Fight for Glory

By Fireball

Fireball: Hello, and welcome to Fight for Glory, everyone! Me and my partner Wario are here hosting it.

Wario: That's right, Fireball! We are now here in the semi-finals with four fierce people who think they should win Glory...

Fireball: That's right!

Wario: The great Wario is going to win, though! So what's the use of even trying against the great Wario?

Fireball: Here are the final four, everyone!


Wario: Those are the final four in the semi-finals of Fight for Glory.

Fireball: And we even got the matches, too! As you know, me and Wario pick names out of a random hat with a random hole in it. But we fix it,  though! So here are the matches!

Wario Vs. Toad
Roy Vs. Yoshi

Fireball: And those are the matches, folks.

Wario: As you may see, there are only four people left.

Fireball: So if you did not see what we put on this board right next to me, I'll show you again.

Wario Vs Toad
Roy Vs. Yoshi

Wario: Now we’re not showing you anymore! Take that, Plit!

Fireball: That should show all of Plit! Hahaha!

Wario: Maybe you could do a longer laugh then that.

Fireball: Hahahahaha.

Wario: That's good enough.

Fireball: Indeed.

Wario: Now we all go to the first match of the evening...

Wario Vs. Toad

Fireball: Hello, and welcome to the first semi-final match of the... DAY!

Wario: You said the secret word of the day!

Everyone starts dancing

Toad: Morons! There are no words of the day.

Fireball: He said day... That's the secret word of the day!

Everyone starts dancing again, as Toad has a red face... why? Not even I know the answer to that.

Everyone: Why is Toad red?

Wario: Meh.

Fireball: He's a little Toad... Toads always are good for nothing.

Toad: WE ARE SO... We do the cooking...

Fireball: And Peach calls that helpful? Well I guess so... But she could have a decent army at least.

Toad: We try!

Fireball: I'm sure.

Wario: What's the Fight for Glory thingy now, Fireball?

Fireball: Well today, you will be swimming across the ocean! You will then each see a chests with your name on it. Open it up and there will be a surprise! Then swim back here and you will see a path with rocks in the way. You will have to kick and punch your way through! After that you  will have to dodge the snowballs in that pathway! Get hit and you have to start again from the start of the pathway. Those Shy Guys will be the  ones throwing the snowballs, and you can hide behind those rocks. When done with that, jump off that random cliff and you will land in the water...  with man-eating sharks! So you have to go in the circle to avoid them! Then there will be a ladder from an airplane coming to pick you up. Climb it  and there will be a red buzzer on the top... actually two! One will let you win and the other makes you climb the ladder again! Got all that...? ‘Cause I really  don't want to say it again...

Wario: I understand.

Toad: So do I... I think.

Fireball: You think?

Toad: Yep.

Luigi: Is there anything to protect them when in the circle with the sharks?

Fireball: No...

Luigi: Are they REALLY sharks?

Fireball: No. They’re really you and Mario pretending to be sharks.

Luigi: OH-

Mario takes Luigi and throws him in the water, then does a cannonball into the water and gives Luigi his fake shark costume

Luigi: *sigh*

Fireball: And the chest... It could be useful or just plain stupid... You don't have to swim there if you don't want... But then you may just lose! GO!

Wario and Toad look at each other

Wario: I think he means now...

Toad goes in the water as Wario goes to the rocks, thinking that the chest will be useless, and then he thinks... or could it?

Wario: Stop reading my mind!

Sorry! Toad starts to swim and is having a hard time with it, while Wario goes up to the rocks and starts to break them easily. Toad is just swimming to the island. Toad is thinking it's starting to be stupid just swimming like this  and stuff... but with Fireball, you can never tell what could happen. Toad sees a jet-ski and gets on it and goes to the iland.

Koopa with scuba gear: Who took my jet-ski?

As Toad begins to see the island, Wario makes it to the snowball stage. Wario runs as fast as he can, but due to him being fat and all, he gets hit and has to go back to the start. As Wario keeps getting hit, Toad gets to the chest and opens the one with his name on it, and it's a... rubber duck.

Toad: All this for a duck?!

Fireball: This is brought to you by rubber ducks! A friend in your tub!

The Koopa comes and takes his jet-ski back

Koopa: See you, loser!

Toad groans and starts to swim back to Fight for Glory as Wario is panting and huffing since he can't get pass the Shy Guy's snowballs. So he just sits down and starts to think. Toad, who is still swimming back, gets tired and is unable to swim anymore, so he thinks as well and makes a sign using seaweed that says “FFG”, and something random happens and he gets back to Fight for Glory. Toad runs to the rocks and sees Wario has done  it already. He runs up the hill, forgetting the snowball stage. Wario grabs him before he goes past and uses Toad aas a shield as he makes it past the Shy Guys. Wario throws Toad back to the start of the pathway and runs off. Toad hides behind the rocks and gets past too. Toad runs past  Wario and Wario wonders how Toad caught back up.

Wario: What did I say about reading my mind?

Yes yes, Wario.

Wario: Maybe because the great Wario thought top long at the snowball stage...

Probably, Wario. Anywho, Toad gets to the cliff and looks down and sees the little circle. Wario goes behind Toad and pushes him into the water.


Toad lands in the water.

Toad: Are you REALLY going to hurt me, Mario and Luigi?

Mario and Luigi: No... Just beat you up.

Toad: For a change, it's not Luigi being stupid.

Luigi: Why you!

Mario and Luigi beat up Toad and Wario jumps into the water, causing a big splash. Wario climbs one of the two ladders and is trying  to get up as best as he can, but he's too fat to go up any faster! Toad goes up the ladder quickly, trying to avoid taking another beating, and  hits the left buzzer and flies back down to the water. As Wario sees him go down, he knows it's his chance to shine. Wario  finally gets to the top and sees there is a Hammer Bro next to the two buzzers.

Wario: Which one did Toad hit?

Hammer Bro: The... er... RIGHT ONE! Yeah... the right one.

Wario: That's what I'm asking YOU!

The Hammer Bro points to the right buzzer and Wario hits it.

Fireball: YOU WON, WARIO!

Wario: Wait... You said it was this one and Toad hit that one when I hit that one to make me win this one!

Hammer Bro: Yep.

Toad climbs up to the airplane.

Toad: How does an airplane float?

Hammer Bro: Don't say that or the guy flying the plane will-



Wario: Please!


The plane crashes but they are no longer on it... They jumped off it and landed in the water.

Fireball: I'm not doing the next one, Wario! That's your problem!

Fireball grabs Toad and puts him in the cannon...*BOOM* Toad goes into Bowser's castle and Bowser looks at him.

Bowser: Cook me some food, will you!

Toad: Only for Peach! And I HATE PEACH!

Bowser: I'm not Peach... so GO cook ME some FOOD!

Toad: Whatever you say, your tubbiness!

Bowser: Ok, enough with the fat jokes!

Back at Fight for Glory…

Fireball: Now to the last semi-final match of the day!

Five minutes later...

Roy Vs. Yoshi

Wario: Hello, and welcome to the last semi-final match of the day. One of these men will go against the Great Wario!

Roy: What took you so long to get here?

Yoshi: Yoshi wonder as well.

Wario: I just did a hard course!

Roy: Oh yeah.

Yoshi: Yoshi almost forgot.

Wario: Sweet!

Yoshi: Yoshi know.

Wario: Well it's time for some good news and bad news! The good news is that you will be dropped off on the top of that mountain! Then you will have to snowboard your way down and then you will have to go up that ramp with barrels going down! After you reach the top, there should  be a vine there for you to swing on. You must swing to a platform that will turn into a cannon and will blow you back here. After that you will  have to use your head to break though that padded wall. BEHIND that padded wall is another snowboard and another hill to go down.  There is a red buzzer at the bottom... Got that?

Yoshi: Yoshi got everything.

Roy: I hope.

Wario: I hope you got everything up ‘til there, Roy... because I even forgot what your supposed to do then.

Roy: Oh... That's not good.

Wario: Nope.

Yoshi: Yoshi tired.

Luigi: And that's GOOD news?

Wario: Meh.

Yoshi and Roy are dropped off on some random mountain called "The Random Mountain... PS: Fireball named it" in big letters.

Wario: Now you can GO!

Yoshi and Roy get on their snowboards and start to go down. Roy and Yoshi start to slide snow in there challengers’  face. All of a sudden they can hear a rumbling noise... and it seems to be an avalanche! Snow starts to come down and Yoshi and Roy decide to pick  up the pace by going faster! There are rocks in the way and Roy hits one and flips his way to the bottom of the hill. Yoshi just keeps dodging the  rocks and trees and finally gets to the bottom and passes Roy. Roy gets back up and starts to run to the ramp with the barrels going down like in Donkey Kong. Yoshi is jumping on top of the barrels and seems to be having an easy time, while Roy is too heavy to get across the barrels and  is just barely doing it. As Yoshi trips and starts slowly slides back toward the start. But Yoshi just gets back up and starts again. Roy, seeing Yoshi  pass him again, kicks him and Yoshi trips and falls back to the start. Yoshi eats the barrels instead now and spits them at Roy, as Roy now pushes the barrels to  the side instead of jumping over them. They both fall off from the side and try again. Yoshi and Roy are starting to get tired of this and just wait a couple  of minutes to catch their breath. Yoshi goes up and does the same thing as before with eating the barrels, but doesn’t spit them at Roy anymore as Yoshi saw that it had no effect on Roy. Roy returns to punching the barrels to the side again. Yoshi and Roy get to the top at the same time. Yoshi  is running to the vine place, and since Yoshi is faster then Roy he gets there first. Yoshi gets on the vine and misses the platform and lands on  the ground, then he climbs the ladder to get back on the other platform to grab the vine again. He misses again! Roy gets there and goes for the  vine but messes up and lands face-first on the ground. As Roy is hurt, Yoshi goes for a third time on the vine... and misses again. Yoshi seems to having trouble with it. As Roy gets back up and tries for his second time he makes it and goes in the cannon and gets blown to  the padded wall. Roy gets through it fast and fine and gets the snowboard and goes down the hill. It seems there's no hope for Yoshi as Yoshi keeps on  trying the vine. But Yoshi has an idea. He grabs the vine and jumps in the air, moving his feet, and gets to the platform and gets blown to the padded wall.  He goes though it, then he gets on his snowboard and goes down the hill. But it seems to be to late... as Roy is almost to the bottom....


Roy wipes out before reaching the buzzer so Yoshi still has a chance. He goes with everything he has and makes it to the bottom and who will hit the buzzer first?


Fireball: Well folks... The winner seems to be... YOSHI!

Everyone: YEAH!

Roy: OH! You have got to be kidding me!

Fireball: We’re not.

Fireball puts Roy in the cannon and *BOOM*

Fireball: It seems that Roy is out of the running for Glory. And the winner gets a million coins and a new mansion and gets to be called the best... for the Glory and stuff.

At Bowser's...

Roy comes though the window and is right next to a Hammer Bro


They both point at each other.

Bowser: Oh...

Bowser fires his breath at them and they turn black and blink their eyes

Back at Fight for Glory…

Fireball: That seems to be the end of the semi-finals. Next time we shall have the final match that all of you have been waiting for! Remember, I’m Fireball and stuff... so... see you next time on-


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