Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter #33 – Redip’s Makeover

We see Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Mart. T, and Bet T. walking through a clearing towards another city. As they move, Mario turns to Bet T.

Mario: Excuse me Bet T, you said that you knew something of these things.

Bet T: That I do. I have this stone. It's called the Stone of Life.

Yoshi: What does it do?

Bet T: Devised from dust from crushed bone, it has the ability to kill the living and revive the dead through mysterious powers if used properly.

Yoshi: Do you know how to work it?

Bet T: That is the thing... No, I don't.

Mar T: You don't. How will it help then?

Bet T: They know what it is. We can make them think we do and scare them off at least to hold them off.

Peach: I guess that would work.

Mario: At least for a while.

Peach: Yeah!

They keep walking. Meanwhile we go to Redip and the other four, who have gathered together in a city square. People walk by and stare at Redip.

Warth: Woah! Boss, look at you.

Edger: Looks cool, doesn't he?

Holts: I'd say. You made this?

Redip: Yup, he did. I'm so glad I have such awesome family.

Edger: Awww, we’re touched.

Stul: Yeah! You look like one big piece of eye candy.

Redip: Oh, haha. I'm metal except for my head. Don't eat this candy.

Warth: Oh, your humor never fails to bore me. By the by, I spotted Mario on my way here with Holts.

Holts: You did?

Warth: Yeah. They are coming HERE!

Redip: Well well, luck is on our side. They can look at the new me and then die before the new me.

Edger: Wow, I boosted the pride factor a couple of notches, didn't I?

Redip: HAH! I don't need my eye anymore... but just don't take it out, I wanna live a little longer.

Random Koopa: HEY, MARIO IS HERE!

Stul: Well well, guess who?

Warth: The fun begins.

Citizens go running to meet Mario. Mario quickly signs autograpghs as he and the gang push their way through town.

Mario: What a bad time to be looking for this stuff. I don't have time for you all. I'm on a quest here. I'm just passing by.

Peach: Mario... it's them. The four of them, and they built a robot.

Yoshi: WHAT?

Mario: Huh... Oh dang, not here…

Holts: Hello Mario. You've come to us, have you?

Mario: Grrr. You think you can take us all down?

Edger, Warth, Stul, Holts, and Redip: Yes!

Peach: That isn't what we are looking to do here.

Mario: Who is the robot you built?

Redip: Me... Oh, right. HI GUYS, REMEMBER ME?

Mario and Peach: That... voice!

Mario: It can't be.

The screen spins to show a robot about the height of two Luigis on top of each other. A helmet is on it with some kind of sensor thing on the front. The robot is constructed from a giant metal-box shaped thing for the body and rectangular prism-shaped metal boxes for arms and legs connected to the body by some kind of coils. The hands and feet look normal except they’re made of metal. The helmet flips back to reveal Redip’s head.

Redip: IT'S MEEE!

Mar T: NO! I saw Mario cut your head off.

Redip: You forgot to do something, Mario.

Mario: What could I have not done?

Redip: You forgot to make sure I was dead.

Redip raises a hand and a two-foot blade emerges from the knuckles on his right hand. He lunges at Mario and swings at him, but he backflips. People in the city begin to run about screaming.

Edger: I did a good job, didn't I?

Peach: You did this?

Edger: Yup! Not bad, eh?

Redip swings at Mario but he keeps dodging. Mario eventually backs into a corner and Redip swings, only for Mario to duck and his blade to lodge into the wall. Mario goes to run but the coil of Redip’s left arm extends, causing his arm to extend altogether and punch Mario, knocking him over. Redip retracts his arm and blade and begins to move toward Mario.

Redip: Truly a piece of art this body is. I have to give credit to Edger. Good, high quality credit. Watch this.

Redip’s chest plate opens, revealing five concealed razor blades that launch. Mario goes to dodge but they slice into his shoulder and knock him over again.


Redip: Be my guest, but shut UP!

A blade emerges from Redip’s left foot and he kicks Mario, causing him to roll over. Mario claps and blasts Redip with fire, only for nothing to happen.

Warth: Fireproof, I take it.

Edger: Yup.

Redip: This time I have you down, and you’re not getting away.

Redip retracts the foot blade and holds up the fingers on his left hand, each digit with bullet holes on it.

Redip: I'll pump you with more bullets than anything else in you.

Chapter #34 - Luigi Returns

Redip holds up his hand and aims at Mario.

Redip: Give Funja my best regards.

Mario starts to back up as Redip loads the gun in a second and takes aim again. Mario scurries to his feet and goes running as the bullets fire and zoom through the square after Mario.

Peach: MARIO!

Stul: SHUT UP!

Peach: What... did you just say to me?

Stul: I said shut up!

Peach: OH, THAT'S IT!

Peach jumps at Stul and they throw slaps at each other. We then see Yoshi and Edger fighting and Mar T. and Bet T. running from Warth. Holts watches from the side.

Holts: I'd fight but I'm too slow up here. I'm going inside.

Holts breaks into a nearby house.

Mushroomer: AAAAAHHH!

Holts: Shut up and give me a beer... Aw man…

Mushroomer: YOU GOT MY SOFA WET!

Holts: I'm a skeleton... WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?

Mushroomer: GET OUT!

Holts walks out.

Holts: I'd kill you but I don't want to.


Mario: No!

Mario grabs a nearby brick and hurls it at Redip but it bounces off. Redip then opens his chest plate again and fires the blades, which circle Mario. Mario goes to move but trips.

Redip: Wire-loaded blades. You’re tied up in metal wire now.

Redip shuts his chest plate and opens his helmet to revea, his regular eye is now metal too. A laser fires out and gets Mario shoulder, which he grabs.

Mario: What... did I... do... to.. DESERVE THIS?! AAAHHHHH!!!

Redip: You came and became a threat to any evil. You’re evil’s number one target… Huh?

Redip turns to see Peach beat Stul with a frying pan, sending her flying into Redip’s face and causing him to stumble back. Mario jumps up and grabs onto Redip and makes a massive fire explosion, bursting Redip to pieces an horrifying everybody but Edger, who smiles. The pieces of metal seem to be connected by more wire that winds together and pulls the body back together.

Redip: WAHAHA!

Mar T: This... can't be.

Redip: You’ve seen me and what I can do, and now you get to all fall to me.

Redip then opens his mouth to reveal some kind of gun thing that begins to glow.

Redip: Die... you thing.

Redip goes to shoot but electricity zooms in and blasts Redip, causing him to shriek and spin about. Everybody turns to see Luigi walking at Redip, throwing more bolts that toss him around.


Redip goes to shoot but Luigi falls into the ground and emerges at Redip’s feet and blows him apart, only for him to come back again.

Holts: How did… How did he…?

Edger: He is like us, remember? He died and Grambi revived him with a mark. He has powers too.

Stul: Say what?

Redip jumps and hovers in the air from wing-like things on his back.

Redip: What is wrong with you?

Luigi: None of your business.

Luigi holds his hands out and electricity spreads all over and around Redip, causing him to fly back and crash into a wall. The building then caves in on him but he emerges again.

Luigi: You’re not so normal either.

Redip: Hmm… I think I understand why you’re like this. Where is it?

Luigi: None of your business.

Mario: What is he talking about?

Luigi: Nothing.

Redip: Your brother is one of us now, Red. The living dead. He too has a mark somewhere... but where is somewhere?

Mario gasps and Peach looks like she is ready to cry as Luigi grunts.

Redip: Not in the open. Perhaps concealed somewhere. LIKE HERE!

Redip makes his hand blades appear and pins Luigi's feet to the ground. Luigi grunts in pain and Redip pulls back.

Redip: No... Maybe I'll just dice you up.

Redip opens his chest plate to fire his blade, but Luigi smiles.

Luigi: Wrong move.

Luigi blows electricity inside of Redip, causing him to serge and a massive blast of smoke to emit.

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