Commander Shroob vs. the Koopalings: Beyond the Final Battle

By Blade Guy

Now that the Shroobs are no more, everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom never had to deal with them again. Everyone thought that, except for General Guy.

General Guy: Something is wrong, I just have a strange feeling that Commander Shroob got his memery back. I must find out at once.

So General Guy got packed up, and got a spaceship ready for the flight to Planet Shroob. He had an assembly before he left.

General Guy: Before I go, I want five Anti Guys to come with me. The rest of you, stay here and protect the toy box.

After the assembly, 5 Anti Guys came with General Guy and were ready to go to Planet Shroob.

General Guy: Okay, we will have liftoff in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1Ö

The spaceship blasted off and they made it into space.

General Guy: Okay Anti Guys, this trip will take about an hour or so, so do what you want for now.

All the Anti Guys wanted to do the same thing, and that was eat Lemon Candy until they got to the planet. After about 30 minutes General Guy was not happy.

General Guy: Okay, thatís it! I am putting this baby at light speed.

General Guy pushed the button that said Light Speed, and within seconds, they were at Planet Shroob.

General Guy: We made it. Come, Anti Guys.

General Guy opened the hatch and walked upon the Shroob planet.

General Guy: Stay close, everyone, we are here to find Commander Shroob.

Anti Guy #1: Maybe he's in that big castle.

General Guy and the other Anti Guys looked ahead and saw a big castle.

Anti Guy 3: I think it's a safe bet that he could be in there.

The army walked in and searched in every room for Commander Shroob. They had no luck until he found him and a bunch of Dr. Shroobs working on something.

Commander Shroob: Are you sure this thing will work?

Dr. Shroob: Yes I am sure, this should take you back in time to the past so you can resurrect the best Shroob in the world.

Commander Shroob: If it hadn't been for you dropping that hammer on my head, I wouldn't be planning this right now.

General Guy heard the whole thing.

General Guy: (whispering) I knew he got his memory back. We have to tell the Koopalings.

General Guy and the Anti Guys ran out of the castle and entered their spaceship and got off Planet Shroob as quickly as possible to tell the Koopalings what he found out. Meanwhile in Castle Koopa...

Ludwig: With this potion, I can give King Dad more power than ever! Bwahahahahahahaha!

Then Dimentio came in.

Dimentio: Hey Ludwig, what ya working on?

Ludwig: I am going to give Dad this potion so he will become more powerful than ever.

Then they heard a crashing sound.

Dimentio: What was that?

Ludwig: It sounded like it came from the throne room, letís go check it out.

Ludwig and Dimentio ran to the throne room and found Lemmy, Iggy, and Larry helping General Guy.

Ludwig: What happened?

Lemmy: He just came from a space trip and he came in too fast and crashlanded.

Iggy: He should be okay, though.

General Guy woke up.

General Guy: I have some bad news, guys. It turns out that...  that...

Dimentio: That what?

General Guy: That Commander Shroob didn't lose his memory!

All: WHAT?!

Dimentio: That's impossible, my spell wiped out his memory.

General Guy: Well when I got to the planet, I heard him say that if he hadn't been hit in the head with a hammer, he wouldn't be thinking of a plan right now.

Larry: What are we going to do?

General Guy: ...

Larry: Well?

General Guy: We are going to take him out once and for all.

Lemmy: No... Me and Iggy will, we are the ones who started this whole mess in the first place.

Iggy: Yeah, Lemmy's right.

Dimentio: I'm going too. I figure you guys could use a magical helper.

Iggy: Thanks.

General Guy: Well, it looks like you guys are really up to this. Hop in my ship, I'll take you to the planet. Go pack what you need and tell me when youíre ready.

Lemmy: Right.

Lemmy and Iggy went to get packing. Lemmy packed his wand, his favorite ball, and his Freeze Gun. Iggy packed his spare glasses, his wand, and some food. Then they told General Guy they were ready to go.

General Guy: Okay, letís get going.

Ludwig: Wait! Before you go, I must give you this potion that was meant for Dad.

Ludwig gave Lemmy the vile filled with potion.

Ludwig: That potion is big enough for the three of you to share it. This potion will give you amazing powers. You must only use it in emergencies.

Lemmy: Right, thanks Ludwig.

Dimentio: Weíd better get going.

The four of them hopped into the spaceship and blasted off at light speed, and within a second they were on Planet Shroob.

Dimentio: Okay, where did you find Commander Shroob, General Guy?

General Guy: Just follow me.

The three of them followed and found Commander Shroob and the Dr. Shroobs.

Commander Shroob: Is this thing ready yet?

Dr. Shroob: It will be once we connect the power source to the main engine.

When the Dr. Shroob turned around, he saw that the other Dr. Shroobs had already put the power source in the engine.

Dr. Shroob: Okay Commander, are you ready?

Commander Shroob: Yes, I've been ready for hours.

Dr. Shroob: Let me just turn on the time machine!

Dr. Shroob flipped the switch and the time machine turned on.

Commander Shroob: Perfect.

Lemmy: So that's what that machine is, a time machine.

Then a Dr. Shroob noticed them.

Dr. Shroob: Commander, there are spies here.

Commander Shroob: Come out with your hands up!

Lemmy, Iggy, Dimentio, and General Guy came out of hiding.

Commander Shroob: YOU!

Dimentio: That's right, it's us! Now what are you up to, Commander Shroob?

Commander Shroob: You will never find out!

Then he jumped into the time machine.

General Guy: You guys had better get going and find out what he's up to.

Lemmy: Right.

General Guy: Good luck, you guys.

The three of them jumped into the time machine and headed into the past. What will happen to Lemmy, Iggy, and Dimentio? Find out in part 2.

Read on!

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