Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter #29: Mario vs Redip, Part 2

Mario backs up until he bumps into a wall. Redip begins to come near him as the fire spreads into the courtyard.

Mario: You will never get away with this.

Redip: My job is to takeover this world, to stop anybody who has an even slight chance of killing me. I was dead, you see. I fooled Jayde into allowing me to come back to prove I was good, and so she gave me this mark. As long as I have it I can't die of age, and illness is non-existent. If I kill what can kill me any other way, I will be left invincible to destroy this place.

Mario: Why do you want to destroy this place?

Redip: Why don't you want me to? As I recall, you don't even live here. You were born in the land on the other side of the warp pipe. What was it? Earth? Why does this land mean anything to you?

Mario: Because this is my NEW home.

Redip: Hmmm. Well then, it means you deserve to die. The Koopa race was meant to stand over all, to have you worthless fungus, insects, fish, and others pointless stuff is nothing more than a waste of space- something me and my army of Koopas can takeover.

Mario: What about the Koopas on our side?

Redip: Betrayers! They'll pay too. I shall take their lives like I shall take yours.

Redip raises his sword and swings at Mario, but he rolls aside.

Mario: I can't walk well, but I can still roll.

Redip: Rolling will only get you so far, Mario.

Redip dashes at Mario, swinging wildly, until Mario approaches the fountain and climbs in.

Meanwhile we see Luigi and the doctor riding down a flaming hall as Peach and Stul dash after them, Peach with her frying pan and Stul firing her super finger nails. The three come towards the end, but Holts emerges in front of them.

Holts: Hi! Remember me?

Holts turns his bone into a boomerang and throws it at them, but Luigi grabs it and snaps it. Holts begins to freak.


Holts jumps at them but Luigi turns and jumps and grabs onto Stul, and Holts emerges and drags them both down.


The three disappear and Peach snaps out of her hypnosis. The doctor and Yoshi run up to her.

Doctor: Peach, are you okay?

Peach: Yes! What is happening? Mario? Mario set the place on fire.

Doctor: Mario is fighting Redip. We need to hurry.

Yoshi: We need to help him.

Peach: Right! For Mario. Let's go.

The three run.

Meanwhile outside, we see Mario blasting fire in the fountain, turning the water to steam to hide himself as he climbs back out. Redip jumps through, instantly knowing that Mario is getting out. Redip lands right on top of Mario and thrusts his sword down at Mario, but he grabs it and tries to hold it up.

Redip: You’re weak! How long do you expect to hold me off?

Mario: Long enough for this fire to kill us both. This way if I die I can say I did it myself as a sacrifice to save the people of this kingdom.

Redip: Such touching words, but obviously your confidence is fading. You’re admitting defeat. Good for you. Did you honestly believe you could beat me?

Mario: Anything is possible.

Redip: I have my eye. With this, no assault on me is. You might as well run into the open fire of a cannon. It's the same type of guts.

Mario: Shut up! You act like you’re too good for this world, like you stand on top of everything. Such pride will be your downfall.

Redip: Heh. Don't you see it yet? This eye makes me superior! I am better than you all. That is why I want to destroy this world. It is pathetic, absolutely pathetic.


Mario starts pushing the sword up away from him, but Redip jumps and lands hard on Mario, causing him to scream.

Above them we see Peach, the doctor, and Yoshi on a balcony. Peach is holding a giant glass ball.

Yoshi: Peach, what is this for? Are we going to knock him unconscious?

Peach: Not quite. Yoshi, do you have those melons I gave you?

Yoshi: Yes! Why?

Peach: When Redip is the most distracted, I'm going to throw this. You aim and shoot the melon seeds at it.

Doctor: What? ... Oh!

Redip swings at Mario, but he catches it again and rolls, causing Redip to stumble off of him. Mario starts limping towards the area below the balcony, and Redip begins to follow. Mario quickly turns and goes to shoot fire, but is distracted when a massive chunk of the building falls and busts on the ground. Redip turns, also distracted.

Peach: Now, Yoshi!

Yoshi: Right!

Yoshi swallows the melons, and Peach throws the giant glass ball over the side towards Redip.

Peach: Wait for it!

The ball closes in.


Redip looks up as the glass ball closes in.

Peach: NOW!

Yoshi spits the seeds at the ball, causing it to shatter and the glass pieces to rain down on him. Redip cowers to block as the glass shards fall into him, and a scream is heard from him.

Mario: What?

Mario looks up to see Peach waving down at him.


Redip spins around and glares at Mario, who grins seeing that Redip has a piece of glass lodged in his marked eye.


Redip limps towards Mario.

Redip: I can still win. I can still kill you. Forget the others.

Redip goes to swing at Mario, but he dodges and blasts fire at him. At last Redip doesn't dodge and is set on fire.


Mario: It... is... OVER!

Mario claps and slams his palms on the ground, and geysers of fire launch up from the ground and zoom up to Redip and blast right up around him, fully engulfing him.



Mario picks up Redip’s sword and walks towards him as he falls to one knee.

Mario: You are pure evil and that fails, so I'm going to kill superior you and your superior eye with your stupid superior sword.

Mario lifts the sword and swings at Redip. The blade connects with Redip’s neck.

Chapter #30: Escape the Castle!

Redip’s body falls to the ground. Mario drops the sword and turns and walks out of the courtyard as Peach, Yoshi, and the doctor stare on.

Peach: It's over!

Yoshi: Yeah, and we'll be over too if we don't get out of here.

Doctor: Right! Let's get out of here.

The three turn and run. The ground rumbles as the balcony breaks apart and falls into no more than rubble on the ground as the fire spreads across the grass and more of the wall begins to break off. Mario limps across the crumbling balcony trying to find even a window, but all the windows are in rooms that all have flames blocking them. Mario steps on weak floor that gives away and drops him to the lower floor, where he is unable to get up.

Mario: OOOWWW! Peach... Yoshi... D...Doctor... Lui...Luigi!

Peach, Yoshi, and the doctor run to the floor below and start running through the halls. Peach and the doctor jump on Yoshi, who keeps going eating ice melons and spitting ice at the fire, slowing it slightly.

Peach: Hurry Yoshi, we need to get out of here.

Yoshi: I kind of figured!

The three take a turn to see Mario, who is laying there not moving. Peach gasps and they pick him up and continue to run out again. The flames cause the ceiling to break and fall below and the floors to give way. Walls crumble, and furniture becomes rubble. The four come into view of the exit and begin a speed dash. Flaming boards fall all about them and the chandeliers shatter and fall. The four approach the door and lunge out into the moat.

Yoshi: WE’RE OUT!

Peach: Not yet!

The four wash along the side of the castle as falling bricks and glass fall into the moat. They swim about to dodge while Mario unconsciously drifts through the water.

Yoshi: Somebody get Mario!

Doctor: I'm trying.

The doctor swims to Mario and grabs him, and the four approach the ramp and climb out and start running until they get into the woods. The doctor drops Mario and pants heavily. The three turn back to the castle.

Peach: Luigi!

Yoshi: Is he still in there?

Peach: Holts dragged him and Stul into the Underwhere.

Doctor: He's as good as gone. There is no more hope for him. Right now all we can do is go to the nearest doctor’s office. I can't do anything without my equipment. I can still save him.

Peach and Yoshi sniff,f and their eyes water a bit. They place Mario on Yoshi’s back and run through the woods.

Off to the side, Warth and Edger watch.

Edger: Hear that? The green brother is dead. The red one might end up the same way.

Warth: Yes! ... PERFECT! This is great. Let's go help the red fatso go to his brother’s side.

Edger: Lovely.

Warth: And get revenge for the boss!

Edger: YEAH! LET'S GO!

Warth runs ahead at high speed.

Edger: I'm going to kill Mario. HE stopped me from obtaining the boss’ power.

Edger hangs out his tongue, which has a mark on it. Edger appears to gain extra marks for draining his brothers’ power orbs.

Edger: Then I shall eat him.

Edger walks off laughing.

At the hospital in the town Mario was at earlier, the doctor and the town's doctor lay Mario down and begin to operate.

Peach: Please be okay, Mario…

Yoshi: He will be. Don't worry. They both helped him before! If one can save him the two together can for sure.

Peach smiles and nods.

Peach: You’re right.

Time ticks by second by second. Peach and Yoshi sit in the waiting room wondering, hoping, praying for the best. As hours pass Peach gets up and begins to walk back and forth. After a little more than three hours, the doctors come out. Peach looks at them.

Peach: Huh? Doctor! ... How is he?

The doctors look up at them and smile. Mario emerges from the room behind them and Peach smiles.

Mario: Let's go and end this!

Peach begins to cry, and runs to Mario and hugs him as he blushes.

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