Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter #13: Escape the Prison

Mario and Luigi awaken to see themselves in a prison cell. They get up and start looking around in panic and begin pounding on the bars.

Mario: LET US OUT!

Luigi: YEAH! ... Where are we?

Mario: I don't know... Hey, where is Redip?

Luigi: He must have escaped those two to get help from the castle.

Mario: Yeah!

While they continue to wonder how to get out, Holts comes out of the ground on the other side of the bars. He begins to speak sarcastically.

Holts: You’re awake! I'm so glad!

Mario: Oh ha ha. WHO ARE YOU?

Holts: Why, I'm Holts. Obviously I'm one of the seven your hunting. It appears, though, that we have got you first.

Luigi: You haven't got us yet.

Holts: Yes! That explains why you’re behind bars.

Luigi: That means nothing. We'll get out.

Mario: HEY! Where is Redip?

Holts: Oh, the Koopa. Yeah, he pulled a fast one on us. We went to nab him too because he swung at us with a sword. Almost got Warth, too. He made a break for it then.

Mario: Yeah, well he's gone to the castle to get help.

Holts: Oh! Well you'll need lots. Tell you what, I'll stay and keep you company.

Mario: I don't your company.

Holts: Well I'm afraid I really don't care.

Luigi: Ugh. Fine. Could you at least come in with us?

Holts: When I become stupid like you two.

Holts begins to laugh and Mario and Luigi fall on the floor.

Meanwhile back at the castle, Redip approaches and climbs in through a window in a rush and starts rushing through the hall. He soon bumps into Peach.

Peach: Redip... Aren't you supposed to be with the Brothers?

Redip: Yeah, but they were caught.

Peach: WHAT?

Redip: I need soldiers, Peach, and quick.

Peach: Okay.

Peach runs and Redip heads to his room.

Meanwhile Mario and Luigi are pounding on the bars some more while Holts sits back and laughs.

Holts: Oh come on. You’re stuck. Give up already.

Mario: And let you win? NO!

Holts: Ah my, you really are a pain. Luckily I'm dead so I can't feel any of that. HAHAHA!

Luigi: Oh, will you shut up?

Holts: Why? Am I being a pain?

Mario: Yes.

Holts: Good!

Luigi turns to a wall, claps, and pounds it, sending electricity into it. Mario begins to pound fire into it as well. Holts looks up, startled.

Holts: What is this? You have super powers…

Mario: I guess you can call it that.

Holts: Ugh. Looks like I'll have to come in now.

Holts sinks into the floor and Mario and Luigi finally blast away the wall and run into the next room. They appear in a huge hall and start running down it just as Stul enters in front of them.

Stul: Oh my. Look what we have here. I've been meaning to deal with you two for killing Veny.

Mario: Oh lovely. You, Little Miss Ugly!

Stul slaps Mario and he backs up. Stul then starts trying to hypnotize Mario and Luigi, but they turn and run so she fires her super fingernails.

Mario: RUN, LUIGI!

Luigi: I AM!

The fingernails close in, but Mario and Luigi run into another room. Now they appear to be in a stairwell going down. They start going down the stars quickly and emerge in a big open room with nothing in it but torches as lighting. They walk through the room until Holts emerges.

Holts: There you are. I've got you now.

Holts begins to laugh and slowly move toward the Brothers, who back up towards a door that automatically closes.

Chapter #14: The Explosion

Mario and Luigi move back towards Holts, who pulls out a giant bone that begins to glow as the end of it morphs into a sharp point.

Holts: My oh my, you two are brave.

Mario: Bring it.

Mario runs at Holts, who dives into the ground and comes out behind Mario and slashes him, causing him to fall to the ground.

Holts: Hmmm. Oh my, are we done already? I guess it's your turn, Green.

Luigi: Heh!

Luigi claps and fires electricity at Holts, who goes underground. Luigi quickly pounds electricity into the floor, causing Holts to emerge electrified and shaking. He then morphs his bone into a boomerang and throws it at Luigi, who ducks under it. It comes back and hits and drags Luigi up to Holts, who kicks him to the floor.

Holts: Gah, that hurt. You get an extra batch of Holts pounding for that.

Holts turns his bone into a spear again and begins to slash at Luigi, who tries to fight the swings off with his metal hand. But all is stopped when an explosion is heard and the place begins to shake.

Holts: What? What did you two do?

Mario: It... looks like Redip is back with help.

Holts: Heh!

Luigi: You’re... done... Holts.


Holts goes into the floor and the ceiling begins to crumble a bit as another explosion is heard. Mario and Luigi try to get up but are unable to do so due to the pain. The place shakes even harder.

Meanwhile outside we see that Edger is causing the explosions.

Edger: Hah! I'll blow this place up. It'll kill my brothers, sister, and the Mario Brothers all at once. I'll nab their energy orbs and report to Boss. Of course he'll have no choice but to promote me. I'll take all the credit.

As he releases another bomb on the building, the explosion formed blows the wall away. Warth and Holts come out and Edger hides.


Holts: I don't know. Is Tongulty eating the wall?

Warth: Oh haha. You know Tongulty isn't even here. We sent him on a special mission to eat Peach.

Holts: Heh! Right, I remember.

Edger comes running out with a false look of panic on.

Edger: What the?

Holts: It's nothing. There was a couple of explosions, but they stopped. The building is pretty beat up, though.

Warth: Wait.... Where are the Mario jerks?

Holts: NO!

Edger: Holts, what did you do?

Holts: I left them alone in the combat room.


Warth and Edger run inside as Mario and Luigi limp to a window and climb out and crawl away slowly.

Holts: They won't get away. Even if they get back to the castle... Hehehehe!

Back at the castle, Peach is running through the halls trying to find Redip, when Funja zooms up to her.

Peach: Oh, you. Did you see Redip?

Funja: No I did not. I wanted to report something to you.

Peach: What? Is it bad?

Funja: You need to leave now, Peach.

Peach: Why?

Funja: I'll explain later, just run... NOW!

Peach: O…Okay.

Peach turns and heads down the hall. Funja turns and goes the other way.

Funja: Go fast, Peach... please.

Funja turns a corner and is out of sight.

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi continue to crawl through the forest towards the castle until they see Tongulty skipping along a trail towards the castle. Mario and Luigi roll out of sight and watch quietly.

Tongulty: I wonder what the princess will taste like. Will she be sweet, sour, bitter... I bet she'll be spicy. Then I can get the Mario Brothers. They'll probably be bitter and dry. I've never gotten full before, but the red guy could do that to me.

Mario: Grrr. Who is he calling fat?

Luigi: Eh!

Tongulty goes out of sight and Mario and Luigi continue to lay there to let themselves heal a bit.

Meanwhile Edger is back to blowing the place up again. Inside everyone is in a panic.

Stul: What is going on?


Holts: Ugh.


Holts: I'm sorry. I thought they were too weak to move.

Warth: Yeah, well you should have finished them off just to be safe. It was our job to finish them, not weaken them.

Holts: Can we focus more on escape? This place is going down soon.

Stul: Right.

Holts goes into the floor.

Stul: You get things easy.

Warth: Ugh! RUN!

Stul and Warth run towards the exit and a whole section of the place caves in. Edger stops again and goes in the opening, and meets up with Warth and Stul.

Edger: What is this? Is it the Brothers?

Stul: I guess. Tongulty, as you know, is gone, and so is Holts. The boss is still gone.

Edger: Still gone. When does he plan to come help us?

Warth: He is helping, you fool.

The three run outside and the building starts to fall apart fully.

Chapter #15: The Leader Revealed

Holts, Edger, Stul, and Warth gather outside of the building as the place slowly begins to fall apart.

Stul: Now where do we stay?

Holts: I don't know... Or, wait a second, I think I do.

Edger: Where?

Holts: Is the boss done yet?

Edger: ... What?

Warth: OH YEAH! That will be so cool.

Stul: I'm with you, Edger. Where is the boss?

Warth grins at Stul, who also starts to grin.

Stul: OH! See, now I should have known that.

Warth: Yes, you should have.

Edger: Oh, right. I forgot he was there. I feel stupid since I knew all along and only forgot now.

The four run off, and we go to the castle. Peach is in her room getting an umbrella and frying pan before heading back out to go down another hall.

Peach: Something bad must be on its way, so I’d better go fast.

Peach runs down a stairway, and we go back to Tongulty and the Mario Brothers in the forest. Tongulty still has not noticed them as they finally begin to crawl after him again.

Tongulty: Yummy yummy yummy in my tummy. I wonder how the others are doing? I hope they aren't eating without me.

Mario: Ugh. Can we take a different route? He's been talking about food and eating for the past hour.

Luigi: No, he seems to be heading to the castle. Don't worry, we'll be able to move soon.

Mario: I hope.

Tongulty: I hope I get to eat the ninja, too. He beat me up so he is probably spicy tasting.

Mario: I really hope.

We go back to the castle again. Funja is going through the halls looking in some of the rooms until he comes to Redip’s room. He goes in with him and sits down.

Redip: Ah, it’s you. Do we have any news?

Funja: Yes. Tongulty is coming to get Peach.

Redip: Oh really? And what did you do?

Funja: I got the princess to escape the castle... though not really for that reason, I guess.

Redip: Hmmm. Then what?

Funja: What, you say?

Redip: ...

We go back to Edger, Stul, and Warth, who are still going through the forest.

Edger: Stupid Holts can go underground…

Stul: Put it this way, you know while on land he moves like a snail. At least he can keep up now.

Edger: Yeah, I guess.

Warth: Think we'll catch up to Tongulty?

Stul: Possibly.

Warth: Maybe he's already there.

Stul: Possibly.

Warth: Do you think he's eaten Peach yet?

Stul: Possibly.

Edger: Can you stop?

Stul: Possibly.

Warth: Ahahaha!

Stul: Enough of that, back to serious business. We should hurry.

Edger: Right.

The three go running.

Meanwhile back at the castle, we see Funja and Redip now standing up in the room.

Redip: So you know where the Brothers are, I take it.

Funja: Negative.

Redip: Okay, well you’re holding me up so I'm just going to go get some soldiers now.

Redip goes to leave, but Funja pulls a sword out and grabs Redip and hold it to his neck.

Funja: You’re not going anywhere. False wars, false sets, I won't have it. You’re not killing the Marios.

Redips hand flaps up and knocks the sword away and pushes Funja back. Funja throws a fist out but Redip grabs it. Funja pulls back and starts multi-swinging punches at Redip's head, but he tilts and turns out of the way until one punch knocks his eye patch off. Redip then darts and looms over Funja.

Redip: Your agile moves won't work against me, stupid Shroom... I have the ultimate eye.

Behind the eye patch is a blank white eyeball. Upon his line Redip's eyeball rolls around, revealing the mark of the burning pitchfork on the other side. Funja turns and goes running.

Funja: It was true... I have to inform the Marios.

Redip comes around the corner simply walking as he pulls his sword out. Funja runs down numerous halls and turns into a room filled with boxes.

Funja: I have to hide.

Funja gets in one of the boxes and we go to Redip, who rolls his eye back but is still slowly moving down the hall until he bumps into Peach.

Peach: Oh Redip, sorry about that... Hey, where is your eye patch? That blank eyeball is freaky.

Redip: Thank you. I dropped it. I'm going to get it now.

Peach: Okay. Funja told me to leave, what should I do?

Redip: I guess leave. Did he give a reason?

Peach: No...

Redip: Then maybe you should stay. It could be a trick or something.

Peach: Okay.

Peach goes back to her room and Redip grins. Redip, still going slowly, takes every turn Funja did and goes into the same room he did. He then goes up to the box he went in and stabs his sword into it and a grunt is heard.

Redip: You can run... but you can never hide. Heheheheh.

Redip walks out of the room and is greeted by Holts.

Chapter #16: Tongulty Arrives

Redip walks through the hall with Holts by his side, moving towards the control room.

Redip: Now that we finished off the ninja, everything should be fine going forward.

Holts: I hope so. So, have you heard about Veny?

Redip: Yes. I went by his tomb, remember?

Holts: Right.

Redip: It was a pain to walk by and not say anything, but I needed to keep up the act. I didn't want anything coming to their mind about me.

Holts: Right.

Redip: Also, how are the Brothers? Did you lock them up after we dragged them to the hideout?

Holts: Yeah, but they got free and something destroyed the place.

Redip: WHAT?

Holts: It's no problem though. We’re all moving here. Mario and Luigi won't have the power to fight back. If you feel the need to remain hidden as the leader, you may do so.

Redip: Fine, just stop attacking me. Save me for last. I already had to attack Warth and try to attack Edger with a sword, all to keep up my disguise.

Holts: Don't worry. Tongulty will be here soon. He is here to eat Peach.

Redip: Okay. She is the least of our worries, though. I have her thinking she should be in her room locked up.

As they turn a corner they hear a noise moving up behind them. They turn to see Tongulty bouncing down the hall, his tongue hanging out and swinging.

Tongulty: I'm here. Where is the lovely lady who I'm to dine on?

Redip: In her room. Go, though I will have to pretend to try to save her. Do anything to me but eat me.

Tongulty: Aww... Okay.

Tongulty bounces down the hall with Redip slowly following, leaving Holts alone.

Holts: Perfect. Peach will go down, then the Brothers, and we'll be in perfect condition to rule... I will still avenge you, Veny. Silly me had to be mega super loyal.. I guess it's for the better. Now for my own business... I'm hungry, but how do I eat?

We now go to Mario and Luigi, who finally are standing and now are approaching the castle. They go through an open window and go into the kitchen and walk out just as Holts enters the room from a higher ledge. He quickly goes underground as the Marios run up the stairs and head towards Peach's room.

Mario: We need to tell her about the hideout.

Luigi: Shouldn't we go to Redip first?

Mario: No, he might not even be here anyway. We were gone longer than we should have been, so Peach is probably worried.

Luigi: Right. We also have to hurry. We took another path so Tongulty may have got here first.

As they run through the hall we see Peach on her bed as the door is pulled off its hinges and eaten by Tongulty. Peach freaks out and jumps to her feet, grabbing her frying pan. Tongulty flings his tongue out and eats it.


Redip comes running up.

Redip: Peach, what is it? ... YOU AGAIN!

Tongulty turns around and swats Redip away with his tongue as Peach screams again.

Tongulty: Ummmm, Peach.

Peach: Stay back. I know how to fight.

Tongulty: And I know how to eat.

Peach: That I would never have guessed.

Tongulty flings his tongue out and Peach throws a chair at him, but he eats it, freaking Peach out even more. Mario and Luigi run up and Tongulty turns to them.

Tongulty: Oh yeah. Dessert and appetizer too.

Mario: Shut up. We knew you were coming. We followed you.

Tongulty: Aww, I feel so sad now.. Should I care? Now you get to be my meal.

Luigi: Stop it, you sick...

Tongulty: What?

Tongulty darts his tongue out and Mario grabs it and swings Tongulty through a wall. Mario and Luigi look through the hole to see him gone.

Mario: Where...?

Luigi: I don't know. How can something so fat move like that?

Peach: Is he gone?

Tongulty bursts through the doorway and Mario ducks. Tongulty sails over and smashes through the window, falling three floors and crashing to land. Mario, Luigi, and Peach look out and down at him.

Peach: Is he dead?

Mario: I don't know. Let's go check.

The three run out of the room and towards the exit, not even taking notice that Redip is gone.

Chapter #17: Two-on-Two Battle

Mario and Luigi jump through a window while Peach stays back to watch. They run up to Tongulty, who is still there and not moving.

Luigi: I think he is.

Mario: Hmmm. That seemed too easy, but then again, I guess not all of them have unreal life.

The two go to turn, but Holts emerges in front of them. Then Tongulty gets up behind them.

Holts: Heheheh. Now what?

Luigi: Aww man, you... And you’re still alive.

Tongulty: Yummy yummy.

Mario: I feel sick.

Holts: I figure the red fellow ripped Veny up.

Mario: Ripped him up? Luigi zapped him and we left him there.

Holts: Stop the lies. Though, thanks for saying it was Greeny. I'll deal with him. Tongulty, take care of Red.

Tongulty: Okay.

Holts swings at Luigi, who backflips away. Holts goes underground and Luigi jumps on to the fence, where Holts can't emerge. Mario claps and tosses a burst of fireballs at Tongulty, who eats them all.


Tongulty: HUNGRY!

Mario: Yeesh, go figure.

Tongulty starts trying to eat Mario, who sidesteps and jumps his tongue. Peach goes to climb out the window to help, but is grabbed by Redip.

Redip: No... It's dangerous.

Peach: I can't just watch this, though.

Redip: Then go to another room, but I won't allow you to get hurt.

Peach: Thank you for your concern for me, but I'm going.

Redip: Well... If that is what you wish I can't hold you back. Just please be careful.

Peach: Thank you. I'll target the Dry Bones.

Redip: Okay.

Peach climbs out the window and starts going closer to the battle. Meanwhile Luigi is running down the top of the fence while Holts follows slowly, smashing apart the fence with his blade-ended bone. Luigi turns at a distance and fires electricity at him, but he goes underground. Mario punches Tongulty, who doubles as a trampoline and repels Mario. Mario falls to the ground and Tongulty opens his mouth. Peach runs to him and shoves a post from the fence sideways into his mouth, preventing his tongue from coming out.

Mario: Peach!

Peach: Get away from him!

Mario gets up as Tongulty tries to straighten the board. The two run to aid, Luigi who is now bouncing aimlessly around trying to avoid where Holts will emerge.

Luigi: Help! I don't know where he is.

Holts emerges behind Luigi with his bone as a blade and slashes his back, causing him to fall forward to the ground. Holts looks up at a gasping Peach and an angered Mario. Mario runs at him.

Holts: Come on and get me.

Mario jumps at him and Holts swings, but Mario grabs the bone and swings up and kicks Holts's head off, causing his body to fall apart.

Mario: YES!

The bones reform into him.

Mario: NO!

Holts: I'm dead, you can't kill me.

Holts turns the end of his bone from bladed to regular and swings at Mario, but Luigi awakens and grabs him by the legs and pulls him down.

Holts: Oh, stupid Green. Allow me to personally deal with you.

A snapping is heard and they turn to see Tongulty eating the board before moving towards them. Mario and Peach turn back to see Luigi and Holts gone. Not taking time to think, they turn back to Tongulty.

Tongulty: Yummy yummy yummy.

Mario: Stay back.

Tongulty: Peach, you look sweet.

Peach: Ew, you gross thing!

Mario: Stay back, Peach.

Peach backs up and is grabbed and dragged inside by Redip.

Mario: Just you and me now.

Tongulty: Fun fun!

Inside Redip lays Peach down and stares at her with anger. He sits down beside her as she sits up and turns to her.

Redip: See? I told you. Luigi is gone now.

Peach: But so is the Dry Bones.

Redip: Possibly, possibly not. As you saw, he can go underground.

Peach: Oh... right.

Redip puts his hand on her shoulder and smiles.

Redip: Now don't worry. You and I both know Luigi is fine. There is no need to worry.

Peach: Oh, thank you, Redip. Right now all we can do is hope for Mario.

Redip: See, now that is the spirit.

Mario runs at Tongulty but is grabbed by his tongue. Tongulty starts to pull Mario up to him, but Mario lights his hand on fire and slaps his palm onto Tongulty's face, causing him to scream and let Mario go. Tongulty stumbles about and trips, falling off into the water.

Mario: Woah, that was close. Please let him be done for. I'd hate to keep this up.

Redip stands in the window with an enraged face on while Peach leaves the room to go somewhere else.

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