Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter 41: Luigi the Demon

We finally return to the Mushroom Kingdom to see Luigi rushing through the woods. He comes to a clearing and rushes through the trees to the end. As he emerges he sees himself standing on a cliff. He looks over the edge and shudders in fear.

Luigi: Darn it! They'll catch up to me now. What to do, what to do?

Luigi looks around and eyes a small ledge along the cliff wall. He makes his way across it and begins to slide across it slowly as particles and pebbles or the rocky side crumble and roll down the side. He shudders and pauses a bit but quickly restarts upon the sound of voices closing in. He reaches the edge and climbs onto another ledge to see a small opening, not a tunnel, merely a small, hut-sized spot. He goes into it and hides, as we go to where he started to see Edger, Redip, and Danet arriving at the cliff where he came from.


Danet: Calm down. We'll find him. He had to have emerged here. DARN IT! Why did your eye have to get busted?

Redip: Gee, I don't know. Why are you all of a sudden so infuriated? You were the calmest of all of us.

Danet: Yeah, well I'm not exactly liking this Luigi.

Redip: Yes, I know! Now let's look. Spread out.

The three go in different directions. Luigi peeks out and sighs, then turns to Holts, who has found him and emerged behind him. Luigi shrieks and falls on his butt.

Holts: You are a pain, you know that!

Luigi: What do you want?

Holts: What kind of question is that? You know I wish to kill you. We have been feuding hand and hand quite a few times now. I'd like this to be our last battle.

Luigi: Right now I am in no place to battle you!

Luigi goes into the ground and Holts grins before going under. We go to an underground chamber now to see Edger descending a flight of stairs from land above. He enters the chamber, fancily lit with torches, with nothing else in the chamber but a single table lit by the long range light. Edger goes up to the table and looks at it, and spots a photo on the floor near it of Mario and Luigi. He bends down and picks it up.

Edger: Heh! So you have been here. Question is, was it before or during this chase?

Edger goes to rip the picture when the chamber shakes and Luigi emerges in the chamber face to face with Edger, who backs up in shock.

Edger: YOU!

Luigi: OH PHOO!

Edger: I have been eager to kill you.

Luigi: BACK OFF!

Luigi is about to go underground again but Edger grabs him by the arm and throws him into a wall.

Edger: So how many times have you been here? Is this how you avoided us?

Luigi: I have nothing to say to you.

Edger: Why? Speak to your brother.

Luigi: BROTHER? YEAH RIGHT! I'm not falling for any mind game.

Edger: Think of it. You died and came back, no?

Luigi: Yeah, so?

Edger: And you have one of our markings, no?

Luigi: ... Yeah... so?

Edger: Well technically you are now considered a demon.

Luigi: No way. A person like me? Nothing less than an angel.

Edger begins to laugh crazily and speaks through bursts of laughter to an annoyed Luigi.

Edger: You have GOT to be kidding. Your marking is a flaming pitchfork. Isnít it? Or is it the shining wings?

Luigi: The... pitchfork.

Edger: So Jaydes gave you the marking, not Grambi.

Luigi: So then...

Edger: Well you are a demon then. Simple! LIVING DEAD! JUST LIKE ME!

Luigi's eyes widen and Edger grins.

Edger: I thought you weren't going to cave. I guess the truth is just too evident to you now.

Edger holds a hand to Luigi and his energy draining tentacles fly out. Luigi jumps aside as they strike the wall. Luigi throws electricity at Edger. Edger spreads and takes the hit and waves the tentacles about, allowing the electricity to surge into the walls and ceiling and causing debris to fall.

Edger: HAH! WORTHLESS! I have absorbed so much energy over time I can very easily survive your strikes. Now, what to do to you?

Luigi: Gah!

Holts emerges from the floor and turns to the two.


Edger: Yup! I get the trophy. His head!

Luigi: ... UmmmÖ Holts, don't you want to kill me?

Holts: Yes I do.


Holts: Lay off. I deserve this. Stop being greedy for once.

Edger: NO! I AM GREED!

The two turn to each other and fume as Luigi goes into the floor. Holts quickly turns back.


Holts goes into the floor.

Edger: Gah! Thanks to Jaydes, Holts really is the only one who can handle him.

Edger goes up the steps to meet with Danet. Danet frowns at him.

Danet: I heard the argument. You two let him get away.

Edger: Yeah! It seems that Holts is...

Danet: No! I know. I feared this. Hmmmm. If Holts really is our only hope of killing Luigi then we may need to kick up the ante and deal with the others. Where is Bet T?

Edger: I don't know. We left her to go after Luigi.

Danet: We need to kill her so she can't stop Holts. And trust me... That fungus can.

Edger: Oh?

Danet: Yes. Also... Luigi is in fact a demon.

Edger: He is?

Danet: Oh yes. You were right. That marking is proof enough.

Edger: So how do we kill him? Just like us?

Danet: Yes!

Edger: Dad, where is your marking?

Danet grins.

Danet: Can you handle knowing it?

Edger gives a puzzled look, and we go to Redip, who is stomping through the woods shooting missiles and tearing up anything in the way.


Redip makes blades pop out of his wrists and he slices through trees. When the trees land it leaves a wide path torward to a clearing with a village at the end. Redip grins and makes a run for the spot.

We now go to the pipe to Earth. Luigi emerges to see Bet T. glaring at it. He goes up to her and kneels by her.

Luigi: Mar T?

Bet T: I miss him.

Luigi: I see. Well, we can go in. If they find out, though, I am sure they will destroy the pipe. The loss of Warth and Stul would mean squat to them.

Bet T: I know. I knew you would come back eventually. I am just glad they didn't follow. Luigi, I have something for you. Grasp it carefully.

Bet T. gives Luigi her glowing stone.

Bet T: This revives the dead and kills the living. While holding it... you can be affected. You want to remain one of them until it is all over.

Luigi: Then why give it to me?

Bet T: I think you know what to do with it.

Luigi: ... Him?

Bet T. nods and Luigi stands straight and makes a fist and a face of determination.

Luigi: Right! This was meant to be finished by me. This endless dueling... I need to kill Holts.

Bet T. nods without a word.

Luigi: Right then. How do I use it?

Bet T. sits Luigi down and begins to explain.

We zoom out and see a grinning Redip. The village he found is the one with the pipe. He lets out a chuckle and backs off and walks out of view. Redip goes back to the clifftop, where they split up and shoot a laser into the water below. The impact causes a shockwave that rips up some of the siding. The cliff begins to give in and slowly cracks and crumbles as Redip stomps off.

Redip: Not coming through here anymore.

Redip punches the ground and it cracks, starting a chain reaction. The cracks begin to move inward.

Redip: If Luigi cannot be killed then I'll kill the land he stands on top of.

Redip walks off, laughing evilly. He bumps into Holts, who is slowly limping out towards him.

Redip: Why are you walking?

Holts: The brat is in the ground. He somehow moves faster than me down there. I need to stay above land to throw him off since he expects me down below.

Redip: Yeah, well underground isn't the only place where he has an advantage on you now.

Holts: What?

Redip: He got to... her.

Holts: Who? ... NO! NO NO NO NO!!!

Redip: I will stand by you. He has the stone.


Redip: I know what you have to do.

Holts: What?

Redip picks up Holts and starts running. Holts tightly holds on as they zoom out of sight.

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