Commander Shroob vs. the Koopalings: Beyond the Final Battle

By Blade Guy

Part 2

After the trio went through the time machine, they landed right in a pleasant field.

Iggy: Wow, where are we?

Lemmy: I think we are in the past of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Dimentio: Why would Commander Shroob want to come here?

Then they spotted Commander Shroob.

Commander Shroob: Drat! That time machine sent me to the right time, but the wrong place. I'm miles away from it now. It looks like I have to go on foot.

Then he ran away.

Lemmy: Come on, letís follow him.

The trio followed Commander Shroob all the way through the field, but they lost his trail when they entered a town.

Dimentio: Where are we?

?????: You are in Toad Town, my friends.

They spotted a multicolored spoted Toad talking to them.

Lemmy: But this looks nothing like Toad Town.

Toad: No it doesn't, does it? Follow me to my house, I shall explain everything.

They followed the Toad to his house.

Toad: Okay, before I begin, what are your names?

Iggy: My name is Iggy, and that is my brother Lemmy, and thatís my friend Dimentio.

Toad: Okay, nice to meet you all. So hereís what happened to our nice little town. One day we were minding our own business until King Koopa destroyed our town for no apparent reason. His Koopa Kids also joined in on the fun. So we have been trying to fix it ever since.

Lemmy: That's really sad. Where can we find this King Koopa?

Iggy: Yeah, he might be our da-

Lemmy quickly covered Iggy's mouth.

Lemmy: (whispering to Iggy) Quiet, Iggy, we don't want to let him know we are his sons, he might get scared and call the police on us.

Dimentio: Sorry about that. So are you going tell us where we can find this guy or what?

Toad: Yes, you can find his castle on the outskirts of town.

Dimentio: Thanks, we'll be on our way.

Then they left the house.

Lemmy: That was a close one, you almost told him that King Koopa was our dad.

Iggy: Sorry, it just sorta slipped out.

Dimentio: Why did you want to know where he lives, Lemmy?

Lemmy: Because, he might know something about Commander Shroob.

Dimentio: That makes sense.

Iggy: Then letís get going.

The trio ran as fast as they could to the outskirts of town. They ran so fast that they didn't see the castle and crashed into the door. The door fell down.

Lemmy: I am not paying for that door.

Iggy and Dimentio: -_-

Then they were surrounded by the younger Koopalings.

Bully: Hey, look at that. Looks like we have some burglars in the castle.

Kootie Pie: I hate it when people try to steal our stuff!

Bigmouth: Then weíd better take them down ourselves and if Dad finds out what we did to burglars, he will be very proud of us, and maybe we will get a raise in our-

Bully shut him up by pounding him.

Cheatsy: Maybe we should get Dad?

Kooky: Naw, we can take care of them ourselves. Bwhahahahahah!

Hip: But the strange thing is-

Hop: That those two Koopas look a lot like us.

Bully: Who cares what they look like, you brats? I just care about beating them-

Bully was cut off because of both Lemmy and Iggy punching him.

Lemmy: Don't you every call us-

Iggy: Brats again!

Hip and Hop: o_0

Lemmy: Wow, it's been awhile since we shared a sentence together, right Iggy?

Iggy: Yeah.

Hip: Then you must be-

Hop: Our future selves.

Dimentio: Of course they are, but weíre not here to tell you your future, we are here to ask your dad something. Do you know where he is?

Kooky: He's in the throne room like always.

Dimentio: Thanks, come on, guys.

After they left, Bully woke up.

Bully: What just happened? I feel like I was just punched by older selves of Hip and Hop.

Koopa Kids: -_-

As our trio ventured on into the castle, they were almost hit by spiked balls and Bullet Bills, and almost fell into a lava pit. After all that trouble, they finally made it to King Koopa, AKA Young Bowser.

King Koopa: So, you made it to me, King Koopa!

Lemmy: Why did you attack the town for no reason?

King Koopa: Because those Toads have no reason to live! I should be the one ruling them!

Dimentio: Well, take this!

He threw a ball of magic at him, but he dodged it.

King Koopa: Well, well, you want a battle, then thatís what youíre going to get!

King Koopa blew fire at them but Lemmythought fast and blew ice back at Koopa. Dimentio put an exploding box around the king, and it exploded on contact, but when the smoke cleared, he didn't look like he had been hurt. Iggy started spinning wildly around him, which made King Koopa dizzy. Then Lemmy and Iggy grabbed their wands and Dimentio started charging for an attack. Then all three of them fired their attacks at him and King Koopa was down. Then Lemmy walked up to him and grabbed him.

Lemmy: All right, you are going to stop bothering the Mushroom Kingdom for no reason, and you are going to tell us if you have seen a little weird-colored Mushroomer running around here.

King Koopa: Yeah... I saw one. He went...  to our secret weapons factory.

Iggy: Uh oh.

Dimentio: We have to hurry, or he could find some powerful weapons.

Lemmy: Thanks for your time. Come on, guys!

The trio ran out of Castle Koopa and toward the factory to find that Commander Shroob was already entering the factory.

Iggy: Letís follow.

They entered the factory and found the Commander stealing weapons.

Commander Shroob: Letís see, I'll take this flamethrower, this Bullet Bill cannon, that Bob-omb launcher, and this Chain Chomp cannon.

Lemmy: Stop right there, Commander!

Commander Shroob: So you have caught up to me, have you? Well I'm glad youíre here, because you are about to meet your doom!

He then pointed all the weapons he got at the trio.

Commander Shroob: Get ready to be destroyed!

He then fired the weapons at themÖ

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