King Boo Strikes Back

By Blade Guy

Chapter 8: A Battle RPG Style

In the last chapter, Luigi, Booser, and Lemmy fought against Dry Giga Bowser, made by Van Gore and brought to life by Dark Boo. The three of them beat it and found the Toad and Toadette painting. Now they are on the hunt for the Baby Mario and Baby Luigi painting, and the Yoshi painting. But what they didn't expect is Van Goreís greatest creation, better than Dry Giga Bowser.

Luigi's Gameboy Horror SP rings.

Luigi: Hello?

E. Gadd: Hello Luigi, I just wanted to let you know that I did some investigating on the house, and my radar shows you in two places. Where are you now?

Luigi: We are right now in the foyer. Where does the radar show the other me or whatever?

E. Gadd: It says that you are in the mess hall.

Luigi: Come on, guys, lets head for the mess hall!

The three of them run toward the hall and find nothing.

Luigi: Huh?

Lemmy: I thought E. Gadd said the other you was in here.

Luigi: E. Gadd, we found nothing!

E. Gadd: Thatís because your on the move, the other you.

Booser: Where is the other Luigi now?

E. Gadd: It says he's in the weight room!

Lemmy: Then letís hurry!

They hurry to the weight room and again, find nothing.

Luigi: O_O Man, the other me must be really fast. Where is he now, E. Gadd?

E. Gadd: It says...! Luigi, get out of there.

Luigi: Why?

E. Gadd: The radar says that the other you is in the weight room. But you can't see him, right?

Luigi: Yeah.

E. Gadd: You can't see him because... HE'S A GHOST!

Luigi: ...

Booser: Now, letís just stay calm, guys. I mean, it's just a Luigi ghost. It must be Booigi, he must've escaped.

E. Gadd: I hate to tell you, but Booigi's painting is right here in my gallery.

Booser: O_O


Luigi: Huh?

Luigi turns around and sees a weight being lifted in the air and heading toward Luigi.

Booser: DUCK!

Everyone ducks from the swing of the weight.

Luigi: Head for the door!

The head for the door and try to open it, but it is locked.

Lemmy: I can't open it!

Booser: Then what do we do?

Luigi: HIDE US!

Booser: Oh.

Booser uses his powers and he, Lemmy, and Luigi hide. The invisible Luigi ghost cannot see them. So he slowly walks around so he is not surprised. Remember, he is invisible too. Then he suddenly bumps into an invisible Luigi. He turns around and swings the weight, but doesn't hit him. The other three got out of the way just in time. Then steps into the open and fires his Freeze Gun everywhere. He aims for the floating weight and fires. Then a frozen Luigi look-alike is there ready to swing the weight.

Lemmy: You guys can come out of hiding, I took care of him.

Booser and Luigi reappear and approach the frozen Luigi ghost. Luigi examines him and thinks he remembers him, or has seen him.

Lemmy: Well, that is definitely a Luigi look-alike. But what gets me is, why isn't he wearing Luigi's normal clothes? Instead, he's wearing a black mask, black overalls, a green shirt, and a green hat with the L on it backwards.

Luigi gets a closer look and starts circling around him slowly.

Booser: Maybe itís Luigi's evil cousin.

Lemmy: Don't be stupid. Luigi doesn't have an evil cousin... Not that I know of, at least.

Booser: Hey, what are you doing, Luigi?

Luigi: I just have a super strange feeling that I have seen this guy before. I know!

Luigi pulls out his Game Boy SP and rings in E. Gadd.

Luigi: E. Gadd, we froze the Luigi look-alike, but I need you to scan him. I have a strange feeling about him.

Luigi puts the SP in front of the frozen Luigi and it starts to scan it. The DNA is sent back to E. Gadd. He takes a look at it and reports it back to Luigi.

E. Gadd: Well, I took a look at it, and Luigi, he is you.

Luigi: ...

Lemmy: What do you mean?

E. Gadd: The Luigi you just froze is Luigi's counterpart. (I think.)

Booser: Well, we caught him, so we'll bring him back to you.

?????: Oh, I don't think so!

Luigi: Huh?

They all turn around and see the frozen Luigi start to move. The ice breaks and a visible Luigi of what Lemmy described is seen.

Luigi: We'll have to call you back, E. Gadd.

He hangs up.

Booser: All right, why were you trying to kill us with a dumbbell?

?????: I was sent out by Van Gore to stop you three from getting the Babies Mario and Luigi painting and the Yoshi painting from Bogmire!

Luigi: WHAT?!

?????: Thatís right, Bogmire has two paintings with him! But, this is where you stop! But instead of just stopping you, I've decided to kill you right now!

Lemmy: You don't know what youíre getting yourself into, buddy!

?????: Yes I do, after all, I am Luigi.

Lemmy: But Luigi is a wimp when it comes to fighting ghosts most of the time! No offense, Luigi.

Luigi: None taken.

?????: You don't get it, I was created by Van Gore, and he created me to be brave! Now, I am going to take you out! But first, VAN GORE!

Van Gore suddenly appears with his canvas and paints.

?????: Please Van Gore, make me a giant robot like I used to have when I was real.

Van Gore: Ov course, my greatest creation. You deserve it.

Van Gore starts to paint quickly and on the canvas is a robotic head that looks like Luigi, only mechanized. The head comes off the canvas, then Van Gore paints a robotic body like Luigi's. After it comes off the canvas, he starts to paint hands, feet, arms, and legs. They come off the canvas and fuse together to create a robot Luigi.

?????: Thanks, Van Gore. I shall call him... SUPER BROBOT!

Luigi: ! Brobot. Wait a second! Mario told me about you! You're Mr. L! My evil side!

Mr. L: So you finally figured it out! Well Luigi, I shall destroy you and your friends! Would you like a piece of this action, Van Gore?

Van Gore: But ov courze! I would love to destroy Luigi and hiz friends!

Mr. L: Then letís get started!

He jumps into Super Brobot and turns it on. Then Van Gore uses his magic and sends everyone to a black and dank room.

Lemmy: Where are we?

Luigi: Castle Bleck!

Van Gore: Very good, but, we are not battling like you did with my creations Pinky, Blinky, Inky, and Clyde! We are going RPG style!

Luigi: Oh no.

Mr. L: Bring down the red curtain!

A red curtain falls and Luigi, Booser, and Lemmy are on one side, while Mr. L and Van Gore are on the other.

Van Gore: Let ze battle begin!

Battle Start

Luigi: 100/100
Booser: 100/100
Lemmy: 100/100
Mr. L (in Super Brobot): 200/200
Van Gore: 200/200

Luigi uses Poltergust 3000 on Van Gore. Van Gore loses 30 HP
Booser uses lick on Mr. L. Mr. L loses 25 HP.
Lemmy: Letís see if I can use some of my old attacks from my last RPG story battle!
Lemmy uses ice breath on Mr. L. Mr. L loses 15 HP.
Lemmy: Maybe I should stick with my other attacks.

Mr. L: Lets see what this baby can do!
Mr. L uses rocket fist on Luigi: Luigi loses 25 HP.
Van Gore uses paint fling on Booser: Booser loses 30 HP.

Luigi: 75/100
Booser: 70/100
Lemmy: 100/100
Mr. L: 160/200
Van Gore: 170/200

Luigi uses Poltergust fire on Mr. L. Mr. L loses 50 HP.
Booser uses see ya later. Booser becomes invisible.
Lemmy uses Freeze Gun on Van Gore. Van Gore loses 30 HP.

Mr. L uses the Mr. L cyclone on Luigi. Luigi loses 40 HP.
Van Gore paints a bomb. Van Gore throws the bomb at Lemmy. Lemmy loses 30 HP.
Booser became visible.

Luigi: 35/100
Booser: 70/100
Lemmy: 70/100
Mr. L: 110/200
Van Gore: 140/200

Luigi uses Poltergust ice blast on Mr. L. Mr. L loses 30 HP and becomes frozen.
Booser charges up for an attack.
Lemmy uses wand beam on Van Gore. Van Gore loses 35 HP.

Mr. L cannot move.
Van Gore paints a Spiny egg and throws it at Booser. Booser loses 35 HP.

Luigi: 35/100
Booser: 40/100
Lemmy: 70/100
Mr. L: 80/200
Van Gore: 105/200

Luigi uses Poltergust 3000 on Van Gore. Van Gore loses 30 HP.
Booser unleashes the super scare attack on Van Gore. Van Gore loses 50 HP.
Lemmy uses Freeze Gun on Van Gore. Van Gore loses 30 HP. Van Gore faints.
Mr. L thaws out.

Luigi: 35/100
Booser: 40/100
Lemmy: 70/100
Mr. L: 80/200
Van Gore: 0/200

Mr. L: NO! Luigi must not win! FEEL MY WRATH, LUIGI!
Mr. L powers up his attack and defense by 50.
Luigi uses Poltergust fire on Mr. L. Mr. L loses no HP.
Booser uses lick on Mr. L. Mr. L takes no damage.
Lemmy uses wand beam on Mr. L. Mr. L takes no damage.

Mr. L uses double rocket fists. Lemmy and Booser take 100 damage. Lemmy and Booser faint.
Mr. L: Itís just me and you now, Luigi!

Luigi: 35/100
Booser: 0/100
Lemmy: 0/100
Mr. L: 80/200
Van Gore: 0/200

Luigi: There is no way I can win. None of my attacks will do anything. Hey, wait. He is still a ghost! THATíS IT! I was going to use this in an emergency, and I think this qualifies.
Luigi uses items. Luigi uses Starman. Luigi becomes invincible, his attack increases, and he gets another turn.
Luigi uses Poltergust 3000 on Mr. L. Mr. L takes 40 damage.

Mr. L uses Mr. L cyclone on Luigi. Luigi takes no damage.
Mr. L: NO!

Luigi: 35/100
Booser: 0/100
Lemmy: 0/100
Mr. L: 40/100
Van Gore: 0/100

Luigi uses Poltergust 3000 on Mr. L. Mr. L loses 40 HP. Mr. L's Super Brobot explodes and Mr. L faints.
Luigi, Booser, and Lemmy win the battle.

End Battle

They are all transported back to the weight room.

Van Gore: How? Why? This iz IMPOSSIBLE! I created Mr. L and fought alongside him, and we both lost!

Mr. L: Even with Super Brobot, I lost.

Booser: Guess we were just too powerful for you two to withstand!

Lemmy: Oh Luigi, I think itís time to introduce these guys to the inside of your Poltergust 3000.

Luigi: I'd be happy to do that!

He aims the Poltergust 3000 at Mr. L and Van Gore and they are sucked right up. They don't fight it due to the fact that all their HP was drained during the RPG battle.

Booser: All right! We got Van Gore and Mr. L. Now we just have to find Bogmire and get the two paintings he has, and we are ready to face King Boo.

Lemmy: Yeah, but he still has two more minions other that Bogmire: Dark Boo and Boolossus. He also still has 32 Boos with him, minus the fifteen Boos that make up Boolossus.

Luigi: It doesn't matter right now, what matters is that we have to go and beat Bogmire and get Yoshi and the Babies back.

Booser: Letís do this!

So our heroes head off toward the graveyard in hopes of finding Bogmire and the paintings he holds. But what they don't know is King Boo has plans for Bogmire.


King Boo, in his emerald crown, is seen floating towards Bogmire's grave. Bogmire comes out and sees King Boo.

Bogmire: My Master, why have you come?

King Boo: I have a little something to help you, or someone!

King Boo uses his magic and a beam of light comes out of the sky. Then a ghost covered in rocks is seen coming down and landing next to Bogmire.

Bogmire: Bouldergeist.

Bouldergeist: Bogmire.

King Boo: Yes! I have reunited you guys! Since you are family, you are going to fight Luigi!

Bouldergeist: ! Luigi! I want revenge on Luigi for coming into my territory in Ghostly Ghost Galaxy!

Bogmire: Yeah! Heís going to pay for what he did to me!

King Boo: Good, you two should be unstoppable! I must be off.

He disappears.

Now with Bogmire and Bouldergeist united, will Luigi, Booser, and Lemmy be able to beat this very evil and ghostly family combo? What will happen when King Boo finds out that Van Gore disobeyed his orders and got sucked into the Poltergust 3000? Find all of this out in chapter 9.

Read on!

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