Mario and Luigi: The New Dynasty

By kooplord123


Mario and Luigi are deep asleep. Mario is dreaming about what had happened earlier today with Bowser. Luigi is dreaming about the new recipe that he is working on. Suddenly a thud is heard.

Mario: What was that?

Luigi: I donít know, Bro. Why donít we check it out?

Mario and Luigi go to their door, where they see a whole bunch of Koopas that are swarming their house.

Luigi: Letís run!

Luigi begins to run around.

Mario: Stop it, Luigi! Letís fight the Koopas instead!

Luigi: Are you sure we should?

Mario: Of course Iím sure!

Luigi: Then, letís-a go!

Mario begins jumping on top of the Koopa Troopas, while Luigi goes and changes into his shoes. Soon only one Koopa Troopa hiding inside his shell is all that is left.

Luigi: Whew! Letís check outside if anything else is there!

Luigi and Mario go into their pipe, leading toÖ the Mushroom Kingdom?

Luigi: Woah! What happened to our pipe? Where are we?

Luigi and Mario see that they are definitely not in the Mushroom Kingdom. They are in a poor town, and there are tents arranged for a long stretch.

Mario: Luigi, if weíre not in the Mushroom Kingdom, then where could we go? And what happened to our pipe? Why isnít it there? WHAT IS GOING ON?

Luigi: Quiet down, Mario. I donít know WHAT is going on, but weíd better search around for something that will help us find out where we are.

As soon as he says this, Professor E. Gadd comes up to Mario and Luigi.

Mario: Professor, what are YOU doing here?

Professor E. Gadd: Why, Iím here living, of course! How odd, Mario. Are you okay?

Luigi: What happened here?

Professor E. Gadd: Oh, I get it. Come inside my tent, Iíll explain everything.

Mario and Luigi walk into E. Gaddís tent. Suddenly, Kamek appears.

Kamek: Come on, guys! Letís get íem!

A herd of Magikoopas come and try to ram into Mario, but Mario jumps on one and dodges them. Luigi, on the other hand, gets trampled and is kidnapped to Bowserís Castle.

Luigi: Bro!

Mario: Luigi! I told you to jump!

Professor E. Gadd: Donít worry, Mario. Luigi is safe; Bowser canít harm him. Not with all of this going on.

Mario: What do you mean?

Professor E. Gadd: Here we go. It all began when a lord called Gilliam who ruled Mushroom City declared he wasnít getting a fair income of money for his city. Then King Boo, a Shy Guy commander, and a group of Yoshis also said the same thing. When Princess Peach said that there was no way she could arrange all of the money, they all attacked Toad Town in the middle of the night. I was one of the lucky ones who ran from the town while they attacked. We set up a small town from scratch and organized a small army. Now King Gilliam is after us.

Mario: Back up, what happened to Princess Peach when they attacked?

E. Gadd: We donít know. All we know is that she was gone when King Gilliam won the battle.

Mario: So, let me guess, I need to go to Toad Town and defeat King Gilliam?

E. Gadd: We canít do thatÖ yet. Itís not possible. King Gilliam is no Bowser. He is too strong for you right now, Mario, too strong for any of us. You will need a power source too big to comprehend for you to have any chance to succeed in your fight!

Mario: And what would that be?

E. Gadd: Why, the Toad Gem, of course! Surely using its powers, we will be able to defeat King Gilliam.

Mario: Whatís the Toad Gem?

E. Gadd: Itís a gem that can destroy any citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario: Which means, not even I am safe from it.

E. Gadd: Exactly! Which is why we need to find it before King Gilliam does.

Mario: Where is it?

E. Gadd: In the Mushroom Mountainís Mushrine. But surely, youíre not thinking of getting it right now!

Mario: Why not?

E. Gadd: You need Luigi. And Luigi has been kidnappedÖ by Bowser. Itíll be extremely easy to get him back, Iím sure. You need Luigiís great jumping ability in order to cross the mountain and get to the Shrine.

Mario: Iíll be back before you know it!

E. Gadd: Iím sure you will be, Mario.

Mario heads down Koopa Path and is stopped by Kammy just before he can open the doors to the castle

Kammy: So, Mario, we meet again.

Mario: Kammy, why make it like this? Isnít it obvious? Bowser can beat you, and I can beat Bowser. So what makes you think you can win in a fight against me? Let me continue on. Donít make this harder than it already is.

Kammy: That sounds like a challenge, Mario. I like challenges. Tell you what. Iíll crush you now and celebrate later. Iíve been waiting for a reason to celebrate.

Mario: Letís-a go!

Mario begins jumping on Kammy without a break. Kammy turns invisible, but Mario moves around so much he bumps into Kammy and Kammy falls from her broom.

Kammy: Oof! Mario, you loaf! Youíll pay for that.

Mario immediately jumps on Kammy and Kammy faints.

Kammy: OwÖ Mario -oof- you can go on.

Mario: I told you so.

Mario heads up Bowserís Castle until he meets up with Bowser himself.

Bowser: Mario! What are you doing here, of all places? Shouldnít you be with the princess? Iím not attacking her, and I have no plans to either.

Mario: Give me Luigi!

Bowser: What do you mean?

Mario: I know you guys have Luigi.

Luigi: Bro!

Luigi jumps on Bowserís head.

Bowser: Thatís it! Mario Bros, you are IN FOR IT!

Bowser begins blowing dangerous breath on Mario and Luigi. Luigi Super-Jumps on Bowser, and Bowser starts getting mad.

Bowser: Grr! Kamek! Defeat these menaces, and do us all a favor.

Kamek: Of course, Lord Bowser.

Kamek begins throwing fireballs and magic spells at Mario and Luigi. Luigi gets hypnotized.

Kamek: Attack Mario, Luigi!

Luigi jumps on top of Mario, but Mario dives at the last second. Kamek also attacks Mario, but he barely avoids it. Then Bowser jumps into the battle and ground pounds Mario (and makes it). Mario is very hurt right now.

Bowser: Yeah! Finally! Three on one, Mario. No chance of winning. Bro against Bro, this just gets good.

Kamek: Lord Bowser, shall we watch as Luigi finishes off Mario?

Bowser: Yes! Letís watch as Marioís own brother destroys Mario for good.

Mario jumps on top of Luigiís head as soon as Bowser and Kamek step away from the fight. At that moment, Luigi goes back to normal.

Mario: Luigi! Letís get Bowser now.

Kamek: Lord Bowser, sir, we donít even have the Koopalings right now. We must immediately attack the two, and hope for the best.

Bowser: Canít you hypnotize Luigi again, Kamek?

Kamek: I can, but I donít have the strength now. I can just barely do my normal attack.

Bowser: Kamek, remind me to lower your salary.

Kamek: Lord, if I defeat Mario and Luigi, will you give me my rightful salary?

Bowser: WellÖ okay.

Kamek: Then step back, please!

Kamek begins a series of attacks, using all of his remaining strength. But Mario and Luigi dodge all of them. Then Mario jumps on Kamek.

Bowser: Kamek, you are so useless!

Bowser jumps into the fight. Kamek heals both himself and Bowser. Luigi jumps on Bowser and then flips, jumping on him again.

Bowser: Nice move, Luigi. But now, watch THIS!

Bowser goes into his shell and fires himself at both Mario and Luigi, but it is no use. Then Mario jumps on Kamek and Kamek faints.

Bowser: Mario, Iím NOT going to lose to you TODAY!

Luigi sees a Spiny.


Luigi jumps as high as he can and lands right on Bowser, and Bowser gets knocked out cold. Luigi gives Mario a high-five.

Luigi: Mario, if I work like that, then maybe I could be of use to you. What do you think?

Mario: I thinkÖ letís-a go!

Mario and Luigi make it back to the Mushroom Kingdom, and talk to Professor E. Gadd.

Professor E. Gadd: This is GREAT! With Luigi, you can climb Mushroom Mountain. GUARDS!

A couple of armed Goombas and Yoshis come to E. Gadd.

Professor E. Gadd: Leave the post to Mushroom Mountain open, and crowd up on the entrance to Toad Town.

Guards: Yes, sir!

Professor E. Gadd: Mario, Luigi, head north from the open area until you reach the mountain base. Climb the mountain and head into the Shrine at the summit. There should be the Toad Gem right there. And, donít touch anything. There is also the dreaded Great Koopa Elder Shell. If you so much as touch that, it will be released. It would mean havoc on our world.

Mario: Thatís okay. I wonít touch it. Will you, Luigi?

Luigi: And risk my life? Honestly, Bro, who do you think I am?

Mario: Relax, Luigi, I was only joking. Sheesh!

E. Gadd: Mario, Luigi, make sure you do retrieve the Toad Gem, because if it falls into wrong hands after you open the door to the shrineÖ it wonít be pretty.

Luigi: Donít worry, we wonít let it!

Mario and Luigi go to a small shop with Mushrooms and tasty ice cream shakes with a Mushroom flavor.

Luigi: Since weíre saving you and all, do we get free items? Itís only fair!

Clerk T: No, we canít allow that. We need business, and you are probably our only customers, despite E. Gadd.

Mario: Where do you even get the items you have on sale?

Clerk T: There is an underground trading network, with some Toads in the shop in Gilliam City. From there, we get fresh supplies of all types of food. Weíre currently getting ready to receive Super Mushrooms.

Mario: How much are the Mushrooms?

Clerk T: Each Mushroom is 5 coins, and each shake is 10 coins. The Mushroom revives 20 HP, and the shake revives your entire HP, or it can cut your HP in half.

Luigi: We shouldnít get the shakes.

Mario: Weíll get three Mushrooms, please.

Clerk T: Thatís 15 coins.

Mario hands the clerk a 10-coin value coin and a 5-coin value coin, and he and Luigi both eat a Mushroom.

Luigi: Before something else happens, we really should get to the mountain.

Mario: Luigi, I think you are right.

Kammy is hiding near the entrance to Koopa Path, and snickers as she overhears all of this.

Kammy: A gem that can destroy Mario and Luigi? If I tell Lord Bowser of this, heíll dump Kamek and come back to me! Hehehe!

Kammy rushes off to tell Bowser.


Mario and Luigi go up Northern Path before reaching a village. The village folk are all but too kind to Mario and Luigi, and their shops close for them, their houses are concealed, and the mayor has guarded the entrance to the Mushroom Mountain.

MEANWHILE, Kammy has just rushed back to talk to Bowser about what she has heard.

Kamek: Kammy, finally, you return. Where were you?

Kammy: Whereís Bowser?

Kamek: Heís greeting Lemmy. Why do you ask?

Kammy: Letís just say tides are going to turn.

Kammy rushes off to talk to Bowser.

BACK WITH Mario and Luigi...

Luigi: Please, someone come out! We are your friends!

Mayor: Yeah, right. Youíre those two jerks who constantly loot from our village. Igiul, we have no crop, Oiram took it all.

Mario: What? Whoís Igiul?

Mayor: Have you two lost it? You are the legendary Oiram Bros! Servants of King Gilliam!

Luigi: Weíre Luigi and Mario, not the Oiram Bros, whoever they are.

Mayor: Unbelievable! Why would the great Mario Bros be here, at this village?

Mario: Weíre here to obtain the Toad Gem so that we can defeat King Gilliam and win back the kingdom.

Mayor: Really? The Mario Bros? Here to save the day?

Luigi: Yep. Now can we go through to the mountain?

Mayor: Yes, of course! Who am I to deny the famous Mario Bros? But please be careful.

Mario: Whatís to be careful about?

Mayor: Beyond our village is the Mushroom Mountain Base. There is Gatestar, and he is the advisor of Gatetown. If you pass Gatestar, then the trials get harder. The mountain is scary. Only those that are strong, true, brave, and well-wishing are allowed to enter the Mushrine, and there is the Toad Gem. But there is also the Great Koopa Elder Spirit, trapped inside his shell. Thereís no other place to put it other than there. Be careful. The Elder is dangerous. Any mortal contact will result in his escape.

Luigi: SoÖ heíll be a ghost if we touch it.

Mayor: I think thatís just about it.

Luigi: GHOOST! I forgot my Poltergust 3000 at home!

Mario: Luigi! Get a hold of yourself! Weíll be very careful, Mayor.

Mayor: GUARDS! Clear the passage for the Mario Bros!

Mario: Thank you. Luigi, come on!

Mario has to drag Luigi because Luigi simply does not want to go to the shrine. Then they see Gatestar, asleep.

Luigi: I really donít want to come, Bro.

Mario: But I need you, Luigi. You jump higher than me. We need a high jump in order to cross the mountain.

Luigi smiles a bit.

Luigi: Youíre right, I am important.

Gatestarís eyes open at once.


Luigi squeals a little bit, and faints. Mario clears his throat and gulps.

Mario: Weíre hereÖ toÖ get the Toad Gem.


Mario: Can you at least listen to us?

Luigi just gets up, but faints again when Gatestar replies.


Mario: Weíre not the Oiram Bros. Weíre the Mario Bros.


Luigi manages to stay up long enough to respond to the Gatestar.

Luigi: Canít you do anything other than look at us? To prove whether or not we are the Oiram Bros?


Mario jumps along the way to the next gate, while Luigi barely manages to walk across, his feet are trembling so much.


Mario: Weíre not the Oiram Bros!

Luigi: Can you stop yelling so much? My fragile eardrums can only take so much.


Luigi: I prefer Luigi.


Luigi: On second thought, Igiul doesnít sound half bad, itís quite catchy actually, and so really I think I should get Daisy and Peach and Mario to start calling me Igiul and maybe even I should get my passport changed as welló


Mario: (whispering) Luigi, shut up!

Luigi squeezes his lips together. Gatestar closes his eyes and examines Mario. It seems forever before Gatestar makes a decision.


Mario waltzes onward.

Luigi: Well, then, I guess I should get going as wellÖ

Gatestar quickly shuts the door just before Luigi gets a chance to walk through it.


Luigi: Of course not, um, Gatestar. You can carry on.


Once again, Gatestar closes his eyes. He begins to say something.

MEANWHILE, BACK AT Bowserís Castle, Kammy opens Lemmyís room.

Bowser: Kammy, where were you?

Kammy: Bowser, sir, I have uncovered vital information to you.

Bowser: Which isÖ?

Kammy: The answer to all of your problems.

Bowser: And that isÖ?

Kammy: The key to ruling the Mushroom Kingdom.


Kammy gets shocked by the sudden scream. Lemmy falls off of his ball.

Kammy: Lord Bowser, Mario and Luigi are in search of the Toad Gem, and that Toad Gem is the key to destroying Toads.

Bowser: Ö

Kammy: I know youíre full of happiness, Bowser, but please tell me what youíre going to do now.

Bowser: IÖ will kill you, Kammy!

Kammy is utterly amazed by this.

Kammy: But Lord Bowser, I have given you the secret to defeating the Mario Bros. and conquering the Mushroom Kingdom! What are you mad about?

Bowser: Listen, there is no Koopa in the WORLD that doesnít know about that gem.

Kammy: But I didnít know about it.

Bowser: You got my hopes up for nothing.

Kammy: But Lord Bowser, if you knew that the Toad Gem existed, why didnít you take it long before?

Bowser: Do you think I would miss out on this sort of opportunity? I canít touch the gem, itís hidden deep inside the Mushroom Mountain Mushrine, and thereís no way someone like me will be able to reach Mushroom Mountain; Iím too evil.

Kammy: But canít you sneak behind Mario and Luigi?

Bowser: What? Mario and LuigiÖ are taking that gem? What will they do with it? Wait a secondÖ Are they plotting to takeover the Mushroom Kingdom?

Kamek: News, lord Bowser.

Bowser: Thatís a capital L for you, Kamek.

Kamek: I have no clue what you are talking about.

Bowser: Never mind, then. You were telling me something about some news? What is it?

Kamek first turns to Kammy.

Kamek: (whispering) Your entire efforts are in vain.

Kamek faces Bowser, Lemmy, and Iggy, who are all in the throne room now.

Kamek: The Mushroom Kingdom has been conquered.

Iggy: What?

Bowser: Thatís impossible.

Lemmy is caught off-guard and once again falls off of his ball.

Kammy: Kamek, what a pathetic attempt. How is it possible for the Mushroom Kingdom to be conquered by anyone except us?

Kamek: Itís possible, all right. And itís also the case.

Bowser: Who is the new ruler? Is it a Boo? I hate them.

Kamek: It is a Toad called Lord Gilliam. He used to be the leader of Mushroom City, but in a recent battle he swiftly took over Toad Town and reigned over the entire kingdom, and Mario and Luigi havenít dealt with it!

Bowser: That explains it.

Kammy: Lord Bowser, what does what explain?

Bowser: Mario, Luigi; I saw them attacking Gatetown earlier. Theyíre working for King Gilliam of the Mushroom Kingdom. They want the Toad Gem so that they can wipe out the remains of the Mushroom Kingdom. They are acting nice to that professor man theyíre with but deep inside they have sinister plans.

Kamek: What a brilliant idea, Lord Bowser.

Iggy: Dad, whatíre you up to now?

Bowser: Mario is so clever! He wants to rule the Mushroom Kingdom all by himself. He freed Luigi so that everyone would be convinced that Mario is still the daring man for the Mushroom Kingdom. Then when King Gilliam tells him he needs something, he puts on that act he does with the professor he talks to and asks him where he can find the Toad Gem.

Kammy: Lord Bowser, sir, how are you so sure of any of this? Be very thoughtful. Mario is the savior of the Mushroom Kingdom, and he has saved the kingdom many times from us. If he wanted to conquer the kingdom, he would have done it long ago. You and I BOTH know that he has been given that chance many times. Obviously, Mario is taking that Gem to stop King Gilliam.

Lemmy: Guys! You are all thinking things, while Mario is out there about to steal that Gem! Why donít you get out of here and go and take the Gem before Mario does? In the meantime, Iíll call the Koopalings and weíll practice for when you need us for your plans to invade the Mushroom Kingdom.

Iggy: Lemmyís right, Dad... You guys should go right now, instead of debating all of this.

Bowser: My children are so sensible. Here we are, thinking what Mario is up to, and over there, Marioís doing it! We could really learn a thing or two from these children, yíknow! Letís go! Stop Mario and Luigi! Get that Gem! And rule the Mushroom KingdomÖ and then, ultimately, conquer the world!

Bowser summons the Clown Copter, Kammy rides her broom, and Kamek also rides his broom. They do their evil laughter as they head to the Mushroom Mountain Base, where Gatestar has finally opened.

MARIO AND LUIGI continue going up the mountain, and Luigiís jump really has its high points.

Luigi: You know, Mario, sometimes I wonder what you would do without me.

Mario: Donít push it, Luigi. Although this may be the easiest way to climb the mountain, I have other ways that donít involve you to climb up.

Luigi: Point taken. Hey, how far díyou think is the Shrine, anyway, right now?

Mario: Is that it, in the background? Like about three-fourths of a mile away?

Luigi gazes at the small cave. Possibly it could be the Shrine everyone is talking about.

Luigi: Iím not sure, but I think it is.

More determined, Luigi and Mario go quicker toward the Shrine.

BOWSER AND KAMMY have reached Gatetown.

Bowser: Fear the mighty Koopa King!

Mayor: Mario has already been here. Luigi too. He will destroy you, Bowser.

Bowser looks down at the puny little mayor.

Bowser: Oh, hi, little fella! Are you threatening the great Bowser? What will you do without power? Take this!

Bowser chucks the mayor into his house door.

Bowser: Anyone else wanna piece of me?

Toado: I want one!

Kammy floats in behind Bowser.

Kammy: This sounds like a challenge.

Bowser: I hate those who think they have the power to stop Bowser! FEAR the power of the mighty Koopa King. Donít challenge it!

Bowser blows some fire breath, and Toado barely dodges it. As soon as Toado jumps away to safety, Bowser ground pounds where Toado lands.

Bowser: You are very stupid to even THINK about challenging me.

Kamek now comes.

Kammy: What brings you so late, Kamek?

Kamek: I have brought with me, specialty of Ludwig, this.

Kamek shows a potion vile filled with a brown liquid.

Bowser looks at it, grabs it out of Kamekís hand, smells it, and then throws it back at Kamek in disgust.

Bowser: Thatís disgusting. What is it?

Kamek: Itís quite simple, I thought. You use this and the Gatestar will open up automatically, sleep, and forget what just happened.

Bowser: Kamek, once again you have greatly outdone yourself.

Kamek: I am not worthy, your honor.

Bowser: See, Kammy? Be more like Kamek!

Bowser walks away.

Kamek: Yíknow, Kammy, heís right. You should be like me.

Kammy: You dare to say something to me again?

Kammy floats away.

Kamek: Scaredy-cat.

Kamek puts the brown liquid in his inventory and continues on after Bowser and Kammy.

LUIGI AND MARIO finish their final jumps and reach the Mushrine Cave. They enter it, and Luigi jumps in fright when he thinks he sees something. Then Mario takes out a flashlight he had from when he was sleeping (it was for finding the bathroom in the middle of the night) and shines it. Mario and Luigi can now see.

Luigi: This place isnít so bad. There are a lot of coins, which means that, considering the conditions and security of Mushroom Mountain, this should be where the Toad Gem is.

Mario and Luigi go past several lamps before seeing a gate.

Luigi: Thereís no lockÖ

Mushrine Star: Who goes there?

Luigi stops dead in his tracks.

Luigi: Great. Another gate. Another star to pass.

Mushrine Star: What did you call me?

Mario: Say, I have a question. Why arenít you yelling like Gatestar?

Mushrine Star: GatestarÖ is different. He is fiercer than I.

Luigi: Does this gate lead to the Mushrine?

Mushrine Star: Yes. Why do you ask?

Luigi: We need to get the Toad Gem.

Mushrine Star: What would be the reason for that?

Mario: To stop the Gilliam Dynasty.

Mushrine Star: The Gilliam Dynasty?

Mario: Yes.

Luigi crosses his fingers. Mushrine Star ponders what Mario said...

Mushrine Star: Very well. If you two pass my test, then you may pass.

Luigi: Whatís your test?

Mushrine Star: There is a small building. I shall show it up to you. If you do pass the room and clear out all of the enemies, then you may pass.

Luigi: Can you give us anything? I mean, jumps donít really work well in large amounts.

Mushrine Star: Since there are scarce few that come this far for a Toad Gem for good purposes, I shall give youÖ Normal Hammers. Use them wisely.


Mushrine Star: Now you have the equipment, I will open the room for you.

Mushrine Star lifts a gray cinder-block building. There is an ancient Mushroom civilization language written on the blocks of cinder.

Luigi: What does that writing say?

Mushrine Star: He who passes the room and clears shall be known as invincible.

Mario: Luigi, letís-a go!

Luigi: S-sure, why not. I mean, what could happen?

Mushrine Star: You haveÖ 15 minutes to clear out the room. If you come out any time past 15 minutes, I am afraid I cannot allow entrance into the Shrine.

Luigi: Fair enough.

Luigi turns to Mario.

Luigi: (whispering) Bro, Iíve learned that if you mess with a star, itís very scary. Just play along with him.)

Mushrine Star: You are very smart, mortal.

Luigi gulps.

Luigi: Th-thank you.

Mario: Letís go in.

Mushrine Star opens up the locked door. Gripping the hammers they now have tightly, Mario and Luigi enter the room.

BOWSER AND KAMMY have started to venture deep into the Mushroom Mountain.

Kammy: Itís so peaceful now that weíve left Kamek back at the base, isnít it?

Bowser: I suppose so. Kamek is starting to get on my nerves, actually.

Kammy: Yes. Kamek wishes to takeover my role.

Bowser: He was your role, actually. When I was just a small prince, he was my servant and bodyguard. Now that youíve come, heís starting to think his role isnít important anymore. Thatís all.

Kammy: Lord Bowser, look! There! I faintly see the shrine!

Bowser looks up immediately.

Bowser: I donít believe it. Itís finally starting to wind down. Bowserís gonna ROCK the world! Just you wait, once I get the Toad Gem, things will immediately change.

Kammy: Wait a second. I seeÖ the gate star blocking the entrance to the Shrine is currently still closed.

Bowser: Know what? I just noticed something. I shouldíve asked Ludwig to create something so I can pass the Gatestar LONG ago!

Kammy: Thatís okay, Lord Bowser.

Bowser: Kammy, Iím going to clear out the mountain before I get to the Shrine. You go back, ask Kamek to give you the brown potion, and come back.

Kammy: Yes, Lord Bowser. But donít you think you should be taking your Clown Copter to the Shrine?

Bowser: Nah. Itís more fun stomping on my enemies that try to get in my way.

Kammy: As you wish. I shall be going now.

Bowser: Yes yes, go go.

Kammy leaves and Bowser stomps quickly on a Goomba.

MARIO AND LUIGI didnít expect this. The room of enemies is nothing but a big room filled to the brim with Goombas. They have been stomping and hammering all the enemies they can for a while now, with no good results.

Mario: I donít think we can do this much longer.

Luigi: Iím sweating beads, Bro. But we canít stop now. Think of the dark world we will live in and the guilt we will feel if we donít pass, and think of Princess Peach. Wherever she is, Iím sure sheís praying for our success.

Mario: Luigi, I have a sudden amount of compounded strength. Letís-a go!

Mario and Luigi begin stomping on enemies like thereís no tomorrow. In about 6 minutes, theyíve cleared up the room.

Luigi: Mario! We have seven minutes! Weíve wasted two whole minutes resting! And we have to clear the next floor too!

Mario and Luigi rush upstairs to find it completely clear.

Luigi: Whyís there a room in the first place?

???: GRRRR!

Luigi and Mario: Mamamia!

ONCE KAMMY BRINGS the brown liquid, Bowser gets very happy.

Bowser: I havenít had a lot of this in a while!

Bowser and Kammy begin climbing up to the summit and the cave.

Kammy: Your Highness, what is it that you havenít had a lot of?

Bowser: This. Success is just around the corner, baby! Weíre gonna win, takeover the world, and live happily ever after. All thanks to the sweet Toad Gem! For ages, my ancestors have been trying to acquire this Gem. And now, finally, when Bowser wants it, itís there! This is sweet, right, Kammy?

Kammy: Yes. But we must get up there as quickly as possible. The quicker, the better.

Bowser: You know, now Iím really happy. Nothing could possibly stop me now.

MARIO AND LUIGI turn around to see what is so angry. There is a figure in the shadows, and Luigi can just make out he doesnít look the slightest bit happy.

??? : Behold, I am the master of Cinderblock Tower! I shall destroy you fools!

Mario: No. Luigi, weíve got to stop him. Heís the final boss.

???(2): Not quite!

A Blooper comes out of the water.

Cinder: Yes. Now, you will see the error of your ways. Weíre toys of the Mushroom Mountain. But no more! Weíre gonna get out of this place, and takeover the world. First, weíre gonna deal with you.

Mario: Letís-a go!

Mario and Luigi begin a series of jumps, but the master sends out a ball of cinder at the Bros. Luigi smacks it with the side of his hammer and it goes flying at Blooper. Blooper gets knocked in the head and faints.

Cinder: I shouldíve known that the Mario Bros. wouldíve been capable of this. Well, thereís no way Iím escaping until I deal with you twoópermanently.

Cinder jumps out of his small inner sanctum of the room. Then he shoots two balls of cinder at the Mario Bros.

Cinder: Iíd love to see what you do now. Cinder hurts everyone. You canít escape cinderís power.

Luigi: Mario! Quick! Smack the cinder balls with your hammer at Cinder!

Luigi and Mario smack the balls at Cinder. Cinder catches them, and then makes a cinder block, floats it over to the Mario Bros, and laughs.

Cinder: And here ends the tale. Ciao!

Luigi and Mario close their eyes. But then Luigi opens his.

BOWSER AND KAMMY are extremely tired now.

Bowser: Are we anywhere close to the cave?

Kammy: No, Lord Bowser. In fact, weíre several miles away.

Bowser: Then Iíll be back in a sec!

Bowser jumps away to get his Clown Copter, while Kammy waits for him on her broom.

Kamek: Hey, Kammy. Iím coming with you.

Kammy: No way, Kamek! Bowser and I are perfectly fine by ourselves! Weíve no need for you.

Kamek: Letís see what Bowser says.

Just then, speaking of Bowser, Bowser comes back with his Clown Copter. Heís surprised to see Kamek there.

Bowser: Kamek, whatíre you doing here?

Kammy: Youíre in for it now.

Kamek starts stammering.

Bowser: But, while you are here, why donít you join us?

Kamek: Sure! Why not.

Kamek smiles at Kammy.

MARIO AND LUIGI have both closed their eyes, before Luigi opens his again.

Luigi: You canít defeat us! Bro! Put your hammer over your head!

Cinder: What?

Cinder quickly drops the cinder, but the hammer breaks the cinder. Cinder then sees Luigiís cinder block flying at him. He chops it in half.

Luigi: Now?

Mario: Now!

Mario and Luigi run at Cinder, dodging all of his cinder balls. Then they pull back their hammers, slam them on himÖ andÖ

Cinder: Canít defeat me that easily, sadly!

Cinder raises himself using a cinder rectangle. Then he makes sharp octagonal cinders and chucks them at both Mario and Luigi.

Mario: Smack them back at him again!

But Luigi has already jumped on top of Cinder using his great jump ability.

Cinder: Whaó?

Cinder gets caught off-guard and falls. Mario waits until he falls before smacking him with his hammer.

Cinder: Yowee!

For the finishing touch, Luigi jumps on top of Cinder, and Cinder is finished.

Luigi: If hammering doesnít work, a good jump will.

Mario: Yah!

Luigi: Now, Bro, weíll be able to enter the Shrine. Letís-a go!

Mario and Luigi walk to the Mushrine Star.

Mushrine Star: Iím very impressed. You guys even have three minutes left over. You may enter the Shrine. But be careful. Under any circumstances, do NOT touch the Great Koopa Elder Shell. It can cause great trouble if you do.

Luigi: Donít worry. Weíre not that stupid to do something like that.

Mario: At least, Iím not.

BOWSER, KAMMY, AND KAMEK continue to the Shrine Cave. But before that they see the Tower.

Bowser: Letís check out that tower! I like it; it could be my Mushroom Kingdom castle, or something. Made of cinder, hard to breakÖ Weíre so gonna enter!

Mushrine Star: And who are you three?

Bowser: We areÖ Mario and Luigiís friends. Yeah. And we want to make sure the place is cleared.

Mushrine Star: Fine. But youíre not coming into the Shrine.

Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek enter the Tower, which is completely deserted. A lot of Goombas have fainted, and everything.

Goomba: Are youÖ Lord Bowser?

Bowser: Yes I am!

Goomba: Weíre all gonna serve you. Right, guys?


Bowser: Well, Iím flattered. Of course, you can join.

All: YESS!

Bowser: You guys, make sure the Tower doesnít go anywhere. Defend it at all costs. When I come back after thrashing Mario, you guys will be sent back to my castle for future assignment.


Bowser: Now, Mario wants the Toad Gem. Thatís in the Shrine. Iím gonna get there now.

Kammy: Without further delay!

Kamek: Yes, please do so.

MARIO AND LUIGI go deep inside the cave and then they see it: the great Shrine.

Luigi: Wow. Itís beautiful. Hey! Look at that odd gem!

Mario: Thatís definitely the Toad Gem. And that shellÖ the Great Koopa Elder Shell. We have to make sure we donít touch that.

Luigi: Look, before something weird happens, letís just grab the Toad Gem and go back to Professor E. Gadd.

Mario: Yeah.

Mario grabs the Toad Gem and puts it in his inventory with the Mushroom.


???: Not so fast, you two.

BOWSER, KAMMY AND KAMEK now face the Mushrine Star.

Mushrine Star: You lie! You are Bowser, descendant of the Koopa Tribe, direct relation to the Great Koopa Elder! I am so blind!

Kamek pulls out the brown liquid.

Kamek: You wonít be stopping the Koopa Kingdom from taking over much longer.

Mushrine Star: What is that foul liquid?

Bowser: Itís your defeat.

Bowser throws the brown liquid at the Mushrine Star.

Mushrine Star: MustÖ resist... tempationÖ toÖ toÖ sleepÖ

Mushrine Starís eyes close and she sleeps.

Bowser: Now, onward to the Shrine!

Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek see something they canít believe.

Bowser: Not so fast, you two.

MARIO AND LUIGI turn to see who wanted to talk to them now.

Mario: Gasp! Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek!

Luigi: All three of you! This was unexpected! How did you guys manage to get here?

Bowser: I think we can just thank Ludwig.

Kammy: You see, we have the willpower to take over the kingdom. We will do so.

Kamek: Once we got news you were after the Toad Gem, we immediately ran to this spot in search for it.

Bowser: And now weíre here.

Mario: Howíd you get past the gate stars?

Bowser takes out the potion vial with the brown liquid.

Bowser: This is star tranquilizer. You just throw it on a star and the star falls asleep. You like it? Ludwig invented it.

Luigi: Bro! Letís get them!

Bowser: Not to fast!

Battle begins. Kammy and Kamek begin shooting all sorts of magic potions at Luigi and Mario. Then Bowser jumps on top of Luigi. Luigi jumps up. Once Bowser touches the ground, Luigi jumps back onto Bowser and Bowser backs up.

Meanwhile, Mario is bouncing back and forth between Kammy and Kamek, and sometimes he misses the two.

Bowser: Letís face it, you canít beat us!

Luigi grips his hammer and tries to hit Bowser, but Bowser ground pounds Luigi and Luigi stumbles back.

Mario: Luigi! Take this Mushroom.

Mario hands Luigi the last Mushroom they have. Feeling pumped up with energy, Luigi tightens his shoes, puts his hammer aside, and then jumps with all of his might on Bowser. Bowser squeals.

Bowser: Ouch. Kammy, Kamek, you both takeover for now.

Kamek turns to Luigi while Kammy is fighting with Mario.

Kamek: Just watch what I do.

Luigi: No way am I going to loseÖ and that too, to you, Kamek!

Kamek: Letís see just what happens.

Mario and Kammy are in a tight duel. Neither can hurt the other.

Kammy: Mario, I know we have lost to you in the past, but weíre not going to lose to you today.

Mario: Letís-a see!

Kammy: Your stupid Italian accent will be put to sleep.

Mario: No way, Kammy, this is way too easy.

Mario jumps to Kammy and Kammy loses her broom.

Kammy: This isnít funny, Mario. Give me back my broom.

Mario slams Kammy with his hammer.

Bowser: Kammy!

Bowser tries to catch Kammy, but he canít.

Bowser: Mario!

Luigi has a harder time with Kamek. Luigi tries to jump on him, but no matter what happens Kamek just wonít be hurt. On top of that, Kamek successfully hits Luigi a lot.

Luigi: Mario! Help!

Mario runs over to help Luigi, but Bowser gets in the way.

Mario: Please, Bowser, honestly! Just get out of my way!

Bowser: Begging wonít help.

Mario: Iím begging for your own good. I donít want to hurt you. Understand that!

Bowser blows fire on Mario, but Mario jumps and lands on Bowserís head. Bowser tries to ground pound Mario but Mario smacks Bowser.

Bowser: I hate you, Mario. And Iíll get back at you.

Bowser runs away.

Kamek: Lord Bowser!

For that small second when Kamek is distracted, some prices are paid. Both Mario and Luigi jumps on him and Luigi smacks him with a hammer after he finally realizes what is going on.

Luigi: All in a dayís work.

Kamek runs away as well.

Then Luigi turns around, picks up Marioís hammer, and hands the hammer to Mario. Just then Bowser returns in his Clown Copter.

Bowser: I am not giving up now!

Bowser dives and tries to hit Mario, but misses and hitsÖ the Great Koopa Elder Shell.

The Shell lifts up and then falls. It runs into Mario, grabs the Toad Gem, and then exits out of Mushroom Mountain.


Bowser: See ya!

Bowser, in his Clown Copter, returns back to Bowserís Castle.

Luigi: Mario, I guess we should return back to E. Gadd anyway.

Luigi and Mario go down past the base, past the village, and past the path leading to the mountain, back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Luigi: Whereís Professor E. Gadd?

Mario: I found him!

Mario and Luigi rush over.

Professor E. Gadd: Did you guys get the Toad Gem?

Luigi: WellÖ

Professor E. Gadd: This is great. The entire thing will be over before we know it! Now, just continue along, now. Iíll call the guards.

Mario: Actually, Professor, we didnít get it.

Professor E. Gadd: What didnít you get?

Luigi: The Toad Gem.

Professor E. Gadd: What do you mean? How come?

Mario: Hereís everything that happened.

Professor E. Gadd: Tell me it. All.

Mario: We were able to reach the room where the Gem was. As soon as we got it, Bowser burst through the door with Kamek and Kammy.

Professor E. Gadd: Wait a minute. How did Bowser pass through the gates of Mushroom Mountain?

Luigi: He had a brown liquid. It was a star tranquilizer.

Professor E. Gadd: How he got that is beyond me. Anyway, continue, Mario. Tell me what happened next.

Mario: Yes. After Bowser came through, we battled Bowser, Kammy and Kamek and defeated them. Then they all left. We were about to leave, but Bowser returned in his Clown Copter. He swore revenge and then surprise-attacked me, diving into me. I ducked at the last moment and Bowser winded up crashing into the Great Koopa Elder Shell.

Professor E. Gadd: Thatís terrible! And let me guess, the shell came back to life, crashed into you, stole the Toad Gem, and ran away.

Luigi: Actually, thatís exactly what happened.

Professor E. Gadd: You guys really messed up. The Gem is the Elderís most prized possession. He knows exactly where it is, and always needs it with him. Without the Gem, itís useless to try to stop King Gilliam.

Mario: But we canít just sit around and do nothing!

Professor E. Gadd: Mario, you are right. And you guys also canít find the Elder Koopa, because it is too powerful just after it is rejuvenated.

Luigi: Then what do we do?

Professor E. Gadd: Princess Peach has not been seen since the Battle of Toad Town. Maybe right now itíd be best to look for her, just until the Elder becomes weak enough to attack.

Mario: What should we do to look for her?

Professor E. Gadd: Why donít you ask around? Maybe someone knows something about where Princess Peach could be. But please, report to me whatever happens.

Luigi: Where do you think we should ask first?

Professor E. Gadd: Ask around Gatetown and the mountain. Maybe youíll find something. But donít be too hasty. Freshen up before facing the world once again!

Mario and Luigi walk into Mushroom Groceries Inc.

Clerk T: Hello, my name is Clerk Toad. How may I help you today, sirs?

Mario: Show us all of the items you currently have in stock, please.

Clerk T: Well, we recently got us some Super Mushrooms and Fire Flowers. Each Super Mushroom is 10 coins, and each Fire Flower is 15.

Luigi: Mario, maybe we should get some Mushrooms and Fire Flowers.

Mario: Iíll get six Mushrooms and three Fire Flowers, please..

Clerk T: 75 coins, please.

Mario checks his wallet.

Mario: I just made it, I have 80 coins. Here you go.

Luigi: Now, letís go to Gatetown and the base and see where Princess Peach is. Shall we?

Mario and Luigi walk all the way to Gatetown, and then into the mayorís house.

Mayor: I hear that the Toad Gem fell into the wrong handsÖ

Mario: Thanks to Bowser, yes.

Mayor: Very well. I am pretty sure you are making full effort to retrieve it, yes?

Luigi: Yes, actually. Now, would you mind if we asked you a question?

Mayor: Of course not!

Luigi: Thatís great. Have you seen Princess Peach, by any chance? We donít know where she could be.

Mayor: No, actually, but I think Gatestar mightíve. By the way, couldnít Princess Peach be with Bowser in his castle?

Mario: Iíve already been there. There is no Princess Peach.

Mayor: Then, I guess you should just head on to Gatestar.

Luigi: Thanks for the advice.

Mario: Letís-a go!

Mayor: Best of luck on your adventure.

Mario and Luigi head out of the village to the base of the mountain.

Gatestar: FRIENDS!

Mario: Oh, hi Gatestar.

Luigi: Say, have you seen Princess Peach?


Mario: I donít have an O cap!


Luigi: Thanks. Thatís all we needed to know.


Knowing this information, Mario and Luigi run back to Professor E. Gadd.

Professor E. Gadd: Ridiculous! Princess Peach has been capturedÖ by Boos?

Mario: What should we do?

Professor E. Gadd: Knowing the Boos, they are probably hiding out in that deserted mansion. They love those kinds of mansions.

Luigi: Mansion?

Professor E. Gadd: Yes, Luigi. Gives you some memories, huh? Well, nevertheless, you guys must take the Northern Path and then take a left into Bootown. From there, there should be a small forest. Thatís Boo Forest. Tons of Boos reside there, and then the forest becomes Boo Path. Boo Path leads you to the mansion. Quickly reach the mansion, defeat the captors, and return Princess Peach.

Mario: Okay.

Luigi: Fine with me.

Professor E. Gadd: GUARDS!

All the guards surround Professor E. Gadd.

Professor E. Gadd: Clear out the Northern Path exit. Mario and Luigi will soon be clearing out that area.

Goomba Guard 17: Of course, Prof.

Professor E. Gadd: Remember, Bootown, Boo Forest, Boo Path, and Boo Mansion. Can you get that?

Luigi: Yeah. I get it. So, see ya, Professor!

Mario: Letís-a go!

And so, Mario and Luigi decided that they should go to Boo Mansion in order to retrieve Princess Peach and bring her back to the safety of the Mushroom Kingdom. Itís time for the much shorter Chapter Two!


We are shown looking at Gilliam Castle. Itís right behind Princess Peachís castle (or the remains of it, at least). It is much larger than Mushroom Castle.
King Gilliam is seen with his faithful assistant, Fawletta.

King Gilliam: So, Mario, Luigi, you set out with the intent of taking back the kingdom? Useless attempts, useless attempts! We must put a stop to it.

Fawletta: What plans, what plans, what plans do you have?

King Gilliam: You shall see when the time is right. But for nowÖ

BOWSER is furious when he gets back to his castle.

Iggy: Whatís the matter, Dad?

Lemmy: Dad?

Ludwig: Did my potion work?

Bowser: Oh, Ludwig, it worked just fine. Itís just ME! I used it all wrong. I didnít expect Mario to be in the Shrine before I reached it. Mario was a coward. He used distractions and slams to defeat us all.

Iggy: What? Dad, Mario cheated? Oh, I shouldíve known. Say, do you want us to go defeat him?

Bowser: No. Stay in the castle. We need to be prepared before King Gilliam seizes a moment of weakness and takes over our castle.

Kammy: Say, Bowser, shouldnít we at least try to work together with Mario, because heís also trying to get rid of King Gilliam? We have some knowledge that could help him, and in the long run, us too.

Bowser: All Mario wants is fame. He wants to be famous for saving the Mushroom Kingdom. And Luigi just tags along with Mario because heís scared of him. I hate the duo!

Kamek: Lord Bowser, we just have got word that Princess Peach is in Boo Mansion. What are your orders?

Bowser: If Princess Peach is in Boo Mansion, then what are we doing here? We should go immediately!

Morton: Iím cominí too, Dad!

Bowser: No, Morton, you all need to stay here.

Iggy: That means that Iím in charge again.

Roy: Forget it, Iggy, itís me!

Bowser: I designateÖ Lemmy!

Lemmy: Thanks, Dad!

Bowser grabs his Clown Copter, brings along Kamek, and then leaves.

Kammy: Wait for me!

Kammy grabs her broom and comes along with Bowser.

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