Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter #9: The Hands of Metal

Mario, Luigi, Redip, and the soldiers return to the castle, and Redip leads the soldiers to the control room while Mario and Luigi run to Peach to ask her about their hands.

Mario: Peach, I have a question for you.

Peach: Sure. What is it?

Mario: Our hands. The ones we had replaced…

Peach: Oh my…

Mario: What?

Luigi: You know.

Peach: Yes. The doctor told me he made your hand metal. He did it to make it poison-proof.

Mario: Ohh

Peach: Is that all?

Mario: I guess so... Or, wait…

Peach: Yes?

Mario: Is my hand like that too?

Peach: Yes. Maybe you should go see the doctor. He can explain things further. He is in the guest room.

Luigi: Okay.

Mario and Luigi walk off.

Meanwhile outside, we see Tongulty and Stul watching.

Stul: Mmmmm. Interesting. Mouthwatering, isn't it, Tongulty?

Tongulty: Yes. Can I eat them?

Stul: Ugh! Yes you can eat them. Not now though. Once they can be approached without risk of harm.

Tongulty: Okay. Yummy!

Stul: Ugh! You are soo gluttonous.

Tongulty: MMmmmm.

Stul sighs and turns away back to the castle to see the Brothers gone.

Stul: Okay then, they have gone to the doctor. Who do we send in?

Tongulty: Somebody I can eat.

Stul: Ehhh, you can eat everything. That is why your marking is on your tongue. We could send a mountain in there and you could eat it.

Tongulty: Yup. Tasty, too.

Stul: Just watch... No, go and get Veny.

Tongulty: Oh. He is yummy, I guess.

Tongulty goes away.

Meanwhile, inside with the Brothers, they have confronted the doctor. As they enter the room the doctor turns to them. They hold up their metal hands and the doctor smiles.

Doctor: Ah yes. You've found out. Don't worry, they are perfectly safe.

Luigi: We know, but why didn't you tell us?

Doctor: I didn't want to scare you.

Luigi: What will scare us more? You telling us or us finding out when a Rex bites into my hand?

Doctor: Ugh, fine. Mario, Luigi, your hand that I operated on is metal.

Mario: See? That wasn't so hard.

Luigi: Ugh, Mario…

Mario: What?

Doctor: Listen, I did it to help.

Luigi: And we thank you. Is there anything we should know about these hands, though?

Doctor: Actually yes. Your hands are metal with wiring. These wires attach to every nerve to them. If they come off it'll be rather painful to put them back on, though it can be done quite quickly and by yourself.

Mario: Okay. Now how securely is it on?

Doctor: It's like a regular hand. It's not coming off unless you put effort into doing so.

Luigi: Good.

The Brothers continue to ask questions to the doctor. Meanwhile, Tongulty returns to Stul with Veny.

Veny: So... you want me to deal with them, do you...? Interesting…

Stul: How so? It is our job to deal with them.

Veny: Still, I'd like to get some help.

Stul: Why do you need help? You’re a shape shifter. Change into something that'll scare them. Turn into a bomb and blow the place up.

Veny: Suicide! I don't think so. I'll go.

Tongulty: Quickly. I get to eat them when you’re done.

Veny: Eh... Whatever. Time me.

Stul: Will do.

Veny turns into a Mushroomer and heads into the castle.

Meanwhile the Brothers finish with the doctor and head back to Peach, but are confronted by Redip.

Mario: Oh, Redip, is everything all right?

Redip: Most definitely. The soldiers are at work and I get lunch. Haha!

Luigi: Okay. So what should we do? Everything seems safe.

Redip: We’re never safe. Seven of them are out there. Possibly they could even be watching us now. After our meeting with the five on our way back here, they won't be taking things lightly. They know we are well-guarded and have powers of our own.

Mario: True. So when will they next strike?

Redip: I don't know.

As they talk, Veny, still as a Mushroomer, runs up to them and bends down, panting.

Redip: Yes? Is something the matter?

Veny: Yes. Mario, Luigi, it is an emergency!

Mario: What is it?

Veny: I need you two to come with me. Something is going on outside on the bridge.

Luigi: Okay. Hurry, Mario.

The three run, leaving Redip alone.

Redip: Be careful! Ugh, this is too stressful on me…

Chapter #10: Veny's Trap

The Brothers run ahead of Veny and head outside onto the bridge. Veny then proceeds out behind them, locking the three out of the castle.

Luigi: I don't see anything.

Veny: Look over into the water.

Mario: Umm, okay…

Mario and Luigi look over as Veny come up behind them and turns into a giant, armored warrior holding a spear. He goes to stab at them, but they turn to him.

Luigi: WHAT THE?

Veny: Aww man. Caught in the act.

Mario: YOU!


Luigi: I should have known.

Veny: Yeah, well tell that to the people in the Overthere.

Veny goes to stab Mario, but he jumps up and throws a punch at Veny and causes him to stumble back. Veny quickly turns into a spike-covered version of Mario.

Veny: Hit me now, fatso.


Veny: Yeah, shorty.


Veny: Tempted to attack me, are you? Come on, mini blimp.


Mario runs at him and Veny goes to take the attack, but Luigi jumps in the way and smashes the bridge, causing lightning to rip up the bridge straight at Veny. But Veny turns into a giant eagle.

Veny: Close, but not quite there.

Mario: Blargh. Try this.

Mario claps and throws a giant fireball up at Veny, who ignites himself into a flaming bird to absorb the fire.

Veny: You know, the ability to freely transform is quite useful. I'd say I get a turn now.

Veny dives and smashes straight through the bridge, putting it on fire. The Brothers turn and try to go inside the castle, but can't open the door and turn to be met up close by the aerial flaming Veny.

Veny: Hehehe. It looks like I have the advantage, doesn't it?

Mario: Not yet.

Luigi: Right.

Luigi claps and throws lightning at Veny, who smiles and turns into a giant lightning rod. He takes in the electricity and sends it into the bridge, breaking parts off and dropping Veny, who turns back into an eagle.

Mario: What do we do?

Veny: Give up. That's always an open option for you.

Luigi: Never.

Veny: Well you seem to be persistent. Always funny for me. You’re right in my trap. You’re on a nearly destroyed burning bridge trapped by me. There is NOTHING that you can hope to do.

Luigi: Oh, try THIS!

Luigi jumps at Veny and grabs his face and drags him to the bridge and swings him and slams him into the side of the wall of the castle. Veny falls to the ground and turns back to normal.

Veny: Oh my. This Goomba body will never do. I need something bigger... like this!

Veny turns into a giant floating fireball and starts moving towards them slowly with a smile.

Veny: In the end the truly talented win, one who can defend and strike at once. People like you fail to defend. You run in blindly, swinging your arms like kids, and jump all over things. One day you'd see defense and be put down. This is THAT moment.

Luigi: You wish.

Veny: Hmmm

Luigi: We’re not down yet.

Luigi claps his hands behind him and slowly moves them to the castle wall.

Veny: Heh, very well. You leave me no choice but to burn you to a darkened crisp.

Veny closes in, moving under the extended part of the castle, and Luigi touches the back wall, causing electricity to fly all across the walls. Some of it goes to the top part and busts it, causing rocks to falls and smash the bridge. A big chunk hits Veny and pushes him into the bridge, setting the whole thing ablaze and smashing it. This sends the three down into the water and causes Veny to return normal.

Mario: LUIGI!

Luigi: I'm fine. Just be careful.

They start going with the current to land, but Veny zooms in as a shark. The Brothers make it to land and run up the ramp onto land.

Mario: Where are you?

The two stare over the side and Veny rams into it, causing the Brothers to fall over. He then lunges out of the water and dives in from above still as a shark, coming with open mouth at Mario.

Mario: NO!



Luigi claps and jumps in the way and throws his hands apart, then fires massive streams of lightning into a horrified Veny, causing him to be fully zapped. Edger, who is watching from a distance, backs up, scared.

Veny: GAH!

Luigi: You won't kill my brother!

Luigi keeps up the electricity and Veny turns red and starts to sway on the ground, unable to leave his shark form. Veny goes up in flames and finally returns to normal and lays there, unable to move.

Veny: Ugh... Nooo, I don't understand... Brothers... Help…

Luigi: No! You’re done.

Veny: Heheheh. HAHAHAHA! Is that what you think? I'll never go. I will haunt you until the day you two die... ugh.

Veny's eyes close and he stops moving. The Brothers look down at him, then walk away.

Mario: Thank you, Luigi. We need to report back to Redip.

Luigi: Okay, Brother.

The two walk off, leaving Veny there and Edger off to the side trembling.

Chapter #11: The Other Side of Edger.

As the Brothers go through a nearby window to enter the castle, Edger moves up to Veny and looks down at him.

Edger: Veny... Are you alive…?

Veny: Y...yes... I am.

Edger: Hmmmm. You’re weak. Will you be okay?

Veny: Nope....

Edger: Can I help?

Veny: I... don't think. It's safe to say I'm pretty much dead already... heh.

Edger: Good!

Veny: Huh?

Meanwhile inside, the Brothers make their way to the control room, where Redip is working on something complex-looking.

Mario: We have news.

Redip: Yes. What is it?

Mario: We killed one.

Redip: Wha...what? You were able to?

Luigi: Yes. The Goomba. The shape shifter.

Redip: This is unreal.

Mario: What?

Redip: This is great. Now we know that they are not actually invincible. Good work. Thank you so much.

Luigi: No problem.

Redip: I guess you know that we still can't rest. Six more guys. When I'm done here I'll be able to help out more. Right now I'm trying to create a tracking device so we can try to locate them.

Mario: Good idea.

Redip: Thank you. Now, you two deserve some kind of break. Go have something to eat or something. I'm sure Peach will love to hear this news too, you know.

Luigi: Right.

The two leave.

Meanwhile outside we see a hole in Veny where his marking was. Edger is placing a glowing orb in his own marking. This appears to be a sign that each of them has a ball of energy within their marking.

Edger: Thanks for the energy boost.

Veny: You... you traitor...

Edger: Hmmm!

Edger turns and goes to walk away.

Veny: I'll... see you in the Underwhere.

Edger stops and puts on a frustrated face.

Edger: Aren't you supposed to be dead?

Veny: N..n.n.n.nnooo…

Edger walks up to Veny and lifts an arm. He then swings at Veny, and as the screen zooms out we can hear him scream loudly.

Meanwhile back inside, the Brothers have told Peach of the news.

Peach: Amazing. I'm so happy. Thank you two so much. I just wish I could help you with the other six.

Mario: Don't feel bad, Princess.

Luigi: Yeah! We'll take them down. Redip will be helping us too.

Peach: Okay. What are you planning to do now?

Mario: LUNCH!

Peach: Hehe, oh Mario. Okay.

The three walk away.

Meanwhile Stul, Tongulty, Edger, and Warth have gathered at a foggy, wooded area where a tomb is.

Stul: I can't believe it. And you just found him there?

Edger: Yup!


Stul: Yeah! Kind of overdid it, though. Literally ripped him apart.

Tongulty: Can I eat him?

Edger: NO! He's your brother and he's dead.

As they talk a Dry Bones rises from the ground and approaches them.

Edger: Hmmm.

Stul: Oh... Hello Holts. I figure you know why we are here.

Holts: Yes. Who is it? The boss or Veny?

Warth: Veny.

Holts: I guessed. So what should we do?

Tongulty: Eat him?

Warth: I'll eat you if you don't stop.

Tongulty: Ulp.

Holts: Well I guess the Brothers did this.

Stul: Yes.

Edger: Heh! We'll stop them, though. We'll get revenge for Veny.

Holts: Of course. Shall we go?

Stul: Yes.

The four leave Holts, the Dry Bones, at the tomb.

Holts: Brother... I'll find exactly who did this and I'll stop them before all else. Be it Red or Green, I'll get revenge for you.

Holts turns and walks away rather sluggishly.

Chapter #12: Holts and Warth

The Mario Brothers, Peach, and Redip are outside looking at the destroyed bridge and seeming rather frustrated.

Redip: Wow. It was a real brawl out here, wasn't it?

Peach: The bridge... We can't just keep exiting through windows.

Redip: No problem. I'm sure some of my men will be able to handle things here. Now Mario, I'm ready. I have the device and I want to come with you.

Luigi: Okay.

Mario: The more help the better.

Redip: Haha, that's right.

Mario: Okay Peach, we’re off.

Peach: Okay. Good luck, and be careful.

Redip: Okay.

The three run off and Peach climbs in a nearby window.

Meanwhile with Warth, we see he is moving through the woods looking angry like always.

Warth: Gah, I can't believe this. Why Veny? No matter, I will rip those Brothers down first.

As he walks along Holts emerges from the ground beside him.

Warth: Oh. hello.

Holts: You know. you shouldn't let it get to you. We'll be fine. I have a plan. actually.

Warth: Yes?

Holts: Just lure them here. I'll deal with them. My marking is on the bottom of my skull, where they'll never see it.

Warth: Right. I'm off. You stay here. You'd never keep up anyway.

Holts: Hey, are you making fun of my speed?

Warth: Yes.

Warth runs off and Holts sighs.

Meanwhile the Brothers and Redip enter the woods. They begin going through it slowly and carefully.

Mario: Be careful. We don't know when they'll strike.

Redip: Calm down, Mario, we'll be fine. It's getting foggy up ahead, so be careful.

Mario: Okay.

The three continue on until they come to the clearing with Veny's tomb. They go up to it and look down at it.

Luigi: Wow, it's to that Goomba.

Redip: ... Those six must really care about him. Luigi, they will be after you.

Mario: Right, Brother? After all, you did zap him down.

Luigi: Why me?

Redip: Don't worry, we have you fully covered.

Mario and Luigi turn to leave, but notice Redip still looking at it.

Redip: Wait... You said you electrocuted him, right?

Luigi: Yeah!

Redip: Read this.

Luigi turns and looks at the tomb, and sees some markings that he reads.

Luigi: In memory of Veny, who was torn apart. He will be missed by his brothers and sister.

Redip: He was torn apart?


The three turn to see Warth.

Mario: YOU!

Warth: Heh!

Warth turns and runs.

Redip: Eh!


The three give chase after the grinning Warth. Warth leads them to where he left Holts waiting. Warth then hides.

Mario: Where did he go?

Redip: I don't know. Maybe we should go look for another one.

Luigi: No! I want him down. He is why we have these hands.

As the Brothers look about, Holts emerges behind them and beats them unconscious with a giant bone. Redip turns, scared.

Redip: You.

Holts: Hehe.

Warth emerges from the bushes.

Warth: You punched me. Why?

Redip: Grrrr.

The two close in on Redip.

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