Fight for Glory

By Fireball

Fireball: Hello everyone, and welcome to the next round of Fight for Glory! With me as the host and partner is Wario!

Wario: The great Wario is here!

Fireball: Indeed you are...

Wario: Yep.

Fireball: Last time on Fight for Glory there were 32 people here to prove they were strong and all that other stuff!

Wario: But only a few could make it though.

Fireball: Indeed they could...

Wario: And here are the people who did make it to the next round!

King Boo
Baby Mario

Fireball: Those are the people in Round 2.

Wario: Instead of doing it tournament style, me and Fireball were picking out of a hat before this.

Fireball: Indeed we did. Let's go to the Chart!

Chart for Round 2
Lemmy Vs. Goomba
Wario Vs. Ludwig
Doopliss Vs. Yoshi
Toadette Vs. Boo
Blooper Vs. King Boo
Waluigi Vs. Toad
Toadsworth Vs. Larry
Roy Vs. Baby Mario

Fireball: And those are the matches.

Wario: Yes they are, Fireball.

Fireball: And not to forget! This is brought to you by Super Paper Mario, the videogame! Wow, that's a lot of paper! And also the telephone... Yep, we  have it.

Wario: The first match well be amazing, so get ready for it!

Lemmy Vs. Goomba

Fireball: This is not as good as I thought it would be... but dang it, it's still a match for glory!

Lemmy: Yeah.

Goomba: Just watch me kick some Lemmy butt!

Lemmy: You mean that the other way around.

Goomba: Oh yeah. Watch Lemmy kick my butt.

Lemmy: That sounds better.

Goomba: It sure does.

Fireball: Now here's the rules... There are no rules... But here are the real rules. In this match for glory you must hit ten soccer balls into this net with  Mario and Luigi as goalies. After that you must swim all the way to that muffin and come back and eat it. After you’re done eating it you will have to  buy the new DVD Fight For Glory and hit this buzzer.

Goomba: That seems quite long.

Fireball: It sure is.

Lemmy: I’ve got a question-

Fireball: GO!

Lemmy has to shoot on Mario while the little Goomba has to shoot on the girly Luigi.

Luigi: HEY!

Goomba scores! 1-0 for Goomba.

Lemmy: MARIO!

Mario: What?

Lemmy: Can I score seven goals?

Mario: Go right ahead.

Lemmy scores 5 goals and Goomba scores another 2 goals as no one is watching.


Mario starts to do his best. With the score 5-3, no one knows who will win... Lemmy probably, unless something stupid happened... and that only  happens in comics and such. Goomba and Lemmy are about to do their skill shot on net like in Mario Strikers Charged.

Luigi and Mario: Dang-

Lemmy shoots six while Goomba shoots three. And the score is 11-6. Lemmy goes to the next station.  Lemmy swims and swims. Lemmy is not the best swimmer of the Koopalings because he enjoys ice better. Lemmy gets a cool idea and goes  on his ball, and the ball is like his motor. Yeah. Meanwhile Goomba only needs 1 more goal, and gets it. Goomba is not a good swimmer either. Lemmy gets  back with the muffin and eats it.

Lemmy: EWWWWWW... Expired muffin.

Fireball: From the old junkyard. And this is brought to you by the junkyard... Cool stuff there.

Lemmy goes to buy the Fight for Glory DVD but has no money. Lemmy pickpockets from people, but still has no money. The Fight for Glory DVD is  100 dollars. Lemmy then dances for money and puts a hat on the ground. Meanwhile Goomba comes back and eats the muffin and enjoys it.  Goomba goes to buy the DVD with his money. Lemmy steals the Goomba’s money without him noticing and he goes outside to dance for money as well. Lemmy goes inside and buys the DVD and hits the buzzer!

Fireball: Lemmy is the winner!

Goomba: Wait... He stole my money! I demand something!

Fireball: There are no rules, Goomba... and the rules state Lemmy is the winner.

Goomba: I thought you said there were no rules?

Fireball: Yeah... Kinda complicated.

Goomba: I'LL SUE!

Fireball puts him in the cannon and blows him to Bowser's castle. *CRASH*

Bowser: Clean up your mess.

Goomba: Yes sir.

Goomba and Hammer Bro are cleaning up the mess.

Fireball: To our next fight, then, shall we?

2 minutes later…

Wario Vs. Ludwig

Fireball: Welcome to the next fight! Wario was supposed to do this part, but he's fighting!

Wario: Only because the great Wario is going to win the money!

Ludwig: Is that what you always think of?

Wario: Pretty much, yeah.

Ludwig: What a horrible way to spend life.

Wario: Your's is not as good there, smartie!

Ludwig: ... You... shall... pay!

Fireball: Hold on! Could you say that again? The cameras missed it.

Ludwig: ... You... shall... pay!

Fireball: Ok... In this Fight for Glory you must eat this thing with the letter P on it and it will make you fat like in Super Mario World. You most float  all the way to the TV screen and put on these headphones and listen to Morton and watch him sing a random song that sounds really bad. Then you  will wait for a train from here to here, and then hit the buzzer. Everyone got that?

Ludwig: Yes.

Wario: Nope.

Fireball: That's good enough for me... GO!

Wario and Ludwig eat the P thing and float. Wario goes over to the apple tree and starts to eat all the apples. Ludwig is having no trouble at all until he hits a tree. Wario, who is getting fatter, is able to float better because he sees a pie tree next to the TV. Wario, floating as fast as he can,  hits the TV and returns to normal. Wario puts the headphones on and starts screaming in terror,  and then Ludwig comes over to the scene and puts the headphones on too. Ludwig is now strapped to the chair just like Wario is and is crying as well.  30 minutes later the headphones come off, but Wario has a headstart since he got there first. But Wario eats the pies before going to the train station.  Ludwig is now tied with Wario as they wait to get on the same train as in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Wario gets on without giving the Toad the money.  Ludwig pays the Toad and gets in. Wario is eating pancakes on the train.

Wario: Do you have anything else?

Toad Chef: We do have steak, fruit, soup, eggs, bacon, and more.

Wario: Give me everything!

Ludwig: Fool...

The train is almost to the Fight for Glory again, and Wario is still eating. The train then stops and Ludwig runs and hits the buzzer and Wario comes  right behind him with food stuffed in his face and hits the buzzer.

Ludwig: I won!

Fireball: Not exactly...

Ludwig: What?

Fireball: You blinked a couple times while watching the TV of Morton singing.


Fireball: Wario wins.


Fireball: He was too busy looking at the pie in the background.

Ludwig: The screaming?

Wario: From not having the pie...

Ludwig: This is not FAIR!

Fireball: Yes it is.

Ludwig: I'LL SUE!

Fireball: Not the first time I’ve heard that.

Fireball puts him in the cannon and blows him to Bowser's castle.*CRASH*


Fireball: Let's go to Wario now, everyone.

Doopliss Vs. Yoshi

Wario: Hello, and welcome to the next fight, everyone! With freak in a sheet and greeny.

Doopliss: Don't call me that!

Yoshi: Yoshi is green.

Wario: In so many ways, Yoshi.

Yoshi: Cool.

Wario: In this Fight for Glory you will have to make a hotdog and give it to Mario and Luigi for taste testing. Me and Fireball would do it, but what if it was poison? Then you will climb up that mountain without any safety equipment. Then on top you will dive down to the water and you must go in the ring. It will be a best two out of three.

Yoshi: Yoshi understand.

Doopliss: What was the last part?

Wario: GO!

Yoshi is making his hotdog and so is Doopliss. Yoshi gets some stuff to make a hotdog and Doopliss just gets a pack of them and puts them all in the  oven. Yoshi is getting the buns out and is putting two on each plate. Doopliss is getting his buns out and they look expired and old and there  may even be a little rust on there. Yoshi puts his hotdogs on the plates and puts mustard and ketchup on them while Doopliss puts nothing on his.  It's now time for the testing...

Mario: Yoshi's hotdog shall go first.

Mario and Luigi take a hotdog and start devouring down.

Luigi: Yoshi, that was a good hotdog! A little too much mustard, though.

Mario: It was great! The bun was good and the hotdog was well cooked.

Yoshi: YOSHI!

Luigi: Doopliss, we shall eat your hotdog now.

Luigi and Mario look at the bun and are about to... er... Well anyway they eat it and they look sick... really sick

Wario: See, this is why Mario and Luigi did it.

Mario: It was good, but you could have *burp* errrrrrrrr... put something on it... WHO AM I KIDDING? IT WAS AWFUL!

Luigi: Everything was good but the bun.

Mario and Luigi shall now say who the winner is.

Mario: Doopliss... No, just joking, it was Yoshi.

Yoshi: Yoshi!

Wario: Yoshi is leading the series 1-0... To the next event!

At the mountain…

Wario: Start climbing.

Yoshi and Doopliss start to climb up, but Doopliss brought a jetpack and starts to use it. Doopliss hits a rock and falls down the mountain. Even if he  is just two inches from the ground, that has to hurt! Yoshi climbs up with no trouble, he just takes his time going up. Doopliss starts going faster than  Yoshi, but gets tired fast. He then tries to make Yoshi fall by cutting his rope, but Yoshi kicks him off. Doopliss, just behind Yoshi, is kicking  him. Yoshi just kicks him and Doopliss falls down. Doopliss catches up to Yoshi again... How does he get up so fast? Wait... He's panting really hard  now and he's about to win until he lets go from being tried. Yoshi gets to the top and wins.

Wario: Yoshi won the series 2-0... I thought it would be longer, but Doopliss is a wimp and a freak in a sheet.

Doopliss: Don't-

Wario puts him in the cannon and blows him to Bowser's castle.

Wario: No one say a word.


Wario: Ok, you can talk again.

Mario: Word...

Wario: To Fireball, everyone.

Toadette Vs. Boo

Fireball: Hello, and welcome to the next fight. We have Toadette and the winner- errr... I mean Boo.

Toadette: What?

Boo: He said I was going to be the winner, loser.

Toadette: ...

Fireball: Anywho, in this fight you will have to take this book and rip all the pages of it. Then you will have to dance on this dance floor and you will  have a scale of one to ten of how well you did in both of the events. Mario and Luigi will be the judges... again.

Toadette: Do they work for you or what?

Fireball: They work for me... It was the least I could do.

Toadette: And everyone else gets nothin-

Fireball: GO!

Toadette starts ripping the pages-

Fireball: And oh yeah... You have 30 minutes to rip the book.

As I was saying, Toadette starts ripping the pages while Boo is looking for a match. Boo goes over to Fireball.

Boo: Can I have a match?

Fireball: Sure.

Fireball gives Boo a match and Boo goes over to the book and sets it on fire. Boo then waits for Toadette to finish. Toadette is taking a long time to  rip all the pages, and then time is up. They then go and see the scores for the book they ripped.

Mario: Boo earns a ten from me and Toadette, you earn a seven from me...

Luigi: Boo gets ten while Toadette gets five.


Fireball: There are no rules... And the rules state that Boo is winning right now...


Fireball: Yeah... Kinda complicated.

Toadette: ...

Fireball: But with the score 20-12 for Boo, can Toadette rack up some points to win this thing? I doubt it... To the dance floor!

Boo and Toadette go on the dance floor.

Mario: Boo goes first.

Boo doesn't have any feet so he just floats around and does something that not even I know and then he's done. To the judges...

Mario: I would give that a six.

Luigi: A four.

Mario: Toadette to serve... or dance.

Fireball: With the score 30-12 for Boo, Toadette just needs 19 to win or 18 to tie.  Toadette goes on the dance floor and gets on her head and goes around and around and around. Then she does the disco and the moonwalk  after that. Then does flips in the air and lands on her feet.

Mario: Sweet! 10!

Luigi: ... I would give it a 9.

Mario: Talk about a tough judge.

Fireball: Well, Toadette wins.

Boo: This-

Fireball puts Boo in the cannon and blows him to Bowser's castle.

Fireball: ...

Everyone: ...


Fireball: ... To Wario, everyone.

Blooper Vs. King Boo

Wario: Hello, and welcome to the next fight, everyone! We have the Blooper and the King of Boos, King Boo!

King Boo: Well I am the King of Boos.

Blooper: The Blooper?

Wario: The eating pizza Blooper.

Blooper: Sounds like me.

Wario: In this fight you will have to jump off a cliff to the dangerous and unproteccted ground and then walk up this really slippery board on to this table of  food and look for the cup on the table with the letters FW on it. Then give it to me with sugar in it.

King Boo: Too easy.

Blooper: What King Boo said.

Wario: Well then, GO!

Blooper and King Boo jump off the cliff at the same time. Blooper lands first though and is in pain,  while King Boo feels no pain with his floating powers. King Boo makes it up the board with his floating and now has to find the cup. Blooper crawls  over to the board and tries to get up and then uses his ink power to get him up there like a rocket. Blooper then lands on the cup but no one knows,  and King Boo is looking everywhere to find the cup. Blooper then wakes up and finds the cup in his hands and picks up some sugar and puts  it in the cup and gives it to Wario.

Wario: Too much sugar.

Blooper pours some sugar out.

Wario: Much better.

Blooper: Sweet!

Wario: Blooper is the winner!

King Boo: What the-

Wario puts King Boo in the cannon and blows him to Bowser's castle

Everyone: ...


Wario: To you, Fireball.

Waluigi Vs. Toad

Fireball: Hello everyone, and this next fight has tall and short people... Waluigi and Toad.

Waluigi: Hey!

Toad: Meh.

Fireball: In this fight you will have to reach that metal bar and then hang on it for ten seconds. Then walk though the tunnel and then pick one  pathway out of the three. One way will lead you to the buzzer, one will take you to the Chain Chomp, and the other will take you to the castle of an angry Bowser'. Then I want you guys to go over to Luigi and kick him two times, then hit the buzzer. Do I make myself clear?

Waluigi: Loud and clear.

Toad: Like a whistle.

Fireball: ... Ok then... GO!

Waluigi and Toad reach for the bar, but it’s not a problem for Waluigi. Waluigi hangs on it until Toad kicks him and climbs him and gets himself on the metal bar  now. Toad finishes while Waluigi just has to stay on the bar for two more seconds. Toad goes to the tunnel. Toad takes the middle pathway. Waluigi  comes and also takes the middle pathway. There is a Chain Chomp that way.



Waluigi goes in a corner and starts to cry. Toad hides under a box until the Chain Chomp beats them up. Sore Waluigi and beat up Toad come out of  the pathway, and Waluigi pushes Toad away as he goes the left way. Toad thinks he took the right pathway so he goes over to the left pathway.

There they meet Bowser.


Waluigi: I don't do it, though.


Waluigi: It's Fireball and Wario, though.


As soon as Toad hears his name yelled he goes to the right pathway and over to Luigi, and kicks him twice, then goes over to the buzzer and trips. Waluigi, panting and groaning in pain, comes over and kicks Luigi twice and goes for the buzzer, but Toad hits it first.

Fireball: Toad wins!

Waluigi: I demand a rematch!

Fireball: Too bad.

Waluigi: HEY-

Fireball puts Waluigi in the cannon and blows him to Bowser's castle. *CRASH*

Bowser: I’ve finally got you now, Waluigi!


Fireball: Now to Wario, guys.

Toadsworth Vs. Larry

Wario: Hi everyone, and welcome to the next match.

Toadsworth: I must say, did you like the pepper, Master Wario?

Wario: Yep.

Larry: I killed a plant.

Wario: Well maybe you could shut up about it and do this fight!

Larry: Fine!

Wario: Much better. Now in this fight you will have to choose a warp pipe. Whatever one you choose will lead you to a place. There will be a sign  there telling you what to do. Some tasks are easier then others. When you make it back here you have to make an apple pie and I will eat it. If you pass the  test you will make it to the next and final place. The next thing to do is jump from here right over there with a hole in the middle where sharks are.  Everyone got that?

Larry: Looks like.

Toadsworth: Yes, ole boy.

Fireball: Oh yeah, hit the buzzer as well.

Wario: Now GO!

Larry goes to the right warp pipe while Toadsworth goes to the left one.

Wario: Bye-bye.

Larry is underwater with a helmet on his head and he goes over to a sign that Wario wrote. "Dear Whoever, go catch a Blooper and bring it back to  me. From Wario." Larry goes around to catch a Blooper while we go to Toadsworth. Toadsworth reads the sign  from Wario, and it says "Dear Whoever, come first in the Paper Mario race. You will have to avoid wind so use that flippy thingy. From Wario."  Toadsworth goes in the race and waits for the guy to say go. The man says go and they’re off. Toadsworth is winning because he got a heads tart without  noticing. Larry is still trying to catch the Blooper, and he sees one. Larry is hiding under a bush... which is weird, but anyway he is stalking the  Blooper. Larry finally goes to get him, and he succeeds. Back where Toadsworth is, he just won the race and now for some weird reason they’re both back at  Fight for Glory. Larry gives Wario the Blooper.

Wario: You’re glad you didn’t choose the middle one.

Larry: Now we make the pie, right?

Toadsworth: Apple pie, ole Koopa.

Larry and Toadsworth each have an oven, and since Toadsworth works for Peach he must know how to cook. Larry gets everything ready for his apple pie.

30 minutes later...

Larry and Toadsworth are done with their pies, and Larry puts whipped cream on his while Toadsworth puts cherries on his.

Wario: Let's see now...

Wario bites into both pies and quickly finishes.

Wario: You both pass.

Larry jumps and hits the buzzer.

Wario: Larry wins!

Wario puts Toadsworth in the cannon and blows him to the castle. *CRASH*


Wario: To you, Fireball.

Roy Vs. Baby Mario

Fireball: Welcome to the last event for round two. One of these guys will make it and the other will fail and get blown to Bowser's castle and we’ll hear  Bowser say something. Any thoughts, losers?

Roy: Nope.

Baby Mario: Not at all.

Fireball: Then here's what you have to do. Throw this dumbbell into the water, then go get a hammer and break this toaster. After that smash and  beat up a book, and for your final thing get Goombas and put them on the bed until it breaks. Ok?

Roy: Easy.

Baby Mario: Easy.

Fireball: GO!

Roy and Baby Mario go over to the dumbbell and Roy picks his up and throws it in the water and goes to the next one. Baby Mario is having trouble  with his so he gets people to help him and he goes to the next one. Roy gets a hammer and breaks the toaster, and Baby Mario breaks his too?

Baby Mario: Hey! I am a little strong!

Cool. Anyway, Roy and Baby Mario smash up the book and then it's all up to this, the Goombas and the bed. Roy is putting as many Goombas on as he can and Baby Mario is having a tough time putting his Goombas on. Roy gets a ladder be cause he has so many Goombas on already they reach up the sky!  Roy runs out of Goombas and gets an idea. Roy ground pounds the Goombas and that makes the bed break. Baby Mario breaks the bed right after Roy breaks his.

Fireball: Roy wins!

Baby Mario: Unfair!

Fireball puts Baby Mario in the cannon and he gets blown to Bowser's castle. *CRASH*

Fireball: Well, thanks for watching Fight for Glory, everyone, and come back next time for round three! I'm Fireball here with Wario, and I’m saying see you next time!

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