King Boo Strikes Back

By Blade Guy

Chapter 7: Showdown with Dry Giga Bowser

When we last left Luigi and Co, they were about to face off with Van Gore's best and toughest painting ever, Dry Giga Bowser.


Luigi: Get ready, guys.

Lemmy: I already am!

Booser: Me too!


DGB and Luigi and Co. got transported not to the regular battlefield, but to Final Destination.

Luigi: WHAT?! Why would we get transported here?

Lemmy: I don't know, but something about this field makes me a bit more powerful.

Booser: Yeah, me too.

Luigi: Well, whatever it is, we have to ignore it and focus on the battle.


Booser started off the battle by licking DGB (seriously). But DGB just flicked him away. Luigi went and shot some ice at DGB, which froze his foot.

Lemmy: Hey, where did you get ice? You don't have the Ice Element Medal, do you?

Luigi: Yeah, I found a chest after we beat Clyde. While you guys were talking, I went to open it and I found the Ice Medal in it. Plus, it gave me the power of ice, and I didn't have to go find an ice element ghost.

Lemmy: Wow. But now that you have the power of ice, letís cross my Freeze Gun's ice and the Poltergust 3000's ice and see what we can make out of that.

Luigi: Good plan.

So Lemmy and Luigi crossed their beams, and the result was devastating... for DGB! When the beams crossed, they made one big ray of ice, and that ray of ice hit DGB and froze him on contact.

Booser: Luigi, hurry and suck him up!

Luigi: I will, but I want to check his HP.

Lemmy: How are you going to check his HP?

Luigi: During Mario Party 6, E. Gadd made me bring my Gameboy Horror with me. Then he put it in some weird machine, which gave my Gameboy Horror the ability to check opponentsĎ HP.

Luigi grabbed his Gameboy Horror and scanned DGB. Once DGB was scanned, Luigi was shocked.

Booser: Well?

Luigi: It's... it's... 250!

Lemmy and Booser: WHAT?! Then what are you waiting for? Start draining the HP.

Luigi: Right!

Luigi approached DGB and started to suck up his HP. DGB tried really hard to break out of the ice, but once he did, he already had 50 HP drained from him, so he escaped real quickly. Once he escaped, he shot big fireballs at Luigi, but Lemmy was just in time to shoot his Freeze Gun at the fireballs so they would weaken. Once the fireballs were close to Luigi, they were nothing but little tiny balls of cold fire.

Suddenly, DGB tucked into his shell and began to spin wildly around Final Destination. Luigi, Lemmy, and Booser got hit and were left with half of what their HP used to be, which was 100.

Lemmy: Wow, this guy is strong, but he'll need to be a lot stronger if he wants to beat us! Luigi, letís cross our ice again.

Luigi: Good idea.

Booser: Hey, what should I do?

Luigi thought for a moment.

Luigi: I got it! Can you turn us invisible so DGB can't see us?

Booser: Yeah.

Luigi: Then turn us invisible!

Booser: Oh, right.

Booser used his magic to turn both Lemmy and Luigi invisible. Then, both heroes shot their weapons and crossed the beams of ice again to make another ray of ice, which hit DGB again and froze him. Luigi aimed his Poltergust 3000 and started to drain his HP. DGB broke out after his HP was down by 50 again, and then broke free of the Poltergust 3000 right after he broke out of the ice. DGB then took his  hand and formed it into a fist, which then began to glow with an unusual purple substance. He threw his fist at our heroes, which hit them all and they were all at 1 HP left.

Luigi: Weíre going to lose if we can't drain his last bit of HP.

Booser: Yeah, his attacks are powerful and fast.

Lemmy: Hold on.

Lemmy ran up to DGB.


Lemmy: Hey big guy! You think you can put me out of my misery and finish me off right here?


DGB jumped up into the air and came crashing down where Lemmy was standing. But Lemmy was fast and moved out of the way just into time. Then, DGB landed and left a big hole in the floor.

Lemmy: YES! I knew it was still here!

Booser: What was still here?

Lemmy: Have you ever played Super Smash Bros. Melee or Super Smash Bros. Brawl before?

Luigi: I have.

Lemmy: Well, in the middle of the Final Destination in both games, there is a big circle below the field. That circle gives you power once you're on the field, and it will give you more power if you touch it.

Booser: Then what are we waiting for? Letís touch that circle of power and gain more power.

They all approached the circle and touched it. Once they did, there was a big flash of light and they had all had turned into something different. Luigi turned giant and was Dtar Luigi, Booser turned golden and could shoot lasers from his eyes, and Lemmy turned the color of ice and got an upgrade to his Freeze Gun.

Luigi: Letís finish this guy off!

Lemmy and Booser: YEAH!


DGB tucked himself into his shell and started spinning wildly again, but Booser approached him and shot him with his new laser eyes, which stunned him. Lemmy used his new upgraded Freeze Gun, which shot a big blast of ice at DGB, freezing him.

Lemmy: Luigi! Finish him off for good.

Luigi: Got it!

Luigi ran up to the frozen DGB and started to suck him right up. Once DGB broke out of the ice, his HP was already drained and he was sucked up into the poltergust 3000. Luigi and Co. transformed back to their normal selves, meaning no laser eyes for Booser and no upgrade for Lemmy, and they got transported back to the mansion. Plus, the Toad and Toadette painting appeared.

Luigi: That was one of the best battles I have ever had.

Lemmy: Me too!

Booser: That was awesome!

Suddenly, Luigi's Gameboy Horror turned on.

E. Gadd: Luigi! The Gameboy Horror was turned off once you entered the battle, I hope nothing damaged it. How are you holding out?

Luigi: We just beat five of Van Gore's toughest paintings.

E. Gadd: Very good, Luigi! Now I want you three back to my lab with the Poltergust 3000 and the painting you are bringing.

Luigi: Got it, E. Gadd.

Luigi turned off his Gameboy Horror.

Luigi: Letís get Toad and Toadette and get out of here!

Lemmy and Booser: Right.

Luigi grabbed the painting and the 3 of them hurried back to E. Gadd's lab, where they all saw Pinky, Blinky, Inky, Clyde, and Dry Giga Bowser get turned into paintings thanks to the Paintifyer. Once they were done looking at the ghosts get turned into painting's, E. Gadd once again put the Paintifyer in reverse to turn Toad and Toadette back into their regular selves. Now the total ghosts Luigi have caught is 8.


King Boo: I am very disappointed in you, Van Gore! I told you to create a ghost that was impossible for Luigi to beat, and what did he go and do? He beat it!

Van Gore: I am very sorry, my Master. Zat was just a warm up, if you just let me paint another ghost...

King Boo: NO! I have already sent Bogmire to the next area to guard another painting! I must go now, I have a little surprise to give Bogmire.

He then disappeared.

Van Gore: So he won't let me paint another painting, huh? Well, I am painting one anyway.

Van Gore started to paint another creation. This one was different, though. This one was not like the other ghosts he created, this one was a human ghost like himself. This one was far more powerful than the other ghosts. This ghost had a familiar face. It then came off the canvas and was alive.

?????: HeheheheÖ

Van Gore: Go, my creation! Find Luigi and make sure that he doesn't make it to the painting or Bogmire!

Van Gore's creation then disappeared.

Van Gore: Luigi, you will meet your match.

What is this strange ghost painting Van Gore has made? What will King Boo do to him if he finds out? What surprise does King Boo have for Bogmire? Will Luigi finally meet his match and fail? Find all this out in chapter 8.

Read on!

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