Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter #7: The Army HQ

Mario, Luigi, and Redip enter the headquarters for the army, which is a large, almost palacial building. When they enter they see some people walking around. They turn to the sound of the door closing and run to Redip.

Koopa #1: Sir Redip, you’re back.

Koopa #2: Did you save us?

Goomba #1: Yeah!

Redip: Sorry, but no. We need more help. Who wants to come with us?

Koopa #2: I will.

Goomba #2: Me too.

Lakitu #1: I could go. I'll be real helpful.

Redip: Okay then. You three go gather all the people you can. These things are worse than we thought.

The three run to find more helpers while Redip turns to Mario and Luigi and rubs his head with a goofy look on his face.

Redip: Sometimes things can get hectic around here, so don't jump if you hear a sudden sound or two. We have some mechanics here working on something we broke.

Luigi: Okay. So what can we do?

Redip: Well I have a job for each of you. Luigi, I'd like you to guard the entrance. Mario.... hmmm… go find some more people to help.

Mario: Will do.

Luigi: Right away.

Luigi goes outside and Mario goes down the hall. Redip then picks up a phone and makes a call.

Redip: Hello Peach... Yes we made it here... We were attacked, yes... Four of them... We are fine... We'll be back soon, okay?... Bye.

Redip hangs up the phone and walks down the hall. Meanwhile outside, Luigi is standing guard but is being watched from a distance by Edger and Warth.

Edger: Hmmm, they seem to have split up. Now would be a great time to attack, especially the green one. He is clearly weaker and would be easier to defeat when alone.

Warth: True. Let me. I still want to rip him up. The fat one, too. I want them all in shreds.

Edger: Woah now. It's great you want to rip them up, but don't get too cocky. You know what happens.

Warth: Yeah yeah. Fine. I'm off.

Warth goes over towards the base. Meanwhile some people are following Mario around. Mario so far has about twenty-one people with him.

Mario: Okay guys, we need your help. As you know the situation we are faced with is deadly, and the more help the better.

Mario guides them to Redip, who is going up a stairway. Redip gasps at the collected group.

Redip: I'm impressed, Mario. Thank you all for joining in. Is that all, though?

Mario: What? You don't think it'll be enough?

Redip: Not really, to be honest.

Mario: How?

Redip: You know the power of those things. They are evil. And we've only dealt with four. Three are still out there. No... It'll do. We need to go, and fast.

Mario: Okay.

The group head to leave.

Meanwhile Luigi is backing away from a closing in Warth. Warth has his claw raised to slash.

Warth: Don't worry. It's really quite painless. Just a little toxic chemicals will flow into your bloodstream, and then it's a matter of slow death.

Luigi: Fine. Come get me.

Warth: Heh! Fine... GRAHHHH!

Warth jumps at Luigi but he backflips away. Warth then counters by throwing Luigi down with a sonic wave from his punch. He then swings at Luigi with his claw and Luigi raises his hand to swat him away, but Warth slashes his hand. Amazingly Warth’s claw bounces off and gets chipped.


Luigi: I... I don't know…

Luigi, in shock, looks at his new hand as Mario and Redip run out with the group. Warth gasps at the huge gang in front of him, and runs yet again.

Mario: Are you okay?

Luigi: Yeah, but... my hand...

Mario: What? What about it?

Luigi: He clawed it and nothing happened. Look at this.

Luigi holds up his gloveless hand, revealing the torn layers of skin and the metal hand that now is out in the open.

Redip: WHAT THE?

Mario: It's metal... Is my hand... too…?

Luigi: I don't know. Wanna find out?

Redip: NO! How stupid. Don't go ripping yourselves apart looking for metal parts.

Mario: Right.

Redip: Well let's go. Peach will be interested in this.

The group march off with Warth and Edger watching.

Edger: METAL?!

Warth: Yeah! It looks as if the doctor had some fun with them.

Edger: Grr… Well there goes that plan. That's it. One of us has to be willing to confront them and fight them to the death. We can't keep retreating every time we see something new or we almost kill them or something.

Warth: Right. Shall I go?

Edger: No. We'll send Tongulty.

Warth: Wha? Really?

Edger: He'll really have fun. I don't think he has eaten in a long while, either. Let's grant him his wish.

Warth: Hehehe, okay then.

The two run off.

Chapter #8: Funja and Tongulty

Mario is leading the group through the woods back to the castle when Redip moves up beside him.

Redip: You know, Mario, I have to thank you again. Without you we'd have gotten nowhere near what we have done. You've been a big help.

Mario: Thank you. Is something troubling you?

Redip: Yes, actually. War. You see, before we came to the castle, I charted a war. If we don't kill at least one of them soon the entire military will start a war in the attempt to destroy them.

Mario: What?

Redip: They will destroy everything. We need to do something.

Mario: Okay.

As they move on they are being watched by Edger and a Gulpit.

Edger: Okay Tongulty, the ones in red and green are the main targets. Deal with them first.

Tongulty: Can I eat them?

Edger: It's a buffet.

Tongulty: Oh boy. Yummy.

Edger: I know. Now hurry off.

Tongulty, the Gulpit, runs towards them. As he runs at them Redip catches him out of the corner of his eye.


Mario turns to see Tongulty jump at them. Mario dives aside as Tongulty flings out his tongue and grabs some rocks by mistake. He then pulls them in and proceeds to eat them.

Luigi: WHAT?

Tongulty: Ummm! Tasty.

Luigi: What are you?

Tongulty: BLAH!

Tongulty flings his tongue out, revealing the flaming pitchfork mark on it. Everybody gasps.


Everybody begins to rush at him but he begins to eat the soldiers one by one without a pause. Edger, watching from the side, laughs evilly at this.

Tongulty: YUMMY! Keep em comin'.

Mario: Ugh. Do something! Come on, Luigi.

Luigi: Right.

Mario and Luigi clap and shoot out fire and electricity, but Tongulty spits out some of the soldiers to use as a shield, stopping the attack. He then goes to get Mario but a throwing star cuts into his tongue, causing him to vibrate violently. Funja falls from a tree.

Funja: HIYA!

Redip: Well well. Good to see you in such a dire time.

Funja: Leave it to me to save you. Lucky you have a ninja bodyguard. Is the fat guy one of them?


Funja: I'm talking about that thing.

Mario: ... Oh. Hehehehe

Luigi: He is.

Tongulty sways about but swings his tongue again and grabs Funja, who spins around and uses a sword to slash into Tongulty over and over before throwing him through a tree. Edger then gasps and runs into hiding.

Mario: Woah.

Redip: ... What are you?

Funja: A ninja. More skilled than you.

Redip: Heh, I run the army. I could take you down.

Funja: Such foolish pride won't do anything. None of you measure up to me. Why don't you leave this to me?

Funja zooms at Tongulty but he beats him with his tongue, sending Funja flying to the ground.

Tongulty: Not so mighty now, are you? You'll make a good re-energizer. Come to me, snack.

Funja: Nooo! HA!

Funja throws a star at Tongulty, who moves aside. Funja springs up and zooms about the area and slams into Tongulty, causing them to fall and roll down a hill and over a cliff into the water.

Redip: NO! COME ON!

Everybody left goes running to the edge and looks down to see both of them gone.

Luigi: Darn it. What happened?

Redip: I don't know, but we lost over half our men in barely any time.

Mario: I know. It is best we run.

The group begin running to the castle.

Meanwhile at the cliff base, Funja awakens, having been washed to shore by the current. As he looks around he sees Tongulty laying dead on the ground. Funja then gets up and walks away.

Funja: At least that stupid, gluttonous thing is dead. I can say one is down now, at least. Something doesn't seem right though. It's odd.

As Funja moves out of view we see one of Tongulty's eyes open…

Funja starts climbing to the top of the cliff when he hears a noise. Looking down, he see's Tongulty gone.

Funja: WHAT? No... How is he still alive? Where could he have gone in such a short time?

Funja climbs faster until he makes his way to land. He looks about and sighs.

Funja: They left me too, eh? Well then, I guess I could continue my hunt. I'll kill one eventually.

Funja zooms off. We then see a beat up Tongulty talking to Warth.


Tongulty: Some stupid ninja freak. He gives a bad taste.

Warth: Ugh... He must be a real fighter then. What could we do?

Tongulty: Let me have time to heal. I think it is best to leave them for a while. Once they get to the castle they will leave some more helpers there.

Warth: And when they leave they will be alone.

Tongulty: More snacks for me. YAYA!

Warth: No no. I want to deal with them myself.

Tongulty: Oh no. I know you tried and failed many times.

Warth: HEY! SHUT UP!

Tongulty: Leave Edger deal with them. He does nothing but watch us and run off.

Warth: Yeah, well, he is greedy. He only wants to sit and wait for one of us to reign as victor against them, then he'll swoop in to grab credit. He wants all of our stuff and to suck up to the master.

Tongulty: Where is he, anyway?

Warth: Edger?

Tongulty: No, the master.

Warth: ... Are you stupid?

Tongulty: What? ...  WHAT?

Tongulty gasps.

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