Mario and Luigi: The New Dynasty

By kooplord123


Luigi and Mario don’t speak for a while.

Luigi: Mario, what’s going on?

Mario: I don’t know. Princess Peach must’ve been moved somewhere else long before we came.

Luigi: So… the adventure continues.

Mario: Yes. We should help Pink 2 fight off the Red Boo Thief.

Mario and Luigi open up the door to the tower, but they can’t see Pink 2 and Red.

Luigi: Where’d they go?

Mario: They’re Boos. They can go anywhere they want to. We’re probably not supposed to look and help them.

Luigi: Right… Let’s go to Professor E. Gadd, and let him know everything. Wait a second… Why did the door bang?

Mario: I think we should ask Professor E. Gadd that, too.

Luigi and Mario walk down from the tower and exit the mansion, and then out of nowhere an old Boo stops them from continuing on.

Old Boo: Thank you… for freeing our town from the rogue gang.

Luigi: Who are you?

Old Boo: I’m the mayor of Bootown. You can call me Old Boo. That’s what everyone calls me.

Mario: There’s an impostor at Bootown.

Old Boo: Him? No, he’s my brother. Everyone just thinks he’s an impostor, because my brother doesn’t live in Bootown. He lives in Mushroom City. He’s part of a big resistance. Since I left, he’s guarded this city from King Gilliam.

Luigi: Well, then. we’ve got to get back to the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario.

Old Boo: May you be successful on your journey.

Luigi and Mario go back through the entire path from Boo Mansion to the Mushroom Kingdom. It’s in the same state, and Professor E. Gadd immediately walks up to Mario and Luigi.

Professor E. Gadd: What happened? Where’s Princess Peach?

Luigi pulls out her left high-heel shoe.

Luigi: We went to Boo Mansion, but when we went into her captive room, all we found was this.

Professor E. Gadd: She must’ve been switched at the last moment to somewhere else. But just where could that place be?

Mario: Who would know?

Professor E. Gadd: I think you guys should ask the civilians of Bootown if they saw anything suspicious. If they did, then that’s the place to look next.

Luigi: One more thing.

Professor E. Gadd looks up.

Professor E. Gadd: What?

Luigi: Before we opened her door, we heard her thump on it. What does that mean?

E. Gadd: Obviously, before the captors came and relocated her, she banged on the door, yelling for help.

Mario: Are you sure?

E. Gadd: Sure.

Luigi: Then let’s-a go!

Mario and Luigi go back to Bootown.

Old Boo: Hey, you two! Guys, the Mario Bros. have returned!

All of the Boos come out to greet Mario and Luigi.

Luigi: Mario, now’s our only chance!

Mario faces the crowd.

Mario: Have any of you seen anything suspicious while we were in Boo Mansion?

Old Boo: My brother was going on about something…

Luigi: What was it?

Old Boo: He saw something going south to Yoshi’s Island!

Luigi: Yoshi Island… We’d better tell the professor.

Mario: We thank you for your help.

Mario and Luigi rush back to the Mushroom Kingdom to tell Professor E. Gadd.

BOWSER, KAMMY, AND KAMEK are still in the big Pit inside Boo Mansion, Mario and Luigi are getting ready to go back to the professor and tell him about Yoshi Island, while in Boo Mansion, Pink 2 and Red are deep in combat. What will happen now, in the third chapter? A lot of new surprises still await the Mario Bros. For now, let’s turn to Gilliam City.

KING GILLIAM’S THRONE ROOM is empty right now, except for King Gilliam himself and Fawletta, Gilliam’s assistant.

King Gilliam: So, Fawletta, what must you say?

Fawletta: Well, m’lord… we are awaiting your command…

THE MARIO BROS. return back to Professor E. Gadd.

Luigi: Good news!

Mario: Someone has spotted Princess Peach in an airplane!

Professor E. Gadd: Do tell, where is she?

Mario: Yoshi Island.

Luigi: Any ideas on how to get there?

E. Gadd: Of course, I have an idea. There’s already a boat the southern docks, so all you must do is get there and ride that boat to Yoshi Island!

Luigi: And where are the southern docks?

Professor E. Gadd: I suppose I should tell you the directions…

Luigi: Please?

Professor E. Gadd walks into his tent. Mario and Luigi follow.

Professor E. Gadd: Head out on Southern Path, but this time slam down on the rocks we set up to stop King Gilliam from entering the docks. After that it becomes the Southern Docks. After that, there’s a boat like I told you. That boat goes across Koopa Sea, and you’ll reach Yoshi Island. Ask all around for clues, and get Princess Peach back!

Luigi: We will do that, Professor!

Mario: Let’s-a go!

Mario and Luigi exit out of the tent. They check their inventory.

Mushrooms- 4
Fire Flowers- 1

Luigi: Let’s check the store to see if there are any new items!

They enter…

Clerk T: Welcome to Mushroom’s Goods. We’re under new, better management.

Luigi: That explains the name change.

Clerk T: Could you please tell me your want in our store?

Mario: Can we see your new editions?

Clerk T: We’ve Lightning Bolts and Rotten Eggs. The Lightning Bolt is 20 coins, while the Rotten Eggs are 30 each.

Luigi pulls Mario over.

Luigi: Let’s get a Lightning Bolt, a Fire Flower, a super Mushroom, and a ton of Rotten Eggs.

Mario turns to Clerk T. and clears his throat.

Mario: We want one Lightning Bolt, one Super Mushroom, one Fire Flower, and four Rotten Eggs.

Clerk T: Your total cost is…165 coins.

Luigi: Mario, we have 200. We’re good.

Mario: Here you go, 165 coins. Good day.

Luigi: Wait, I have a question. What’s up with the new management?

Clerk T: After we got caught with a shipment of items from Gilliam City here, we needed a new source of items. That’s when a Lawyer T. came to my defense, and now he’s the new manager. He gets the items legally.

Luigi: Oh.

Mario: Let’s go.

Mario and Luigi head down Southern Path, but before they reach the rock barrier they see a fight going on. The fight is the Koopa clan and the Gilliam Empire. The fight is obviously going nowhere.

Luigi: Mario! How’re we supposed to cross now?

Mario: Should we destroy the Koopa fortress?

Luigi: *thinks about it* No! On the other hand, I think you should help them!

Mario: What are you talking about?

Luigi sighs.

Luigi: Listen. Right now, though usually we are against each other, our motives and the Koopa Clan’s motives are not different. We both are trying to defeat the Gilliam Empire. Why don’t we work together?

Mario: Luigi… they’ll attack us…

Luigi: Not if we tell them that we’re on their side. Look, Mario, what’s the worst that could happen? We’re fighting the Gilliam Empire. This could be something big. It could be a big opportunity for us!

Mario: Luigi… I never knew… you’re so sensible…

Luigi: I know…

Luigi smiles and fixes his overall straps.

Mario: But don’t take it to your head. Let’s-a go!

Mario and Luigi jump onto the main fortress staircase, and head up to the main combat area. There are Magikoopas shooting all sorts of magical contraptions. They see Lemmy projecting from a video screen.

Lemmy: Defeat them! Don’t spare them!

A Koopa Troopa is absolutely terrified of Lemmy.

Koopa Troopa: I’ll do so, L-Lemmy.

Lemmy: And don’t try anything stupid or it’ll be your shell!

Luigi: Man, Lemmy’s woken up on the wrong side of the bed today!

Mario: Lemmy, we need to talk to you!

Lemmy: That Italian accent… it reminds me of something… AAH! The Mario Bros!

Luigi: (softly) That’s us!

Lemmy: You good-for-nothing Koopa! Do something about them!

Mario: No, Lemmy, we don’t want to hurt you.

Lemmy: Of course you don’t.

Luigi: We want to stop the Gilliam Underlings.

Lemmy: Sure… Let’s see if you are truly on our side. You have to go to their fortress and destroy it!

Luigi and Mario go through their lines. In about 45 minutes, Mario and Luigi come back. They don’t seem tired.

Luigi: That was easy.

Mario dusts off his hands.

Lemmy: Thank you… Mario Bros.

A Hammer Bro comes from behind an exhaust port.

Hammer Bro: Dude, totally sweet hammer action!

Luigi scratches the back of his head.

Luigi: Thanks, I guess…

Hammer Bro: But your hammers… they’re pathetic.

Mario: What’re you trying to say?

Hammer Bro: What I want to say is that you guys need new hammers!

Luigi: But where’ll we get them?

Hammer Bro: What do you think I am? I’m a Hammer Bro! Here, these are two Super Hammers. I was going to throw them out anyway.


Luigi: These are heavy!

Hammer Bro: But now, you can slam down with awesome force on even harder rocks and deal more damage in battle.

Mario: Um, sweet?

Luigi: Sweet’s right! Let’s-a go!

Mario and Luigi leave.

Lemmy’s monitor screen turns to the Hammer Bro.

Lemmy: You… have done the right thing.

Hammer Bro gets a modest smile.

Hammer Bro: Thanks, I guess…


Mario and Luigi come across the rock barrier.

Luigi: Let’s hammer them down!

Mario and Luigi have an easier time slamming down the rock barrier. Then they reach the Southern Docks.

Mario: Where’s the boat?

Luigi scratches his chin for some time.

Luigi: I found it! It’s right at that bay!

Mario and Luigi reach the bay and get on the boat.

Luigi: Let’s use our hammers as paddles!

Mario and Luigi paddle away to Yoshi Island. After they leave, Fisher T. comes back with his rod.

Fisher T: Wha-? What happened to my boat?


???: AAAH! Leave me! Where are you taking me? Help, somebody.

??? (2): No one is going to help you, P—

Here’s where the chapter really begins. Mario and Luigi are so close to arriving at Yoshi Island, Pink 2 and Red are still fighting deeply with each other, Bowser and Kammy and Kamek are trying to escape the pit Oiram and Igiul (who are currently in their hideout) put them in, King Gilliam and Fawletta are preparing a major plan, and those “Somewhere Far Aways” will be shown more often. Let’s go to Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek.

Bowser: Yeah! I can see the opening!

Kammy: Lord Bowser, has it ever occurred to you that you are just the teeniest bit overweight?

Kamek: Lord Bowser! Kammy has insulted you!

Bowser: Shut up, and don’t move! I can’t afford to fall!

If you haven’t already guessed it, Kammy is standing on Kamek and Bowser’s standing on top of Kammy.

Kammy: Let me give you a good haul, Lord!

Kammy throws Bowser up. She barely manages to make him move an inch into the air, but Bowser flips and blows fire toward the ground. It keeps him elevated.

Bowser: What’re you going to do now, Kammy?

Kammy: I’m going to take us all back up!

MARIO AND LUIGI reach Yoshi’s Island. The village there is running perfectly fine, and Mario and Luigi run up to their pal, Yoshi.

Luigi: Yoshi!

Yoshi: YOSHI! Mama Luigi! Papa Mario!

Luigi: Why don’t you ever get over that?

Mario: Come to Daddy, Yoshi!

Yoshi: Yoshi happy! Yoshi can meet Papa Mario and Mama Luigi!

Mario and Luigi hug each other.

Luigi: Let’s go inside your tent. We need to talk to you.

Yoshi: Not yet. Yoshi hungry.

Mario takes out his pocket inventory and looks through it for something Yoshi can eat. Yoshi’s eyes fall down to it and immediately, the light up.

Yoshi: Eggs! Yoshi likes eggs!

Mario: Nooooo!

Yoshi grabs a Rotten Egg and bites it thoroughly, and then swallows it. Yoshi’s stomach begins to grumble.

Luigi: What’s-a going on?

Yoshi jumps high in the air.

Yoshi: Yoshi full!

Mario: What happened to the eggs?


Clerk T: Bring the crate in!

Worker T: Here’s the new supply of Rotten Eggs.

Clerk T takes them out and adds them to the other eggs. They look different. That’s when Clerk T. realizes…

Clerk T: Uh oh. I gave Mario and Luigi Fresh Eggs instead… I hope he doesn’t feed them to any evil Yoshis…

BACK ON YOSHI’S ISLAND, Mario and Luigi discuss the reason they are here with Yoshi.

Yoshi: Yoshi saw… two kidnappers carrying princess! Yoshi saw! Yoshi saw kidnappers going into the jungle with the princess!

Luigi: Mario… that’s where the princess is! We’re so close to her!

???: So, these guys are the Mario Bros?

Mari and Luigi turn around and are shocked to see who’s behind them.

BOWSER, KAMMY, AND KAMEK were still inside the pit the last time we left them. Kammy said she was going to get all 3 of them out of the pit. Kammy grabs her wand.

Kammy: Lord Bowser, please continue to stay elevated until I tell you so!

Kamek: Kammy, what do I do?

Kammy: Whatever you’re doing right now is fine.

Kamek: I’m going to help, thank you very much!

Bowser: Kamek, step aside right now! Or you’ll see the bitter side of me!

Kamek quickly goes back to what he was doing earlier.

Kammy: Lord Bowser, stop using your breath!

Bowser drops down immediately.

Bowser: Kammy, you idio— Woah!

Kammy swung her wand and Bowser was beginning to float upward inside an invisible cube. Bowser is now on the side of the pit, completely up.

Bowser: Kammy, you rock!

Kammy grabs her broom and gives it a good whirl and then goes up, but falls down immediately. Kamek begins going up.

Kamek: I’m going up there first!

PINK 2 AND RED are still fighting right now, but Red is obviously winning.

Pink 2: Red, why have you betrayed all of us? Am I the last faithful Boo?

White Boo limps up to Pink 2.

White: I’m still loyal! Red, I can’t believe you would do such a thing.

Red: You both are equally incapable of defeating me, so I have nothing to worry about.

Blue: They’re not alone!

Red: But the blue one might be a problem…

Red begins to run down the staircase.

MARIO AND LUIGI turn around to find some armed Yoshis.

Luigi: Are you part of the legendary Yoshi Army?

???: …

Mario: I’ll take that as a… actually, I don’t know how to take that.

Yoshi: Yoshi saw! Yoshi saw him take princess!

Luigi: So… you’re a kidnapper?

Kidnapper: …

Mario: He obviously doesn’t want to answer us.

Luigi and Mario simultaneously, not seeing the spike on his head, jump on the Yoshi, but grab their feet and fall back down just as quick.

Luigi: Mamamia!

Yoshi: Yoshi saw! Yoshi saw Mario and Luigi being stupid!

Kidnapper: …

And he runs away.

Mario: Y’know, Luigi, what we did was absolutely not sensible.

Luigi: Yeah. Where’d that kidnapper go, anyway?

Yoshi jumps up and down.

Mario: I think we should ask Yoshi.

Luigi: Where’d he go, Yoshi?

Yoshi: Yoshi can’t tell. Yoshi won’t tell. Yoshi too hungry to tell.

Luigi: Mario, give Yoshi another one of those Rotten Eggs.

Mario throws one of the eggs in Yoshi’s mouth. Yoshi jumps high into the air again.

Luigi: Where’d he go, Yoshi?

Yoshi: Yoshi saw! Yoshi saw him go to jungle!

Mario and Luigi rush to the jungle.

Yoshi: Yoshi hungry again….

BOWSER HAS already left the mansion. Meanwhile, Kammy and Kamek are blasting each other downward while the other tries to reach the top of the pit first.

Kammy: I’m sorry, but you’re not reaching the top first!

Kamek: Yeah? My broom’s faster than yours!

Kamek speeds up and crashes into Kammy’s back. Both of their brooms disappear, and they crash to the bottom.

MARIO AND LUIGI enter the jungle and see some Yoshi children.

Luigi: Hi, Yoshi children! Have you seen a big, big Yoshi?

A blue Yoshi child walks up to Luigi and Mario.

Blue Yoshi Child: I saw one… he’s real close. He’s fun to play with!

Mario and Luigi run as fast as they can, and they reach a hut. They also see… Princess Peach!

Luigi: Let’s-a go! Mario! The princess! Let’s-a go, and quick too!

Mario and Luigi smash down the door to the hut, and they see the princess…

Princess Peach: Mario! Luigi!

Mario and Luigi jump up and try to get her, but the kidnapper slams them both down. Princess Peach gets up.

Princess Peach: AAH! I’ll stand outside!

Mario and Luigi grab their Super Hammers and jump up, standing on each other. Mario is at the top, Luigi at the bottom. They both jump and slam down hard on the kidnapper, but the spike on the top of his head once again backs down on Luigi and Mario.

Luigi: How stupid are we? We’re slamming down on a spear! Let’s do some hammer action.

Luigi slams him hammer down on the kidnapper, a small attack and normal. Then Mario jumps and flips, and his hammer is where his legs should be. The kidnapper gets slammed hard.

Kidnapper: …

Luigi: We’ve got him.

Kidnapper: …

Mario: This was real easy.

Kidnapper: …

Luigi: Now, we should get the princess.

Kidnapper: ...!....

Mario and Luigi stop in their tracks.

Luigi: Did he just say something?

Mario: Let’s get him!

Kidnapper: …! Don’t!

Mario folds his arms.

Mario: So, you can speak, huh?

Luigi: Woah, I’m so scared! … You’re kidding me, right?

Mario and Luigi grab their hammers and run in for the kill.

FINALLY, after much feuding, Kammy and Kamek make it to the top of the pit, only to find Bowser far away.

Kamek: This is all because of you! You wouldn’t let me come first, would you? It’s all about you, right?

Kammy: Ladies first, always, Kamek. Don’t you know?

Kamek: Whatever. Let’s go back to the castle.

BOWSER IS ALREADY at the castle, unsure of what to do next. Suddenly, Lemmy walks up to him.

Lemmy: Dad!

Bowser: Yeah. What went on when I was gone?

Lemmy: We clashed up with those Gilliam creatures, but Mario helped us crush them to a pulp. Also, I got Iggy dizzy! And Morton defeated Roy in a thumb war. Lastly, Bowser Jr. tried to destroy all of us, but me and Wendy took care of that good.

Bowser: Great job, Lemmy. Wait a second… MARIO helped you two?

Lemmy: And that green guy who I’ll never say his name, he’s so weak and stupid…

Bowser: You mean Luigi.

Lemmy: Yep.

Bowser: Great, now I’m in debt to Mario.

Roy is sipping some Koopa Tea and clutching his thumb.

Roy: Who knew Morton could be so strong when he gets angry?

Bowser: Roy!

Roy: Oh, hey Dad!

Bowser: How was your time here?

Roy bites his lip.

Roy: Nothing happened. Nothing happened between me and Morton!

Ludwig and Larry enter, talking about hairdos.

Ludwig: Listen, I concocted a formula for my hair. It’s a pure conditioner, made from the aloe of Koopa Leaves! It removes the hair of cracks, and allows a 3-minute session of gel as well.

Larry: You’re impossible! I brush and clean my hair every day, while you sit in your room and create weird gizmos that never work! Face it, even your SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER don’t work!

Wendy and Morton are the last to enter.

Morton: Honestly, Wendy, I LOVE your ability with those pipes! Seriously!

Wendy: Thank you, Morton! You’re a true fan.

Bowser is filled with joy.

Bowser: It’s the perfect time to begin my next plan!

He faces the talking Koopalings.

Bowser: Listen, my sons and daughter! I have a plan…

Suddenly a wall crashes and two figures emerge.

AS THEY RUN IN FOR THE KILL, the kidnapper thinks hard. Then he decides. He quickly jumps to the left, and it is a smart move. Mario and Luigi slam into a wall. Luigi motions toward the back door, and get’s Mario’s attention.

Luigi: (whispering) Let’s go out of that door!

Kidnapper: ... No doing that…

Luigi turns back to the kidnapper.

Luigi: On second thought, let’s get him.

Mario and Luigi grab their hammer and Luigi begins by throwing his, and the kidnapper jumps up. Mario jumps and slams his hammer on him, and he falls to the floor. Luigi is waiting for that. The kidnapper makes a run for it, but can’t get far before Luigi slams him down with all force.

Mario: We have such great strategies, Luigi. That was REALLY easy.

Luigi: Now, let’s get the princess. This has been a nice adventure, you know. After we get the princess, we’ll destroy King Gilliam— once and for all. We don’t need a stupid Gem! Seriously, though, I enjoyed being back in the action.

Mario and Luigi run outside. Princess Peach is no longer there…

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