King Boo Strikes Back

By Blade Guy

Prologue: King Boo's Escape

One night in E. Gadd's lab, E. Gadd was making sure that he had every ghost painting.

E. Gadd: Letís see, Bogmire, Vincent Van Gore, Boolossus, and King Boo. Well, that's the rest of them. I think it's best I get to bed, it's pretty late.

Just as E. Gadd left to go to bed, a black Boo came in and was looking for something. We shall call this Boo, Dark Boo.

Dark Boo: Come on, where is that painting... Score! I found him!

What Dark Boo had found was the painting of King Boo.

Dark Boo: Now it is time to set you free.

Dark Boo used his magical powers to free King Boo, and then, there was smoke coming off the painting. After the smoke cleared, there floated King Boo with his red eyes and blue tongue, but no crown. Then Dark Boo presented King Boo, not with his ruby crown, but an emerald crown. King Boo put on the crown and felt much more powerful.

King Boo: At last! I am free from that awful painting. I thank you, Dark Boo. Now I want you to free three more ghosts!

Dark Boo: Right, my King.

Dark Boo used his magic powers to also free Bogmire, Boolossus, and Vincent Van Gore.

Bogmire: We are free!

Vincent Van Gore: Now zat ve are free, vhat shall we do now?

King Boo: You shall still follow my orders.

Boolossus: Right, King Boo.

Dark Boo: Do you want me to free any other ghosts, sir?

King Boo: NO! All those other ghosts are worthless to me. Now before we go, I must tell you my plan, so be quiet!

Everyone: ...

King Boo: Thank you, now my plan is that we kidnap Mario again, but not just Mario, but also Peach, Daisy, Toad, Toadette, Yoshi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, and Iggy Koopa because I just don't like him.

Boolossus: Why?

King Boo: That doesn't concern you. Now, I want Boolossus to kidnap Mario, both the princesses, Toad, and Toadette; and Bogmire, you kidnap Yoshi, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, and Iggy; and I want Van Gore to make paintings of ghosts, and Dark Boo will use his magic to bring them to life. Understand?

Everyone: Yes sir!

Then they all left, except for Van Gore and Dark Boo.

King Boo: Luigi will pay big time for what he did to me the last time!

Then King Boo heard E. Gadd.

E. Gadd: What is with all the noise?

When he entered the room, he saw King Boo floating in front of him.

E. Gadd: How did you...

King Boo: That is none of you business. But now that I am free, how about you see what it is like to become a painting!

King Boo used his magic skills and put E. Gadd into his old painting.

King Boo: Now we don't have to worry about you getting in the way.

Chapter 1: The Kidnap of Friends and One Foe

It was a peaceful night at the Mario Brosí house because they were having Mario's famous pasta salad.

Luigi: This is good, Mario, how do you do it?

Mario: That is something I cannot reveal, Luigi.

Then, Luigi had to go to the bathroom. While he was gone, Boolossus came through the wall and surprised Mario.

Boolossus: I have come for you, Mario!

Mario: ButÖ but... I thought you were trapped inside a painting. How did you get out?

Boolossus: That is something you don't need to know.

He then grabbed Mario, left a note for Luigi, and floated off. Then Luigi came back in the room, saw the note left by Boolossus, and after he read it, he began to cry.

With Mario in Boolossus's hands, Boolossus had 4 more of Mario's friends to go. His next and final stop was at Peach's Castle. While at Peach's Castle, Peach, Daisy, Toad, and Toadette were enjoying a walk through the courtyard.

Toad: This is a lovely night for a stroll, isn't it, Toadette?

Toadette: Yes it is, Toad.

Then, Boolossus came in and grabbed both Toads.

Peach: Wait, aren't you Boolossus?

Boolossus: Thatís right, and I am here to kidnap you, Daisy, and these Mushroom-heads!

Daisy: Well, you can't do that!

Boolossus: Well too bad!

He swooped down and grabbed both Peach and Daisy. Now all that was left was for him to bring his captives back to King Boo.

During a peaceful night at Yoshi's Island, Yoshi and the Baby Mario Bros. were looking up at the starry night sky.

Yoshi: Isn't it peaceful out, guys?

Baby Mario: Whooo!

Baby Luigi: Oh yes!

Yoshi: Well, Iíd better get you to bed.

Just before Yoshi could pick them up, he stepped into some purple slime.

Yoshi: YUCK! What is this stuff?

Just then, the purple slime started to move, and then it formed into Bogmire.

Bogmire: Mwhahahahaha! I have found you three at last!

Yoshi: Bogmire? What are you doing here?! You are supposed to be trapped in a painting!

Bogmire: I got out, but I cannot talk right now. I am here to kidnap you, then I am off to kidnap Iggy.

Bogmire then lunged at Yoshi, trapping him in his body, then he grabbed both Babies and put them in his body.

Bogime: Now all that's left is Iggy.

Bogmire then heard voices.

?????: This late night attack on Yoshi's Island was a brilliant idea, Iggy.

Iggy: Thanks, Lemmy.

Bogmire: Perfect, I don't even have to go to his castle to get him.

When Lemmy and Iggy were a few feet away from Bogmire, Bogmire lunged at Iggy, trapping him in his body.

Lemmy: IGGY!

Bogmire: You'll never see your brother Iggy again, Lemmy, not with King Boo back with more power!

Bogmire then disappeared, leaving Lemmy standing there crying.

With everyone kidnapped, Bogmire and Boolossus made it back to King Boo, where Van Gore had just finished making ghost minions and Dark Boo was setting them free so they could hide in secret places in the new, spooky mansion King Boo had created while Boolossus and Bogmire were gone.

King Boo: Perfect. You have kidnapped Mario and all of his friends! Now it is time for all of you to experience what it is like in a painting!

Then King Boo started to chant some magic words, and after that, Mario and his friends started to glow, and poof, they were trapped in paintings. Mario was alone, Peach and Daisy were in a painting together, Toad and Toadette as well, Yoshi was alone, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi were together, and Iggy was alone as well.

King Boo: Excellent! Now that they are trapped within paintings, Luigi will have to come and rescue them all, and when he gets to me... I will turn him into a painting! Bwhahahahahahahaha!

With all of Mario and his friends captured, including Iggy and E. Gadd, Luigi will have to go on another adventure by himself. Find out what happens next in Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: The Start of a New Adventure

As Luigi was sitting at the table crying, he realized he was the one who needed to save him. So he got the Poltergust 3000 and headed off to E. Gadd's house. But when he got there, he saw E. Gadd trapped within a painting.

Luigi: NO! I'm too late!

Just then, he heard a scream from outside. Luigi peeked out the door and saw a Boo being yelled at by King Boo with 50 other Boos behind King Boo.


Boo: But I forgot, I mean, how can you remember something when you have been partying for four games?


King Boo and the 50 Boos left the Boo that got yelled at. Then he began to cry while Luigi approached him.

Luigi: Are you really that same Boo who has been partying with me and Mario since Mario Party 5?

Boo: Yes.

Luigi: Then I am sorry for what happened just now. You are welcome to come with me and save my friends.

Boo: Don't you mean our friends, since I joined you guys in Mario Party 5?

Luigi: Yeah... sorry.

And with that, Boo became a member to Luigi's team.

Luigi: Now, before we start our adventure, we need to free E. Gadd from his painting.

Boo: Right, I can set him free. Bring him out here.

Luigi ran inside to get E. Gadd. Then Boo used his magic to free E. Gadd.

E. Gadd: Luigi? What are you doing here?

Luigi: I am here to put King Boo back where he belongs.

Boo: Yeah, inside the painting.

E. Gadd: Huh, Luigi, why do you have a Boo with you?

Luigi: Oh, he is the Boo who joined me and Mario in Mario Party 5, and he wants to fight alongside me now.

E. Gadd: All right, but be careful, you two.

Boo: Don't worry, we will.

And with that, the two ventured off into the haunted mansion.

Chapter 3: Into the Mansion

As Luigi and Boo entered the mansion, it was very dark and spooky-looking, and was crawling with Goomghosts, Koopghosts, and Dry Bones. These all noticed Boo and Luigi and started to attack.

Luigi: What do we do?

Boo: Use your Poltergust 3000.

Luigi: Oh, right.

Luigi turned on the Poltergust 3000 and sucked everything in sight except for the Dry Bones, because they all ran away.

Boo: Nice one!

Luigi: Thank you very much.

The two kept going until they heard voices.

Boo: Hey Luigi, do you hear something?

Luigi: Yeah, and I am freaking out.

Boo: I think I hear something over here.

They both peeked around a corner and saw two Boos holding the Princess Peach and Daisy painting.

Boo: Man, Tamboo, we have to give this painting back to King Dry Bones since he lost it, and if we don't return it to him, King Dry Bones and King Boo might get really angry.

Tamboo: Yeah, youíre right, Booful, we have to hurry and get it back to him.

Booful: Yeah, letís go.

Then they floated off with the painting.

Luigi: Who are Booful and Tamboo?

Boo: They are my brothers. They always used to bully others around because they were protecting me from other bullies. But now I don't know if they will even like me anymore.

Luigi: But why don't you have a name?

Boo: I do, I just don't use very often.

Luigi: Well what is it?

Boo: Well, itís Booser.

Luigi: Kinda sounds like Bowser. But that doesn't bother me, we have to follow those Boos.

Booser: Right, grab your flashlight.

Luigi: I kinda forgot it.

Booser: -_- What kinda hero forgets his flashlight when he is about to go into a haunted mansion?

Luigi: I guess me.

Booser: Yeah, letís get moving.

So they had to run to catch up with Tamboo and Booful, but when they did, they started to slow down so they wouldn't be seen by them. When the Boos finally made it to where they were going, Luigi and Booser were shocked to see a big Dry Bones with a crown on its head.

Booful: Here King Dry Bones, we found your painting youíre supposed to be guarding before Luigi comes.

Luigi: It's too late!

Tamboo: Huh?

Both Boos turned around and saw Luigi and Booser.

Tamboo: Hey, look Booful, it looks like little Booser teamed up with Luigi so he could take King Boo down. That is rich!

Booful: You bet it is! Now letís get them!

But before they got to attack, Luigi turned on the Poltergust 3000 and aimed it at the Boos. Luigi started to suck them up, and once their HP went down to 0, they were gone.

Booser: YEAH! We beat my brothers!

Luigi: Yeah, but now we have to take down King Dry Bones.

But when Luigi looked around, he was nowhere to be seen.

Boo: Hey, where did he go?

After Luigi and Boo took down Tamboo and Booful, they were ready to go and face King Dry Bones, but where did he go? Will Luigi and Boo take King Bry Bones down and save Peach and Daisy? Find all this out in Chapter 4.

Read on!

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