the tower.

PINK 2 has made a mess of the place, looking for something of use. Nothing has turned up, and now Mario’s right there.

Pink 2: M-Mario. Where’s the green fellow always at your side?

Mario: How do you know about Luigi?

Pink 2: I know everything that goes on in my territory, actually. And I know you’ve come way too far. I’ve not seen such treachery. Destroying my land… and just for the satisfaction of destroying King Gilliam’s land? Child, this is not the way to go.

Mario: I’m no child. And I know everything about you.

Pink 2: How is that?

Mario: The mayor!

Pink 2: The stupid mayor? Oh, he speaks gibberish. Join us, Mario. There’s no telling what’ll be the consolation of such a companionship.

Luigi and Red Boo Thief materialize in the control tower.

Pink 2: A fugitive… Hand him to me!

But Red Boo Thief does not give him Luigi.

Luigi: Bro! Whatever you do, don’t give in to the Thieves! They’re up to no good!

Red Boo Thief: Pink the Second… I believe you wish for me to hand you Luigi. But I have other plans.

Mario: What’s-a going on?

Luigi: Unhand me, you fiend!

Pink 2: What is it? What’s your smart plan?

Red Boo Thief: It’s quite simple. I double-cross you now.

Pink 2: What’re you talking about? Look, hand him to me.

Red Boo Thief: That’s it! There’s a limit to everything. But you, you have no end to it. It’s simple. I don’t want to follow orders. I want to solely rule the entire world. And to do so, it starts here. Right here, right now, I shall destroy the Boo Thief Gang. And then… Mario!

Pink 2: Don’t try it!

Red Boo Thief: Let’s tussle!

Pink 2 begins using his strongest attacks on Red Boo Thief, and Red Boo Thief dodges all but one, letting go of Luigi. Luigi runs to Mario’s safety.

Luigi: Bro!

Mario: Luigi!

Mario and Luigi hug hard.

Luigi: Look, Mario, it’s dangerous here. We’ve got to leave quickly!

Mario: What about the princess?

Luigi: I’m starting to doubt if she even IS here. Bowser probably has her.

Suddenly the locked door gives a thump.

Mario: It’s the princess!

Luigi: Wow. Let’s-a go and quickly get her!

Mario and Luigi run past the fighting two Boos, but Red Boo Thief spots them.

Red Boo Thief: Look!

Pink 2 slaps Red Boo Thief across the face.

Red Boo Thief: Why, you!

Mario and Luigi slam their hammers against the door. Then the door opens.

Luigi: I wonder what’s inside…

Mario: Let’s-a go!

Luigi: Yes…

Mario and Luigi go inside the door to find… the princess’ shoe. It’s her left high-heel shoe, red, and a big surprise to Mario and Luigi.

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