King Boo Strikes Back

By Blade Guy

Chapter 6: A Maze Full of Ghosts

Now that Luigi has caught 3 ghosts and saved both princesses, he has made it deeper into the mansion, which means he is getting closer to King Boo, but not much. But just before Luigi and Co. went to the next area, E. Gadd called on the Gameboy Horror.

E. Gadd: Luigi, I am picking up some strange readings behind the door to the next area.

Luigi: Don't worry, I'll be careful.

He turned off his Gameboy Horror.

Luigi: Come on guys, let’s get moving!

Luigi opened the door and he, Booser, and Lemmy all saw a gigantic maze.

Lemmy: What in the world is this?!

Booser: I don't know, but it looks like something I played in a game once.

Luigi: Well, we’re going to have to go through it if we want to get to the other side and save the next painting.

Booser: Luigi's right, let’s get moving.

So Luigi and Co. entered the maze and saw many Paragoomghosts and Paratroopghosts, but Lemmy froze them or Booser stunned them using his scary face, while Luigi drained all their HP. Then they made it to a sign that said “First Ghost Challenge”. Then a strange, colored ghost appeared before them.

?????: I am the first ghost you must beat to advance into this maze!

Lemmy: And who might you be?

?????: I am Pinky!

Booser: I know you! You’re part of a ghost gang in the game known as Pac-man!

Pinky: You know your games very well, but I am very tough because I can move at a very fast speed! Good luck catching me!

Then she transported everyone to another circular battlefield and started running around in all different directions.

Lemmy: I got this! TASTE THE POWER OF ICE!

Lemmy aimed his Freeze Gun and shot it in different directions, praying that he would hit Pinky. Then Pinky ran into a beam of ice and was frozen solid.

Booser: Now's your chance, Luigi!

Luigi: Got it!

Luigi turned the Poltergust 3000 on and started to suck Pinky up. She couldn't run away because she was frozen, but once she broke out of the ice, she tried to run away. But it was too late, she had gotten sucked right up. Then Luigi and Co. got transported back to the maze.

Luigi: All right! We got you!

Lemmy: But what I don't get is why King Boo would hire someone like that?

Booser: I don't know? Maybe he was tired of his old army and got a couple new ghosts to serve him.

Luigi: Well, what we know is that there is more where Pinky came from, so let’s get going!

Once our heroes got deeper into the maze, they had to avoid traps and pitfalls. Then they came to another sign that said “Second Ghost Challenge”. A strange, orange ghost appeared in front of them.

?????: Who dares challenges me?!

Luigi: Me and my friends! Who are you?

?????: My real name is Shadow, but my gang calls me Blinky.

Lemmy: Let me guess, you are related to Pinky, right?

Blinky: You are correct! I don't know how you managed to beat her, but I am much tougher than she is!

Blinky then transported them all to the same circular field Pinky had brought them to.

Blinky: Good luck finding me!

He then turned invisible.

Booser: Great! How are we supposed to find someone that is invisible?

Lemmy: Now hold on, this might be easier then you think. Now let me think... I GOT IT! Remember he told us his name was Shadow?

Luigi and Booser: Yeah.

Lemmy: Well, let’s see if we can see his shadow!

Luigi: Good thinking. Lemmy!

Booser: Yeah, you just saved us from a tough battle. Now let’s see where that shadow is.

They looked around the battlefield for Blinky's shadow. But they had no luck until...

Luigi: Guys! He's right here!

Luigi turned on the Poltergust 3000 and started to suck and drain Blinky's HP, but Blinky escaped after his HP was at half of what it used to be.

Blinky: You might have found me once, but can you find me again?

Luig: Uh, yeah!

Blinky: You might, but there is a twist! Can you find me with all these ghost minions trying to clobber you?

He then turned invisible, and Goomghosts, Koopghosts, Dry Bones, and Shy Guy Ghosts came in trying to attack Luigi, Booser, and Lemmy.

Lemmy: Luigi, you find Blinky, we'll hold these guys off!

Booser: Hurry as well, we can't hold them off for very long!

Luigi: All right!

Luigi looked around the battlefield but found nothing, until...

Luigi: Got ya!

Luigi turned on the Poltergust 3000 and started sucking up Blinky. Lemmy and Booser were not having a very hard time with the ghosts Blinky sent at them. Then, Blinky's HP dropped to 0 and was finished. Our heroes were sent back to the maze where they met Blinky.

Luigi: That was really hard.

Lemmy: That was tough.

Booser: Are we going to say how tough the battle was, or are we going to advance into the maze?

Luigi: Booser's right, let move, people!

So Luigi and Co. made it much further into the maze, as they had to avoid traps while catching Goomghosts, Koopghosts, and Shy Guy Ghosts, which were new to the maze. But in the end, Luigi sucked them right up and avoided all the traps. Then they made it to a sign that said “Third Ghost Challenge”.

Luigi: Here we go again.

Then a strange, light blue ghost appeared before them.

?????: I am Inky! I am much tougher than Pinky and Blinky were!

Lemmy: Well, if you say you are much more powerful than the other two, prove it!

Inky: Very well then!

Inky transported everyone to the battlefield and then grew twice his size.

Luigi: We're going to need a bigger Poltergust 3000.

Inky: Yes you will! That puny thing won't even suck me towards you! Bwhahahahahaha!

Booser: Luigi, did you happen to bring any Mega Mushrooms or something?

Luigi: You know, come to think of it, I did!

Luigi checked his pocket and found a Mega Mushroom. But before he could eat it, Inky shot an energy ball at Luigi, who dropped it after he got hit. Then the Mega Mushroom started to move around the field. Inky was the quickest and tried to grab it, but it slipped out of his hands, and the Mega Mushroom went toward Luigi and Co. They all split the Mushroom and grew twice their size. Then Inky threw more energy balls at our heroes, but Luigi sucked them up and shot them back at Inky, who was dazed when he got hit.

Lemmy: Luigi, now's you chance!

Luigi acted fast and started to suck Inky up, but Inky was harder to suck up than the other two, so he escaped really quickly. Then Inky changed tactics and shot energy balls at Lemmy and Booser. They both got hit and shrank back to their normal sizes and fainted. Then Inky threw faster energy blasts at Luigi, who nearly got hit by an energy ball and sucked up another incoming one, then shot it back at Inky, who was dazed again. Luigi started to suck him up really fast, Inky was almost done for, but he thought quick and shot an energy ball at Luigi, who took massive damage. Luigi got up and got hit by another energy ball and took more damage. Then Inky was about to finish him off with a big energy ball, but when he threw it, Luigi was up and he shot it back at Inky, who was once again dazed. Luigi drained every last bit of his HP and sucked him right up. Then Luigi grew to his normal size, and he Lemmy and Booser were transported back to the maze. Then Lemmy and Booser woke up.

Lemmy: Luigi, that was amazing!

Booser: How did you know to hit Inky with his own energy balls?

Luigi: Easy, the battle was kinda like the one I had with Bogmire when I had to suck up his shadows and shoot them back at him.

Lemmy: Wow, I didn't think you would remember that.

Luigi: I remember a lot of things, Lemmy, trust me on that.

Booser: But you didn't remember to bring your flashlight!

Luigi: Would you just drop it?

Lemmy: Who cares, we’re almost at the ending of the maze.

Luigi: You’re right Lemmy, let’s go.

So, our heroes ventured much further into the maze while trying to avoid traps, catch ghosts, and jump over large gaps. But in the end, they had made it to the end of the maze and found the Toad and Toadette painting. Plus, there was no sign that said anything about a ghost challenge.

Luigi: All right! We found the next painting. Let’s get these two back to E. Gadd.

But before Luigi could grab the painting, it started to jiggle, then it started to lift into the air, then it disappeared.

Lemmy: Hey, where did the painting go?

?????: It was taken by me!

Then a red ghost appeared in front of Luigi and Co.

Luigi: But there was no sign that said ghost challenge, and who are you anyway?

?????: My name is Clyde, and I took the sign away because I want people to think that they don't have to battle a ghost. Then I catch them off guard and I scare them until all the color is drained away from them!

Lemmy: Well you’d better be ready to lose to all of us!

Clyde: Let’s see, I'm up against a green man, a round white floating ball, and a turtle. Looks like the odds are good for me! Now taste the power of fire!

Clyde then caught on fire and transported everyone, not to the regular battlefield, but to a fiery battlefield surrounded by a lava pool.

Clyde: Get ready for a burning battle!

Lemmy: Oh yeah? Well taste the power of my Freeze Gun!

Lemmy shot his Freeze Gun at Clyde, but he just let the ray hit him because the ice that hit him just melted. Clyde then started to shoot fireballs at our heroes, who had to run around the battlefield until they thought of an idea. Then Lemmy had an idea.

Lemmy: Guys, I have an idea. Okay, I will shoot my Freeze Gun at Clyde because I saw that the last time I shot at him, the ice turned to water. Then, Luigi will suck up the water and shoot it at him. But we need Booser to distract him so he doesn't see us. Got it?

Luigi and Booser: Got it!

So Booser and Luigi got ready to do what they were told. Booser went up to Clyde and started accusing him of being weak weak. Then, Lemmy shot the Freeze Gun at Clyde and let the ice melt into water. Luigi sucked up all the water and shot it at Clyde, who turned around and saw Luigi shooting water at him. Then Clyde fired fireballs at Luigi, but they were very small due to Luigi shooting water at him. Once Clyde was out of fire, Luigi started to suck Clyde up, but he escaped after his HP hit half.

Clyde: You might have put out my fire, but I have another move! Feel the wrath of my SONIC BOO!

Then Clyde grew twice his size and yelled really loud, sending sonic booms in every direction and hitting everyone.

Clyde: You cannot defeat me because.... Hey, did it just get cold on this field?

He looked around to see Lemmy shooting his Freeze Gun at the lava, which froze it, making it cold.

Clyde: NOOOOOOOO! I can't stand the cold!

Then Clyde began to shrink. Once he was his normal size, Luigi started to suck him up and drained the last bit of his HP. Once Clyde was gone, our heroes were transported back to the maze and the Toad and Toadette painting reappeared. Not only that, but the maze began to disappear.

Booser: Hey, the maze, it’s gone.

Lemmy: I guess beating every ghost in the maze makes it disappear.

Luigi: I'm just glad that that's over with and done. Now let’s get Toad and Toadette back to E. Gadd.

But before they could grab the painting, Van Gore appeared with his canvas and paintbrush.

Van Gore: NO! You have defeated my creation!

Booser: You mean that wasn't the real Pinky, Blinky, Inky, and Clyde? But you made them and brought them to life!

Van Gore: You see, I made them, but a little friend of King Boo's brought my creations to life. But now, you will meet my greatest creation! Come fourth, Dark Boo.

Then Dark Boo appeared.

Dark Boos: You called?

Van Gore: I am done with my creation, you may bring it to life now.

Dark Boo: With pleasure!

Dark Boo used his magic on the canvas and brought to life Van Gore's greatest creation, Dry Giga Bowser.


Van Gore: YEZ! It iz alive! Now DGB, deztroy these so called heroes!


Dark Boo: Wehehehehehe! I love what you created, Van Gore!

Then they both disappeared.

Lemmy: This is going to be a tough battle.

Booser: You said it.

Luigi: Well, we’re going to have to defeat it if we want to get Toad and Toadette, so who's with me?

Lemmy and Booser: YEAH!

Van Gore has created a Dry Bones form of Giga Bowser! Will Luigi and Co. be able to defeat this boney guy, or will they fail and lose? Find out what happens to our heroes in chapter 7.

Read on!

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