Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter 42: Holts Evacuates! The Secret Revealed!

We see Redip zooming through the woods with Holts riding on his back to the site where Luigi and Bet T. are. Holts gasps at the sight of the stone with her, then looks at her and squints his glowing eyes. As they look, Bet T. tells Luigi more and more about what to do with the stone.

Luigi: I see. So basically if I'm not careful it will revive me.

Bet T: Right! You want to be a demon until they die.

Luigi: Ah, I see. Can I ask a question?

Bet T: Yes you may.

Luigi: Why do you know this? Where did you get the stone? Honestly now.

Bet T: I don't think you want to know. It's a matter of my own personal secrets.

Luigi: I see. Well I know something’s up with you.

Bet T: Something is up with all of us. We are designed to store knowledge and to hold this knowledge from others unless we so desire to. Secrets and publicity are two sides of the same coin under knowledge.

Luigi: Yes! Where is Holts?

Bet T: I don't know. You can find him, I'm sure.

Luigi: Right!

Luigi sighs and hangs his head while Bet T. pats him on the back.

Over with Redip and Holts, Holts is trying to go underground but Redip grabs him. Redip shakes his head and points to the pipe as Holts grows afraid.

Holts: No Redip! I'm not going in there.

Redip: Why not? Stul and Warth are in there. It would be wrong NOT to go in there.

Holts: Then you go in there. Mario and that doctor are in there.

Redip: But my body. What would happen if I went in?

Holts: I don't know. All I know is I am getting out of here.

Redip: Come with me into the pipe.

Holts: And leave Edger alone? I'm loyal to my family.

Redip: And yet you want to run away.

Holts: I want to live.

Redip: You are dead and dead again.

Holts: And yet here I am talking to you.

Redip: Holts, we don't have time to argue. What are we doing?

Holts: I am evacuating. I'm taking Dad and Edger with me.

Redip: Dad? Dad will never leave. Thanks to Veny and Tongulty being killed, he is locked on trying to kill Mario and Luigi.

Holts: Then he won't come. So what? I'm out of here.

Holts pushes Redip’s arm away and goes underground. Redip sighs and turns to where Luigi and Bet T. are. The two stand up and prepare to walk away, but Redip, angered, walks out into the open, rapid-firing missiles at them. Luigi grabs Bet T. and runs as Redip gives chase.


Redip approaches the pipe and, making sure nobody is looking, jumps into the pipe.

We see Danet with Edger walking through the woods. Edger is constantly looking at his father, who is still in Peach’s body. Danet looks at him and sighs.

Danet: Yes, I know! Dad, why do you need to be in a woman’s body?

Edger: Well, it's weird.

Danet: It also disables one of those pests. Don't worry. Once I take over Mario or Luigi’s body we'll be good to go.

Edger: WHAT?

Danet: Oh yes. I want to possess one of them.

Edger: Are you nuts?

Danet: Not at all. Now, Holts and Redip. Where did they run off to?

Edger: Well if we keep walking we should catch up to Holts in no time, no matter where he is or how far ahead. As for Redip, he could be anywhere. Probably they are together looking for Luigi. Holts wants to kill Luigi because he killed Veny.

Danet: I see. Well then, it's best we find them, at least to help. I can't handle the loss of another of my children.

Edger: Dad, which of us is youngest?

Danet: Your sister.

Edger: Ah, I see. Okay.

Danet: Come on. We have to run.

The two start to speed up.

We now go to Holts, who we see arriving at the mess of Peach’s castle. He goes up to one of the few, not completely destroyed places and goes inside. It is only a single room, now messy, charred, and nearly broken into pieces, as it is only held being held together by a few weakening boards. He sits on one of the boards and sighs.

Holts: I'm a fool. A coward. Why am I running? So what if Luigi can kill me? I'll drag him to my land. Then again, I'd have to grab him and he could get me. DARN IT! I'm not worthy. Not worthy at all.

Holts lets out a sigh and looks up through a hole in the roof.

Holts: Do I go back? No… No, I can't.

Holts goes to leave, and stops.

Holts: I need to really leave. I need to evacuate the kingdom. But… Earth? No, I can't go there... I'll go on the road... No, I think I know where I'll go.

Holts goes into the ground.

We now go to Earth. We see the warehouse and red eyes appearing, and then a robotic voice sounds.

?????: Where am I? Mario? Where is he?

A clanking sound is heard as the now obvious Redip progresses out of the building. As he exits we see he has changed into a cyborg turtle, half humanized turtle and half robot. He clanks out into the streets.


Redip looks on in terror and listens to the loud roars and explosions. He looks off into the distance to see Warth running towards the area in a violent rage while smashing through everything.

Redip: W-W-Warth?

Redip lifts up his arm and nothing happens.

Redip: Darn! Edger’s work is useless here. My powers are only in full motion at home. Well Redip, time to be creative.

A person runs by Redip, who grabs the person by the face and hauls him back.

Redip: Sorry but this'll hurt.

Redip slams the guy against a nearby building wall and we zoom out. The building then explodes and we see Redip in the smoke and the guy gone with the building.

Redip: I can still blow things up. Coooool!

We now go to the woods in the Mushroom Kingdom, where Veny and Tongulty are buried. Holts emerges by their graves and begins to think to himself.

Holts: Gah! This is too much… Wait... They'd be in the Underwhere... They... Oh yay!

Holts goes underground and emerges in the Underwhere. He begins to speed around until he spots Veny. He runs up to him and stops him.

Holts: VENY!

Veny: HOLTS! What are you doing here?

Holts: Luigi. He killed you, and now he has the stone needed to kill me and plans to use it.

Veny: Wait a minute... Luigi didn't kill me.

Holts: WHAT?

Veny: He ALMOST did. Then Edger did and stole my energy orb out of my marking.

Holts stutters for a moment and backs up a bit.

Holts: No! He's rotten but not that rotten. He'd never…

Veny: Ask Tongulty. He did the same to him too.

Holts: Not true.

????????: True!

Holts turns to see Tongulty.

Tongulty: It is. I tried to eat him but he got me.

Holts: N...

Veny: Yes!

Holts sighs and almost cries.

Holts: I see. Well in that case... Edger needs to die.

Tongulty: Can I eat him?

Holts: When he gets here you can eat him over and over and over.

Tongulty: YAY!

Holts grunts and his eyes darken to a blood red.

Holts: I'm out of here.

Holts rises up out of sight.

Veny: Good luck, Holts. He will kill you if you're not careful.

Holts goes up and out of sight. He emerges on a beach.

Holts: Gah, where in the world am I?

Holts looks around before sighing.

Holts: Well Holts, we have some searching to do.

Holts goes underground.

We now go to Edger and Danet, who are seen walking through a foggy forest. They keep going and eventually end up at Veny's and Tongulty's grave.

Danet: This? You brought me here? Why?

Edger: He'll come here. Holts loved them.

Danet: Yes, that is true.

Danet sighs and kneels at their graves.

Danet: Look at us. We are the evil ones, and yet we are so mooshy gooshy.

Edger: It's okay. Dad.

Edger kneels by Danet and the two look at the tombs. We then see Holts watching off from the side with an evil grin as the scene darkens.

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