Fight for Glory

By Fireball

Fireball: Hello everyone, and welcome to the next part of Fight for Glory! Me and my co-host Wario are here to host the show!

Wario: That's right, Fireball!

Fireball: We are here today for Round Three of Fight for Glory!

Wario: Indeed we are.

Fireball: Yep.

Wario: We had 16 people in Round Two and we had 32 to start with. Find out more by watching it!

Fireball: Here are the people who made it to the next round.


Fireball: Those are the last eight in this thing.

Wario: Yes they are, and instead of doing it tournament style we do it my pulling names out of a hat.

Fireball: We did it before the show.

Wario: And here are the fights!

Chart for Round 3
Lemmy Vs. Wario
Roy Vs. Larry
Blooper Vs. Yoshi
Toadette Vs. Toad

Fireball: And there are the matches, everyone.

Wario: But these matches are not going to be easy!

Fireball: They’re going to make you cry! And maybe even make you cry a little more!

Wario: *gasp*

Fireball: I know!

Wario: Yep!

Fireball: And remember! If you lose, you can never come back! Ever, ever, ever... EVER!

Wario: Let's go to the first event.

Lemmy Vs. Wario

Fireball: Welcome to the first match-up for this evening!

Lemmy: I made it this far so I might as well win this thing.

Wario: The great Wario hopes there’s food in this event.

Fireball: This is going to be a long, long, long, long, long, long match!

Lemmy: Really?

Fireball: Yes.

Wario: And it could make us... cry?!

Everyone: *gasp*

Fireball: Yes.

Everyone: *double gasp*

Fireball: Now to tell you your event. You have to climb up this mountain with this rope, but the mountain is icy to it will take you longer to get up than any other mountain you’ve climbed.  Then when you get up, there will be a sled there. You will go down the other side of the mountain trying to avoid trees, hard ice, and such. When down  you will find a car there. You will drive the car to the next mountain you see. Then there will be a cannon. Go in the cannon and it will blow you to  to the top of the mountain you just climbed. Then you will climb down it again. Get on the boat you see with FFG on it and you will travel until you  see a platform. Get on it and you will see another cannon. Go in it and you will come back here. Then hit the buzzer at the end and you win.

Wario: Woah! That is long.

Lemmy: You’re telling me.

Fireball: Well I said it was going to be tough.

Lemmy: Do we even have safety things on the rope?

Fireball: No.

Wario: Again, why?

Fireball: We’re too cheap.

Lemmy: I thought so.

Fireball: Well you guessed right then.

Lemmy: Sure did.

Fireball: GO!

Wario and Lemmy start running to the mountain and start to climb the rope. Lemmy is ahead of Wario because Wario's too fat to get up and  Lemmy is smaller so it's not as hard. Wario is almost slpiing due to the ice, but Lemmy has no trouble at all with Ice land and all. It's still  a long way to the top and Wario is taking a breather while Lemmy is as well. Wario looks up and sees it's so far away, and then he looks down and  sees it's a long way down. Wario continues to climb and gets ahead of Lemmy. Lemmy catches up and it's neck and neck. Lemmy gets ahead of Wario  and Wario tries to make a come back, but fails. Both men are exhausted, but still trying.


He yelled because they are both up high.

Wario: EVEN ME?!

Lemmy: AND ME?!


As Wario and Lemmy get to the top they are so tired that they can't go any further. Wario grabs his sled, still on the ground, and looks down the mountain.  It looks so smooth even something smooth could not be smoother than this smooth thingy. Lemmy grabs his sled and looks down with Wario. Both  men look at each other, wondering when the next man will go down. Wario stops and so does Lemmy, and they both fall to the ground. Lemmy drops  his sled and tries to get it, but then he falls down the smooth hill. Lemmy then hits a tree and Wario gets on his sled and goes right past him while laughing. Then he hits a tree, then gets hit by a car and does a couple of flips and lands at the bottom. Wario can't move and Lemmy finally  gets down the hill as well. Wario gets in the car and starts to sleep. Somehow the car rolls on its own to the. Lemmy,  thinking Wario is driving, gets his tried body in the car and drives as well. Lemmy is so tired he falls asleep while his car is going to the mountain,  and you can hear a loud horn sound.


Lemmy and Wario wake up from that noise and Wario crashes into the cannon and flips into it. The cannon blows Wario to the top of the mountain.  Lemmy gets in the cannon and tries to catch up with Wario. Wario, seeing Lemmy trying to get ahead, trips and falls down the mountain,  crashing into a bed, but it still does not help much.

Fireball: That's got to hurt.

Mario: You’ve got to agree with that.

Lemmy, looking at the pain Wario is in, falls down and lands on Wario... on his head. Lemmy hoped he would land on Wario so as not to be hurt. He still gets hurt but not as badly as Wario. Wario, seeing a Mushroom, rushes over to it and eats it. Wario grabs a lot of Mushrooms and starts to  eat them. Lemmy, seeing Wario dropped one, eats it and recovers. Wario gets on the boat along with Lemmy right behind him. It's neck and neck  again! Wario is paddling his hardest, but Lemmy is going ahead of him. Lemmy is in the lead! Lemmy’s so close to the platform and is almost there!  Wario is still far behind huffing and crying! Lemmy just needs to get out his boat and get in the cannon and hit the buzzer to win... until a giant Blooper  comes and wraps his arms around him! Wario gets in the cannon and gets blown to the buzzer. Lemmy fights his way back and goes in the cannon  as well and gets blown to the buzzer as well. This is it! The final thing to do... is hit the buzzer...


Fireball: Well here's our winner… WARIO WINS! WARIO WINS!

Lemmy shrugs and shakes Wario's hand

Lemmy: Good match... Wait, you just stole my wallet.

Wario: You bet I did!

Fireball puts Lemmy in the cannon and blows him to Bowser's castle


Fireball: Now that that's over with, let's go to... Well he looks beat up... so I'll do the next one!

Three minutes later…

Roy Vs. Larry

Fireball: *pant* Hello, and welcome to the next event with Roy and Larry!

Roy: There is no way I can lose this thing!

Larry: I can't believe I made it this far... Oh wait, I can.

Fireball: That's nice to hear from both of you... But Roy, just because we’re friends does not mean you’re going to get off easy!

Roy: Ok, ok...

Larry: Ha ha! My chances have increased!

Fireball: Ok... So anyway, this event will be tough!

Roy: Like the last match.

Fireball: You bet!

Larry: No surprise there.

Fireball: In this event you must do the following... Go to that boat and paddle all the way over to that island. Once there you will have to dig for a  chest. The chest will contain a key. You must paddle all the way back here and there will be three doors with a lock on them. They will lead you  to a cliff that you have to jump off and land on a trampoline. One of the three doors will get you here quicker than the others. Once you’re on the  ground you look under the trampoline and there will be a key. There are two doors. Only one will lead you to the buzzer. Hit the red buzzer and you  win! Any questions?

Roy and Larry: Not at all.

Fireball: Good, good...

Roy: ...

Larry: ...

Fireball: GO!

Roy and Larry get to their boat and start to paddle. Roy is gaining the lead thanks to his power! But Larry catches up because he does not weigh  as much as Roy. Roy is ahead! Larry is right behind Roy. The island is still far! Who will make it first?! Not even I know that answer.  Roy, still paddling, does not grow tired as Larry is tired out. It looks like Larry has no hope at all. Larry is keeping up, but just by a hair. Larry gets  out a Koopa Soda and starts to drink it, hoping it will give him a little boost. Larry is not as tired as he was and is right behind Roy again. Roy doesn’t believe what he's seeing and starts to go his hardest. Roy finally makes it to the island with Larry just behind him. Roy and Larry start digging  for the key now.

Roy: Get out of this spot, Larry, it's mine!

Larry: Wanna bet?

Roy: I forgot my wallet at home.

Larry: Same here.

Roy: Well get out of here, it's my spot.

Larry: ...

Larry leaves and goes to a different spot and starts to dig there. Larry gets up to try a new area and trips on something... namely the key.

Larry: Sweet!

Larry goes over to the boat, and Roy sees he has the key so he goes over and steals it without anyone noticing...

Larry: Roy, give me back my key!

Well, maybe Larry. Roy is seen paddling away laughing

Larry: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Larry gets in his boat and starts to paddle super fast out of anger! Larry catches up with Roy and jumps in his boat

Larry: Give me the key, Roy!

Roy: NO!

Roy and Larry are fighting while the tide is moving their boat. When they arrive, Roy kicks Larry and goes and opens one of  the doors. Larry is right on his tail. Tail... heh... Anyway, Larry is faster than Roy so Larry gets ahead of him. The pathway they took is the long  way though. Roy walks because he thinks Larry will tire himself out from all the running he will be doing. As Roy walks further he sees fruit trees  and starts to eat some of the apples, bananas, etc. Roy starts to run and sees Larry looking down the cliff and panting. Roy goes over to  Larry and pushes him down the cliff, hoping he will miss the trampoline. Larry bounces on the trampoline and gets off and looks under it and grabs  one of the keys. Roy jumps off the cliff and onto to the trampoline, which Larry is right under. Larry gets knocked out from that blow and Roy  grabs the key he had in his hand and picks the right doorway. Roy keeps walking and walking. Larry gets back up and is a little dizzy. He grabs  the remaining key and goes down the left path. Larry is walking dizzily and sees a buzzer. He hits the buzzer and falls down.

Fireball: Larry... You lose ‘cause you hit the blue buzzer.

We now see Roy, and he hits the red buzzer.

Fireball: Roy wins! Roys wins!

Larry: (still dizzy) Wha?

Fireball grabs Larry and shakes him, then puts him in the cannon for takeoff... BOOM!

Fireball: Sweet!

Roy: I know.

Bowser is listening to his iPod when Larry crashes right into his castle.

Bowser: ...

Larry: Sorry, King Dad...

Bowser throws is iPod to the ground, breaking it into tiny little pieces

Larry: You wouldn't hurt you youngest son, now, would you, Father? Father...?

Back at Fight for Glory, there are screams heard from far away

Fireball: Wonder what that was... Now to Wario.

Blooper Vs. Yoshi

Wario: Welcome to the next event, you crazy people, you.

Yoshi: Yoshi!

Blooper: Bloop!

Wario: Haha... Bloop.

Blooper: ?

Wario: Hmmm... er... Funny?

Blooper: Ok...

Wario: Well this fight is going to be tough.

Yoshi: That what you guys say in every match.

Wario: But this is going to be really tough!

Blooper: Get to the point already, fatty!

Wario: *sniff* I have feelings!

Blooper: So?

Wario: Don't know.

Yoshi: Can Wario tell Yoshi what to do already?

Wario: I'll see what I can do, Yoshi.

Yoshi: Good.

Wario: In this fight you will be dropped off on top of the mountain and will have to snowboard all the way down with a really large snowball right  behind your tail... or right behind you. When you get down there will be a mountain to climb that has little things for your feet to climb up. Once  you’re on top there will be an ocean on the other side. Jump off the mountain and onto the trampoline and bounce to the boat. On the boat you will have  to paddle a little to just get back to Fight for Glory, which is not far. Then there will be a car for you to drive. When driving go right though this wall.  The first one though the wall wins.

Yoshi: ...

Blooper: ...

Wario: GO!

Yoshi and Blooper are dropped off on to the icy mountain and get their snowboards ready. Yoshi leads while Blooper is behind. The snowball starts  to go down and Yoshi is going faster as Blooper is getting slow and tried. Blooper does not do much sports, you know! The snowball gets Blooper and  Yoshi looks behind him and the snowball is getting bigger by the second. As Yoshi moves past trees and dodges ice blocks he can tell he's  almost done. Well, Yoshi is wrong. Blooper is really stuck in that snowball and Yoshi is almost in the snowball. Yoshi starts going faster and faster, worrying  that he will get caught in the snowball, Yoshi hits a tree, does a lot of flips, and falls down to the bottom of the mountain. The snowball with Blooper inside  finally gets down the mountain and Blooper is still stuck in it. As Yoshi moves along Blooper is trying to escape the snowball. Yoshi looks up the rocky  mountain and sees pebbles falling down.

Wario: Didn't day it was going to be safe.

Yoshi goes up and up and does not seem to be bothered by climbing the rocky mountain. As Blooper is still in the snowball Yoshi has a  good chance of keeping his lead. As Yoshi is about to climb another step some pebbles fall down, getting Yoshi worried. Yoshi gulps and  goes up again. Blooper gets out of the snowball now and is going up the mountain as well. Blooper doesn’t care if he falls, he just wants to win really  badly. As Yoshi begins to see victory over the mountain Blooper starts throwing pebbles at him. Yoshi throws a rock at him and Blooper falls down  but catches a grip and starts going up again. Yoshi gets to the top and jumps off for the trampoline. Yoshi bounces off the trampoline on the  boat and starts paddling his way to Fight for Glory. Blooper jumps off the mountain now and bounces off the trampoline safely and getson the boat.  Blooper is quite far from Yoshi, but anything could happen. As Yoshi makes it to the car Blooper gets out of his boat and goes under Yoshi's  car and takes away some parts. Blooper gets in his car knowing he has secured victory. Yoshi's car goes right though the wall in a second as Blooper cannot  believe his eyes.

Blooper: How could this be?

Wario: Simple. The cars were old and you helped Yoshi to get there faster.

Yoshi: Yoshi thank you.

Wario puts Blooper in the cannon and blows him to the castle. CRASH! Bowser is there watching TV when Blooper crashes right in.

Bowser: ...

Blooper looks at Bowser and there is a long silence.


Bowser is chasing Blooper, blowing fire at him.

Wario: To me, everyone.

Three minutes later....

Toadette Vs. Toad

Wario: Since Fireball did the first two, I get to do the last two.

Toad: Cool.

Toadette: I know.

Wario: ... Are you saying I don't look good?

Toad: No.

Toadette: Not at all.

Wario: Good, ‘cause if you did I would have a good hotdog to eat... ‘cause am going to eat this sub.

Wario eats the sub.

Wario: Yummy sub.

Toad: Just get on with the fight!

Toadette: Yeah!

Wario: Hold your caps on, would you?

Toad and Toadette: ...

Wario: You two are lovers, right?

Toad and Toadette: Looks like it.

Wario: Well here is the fight... We will drop you off on the top of the ice mountain and you will have to go down the snow with these skis. There will  be explosions and trees with a lot of snow on them, ‘cause it's a snowy hill. When you get down you must break this punching bag by beating it to  little pieces or just make it fall down to the ground! Then you will have to pick a pathway, there are only two pathways though. Once somebody  takes one of the pathways the person behind cannot follow them through that path. So you will have to take the other pathway. There will be  a waterslide to go down. Once you’re down there will be a buzzer down there to hit. Hit it and you win. Got all that?

Toad: Yep.

Toadette: You bet.

Wario: That's good.

Toad: Cool.

Wario: GO!

Toad and Toadette... Lovers? Or foes? Or friends? Or-

Wario: Enough!

Fine then!

Wario: Go on!

Toad and Toadette get dropped off on the top of the mountain with a lot of snow and ice blocks. Did Wario say there will be a snowball chasing  them?

Toad and Toadette: No!

Well there is. Anywho, the snowball starts to go down and is right behind the Toads. That means Toad and Toadette. They are skiing down the mountain with  trees and ice blocks, and maybe even explosions will happen.

Wario: No, that was with the start... with the snowball... My bad.

Sure is. Anyway, the two Toads are neck and neck, and are staring each other down without noticing they are almost hitting trees and such. Toad  hits a tree and snow falls on him, making the snowball pass him somehow...Toadette is even more confused than any of us. She is just staying out  of the way of trees and ice blocks, skiing for her life now! Toad gets back up and catches back up with Toadette... but he's behind the  huge snowball. Toadette can't do it anymore and gets hit by the snowball. As the snowball crashes right into a wall Toad hits the snowball to the  punching bag and hits his head on it and makes it break. Toad, having a sore head, stands in place getting some ice from the mountain and putting  it on his head. Hours later Toadette gets out of the snowball and starts to kick the punching bag. Toad is not sore in the head anymore and goes  over to the pathways. Toad picks the one on the right because he thinks right’s the right way. As Toadette is punching the punching bag, it does not  seem to be working. Toad is still walking and Toadette is still punching. Toad keeps walking as Toadette just beats  the punching bag apart and heads to the pathways. She sees Toad opened the door to the right so she has to go to the left. She  starts to run as Toad is still walking. Who shall win? Toad is at the waterslide and goes down it.


Toadette meets the waterslide too.


Toad sees the buzzer and hits it

Wario: Toad wins!

Toad: Sweet!

Toadette then comes down

Toadette: Who won?

Wario: Not you.

Wario puts Toadette in the cannon and blows her to the castle. *CRASH* Bowser sees Toadette crash though the castle

Bowser: I, for one, have had ENOUGH!

DUN DUN DUN! The camera zooms in on Bowser’s eyes with each DUN.

Fireball: Well that's all for Round Three. Next time come and watch the semi-finals on Fight for Glory!

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