Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter #35 - Danet the Father

The smoke blows about and clears to reveal Redip in perfect condition.

Redip: Is that it?

Luigi: What? Are you kidding me?

Redip: I am PERFECT!

Holts: That "perfect" junk is finally for real.

Edger: And it's all thanks to ME!

Warth: Haha, hate to say it, but yup.


Mario gets up and runs at Redip, who jumps up and hovers from wings coming out of his back. He opens his mouth and charges some energy ball thing.

Mario: NOW!

Mario and Luigi fuse their fire and electricity to form an orange glowing energy beam that flies into him and disintegrates Redip’s body, leaving his head, upper body, arms, and wings with many hanging wires.

Edger and Redip: WHAT?

Yoshi and Mar T: YES! Way to go.

Redip: Wahahah! Try this.

Two mega-thin legs branch out from underneath him and he begins to run while super jumping and wall kicking about.

Luigi: Darn, stop moving.

Mario: We need to get him, and I know how.

Mario claps and throws fire along the ground, and Redip lands in it and goes up in, flames but shakes it off easily. Luigi then jump-kicks him and bounces off.

Redip: HAH! Try this.

Redip opens his helmet and his eye begins to fire lasers again. Luigi jumps and grins.

Luigi: I don't need to clap anymore.

Mario, Redip, Peach, Mar T., and Edger gasp. Luigi lands and starts walking towards Redip while snapping his fingers. Upon snapping them Redip goes up in a blast of electricity. He then snaps and another explosion occurs. This happens three more times, and when it wears off Redip is left a head rolling about with wires hanging from the bottom.


Redip rolls away down a street and Luigi gives chase as a Bzzap comes up to Mario on two legs with two arms.

Bzzap: Hmm that was impressive. I'm surprised you guys did that to HIM!

Mario: You know him?

Bzzap: Redip, right? I'd know my son anywhere.

Mario: WHAT?

Warth: Son... Dad!

Bzzap: Yup!

Stul: Dad... Oh my god.

Bzzap: Of course.

Mario: How are you all different species and still related?

Bzzap: A secret. My name is Danet. Call me the Ultimate Sting, a name givin’ to me.

Holts: What are you doing here?

Danet: I’ve lived here since I found out of your death.

Holts: You know.

Danet: Of course. I know Jaydes well. You see, we go way back.

Mario: What? Jaydes has been dead for hundreds of thousands of years, though.

Danet: Right. I've just skipped death. You won't skip yours, though. You see, you've rekilled two of my kids and are really beating up another. I can't sit back and allow all of my kids to die, so I will combat you, Mario Mario.

Mario: You will apparently, super old man.

Danet: Gutsy, too.

Peach: Go, Mario!

Danet: Hmmm. Sorry my dear, but your friend will be going to Grambi early.

Danet begins to walk toward Mario and Mario sets him on fire, but it blows out instantly. A stinger needle the size of Mario’s hand shoots out from Danet’s robe and goes at Mario, but he jumps. Danet jumps too and swats Mario, sending him flying to the ground.

Danet: Hehehe, sorry. You, like all good-doers, need to die.

Danet fires another stinger that is blasted with electricity. Meanwhile, Luigi comes running from a Redip robot that is again in perfect condition.

Edger: Hah! Reconstruction.

Yoshi: What?

Edger: I put a regeneration chip in his head so as long as the head and one wire remains he can rebuild lost limbs.

Redip zooms in and past Danet and goes into rapid-fire, blasting everything in sight in a fit of rage. Everybody else run while Danet walks up to Redip.

Danet: Calm down, Son.

Redip: GAAAHHH... Wha?

Danet: I said calm down, Son.

Redip: Son... My father was a Koopa, and my mother too.

Danet: Heheh, you mean Shelby and Koopatrick?

Redip: Yeah, how did you know?

Danet: Redip, did it ever enter your mind why you the seven of you are all different species?

Redip: No!

Danet: Okay, well why don't we give chase and when we catch them I'll show you why, okay?

Redip: Ummmm, interesting reunion, but okay.

Danet: Good boy. Now let's go… Mind if I hitch a ride?

Danet turns into smoke and flies into Redip, whose eyes glow red.

Danet: You don't mind me placing my soul in you, do you?

Redip walks off almost zombie-like and disappears in smoke.

Chapter #36 - Earth

Mario and the gang go running through the field again towards the forest, but stop when they don't hear anything. They turn to see them all gone.

Mario: Where are they?

Peach: How should I know?

Yoshi: Do we go back?

Peach: We’ll wait a while.

Mar T: Okay.

They stand there in hiding in the woods. Meanwhile we go to Danet talking with the five.

Danet: So I've learned everything about your problems. Interesting at the least. I'm glad to see you all alive.

Warth: Tell us how you can be so old. TELL US!

Danet: Angry as always. Okay. I can relocate my soul. I can transfer it between any nearby body. Thus I can live as long the body. In other words, I can live forever.

Stul: That is amazing.

Danet: And that is why you’re all my kids. I just took over the body of beings from all of your species at one time or another. Hah, why are we sitting around? I'm eager to kill the ones after you.

Warth: That we can relate to. Let's go.

The six go running into the field and towards the woods. As they get close Mario spots them and they start rushing through the forest until they exit back in the town with the pipe to Earth. When they get there they dive into the hospital. When the six arrive Redip stops and opens his helmet, and a red light comes from his eye and scans the place.

Redip: X-ray vision says they are in the hospital.

Redip turns his arm into a gun and starts to open rapid-fire on the hospital, shattering the windows and cracking the walls.

Danet: Wow! Who did that for you?

Edger: Me, Father. I did.

Danet: Good for you. Always making sure your family lives safely.

Edger: Yup... That's me.

Mario jumps out the door and rolls across the ground and throws fire and hits all six, but when the smoke clears they are all safe.

Danet: Really I'm ultimate everything, I guess. I can put up a shield too.

Mario jumps and goes into rapid-fire, and Luigi jumps out and goes into rapid-thunder as the others run out of the hospital and make a run for it, except for Yoshi, who runs up and throws eggs and spits seeds too.

Danet: Hah! Futile... Simply futile

The smoke thrown up clears to reveal them all safe behind a glowing barrier.

Danet: I can't be killed.

Mario: I hit you earlier.

Danet: I let you, to show you how much power I have without this shield.

Holts: Okay, you are COOL!

Danet: Stop acting childish, please. Not to be mean, but you’re all adults.

Holts: Sorry.

Danet: That's okay, Son. Want to show me what you got?

Holts: OKAY!

Holts pulls out his bone weapon and morphs it into a boomerang and throws it at Mario, and he jumps it and it comes back and beats Yoshi down. Holts catches it as Edger flings out his water drain tentacles, but the three dodge it. Danet then spits a green stream of acid that they just duck under.

Mario: Darn it. RUN!

Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi start running after the others.


Danet: Then stop!

Danet flies after them at super speed while the others give chase. Holts of course goes underground. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi approach the pipe to Earth, where the others are.

Bet T: Where does this go?

Mario: Home... Earth!

Luigi and Peach: EARTH?! NO WAY!

Yoshi, Mar T, and Bet T: What? Really? Where did you learn this?

Mario: The mayor told me during my first visit.

Peach: Don't let them near the pipe.

Danet: Too late.

The six turn to Danet and Warth. The other four catch up and stand back for Warth and Danet. Danet blows a massive burst of wind and everybody goes to run, but Mario and Mar T. are blown into the pipe.

Peach: MARIO, NO!


Danet: Are you ready, Warth?

Warth: Yes. What are you going to do anyway?

Danet: You'll see.

Danet puts his hand on Warth’s palm where his marking is, and it begins to glow and expands a bit. Danet then pushes Warth into the pipe and everyone gasps.


Danet: Begun the destruction of Earth. Who wants to go watch? Stul? Okay.

Danet throws Stul into the pipe.


Danet: Making sure Mario dies. Let's deal with these things now.

Luigi: What? Fine, come get some. I want to get my brother so this will need to be quick.

Danet: Sure, whatever.

Danet glows and turns to smoke and flies into Peach.

Danet: But would you kill your precious girlfriend?

Luigi: WHAT?

Danet: That's right. I can relocate my soul. Now come and get me.

Danet pulls a frying pan out and beats Luigi to the ground. Yoshi goes to throw an egg at him and he laughs.

Danet: Go ahead, but it'll be her who takes the damage. You won't kill me, you'll only kill her.

Yoshi: No...

Bet T: What do we do?

Holts: You can always give up.

Luigi: NO!

Luigi, Yoshi, and Bet T. turn and run, but they give chase, laughing very evilly. We then go to Mario, waking up in a hospital.

Mario: Oh, where am I?

Lady: You’re lucky. We found you washed up from the sewage pipe.

Mario: What...? You’re... human... like me. Where am I?

Lady: Oh my... Severe amnesia. I’d better get a doctor.

Mario: NO! Where am I?

Lady: A hospital.

Mario: In where?

Lady: New York!

Mario: ... Wha... wha... what? New York?!

Lady: I'm getting a doctor, I'll be back.

The lady runs out of the room. She goes up to a man in a green suit.

Lady: Doctor, the guy woke up. He has amnesia. What do we do? Send him to surgery?

Doctor: Calm down, Nurse. Guide me to his room.

The nurse takes the doctor to Mario's room to see it empty and the window open.

Doctor: Get security.

The doctor and nurse run out of the room.

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