Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter 4: The City in Ruin

Mario and Luigi wander down the trail towards the city. As they go they come across some Koopa Troopas. The Troopas come running to the panting.

Koopa #1: Help us. Our city.... was burned down.

Mario: What?

Koopa #1: Please. I think the culprit is still there.

Mario: Are you from East Lumber City?

Koopa #2: Yes. Do something.

Luigi: What?

Koopa #1: We have nowhere to go and we want revenge on that..... thing that burned down the city and killed most of the people in it.

Mario: Okay.

The four go running down the trail until the city comes in view. Everything is burnt down, smoke rises, flames still burn, everything dead. In the middle of the rubble is..... Warth.


Warth: Hmmm. Who are you?

Mario: Oh haha. Don't act stupid.

Warth: I'm not. Tell me who you are NOW!

Mario: Mario Mario.

Warth: WHAT? You are. I'm supposed to kill you. Yay!

Koopa #2: What? Mario, who is he?

Mario: I think it's Warth.

Warth: Hmmm OOOHHHH! I understand now.

Luigi: What?

Warth: Oh, nothing.

Koopa #1: How dare you burn our city down?

Warth: Oh, I dare. You know, I envy you people. You have homes, family, and such. I live in the open forest.... somewhat. No family other than my four brothers and two sisters.

Mario: Seven of you, eh? I guess that makes you one of them.

Warth: Ummm, no duh. Now go away.

Luigi: NO!

Warth: Fine, then I will.

Warth turns and runs, confusing everybody.

Luigi: Why did he run?

Mario: Unlike him.

Luigi: Also... he didn't scream. He's usually either screaming at us or just throwing threats and insults.

Koopa #2: Wow, he must be some kind of super SUPER evil.

Luigi: Thing is... we don't know much beside his name.

Mario: Oh. We came to find out stuff about this city. Is there any reason Warth would burn the place down?

Koopa #2: Well... possibly he could have been there because we hold the treasure known as the golden scepter.

Mario: What?

Koopa #2: Well, just a guess. Our city is one of four. One to the east, west, north, and south are named after this. Each holds a golden piece of royalty, a scepter, crown, robe, and necklace. People try to steal them due to their high value.

Luigi: I don't know... I think they might just be trying to kill everybody.

Koopa #2: Oh... Bummer. Right now the robbery sounds more fun.

Mario: Any famous or special person here?

Koopa #1: Yes. We had one of the greatest fighters here. Supposedly he could fight off anything.

Mario: There we go. They want to takeover. In order to do so they want to kill anybody that has a chance at stopping them.

Luigi: Right. Sounds about right. Anything else?

Koopa #2: Well, not that we can think of. Except the burning pitchfork…

Mario: That marking?

Koopa #2: Yes. I saw seven of them. Each had a marking on them that looked like it.

Mario: Hmmm. Thank you. Okay, Luigi, are we ready to go?

Luigi: I guess. We'll tell Peach and Redip and they will choose what to do.

Mario: Okay.

Koopa #1: You’re leaving?

Luigi: We have to. We will, however, send people here to help you, so wait here, okay?

Koopa #1: Okay. Thank you so much.

Mario and Luigi turn and start leaving. As they get to the city exit they stop due to a sound. They turn to see the Koopas being confronted by Edger.

Mario: Oh, are you a.....

Mario and Luigi stop at the sight of the marking on his mask.


Edger: Huh... Mario, how nice to meet you. I'm Edger. I am a brother of Warth.

Mario: We know. What do you want?

Edger: Everything. More and more.

Mario: No kidding. What are you here for?

Edger: To put down these Koopas. We missed two.

Koopa #2: Stay back!

Edger: Don't fight it. I'll just take your energy.

Edger puts his hands on the stomachs of the two Koopas, and they glow, then the two Koopas fall down not moving.

Edger: See? That's all there is to it.


Edger: Drain the life out of them. We seven have our own abilities. As you’ve seen, Warth's attacks release poison, Stul can hypnotize, and I can rob people of their energy. You would think I'd be the most deadly, but my boss is even more deadly.

Luigi: Ugh. Enough. Get over here so we can pound you.

Edger: Ha!

Luigi claps his hands and punches a telephone pole. Sparks shoot up it and snap a wire, causing it to swing down and start another fire in front of Edger, who backs up in panic.

Edger: What was that?

Luigi: The power of the Thunderhand.

Edger: Oh, so we have special powers, do we? Looks like I’d better be on the run.

Edger turns and runs off. Mario and Luigi stand with their heads low.

Mario: We let them die. We let him kill them.

Luigi: There was nothing we could do. We need to go back to Redip.

Mario: Okay.

Mario and Luigi turn and start running back.

Chapter #5: The two Warth's

Edger goes running through a trail until he reaches a clearing with Warth waiting.

Edger: Thank goodness.

Warth: What?

Edger: I ran into the Brothers.

Warth: Did you kill them?

Edger: No, they almost killed me though.


Edger: I don't know. We've never been so held up like this before.

Warth: Ugh, so stupid. We need to double team them.

Edger: All right.

As they go to leave another Warth comes up behind them.

Warth #2: Ah, good to see you two.

Warth: What... Oh come on. You could never be as cool as me.

Warth #2: CAN TOO!

Warth: Ha, yeah...


Edger: Hah. I envy you.

Warth #2: That's my line.

Warth: Yeah. You must envy me.

Warth #2: No, I just like looking like you when I burn a place down.

Edger: Haha. Let's go. The boss is waiting. We need to tell him what we've learned about Mario.

Warth: Okay. What is it? What Stul found out?

Edger: Yes.

Warth: Fine.

Warth #2: What? He can be hypnotized?

Edger: Yeah.

Warth #2: Ugh, I hate this. Time to go back.

The second Warth glows and turns into a Goomba with shoes and a horned helmet.

??????: I love being able to shape shift.

Warth: Stay like me. You envy me.

??????: Haha.

Warth: Enough, Veny. Let's go.

Veny: Of course. Boss would be sad.

Edger: Of course. Can I take credit for finding this info out?

Veny: No! Stop being greedy.

Edger: Fine. Come on, brothers, let's go.

Warth: NOW!

The three head off.

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi arrive back at the castle. They go running through the halls until they come across Peach, Redip, and a Mushroomer dressed like a ninja.

Redip: Ah, good to see you. This is Funja.

Peach: We called him over. He can help us out.

Funja: Yes. Help you I shall.

Mario: Great. So we have inf,o how about you?

Peach: We saw one of them.

Mario: What?

Peach: We saw the Rex.

Luigi: You did?

Redip: Yes, and we found out each of the seven have a flaming pitchfork mark on them. That should help you identify them.

Luigi: Darn.

Redip: What?

Mario: That is the info we had.

Peach: Oh well... At least we got something.

Funja: I go now.

Luigi: Okay. Good luck.

With that Funja throws something on the floor, causing a bright flash. When it wears off Funja is gone.

Mario: Wow. Cool.

Redip: I know. Awesome, isn't it?

Peach: Yeah. Oh, and Mario, could you and Luigi please go to the army base with Redip?

Luigi: Why?

Redip: You see, I need more men, but they would only come with me. I need you to guide me as the Rex is sure to seek revenge for me punching him off the bridge.

Mario: Understood. Will do.

Redip: Thank you. Let's go.

With that the three leave and Peach sighs.

Meanwhile we see Veny, Edger, and Warth walking down the trail Mario followed, this time going back towards Toad Town.

Chapter #6: Protecting Redip

Mario, Luigi, and Redip wander south down a rocky trail on the way to the army base. Redip stands beside Luigi, keeping up with them.

Redip: Thank you two for coming with me. Dealing with those things alone could be tough.

Mario: No problem. We have enough trouble alone. Maybe the three of us could stand a chance.

Redip: Maybe, haha, but please, why don't we stop thinking of this? I think it would be best to hope we get there and back without having to deal with any of them.

Mario: True.

Luigi: So where is this place?

Redip: Well we go south to the very southern tip of the kingdom, then we go east a bit.

Mario: Okay.

Luigi: Oh, and when we were gone we found two more.

Mario: Oh, right. A Magikoopa and a Bandit.

Luigi: Right.

Redip: Hmmm. And they had the marking, right?

Luigi: Yes.

Redip: Well, our info was right, it seems. That's good. At least we'll always know.

Mario: True. That is always good.

As the three continue talking we go to Veny, Warth, Edger, and Stul, who met up with them as they were going through Toad Town. Freaked out Mushroomers look at them as they walk down looking all evil-like.

Stul: So boys, what did we find out?

Edger: The Brother can make electricity.

Stul: I know. The fat one set me on fire.

Veny: Oh, now that's not nice. Did you hypnotize them?

Stul: Yes. It works on them.

Veny: You have their weakness... Aw, I envy you.

Warth: Of course.

Veny: Hmmm, this is taking too long. Let me help.

Veny glows and turns into a car.

Veny: Come on.

Edger: Good idea.

Warth: Can anybody drive?

Stul: Ummmmmm...

Veny: Well...

Warth: DARN IT!

Veny: Let me.

Edger: Fine.

The three get in and the car goes on its own, scaring everybody even more. It makes a turn and heads in the direction Mario went.

Meanwhile the group approach the southern point and stop for a break.

Mario: Okay, let's stop for a snack.

Redip: Okay, but we'll have to go quickly.

Mario: Okay. Let's eat.

Luigi: YAY!

Redip: Haha. Hungry?

Luigi: Yeah.

The three sit down and start eating packed snacks, when the Venymobile drives up and Warth, Stul, and Edger jump out.

Redip: Who are you...? Your mask… Your..

Edger: Bingo.

Warth: Hey, you punched me. YOU SHALL DIE!

Warth runs forward but Mario claps his hands and throws a fireball that hits Warth, but the fire disappears magically.

Warth: Haha. Fire won't stop me. Call me fireproof.


Redip pulls out a sword and goes to strike Warth, but the Venymobile drives in front of them and turns into a shield and blocks it.

Redip: What?

Luigi: HOW?

Veny: Remember me?

Veny turns into the second Warth.

Mario: It was you we met in the city!

Veny: Very good memory. Now for this.

Veny turns back to his normal Goomba form.

Veny: There. Nice to meet you, Mario Brothers.



Mario runs at her but Veny turns into a wall that Mario slams into and falls back. Veny turns from a wall into a machine gun and fires rapidly at Luigi and Redip. Luigi jumps fires electricity into the bullets, causing a smoky explosion. Mario gets up and runs off with Redip.

Redip: Where are we going?

Mario: You’re going away from them.

Redip: I'll be fine.

Mario: No you won't.

Redip: Oh yes I will.

Luigi: Come on, you freaks!

Stul: Oh yes. Take this.

Stul stares at Luigi, who quickly turns, but Veny turns into a sword and swings at Luigi.He jumps onto the sword, then leaps off and goes flying toward Warth.

Warth: Bad choice. HAH!

Warth swings at Luigi but he claps his hand and fires electricity into him and causes him to fly down. Mario comes running back but Veny turns into a motorcycle and Edger jumps on and tries to run Mario over.

Mario: RUN!

Luigi: Right behind you!

The two go running but Veny and Edger close in. Mario turns and shoots some fire, but Veny turns into a wall and stops it. While he is a wall, Mario and Luigi make their getaway. They soon come to Redip, who has found the base.

Redip: Ah, you’re safe. Good. We have arrived. Shall we go in?

Mario: Yup.

Redip: Are any of them removed from existence yet?

Luigi: Sorry, but no.

Redip: Oh… That's okay. At least you’re safe. Let's go in.

Luigi: Okay.

The three head inside but the Venymobile keeps coming again with the other three inside.

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