Fight for Glory

By Fireball

Fireball: Hello, and welcome to Fight for Glory with your host, Fireball, and other guest, Wario.

Wario: The only reason the great Wario is not in this Fight for Glory is because he would win.

Fireball: Or maybe you were going to be on the show, but we needed a helper to host it with me!

Wario: Wha?

Fireball: Nothing.

Wario: Ok then.

Fireball: This is the very show on which people fight for glory. If they win they will win one million coins and a mansion as well.

Wario: The fights will be tough, and when I say tough, I mean tough.

Fireball: We got random people on the streets or in the town to fight for glory in this Fight for Glory thing.

Wario: Here are the people who want to win badly... or maybe they came here because we made them.

King Boo
Goomba King
E. Gadd
Koopa Troopa
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi

Fireball: And those are the 32 people fighting for glory.

Wario: And not to forget-

Fireball: This is sponsored by Lemmy's Land. Go on today! And by Jawbreakers. The Breakers that really break your jaw!

Wario: We will now pull names out of this hat that has a hole in it... but we fixed it.

Fireball puts his hand in the hat

Wario: I just noticed I am in this fight thing.

Fireball: I know... We just needed a host, and when you fight a Mushroom will help me.

Fireball does what he was doing and gets two names out of the hat.

Fireball: Kammy Vs. Ludwig!

Wario then puts his hand in the hat. (I will stop saying they put there hands in the hat because this is going to take awhile.)

Wario: Daisy Vs. Toadsworth!

Fireball: Kamek Vs. Wario!

Wario: Goomba King Vs. Waluigi!

It goes on and on until we see the chart here.

First Round-
Kammy Vs. Ludwig
Daisy Vs. Toadsworth
Kamek Vs. Wario
Goomba King Vs. Waluigi
Iggy Vs. King Boo
Koopa Vs. Goomba
Birdo Vs. Toadette
Mario Vs. Yoshi
Vs. Morton
E. Gadd Vs. Roy
Hammer Bro Vs. Larry
Mario Vs. Bowser
Vs. Boo
Luigi Vs. Lemmy
Baby Luigi Vs. Toad
Blooper Vs. Wendy

Fireball: They will play random games just to get the coins and that mansion!

Wario: Who will win... ME!

Fireball: Maybe or maybe?

Wario: ???

Fireball: Let's just get to the first round.

Kammy Vs. Ludwig

Fireball: This game will need smarts and speed! You must fix this Wii! Then you must run to the gas station and fill it in my car because  both of my cars need gas.

Wario: You have cars?

Fireball: I stole them, ok!

Wario: The junkyard?

Fireball: Yep!

Kammy: Get ready to get a lesson of... a lesson!

Ludwig: You’re going down because I have brains... Yeah!

Fireball: GO!

Ludwig gets a kit for the Wii out and starts to work on it. Kammy uses her magic and gets on her broom to the gas station. Ludwig finishes fixing  the Wii and runs over to the gas station. Kammy is done already but no ones knows it, and Ludwig starts to fill the car with gas.

Kammy: I WON!

Fireball: Be quiet.

Ludwig is then done filling up the car.

Fireball: LUDWIG WINS!

Kammy: But I won-

Wario pushes Kammy into a cannon and blows her to Bowser's castle. *CRASH!*

Bowser: MY CASTLE!

Wario: Next people.

Daisy Vs. Toadsworth

Wario: Welcome, and this fight will be the same as any other fight for some reason. In this Fight for Glory they will have to get out of this maze. When  done they must put pepper on my salad.


Toadsworth: I say, you’re a bit touchy.

Daisy: Sorry.

Toadsworth: You’d better be, ol' boy.

Daisy: !!!

Wario: GO!

Daisy dashes though the maze while Toadsworth just walks around the maze. Daisy falls in a hole (set by Fireball) and Toadsworth gets out of the  maze after two hours. He then goes up to Wario.

Toadsworth: Would you like some pepper on that, sir?

Wario: Why yes, please.

Toadsworth puts pepper on his salad

Wario: That's enough... I think we got are winner!

Daisy finally gets out of the hole.

Wario: Goodbye!

Daisy: Wh-

Fireball puts Daisy in the cannon and it fires, sending her to Bowser's castle. *CRASH*

Bowser: MY CASTLE!

Fireball: Get a hold of yourself!

Bowser: ...

Kamek Vs. Wario

Fireball: This is the next match for Fighting for Glory, here with Wario and Kamek. In this fight they will race each other in go-karts and will have to do three laps to win.

Wario: The great Wario shall win.

Kamek: Whatever.

They get in there go-karts. A Lakitu with a light signal comes. It flashes, 3... 2... 1... GO!

Wario and Kamek race off! It's still a tie until the curve. Wario hits Kamek into the tree but then crashes into a phonebooth.

Wario (talking in the phonebooth): Make it with double cheese... Thanks.

Kamek has done two laps and needs one more to win. There is then a roadblock there and he waits until Wario gets his two laps done. The pizza man then comes with Wario's pizza.

Koopa: Here you go!

Wario: Thanks.

Koopa: Pay 26 coins, please.

Wario: You have to catch me.

The roadblock is about to move away

Wario: Wait.

Koopa: K.


Wario: You will have to catch me!

Wario then wins the race.

Wario: The great Wario has won the race!

Fireball puts Kamek in the cannon and he goes to Bowser's castle like everyone else. *CRASH*

Bowser: MY CASTLE!

Fireball: So what, Bowser? It's just a castle.

Bowser: ...

Goomba King Vs. Waluigi

Wario: Hello, and welcome to the next fight. I forgot to say that the people who got blown to Bowser's castle can't come here again... ever!

Goomba King: Ok.

Waluigi: Works for me.

Wario: In this fight you will be looking for this piece of cheese. Your sense of smell will get you to this piece of cheese. But you must sniff at least once!

Waluigi: I have a big nose!

Goomba King: I have no nose at all.

Wario: So?

Goomba King: It means-

Wario: GO!

Waluigi is smelling everywhere to find the piece of cheese. Goomba King just goes around in circles, hoping something good will happen. After  three minutes the same thing is still happening with the circles and the sniffing until Goomba King falls on something. He looks at it, and sees a lot of dust covering an expiration date that reads 1987 June 4. Goomba King uncovers the dust with his feet and finds the piece of cheese.

Goomba King: I won! I won!

Wario: Nope!

Goomba King: I know- Say wha?

Wario: You did not sniff.

Goomba King: But I have no nose!

Wario: Well whose fault is that?

Goomba King: Not-

Wario: Yep... yours!

Waluigi takes the piece of cheese from him and gives it to Wario

Wario: You sniffed at least a million times, so you win!

Waluigi: Sweet!

Goomba King: That's not fair-

Goomba King gets blasted to Bowser's castle.

Bowser: What's the point anymore?

Fireball: To the next fight!

Iggy Vs. King Boo

Fireball: This next fight is Wimp Vs. Scary!

Iggy: Hey!

King Boo: Thanks!

Fireball: In this Fight for Glory match you will have to go on Lemmy's Land and read FIREBALL interviews WARIO. After that you must smash the  computer with this balloon and hit this switch right next to me.

Iggy: Well that's going to be hard-

Fireball: GO!

Iggy goes on Lemmy's Land at the speed of light and goes to the Interview, and quickly is down reading it. King Boo is trying to get on, but smashes the computer with the balloon. He tries to hit the switch, but Iggy comes out and knock him back to the computer. King Boo finally hits the  switch.

Fireball: YOU WIN!

Iggy: But he never read the Interview!

Fireball: Nobody likes nerds.

Wario pushes Iggy into the cannon

Wario: Remember... you can never come back here again... ever!

Iggy gets blown to Bowser's castle. *CRASH*

Bowser: ...

Fireball: What a great fight that was. But at the end King Boo won the battle.

Koopa Vs. Goomba

Wario: Welcome to the next fight. Here we have a... Koopa?! And a Goomba?!

Goomba: We’re good!

Koopa: We’re good!

Wario: Are you making a joke?

Goomba and Koopa: No.

Wario: Well this is what you gotta do to win this fight... Just fight.

HP: 2/2
Attack: Headbonk
Koopa takes 2 and falls down and is trying to get up... Wimp

HP: 2/4
Attack: None
Goomba laughs cause he's stuck

HP: 2/2
Attack: Headbonk
Koopa takes 4
Goomba wins

Wario: See ya later.

Wario kicks Koopa while he's in his shell, and he goes into Bowser's castle

Wario: That was boring... Next fight.

Birdo Vs. Toadette

Fireball: This next fight will be a simple one. You must climb up this ramp while barrels are going down it.

Birdo: That's not that hard.

Fireball: And you have to wear these iron boots.

Toadette: You had to ask for it...

Fireball: They’re on fire as well.

Birdo and Toadette: ...

Fireball: GO!

Birdo goes up the ramp and it breaks in the middle of it and she falls. Toadette is going up the ramp, and because she’s so small she des not fall down the ramp. Birdo can't get back up and Toadette just stands there while barrels are hitting her. 8 minutes later Toadette tries to get up the ramp,  and she does. Toadette then falls down the ramp and a lot of barrels hit Birdo and she is sent flying to Bowser's castle.

Fireball: Looks like we have a winner!

Toadette: ME!

Fireball: I was going to say Birdo, but since she’s gone, you win.

Toadette: SWEET!

Fireball: Be quiet.

Toadette: ...

Fireball: Let's go to Wario now, everyone.

Mario Vs. Yoshi

Wario: Everyone likes these two superstars, but one of them has to go... or they could both stay and Goomba could go away... but no.

Mario: Just tell us the fight thingy, Peach.

Yoshi: Yoshi must win this!

Mario: Why?

Yoshi: Yoshi impress everyone with new mansion... and glory... But Yoshi good person.

Mario: Yep.

Wario: In this fight, they will have to lick off this plate of mustard that expired 523 years ago. Then they will have to pick up this book and put it on  their head while walking on a plank to this switch. Whoever does all that and hits the switch first will win this fight.

Mario: Is that all?

Wario: Pretty much, yeah.

Yoshi: Yoshi love expired mustard!

Wario: So do I. GO!

Mario and Yoshi start licking the plate. Yoshi is done first due to his long tongue and hungry stomach. Yoshi puts the book on his head and walks the  plank. Mario runs over and puts his book on his head and walks the plank. Yoshi is having a hard time with the book, but Mario finds it easy due to  his head being almost flat. Yoshi has a bumpy head, though. Mario, while showing off, falls off the plank and lands in the water full of Cheep Cheep.

Yoshi crosses the plank.

Yoshi: Yoshi win! Yoshi win!

Wario: Good for you, Yoshi.

Mario walks into Bowser's castle.

Wario: MARIO!

Mario: WHAT?


Mario: OK!

Wario: Now let's go to Fireball, everyone.

Doopliss Vs. Morton

Fireball: YO! Welcome to the next fight here with Doopliss, the loser, and Morton, the guy who talks 22/7.

Morton: I don't talk that long now, do I? I can't talk 22/7 because I am busy getting beat up by Roy-

Fireball: If you don't stop talking you lose.

Morton: ...

Doopliss: HA HA!

Fireball: Same for you, Doopliss.

Doopliss: ...

Fireball: You must not talk! The longest without talking will win the fight!

Morton and Doopliss: ...

Fireball: ... GO...

Doopliss and Morton stare at each other, wondering when the other one is going to talk. Morton, who wants to talk really bad, is urging himself not to  talk. Fireball gets angry that no one has talked yet and gets an idea.

Fireball: Since this is taking to long, I will reveal your secrets to the world. When you talk I will stop. I will give you five hours

5:35 hours and going…

Fireball: Morton, I will reveal a secret to the world. Morton loves-


Fireball: I knew you would burst out.

Morton: Wait... I don't love anyone.

Fireball: I was going to say wedding cake.

Morton: There, ok-

Fireball pushes Morton and he also gets blown away to Bowser's castle.

Bowser: What's the point?


Bowser: Yep.

Fireball: ???

Bowser: What?


E. Gadd Vs. Roy

Wario: Welcome to the next fight thingy! Here we have-

Roy: Me.

Wario: And-

E. Gadd: Me.

Wario: Who shall win?

Mario: I don't know.

Wario: In this fight they have to swim to that little block and come back here and make a toaster with a hammer and four broken nails. Who shall  win... I don't know... Guess!

Yoshi: Yoshi think Roy.

Fireball: And how did Mario get here?

Roy throws him to the castle

Fireball: Thanks!

Roy: My pleasure.

Wario: GO!

Roy goes in the water and touches the block at light speed while E. Gadd is trying to swim to the block. Roy smashes the hammer into the nails and  makes it look like a picture of a toaster. E. Gadd comes back four hours later and makes the toaster in three seconds.

Wario: We’re finished!

E. Gadd: I win!

Wario: Nope.

E. Gadd: ???

Wario: Roy got here first.

E. Gadd: But I made a toaster.

Wario: He made a picture of a toaster. I would rather look at a picture of a toaster.

E. Gadd: But... But-

Wario kicks E. Gadd in the cannon and blows him to Bowser's castle. *CRASH*

Bowser: ...

Wario: Let's get to the next fight, people.

Hammer Bro Vs. Larry

Fireball: Hello, and welcome to yet another fight!

Hammer Bro: I think we all know who the winner is here today.

Everyone looks at each other.

Everyone: WHO?!

Hammer Bro: Me!

Everyone: Oh.

Larry: No comment.

Fireball: In this fight you will have to swing across vines and drink this chocolate shake with worms, dirt, grasshoppers and hot peppers inside. Then you will  have to kill this plant by setting it on fire.


Fireball: What's his problem?

Hammer Bro: No idea.

Fireball: GO!

Larry goes though the vines in just a couple of seconds and drinks the shake. Hammer Bro is having a very tough time trying to cross the vines  because he is too heavy. Larry, still woozy from that drink he had, sits down for a couple of minutes. Hammer Bro, still on the vines, is about to make it.  He then drinks the shake with no problem and goes to the next course. Larry moves on to putting the plant on fire.

Larry: I can't do this...

Larry then walks away, throwing the match that's still on fire away and accidentally hitting the plant.

Hammer Bro: DANG!



Larry: Sorry, plant.

Wario pushes Hammer Bro in the cannon and blows him to Bowser's castle. *CRASH*

Bowser: Does he work for me? If he does he should clean up the mess.

Fireball: Let's go to Wario, fans.

Baby Mario Vs. Bowser

Wario: Welcome to the next fight, everyone!

Baby Mario: Say wha?

Wario: You can talk?

Baby Mario: I've been around games for quite awhile. I'm not aging but yeah, I can talk.

Wario: Amazing.

Everyone: Indeed!

Wario: In this fight we shall have a cooking fight. Whoever can make the best dish wins.

Baby Mario: Hmmmmmmmmmm...

Bowser: I'm making my famous stuff.

Wario: GO! You’ve got an hour.

Baby Mario Kitchen (BMK)…

Baby Mario: I'm making something I call the Gogoplata.

Bowser Kitchen (BK)…

Bowser: I'm making my famous cheese and meatballs with sauce I stole from Toad's supermarket and Koopa sosolatae on top.

Bowser puts stuff in the oven and gets the cheese ready.


Baby Mario gets a bowl and uses a blender to mix fruits and vegetables of all kinds in the bowl. He then puts baby powder in it and tastes it to see if it's ready to eat... even if it is the side dish.

Baby Mario: Sweet!


Bowser's is all done already... so that's it for Bowser. Plus if bring the camera in he will smash it. Trust me, we know.


Baby Mario gets a blue and black thing out of the oven and brings his plate up to the judges. Bowser does the same. The judges are Wario, Fireball, and Mario.

Wario: We will now say stuff about Bowser's dish.

The camera goes up to Bowser and Bowser looks like he is goigg to win the Fight for Glory thing.

Wario: The sauce was awful! It was a little raw, so yeah... not that good.

Bowser looks like he is about to explode.

Fireball: What Wario said.

Mario: Yep.

Bowser looks really angry

Mario: We shall now taste Baby Mario's dish!

The camera goes up to Baby Mario as he looks tense.

Wario: It was great!

Fireball: You desverve to win!

Mario: Great!

Baby Mario looks proud. The winner is... BABY MARIO. Everyone starts to cheer for some reason.

Fireball: Time to go, Bowser.

Bowser: I can walk to my castle!

Fireball: No you can't.

Fireball and Wario put him in the cannon and blow him to where else... Bowser's castle. *CRASH*

Wario: Let's go to Fireball now, everyone.

Peach Vs. Boo

Fireball: Welcome to the next fight, everyone! Here we have Peach and the ghost... BOO!

Peach: Hi!

Boo: Go me! Go me!

Fireball: Now here's the catch... well there is no catch, but here's what you gotta do to win.

Boo: What?

Fireball: You must scare Mario, Boo. And Peach has to scare Luigi. There will be a 1 out of 10 meter of how much you scared him. Peach is first. And oh yeah. You’ve got five minutes.

Peach goes up to Luigi.


Luigi: ???

Peach: A Boo is about to scare you.

Luigi: When?

Peach: I don't know.

Luigi: You look great.

Peach: Thanks.

For the next five minutes they talk about Peach.

Fireball: TIME! Go Boo.

Boo goes up to Mario.

Boo: You don't have to save Peach anymore.

Mario: SWEET!

Boo: You’ve got to save Daisy now.


Fireball: Boo wins.

Peach: WHAT?!

Fireball puts Peach in the cannon and she gets blown to Bowser's castle. *CRASH*

Bowser: Why hello!

Peach: !!!

Fireball: We now go to Wario.

Luigi Vs. Lemmy

Wario: Welcome to the next fight, everyone. The owner of Lemmy's Land... LEMMY!

Everyone: LEMMY! LEMMY!

Wario: And Luigi.


Wario: In this fight you must get on this ball and travel up this hill. Then you must fly in an airplane and jump out from 90 feet and land in this circle.

Luigi: Anything to protect us with?

Wario: This round thing will float you there. But if you miss the circle there will be sharks ready to get you! GO!

Lemmy goes up the hill in a second... but with just two seconds left to get up the hill Luigi puts a hole in Lemmy ball. That's not like  Luigi at all, but in Fight for Glory you do anything to win the prize. Luigi finally gets up the hill and so does Lemmy with his new ball. They  get on their airplane and Luigi goes faster then Lemmy! He then jumps off, forgetting his round thingy... No wonder Luigi is gonig faster... Then when  Luigi gets ready to use it he does not have it. Luigi falls down and misses the circle, and Lemmy lands in the circle... LEMMY IS THE WINNER!

Wario: Stupid Luigi!

Wario puts Luigi in the cannon.

Wario: See ya!

Luigi gets blown to Bowser's castle. *CRASH*

Wario: That was fun... To Fireball, everyone!

Baby Luigi Vs. Toad

Fireball: YO! And welcome to the next fight! Baby Vs. Shorty!

Toad: !!!

Fireball: In this short fight they will have to eat a small cupcake with live grasshoppers and jellyfish! Then they will have to swim in short water and  then make a short joke.

Baby Luigi: That sound nice.

Toad: Except for the short stuff.

Fireball: Of course! GO!

Toad and Baby Luigi eat the cupcake like it’ nothing and swim really easily, and now have to make a good short joke.

Wario: You have to make a good short joke to impress the great Wario!

Baby Luigi: You have a short ego!


Toad: Wario, you have a short temper!



Toad: ... Yeah! I meant to say that!

Wario puts Baby Luigi in the cannon and blows him to Bowser's castle

Wario: Another blow well done.

Mario: Really?

Wario: Yep... And now to Fireball!

Blooper Vs. Wendy

Fireball: Welcome to the last fight for the day, folks! Round one is almost over! After this we will see Round two. But first this fight!

Wendy: I shall win!

Blooper: BLOOP! Hi.

Fireball: In this fight you will order a pizza, then eat it by yourself.

Wendy: I'm no pig.

Blooper: But I am!

Fireball: GO!

Wendy orders her pizza in a jiffy, and Blooper does as well.

Ding dong!

Koopa: Here’s your pizza, dude!

Wendy: Thanks...

Wendy eats a slice.

Wendy: I'll wait every 20 minutes to eat. There are only four slices left!

Blooper's pizza is not there yet.

1 hour and 20 minutes later…

Wendy has one slice left.

Ding dong!

Koopa 2: Here's you pizza, Blooper dude!

Blooper: Thanks!

Wendy is eating her last slice and then Blooper is done. Blooper is the winner. Fireball puts Wendy in the cannon and blows her to the castle. *CRASH*

Fireball: Thanks for watching Fight for Glory, and tune in next time for round two.

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