Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter #31 - Luigi vs Holts Again

We see the Underwhere, where Luigi is with Holts and Stul, who are laughing at him.

Stul: I guess it is okay I was brought here. Now I can help beat you up, dearie.

Luigi: You won't stop me. You can't hope to ever win.

Holts: We beg to differ. The Underwhere is a part of our domain. We live here too, you know?

Luigi: So?

Holts: This will be like in my dimension, only things will go differently. Stul, I am sending you up. The boss may need help against Mario in his match.

Stul: Awww, okay. Send me up.

Holts grabs and pulls Stul above ground, and Luigi begins to run. As he runs he comes to River Styx and is stopped since the boat isn't there. Luigi goes to turn but spots Holts coming back down.


Luigi: Mario... killed Redip... YES!

Holts: Hmmm... I hear you!

Holts zooms down the path toward Luigi. Luigi claps and throws out his hands and electricity flies at Holts, but he jumps and pulls out his war bone.

Holts: This can be more than a boomerang and a blade. Watch this.

Holts's bone glows and turns into a hammer. He begins to swing violently at Luigi, who jumps about as fast as he can to dodge. Holts glows and Luigi freezes and Holts smashes him, sending him sliding across the ground.

Holts: HAHAHAHA! It looks like Greeny is having a rough time. Now for a blade. Watch this! ... Ooh aah, my bone is now a blade.

Luigi: Gahh....Why is it always here?

Holts: I'd be dead otherwise.

Luigi: I can't move...!

Holts zooms at Luigi, who rolls into the River Styx, and his paralysis wears off for some reason.

Holts: Darn it. You could still roll for some reason. Get out of the water so I can get you.

Luigi: No!

Luigi claps but Holts stops him with a grin.

Holts: Use the electricity now. In the water. Zap yourself to death first. Hehe!

Luigi: Ehhh... Gah, now what?

Holts: You come out.

Luigi: No... I realize something.

Holts: Oh!

Luigi claps again and zaps the water, zapping and killing himself. He then disappears.

Holts: What? Where did he go…? THE OVERTHERE! NNNOOOO!

Holts grunts and zooms above ground but keeps going up. We go above the clouds where we see Luigi, who has appeared and is already running to Grambi.

Luigi: Where is he?

Luigi turns a corner but Holts appears. He goes to move but falls apart. He comes together but falls apart again and falls below the clouds.

Luigi: Darn, he knows where I am. I have to hurry.

Luigi begins to run while Holts drills up into the clouds with his bone now drill-tipped. Though Holts keeps going back down, he could get Luigi if he can aim properly before falling. Luigi swerves madly trying to avoid him, and starts going higher.


Luigi: No!

Luigi approaches the vision of Grambi, who moves to him, and they meet.

Grambi: Luigi, you died. How sad. I'm sorry.

Luigi: I need help. You need to send me back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Grambi: You died, though. I can do that only in one way... I revive you in the manner that Jaydes revived those seven.

Luigi: WHAT?

Grambi: Many know their mark. If they see yours, some may get violent.

Luigi: A risk I'm willing to take. I need to save my brother from the last four.

Grambi: Four... Odd, I sense five live.

Luigi: What?

Grambi: I feel five lives of similar energy. Their energy. I'm sending you down. I'll put your mark on the top of your head. DO NOT LET YOUR HAT FALL OFF!

Luigi: Will do.

Grambi: Okay then.

Grambi glows and Luigi disappears.

We then see Edger walking out of the pile of rubble of the castle with Stul and something in his hand.

Stul: Mario did this.

Edger: Yes... for the most part.

Stul: You did some too, right?

?????: Of course. Too bad I'm like this now. Heh. Edger, you’re good with machinery, right?

Edger: Yup. Sure am.

?????: Whip me something up, would you?

Edger: Will do, Boss.

Redip: Good, good.

The two walk off and we see its Redip’s head he is holding, the glass shard still in it. It appears that the glass in his eye is all that is keeping him alive due to it not completely killing the marking. The head laughs, causing Edger and Stul to freak.

Stul: Please, Boss. It’s freaky enough you’re a talking head, but an evil laughing one? Just no, no!

Chapter 32: Bet T.

Mario and Peach walk through the streets of the town, Peach smiling at him as the doctor approaches them.

Doctor: So are you sure you’re okay to continue on?

Mario: I'm fine. No need to worry.

Peach: But don't you need to rest?

Mario: Luigi is out there somewhere. I know it. I have to find him.

Peach: I know but... I just don't want you getting hurt again.

Mario: I'll be fine.

Doctor: Well we are coming with you.

Mario: No!

Peach: Mario, YES!

Mario: What? ... Fine, but please be careful. I'm getting serious now. No more going slow. We are going out and we are going to put down the four remaining.

Doctor: Fine.

The three walk out of town and are greeted by Yoshi.

Yoshi: Yay! You’re okay.

Mario: Yup! Nice to see you too. Do you want to join us?

Yoshi: Of course. You’re nothing without me.

Doctor: Hahaha

Mario: Oh, haha!

Yoshi: Haha is right. Hop aboard, Peach.

Peach gets on Yoshi and they proceed into the woods.

We now go to a fancy mansion deep in the darkest corner of the woods. We see a darkened room and some sparks flying up and Edger wearing a welding mask.

Edger: Hang on, Boss. We are almost down.

Redip: Good. I'd be nothing without your aid now.

Edger: Always nice to hear that from somebody higher up.

Redip: Of course. Listen, do you think Father would be interested in our return to the kingdom?

Edger: How should I know? When we were killed it was together and by him. He killed us to take eyes off him.

Redip: ... .It could go either way.

Edger: Let's just hope he'll be happy to see us. Otherwise we broke into his place for nothing.

Redip: Haha, yeah, I guess so eh!

Edger: There... done. Try it out!

Redip: Will do.

We get a shot of the outside of the mansion and some gunfire and explosions are heard followed by laughter.

We now go to another strange town. We see Warth and Holts in a bar.

Warth: So Luigi is in the Overthere. Now what?

Holts: Only one thing. He may get revived, but if he does.....

Warth: The brat will be like us.

Holts: Right… Thankfully though, not everybody knows of us. We may be able to convince them Luigi is evil, and then...

Warth: One of us gets off the hook of their hunt.

Holts: Who though? Only four of us live.

Warth: Well you don't need that. You can't be killed. Either me or Stul should be protected.

Holts: Not Edger?

Warth: I saw him... with Tongulty...

Holts: When?

Warth: I saw him kill Tongulty. I was going to let it go because I really didn't like Tongulty after he tried to eat me, but...

Holts: Your humor... it's humorous at the least.

Warth: You don't believe me... then explain how the Brothers would know how to kill us properly.

Holts: Wha...?

We now go to the woods, where the group is walking at a quick speed. Eventually they see a Mushroomer curled by a tree.

Mario: Excuse me. Are you okay?

Mushroom: Huh? Help, please... She is after me…

Yoshi: Who?

Mushroomer: The Magikoopa woman with the fingernails.

Mario: Stul...

Mushroomer: My name is Bet T. I study supernatural events and ritualistic activity. In my studies I learned of revival rituals apparently performed on her. She attacked almost instantly after.

Mario: So you can help us. Please, come with us. We'll help you.

Bet T: Thank you. So you’re Mario, Yoshi, and the princess, I’d recognize you three anywhere; but who are yoouuu?

The doctor looks at her and the two stare at each other momentarily.

Doctor: My name’s Mar T, beautiful.

Bet T: Ohhohoh

Bet T. walks up to the doctor/Mar T, and the group walk on those two holding hands.

Mar T: I'll protect you.

Bet T: Th...thank you.

The group keep on walking, and we see Stul watching.

Stul: Keep your mouth shut, you little fungus. If you rat info on us I'll have to dice you and use you in my next meal.

Stul turns and gasps.

Stul: Boss... You... Edger is GOOD!

Redip: Ahaha, thanks. Like it. Just keep me from water and we'll be good to go.

Edger: Haha, yup. Let's go kick some butt.

Stul: Wait, there is info. Bet T. got away. She is with Mario.

Edger: NO!

Redip: How did she get away?

Stul: She has... the stone.

Redip: Eh... You mean THE stone?

Stul: Yes.

Edger: DARN IT! Now what?

Stul: We attack strategically.

Edger: Fine but... I can't believe this.

Redip: The stone is with the Brothers. The five of us will need to gang up on them.

Edger: Fine. Let's go get Holts and Warth.

The three walk in the other direction while the Mario Gang head into a clearing field and are soon out of view.

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