King Boo Strikes Back

By Blade Guy

Chapter 9: Booser's Secret

In the last chapter Luigi, Booser, and Lemmy found out that Van Gore had made a Luigi look-alike ghost. The ghost was Mr. L, Luigiís evil half. When they found out Mr. L was the one causing them trouble, Van Gore came and made Mr. L a Super Brobot. Then Van Gore used his magic and made their battle RPG style. It was a tough battle, but Luigi and Co. were victorious. Now, with Van Gore and Mr. L sucked into the Poltergust 3000, Luigi and Co. head off for Bogmire's graveyard, where they are going to get the Yoshi and Babies Mario and Luigi paintings. But little do they know that Bogmire has a little help by his side.

Luigi: Okay guys, we just have to past the dining room, go through the kitchen and through the yard, and we will be in Bogmires graveyard. So letís go!

They head for the dining room, but when they get there, it is completely pitch black.

Lemmy: Okay, letís stay calm and try to find a light switch.

They all carefully move their way around the room to find the light switch. Then Booser feels around the wall and finds something.

Booser: Could this be it?

Booser flips the switch and the lights go on.

Booser: Hey, I found it.

Luigi: Good job.

Lemmy: Hey, wasn't there a door to the kitchen last time?

Lemmy points at the wall that is supposed to have a door in it, but there is nothing there.

Luigi: Where's the door? Last time I came here, there was a door right there!

Booser: Let me see whatís on the other side of that wall.

Booser slowly goes through the wall and when he is on the other side, he sees Dark Boo and Boolossus. He then approaches them.

Booser: Boolossus, Dark Boo!

Dark Boo: Booser, I thought you were with Luigi and Lemmy?

Booser: You mean King Boo never told you about his master plan?

Boolossus: Well, no.

Booser: Well, here it isÖ

Booser tells them King Boos plan, but I cannot tell you until the final chapter.

Boolossus: Ah, an excellent plan indeed. Keep up the good work, Booser.

Booser: You too.

Dark Boo: Weíll be waiting for your return.

They both disappear and Booser pulls out a communicator.

Meanwhile, King Boo is gazing at his Mario and Iggy paintings. Then a communicator rings in. King Boo picks it up, and on the screen of the communicator is Booser.

King Boo: Ah, Booser, what is your status?

Booser: We are almost to Bogmire.

King Boo: And they don't suspect a thing?

Booser: Nope, not at all!

King Boo: Excellent! I knew this was a good plan right from the start!

Booser: But the best part was hypnotizing the real Booser into working for us again after he betrayed us in Mario Party 5!

King Boo: You got that right! Next to Boolossus, you are my second best Boo. I will meet you in a little while.

Booser: Over and out.

Booser hangs up and uses his magic to create a door. He opens it and Luigi and Lemmy are happy to see the door.

Luigi: What did you do?

Booser: I just used some of my magic to create another door.

Lemmy: Not bad.

Booser: Come on, letís head off to the graveyard!

The three of them head off through the kitchen, use the portal through Spookyís old dog house, and appear in the graveyard, where they all can see Bogmire and Bouldergeist.


Bouldergeist: Well, well, well. If it isn't Luigi, AKA the one who trespassed in my galaxy!

Luigi: Well sorry! I needed your Power Star to help rebuild the Comet Observatory.

Bouldergeist: It doesn't matter right now! What matters is me and my cousin beating you!

Lemmy: Bring it on!

Bogmire: Will do!

Bogmire uses magic and they are transported to Ghostly Galaxy and land on Bouldergeist's platform.

Luigi: This brings back memories.

Bogmire and Bouldergeist: PREPARE TO DIE!

Luigi: Lemmy, you take on Bouldergeist, Booser, youíre with me!

Lemmy: Right!

Booser: You got it!

Luigi and Booser charge at Bogmire, who disappears. Luigi waits for a shadow to appear to suck up and shoot at Bogmire. But nothing comes and Bogmire reappears.

Luigi: O_O  WHAT THE?!

Booser: Where's his shadow?

Bogmire: Oh, I'm sorry. Were you looking for my shadows? Well TOO BAD! King Boo replaced that power and gave me this one!

Bogmire lifts his hand up and forms a lightning bolt and throws it at Luigi and Booser. They both dodge it, but barely.

Bogmire: You have no way of beating me!

Luigi: There has got to be some wayÖ.

Meanwhile, Lemmy is having an easier time than Luigi and Booser. But he is having trouble eliminating Bouldergeistís rock barrier.


Lemmy fires his Freeze Gun at a part of Bouldergeist and freezes his hand. Lemmy then pulls out his wand and fires it at the frozen hand. It breaks and Bouldergeist only has one hand left.


Just then 15 Bomb Boos appear and chase after Lemmy. As Lemmy is running he runs past Bogmire, who is hit with a Bomb Boo and gets hurt.

Bogmire: OW! That hurts!

Luigi: Hmm. Lemmy, run back over here!

Lemmy runs past him and Bogmire is hit yet again!


Bouldergeist: Come back to me!

The remaining Bomb Boos hurry back to Bouldergeist, but are not quick enough.

Luigi: I don't think so!

Luigi aims his Poltergust 3000 at them and sucks them right up. He then switches it into reverse and shoots them back at Bogmire, who is hit by all the Bomb Boos and falls.



Bouldergeist grows ten times bigger than he once was and gains the ability to throw fireballs.


Bouldergeist forms fireballs and throws them at our heroes. But they are able to dodge them. Bouldergeist keeps this up until he has had enough of them and forms a giant fireball.

Luigi: We need to think of a plan fast, or we are all toast!

Booser: Hmmm...

Booser examines Lemmy's Freeze Gun, Luigi's Poltergust 3000, and Bouldergeist's fireball.

Booser: I got it! Luigi, when he fires the fireball, use the Poltergust with all its power and suck the fire up. Lemmy, when he fires, freeze Bouldergeist, and Luigi will shoot the flame at him and melt him.

Luigi: Letís put it into action!

Bouldergeist: Prepare to lose!

Bouldergeist shoots the fireball and Luigi quickly jumps up and uses all the Poltergustís power to suck it up.

Bouldergeist: WHAT?!

Lemmy then charges toward him and fires his Freeze Gun at full blast. He is hit and frozen.

Booser: NOW, LUIGI!

Luigi shoots the fire he sucked up and hits Bouldergeist. Bouldergeist doesn't melt, but his rock barrier is gone and everyone sees his true form.

Luigi: Oh yeah, thatís what he looks like. Well, nothing the old Poltergust can't handle.

Luigi walks toward him and sucks him right up.

Bouldergeist: *insert Bouldergeist's sound when you finish him off*

Lemmy: Don't forget about Bogmire.

Luigi turns and sucks him right up too. Then they are all transported back to the graveyard, where the Yoshi and Babies Mario and Luigi paintings appear. Luigi grabs them and takes them back to E. Gaddís lab.

E. Gadd: Very good, Luigi. You beat Bogmire and Bouldergeist and saved tow paintings.

Luigi: Yeah, now letís put Van Gore and Bogmire back into their paintings and add Mr. L and Bouldergeist to the collection.

Luigi empties his Poltergust and all four of the ghosts are turned into paintings. Then E. Gadd puts the Paintifier in reverse and Yoshi and the Babies are back to normal.

With all of King Boo's minions other than Dark Boo and Boolossus defeated, our heroes are ready to face King Boo and get back the Mario and Iggy paintings. But meanwhile...

King Boo: Excellent, they are on their way! Letís prepare ourselves, guys!

Boolossus: Got it, King Boo!

Dark Boo: We won't let you down!

King Boo: Good!

The final battle is almost coming. What will happen? Will Luigi and Co. win and get the paintings back? And something weird is going on with Booser. Find out about all of this in Chapter 10.

Chapter 10: The Truth

As Luigi and Co. leave E. Gaddís lab, something weird is going on with the Booigi painting. It starts to jiggle and out pops Booigi.

E. Gadd: BOOIGI!

Booigi: WAIT! I come in peace.

E. Gadd: Huh?

Booigi: I have something to tell you, actually, show you.

Booigi starts to glow and he changes from his zombified Luigi form into a Boo.

E. Gadd: So?

Booigi: I'm not the real Booigi!

E. Gadd: Wait, so then that means, the one with Luigi and Lemmy is...

Booigi, well, since he doesn't have a head, he just moves himself up and down, like saying yes.

E. Gadd: What should we do?

Booigi: We can't call Luigi on his SP, we have to go after them!

E. Gadd: All right, but we'll need back up. Yoshi, Toad, youíre coming with us.

Yoshi: Right.

Toad: Weíre right with you, man!

E. Gadd: The rest of you stay here.

The four of them leave to go after Luigi and Lemmy and stop them from entering the trap that is about to be sprung. By the time they make it to the mansion, Luigi and Co. are on the pathway to King Boo's room. E. Gadd and the others run as fast as they can to catch up to Luigi. Luigi is just about to twist the doorknob to King Booís room when...


Luigi: E. Gadd? Yoshi? Toad? Booigi?

Booser: I have been waiting too long!

Booser then opens the door and pushes Luigi and Lemmy in. He then shuts and locks the door so the others can't get in.

E. Gadd: Drat!

On the other side of the door, Luigi and Lemmy are seen facing Boolossus and Dark Boo.

Dark Boo: Well well well. Look who's here!

Luigi: All right! Where is King Boo?

Booser: He's right here!

King Boo appears right in front of Luigi and Lemmy.

King Boo: You did an excellent job, Booser.

Luigi: Huh?

King Boo: Thatís right, Luigi! The Booser you were with the whole time was really...

Booser: Booigi!

Lemmy: But wait, Luigi beat and captured Booigi!

King Boo: Yes, but the Booigi you caught was actually the real Booser! I hypnotized him into thinking he was Booigi! And the real one here was Booser. You know, the one I was yelling at outside of E. Gadd's lab!

Booigi: This plan was foolproof! Now we get the pleaser of beating and killing you!

King Boo: Boolossus! Dark Boo! Booigi! Letís get this over with, then we will deal with the other four on the other side of the door!

They all charge toward Luigi and Lemmy.

Luigi: It looks like this is the end for us, Lemmy.

Lemmy: It was nice knowing you.

Our two heroes have found out that Booser was working with King Boo the whole time, and that Luigi had captured Booigi. How will Luigi and Lemmy get out of this? Will they really die? Will Mario and Iggy be forever trapped in their paintings? Find out in the final chapter!

Read on!

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