Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter 48: The Blind Eye Sacrifice

Luigi, backing up with Mar T and Bet T, claps his hands together and slams his hands on the floor, causing a spray of electricity to burst up from the parts of the floor all around the room. One bolt fires up in front of Holts, distracting him and causing Edger to turn toward him. This gives Luigi enough time to run towards Danet, who is standing in the middle of the room preparing to make the portal.

Danet: Hello Luigi! Did you need something?

Luigi: SHUT UP!

Luigi jumps at Danet and throws a giant spark, but it is blocked and Luigi is tossed back by his automatic shield. Danet grins and without a word, goes back to preparing the second stretcher for the Underwhere half of the sacrifice.

Danet: Hmmm, looks like I need to use Edger for this one.

Danet turns to Edger, who is slowly making his way towards Mar and Bet T, when a noise is heard from above. Everybody looks up as footsteps are heard upstairs, and Danet scratches his head in confusion.

Danet: Who?

Holts: I have no idea. We are all here.

Mar T: It is probably some lost person. Leave him out of this. You want us!

Holts: Trying to hide something?

Edger: Holts, maybe you should go check things out. I can deal with a couple of fungi on my own.

Luigi: Scum! Going to kill him too? Just some random person?

Danet: If time allows us, then sure!

Holts disappears into the floor as Luigi slowly makes his way to the pole Marioís stretcher is on and, unnoticed, begins to climb it. Edger turns to the Mushroomers and his arms glow with energy as his tentacles slowly form.

Edger: This will only be a few seconds. Sit still and no pain will be felt.

Mar T: Fine!

Edger grins and flings a tentacle at Mar T, who rolls aside and injects some liquid in a needle into the tentacle. As it withdraws to Edger, the tentacle bursts into tiny droplets of water.


Edger swings his arm and a new tentacle grows.

Edger: You're lucky I can regenerate.

Bet T: Nice try, Mar T, but... we are in a...

Bet T. is cut off when the door explodes off its hinges and Holts emerges from the floor.


Danet: Really, now? Who?

Everybody turns to the door as a near-dead Redip practically limps into the room, dragging a tied up, unconscious Senior.

Danet and Mario: REDIP!

Mario: DAD!

Luigi: WHAT?

Redip: Hehehe, surprised to see us? Well, I am happy to say I barely survived the fall, no surprise since I am perfect. But I knew I'd need some gift to satisfy Dad, so I thought I'd give him your dad.

Danet: Excellent. I'll get to healing you, Son. Help me with this. We can sacrifice Daddy and his kids together. Three in one.

Luigi: D-Dad?

Redip: Yes! Dad!

Edger: Ooooohhhhh, this is fun!

Danet turns to look up at Mario, and notices Luigi cutting him free. Danet grins and throws his hand out, and Luigi is thrown from the bed and through the air into the wall by some form of telepathy. Luigi falls down next to Senior as Mario pries off the weak ropes and Danet move towards Luigi and Senior. Redip turns to Luigi.

Redip: Also, thanks to the fact my eye was destroyed in a land where my soul bond was ineffective, I can live in this world without my eye!

Edger: Wonderful, Brother! This means you are pretty much one step closer to being alive than the rest of us.

Redip: Except one thing. I'd like to be the sacrifice for the Underwhere.

Danet: WHAT?

Danet and Mario, as he climbs down the pole, gasp.

Danet: Why?

Redip: I'm too weak to do much, plus I'm the perfect body to use. Why sacrifice one of you guys when you're in far better condition?

Edger: True! I say we use him!

Holts: Of course you say that!

Mario reaches the ground and Redip turns to him and grins.

Redip: Move aside, all. Before I go down, I'd like to finish some business once and for all.

Everybody turns to Mario, who is rushing toward Redip. They step aside and Redip makes a sword emerge from an arm panel and takes a swing at Mario, who jumps it and lands on Redipís back.


Redip: That is what I like to hear! Now try THIS!

Redip slams against the wall, crushing Mario, before spinning and throwing him off.

Luigi: Come on, Mario! He can't move to you. Get him at a- OOF!

Luigi is cut off by Holts, who beat him on the head with his club.

Holts: QUIET, YOU!

Mario grins and claps his hands.

Mario: Too late, Holts!

Mario throws a burst of flames towards Redip, who puts down his helmet and takes the flames head on. As Mario puts on the fire, Redip grins, not noticing his armor melting slowly.

Redip: This armor takes anything. Right, Edger?

Edger: That is how I made it. Before fire is a worry, you'd need to destroy the link in his head to all of his armor.

Redip: And that is?

Edger: ... Ummm!

Mario grins, and Redip and Edger gasp!


Holts and Danet: WHAT?

Redip goes to run, but his left leg melts at the joint fully and disconnects from the body, causing Redip to collapse.


Danet: Right!

Danet runs to Redip and grabs him and runs to the other pole as Mario throws fireballs at them, but they are blocked by the shield. Redipís armor drips and the liquid metal plops on the floor drop after drop as Danet slowly levitates him. Just then another sound is heard from above followed by extremely quick footsteps.

Danet: Holts?

Holts: On it!

Holts goes underground just as Rennis enters the room in rage. Everybody turns to him as Luigi walks up and turns to him as well.

Mario, Luigi, Edger, and Redip: Who are you?

Danet turns to him and his eyes widen.

Danet: What are you doing here?


Edger and Redip: DAD?!

Mario and Luigi turn to him in terror.

Mario: Another one! OH COME ON!

Rennis: STOP THIS NOW! This is madness. After you left me there in that clearing I knew you were up to nothing even slightly good, especially being in the body of the princess.

Danet: So you've come to stop me?

Edger: He's... our brother?

Danet: He he is!

Holts comes back, looking sad.

Holts: I couldn't find him, Dad!

Edger: Hey Holts, looky looky! Meet the brother we never knew we had.

Holts: WHAT?

Rennis: Please stop!

Danet: Why? You don't want us to be able to live like you?

Rennis: NO! You may be family... but none of you should still live. Not one of you.

Holts: Doesn't seem so family friendly.


Danet ignores Rennis and levitates Redip the rest of the way and places him on the stretcher. The ropes begin to shackle Redip down , when Danetís eyes widen and he drops to one knee in agony! Everybody gasps.

Edger and Holts: WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED?

Everybody turns to Rennis, who has a knife in his chest and is also down on one knee.

Danet: No... I don't... Stop!

Rennis: Next time you decide to trust your life with somebody. Dad... make sure they are evil like you.

Mario: What? You're not evil?

Rennis: N...nope! That is why Dad won't die! He placed his life orb inside of my body when we met! To kill him... I have to die!

Holts: STOP HIM!

Edger jumps at Rennis but is knocked away by a duel tackle from Mar T. and Bet T.

Luigi: There must be another way! If you're good you don't deserve to die!

While they remain distracted, Danet gets up and makes a high-speed dash toward Rennis. Danet grabs him and runs through the doorway.

Luigi and Edger: NO!

Mario, Luigi, Holts, Edger, and the Mushroomers run after them.

Redip: Hello? Hey... ummm... Darn it!

Chapter 49: Like Father Like Son!

Danet is seen emerging from the rubble above with Rennis.

Danet: You've been a bad boy! Bad boys get locked up in a room!

Rennis: LET ME GO!

Rennis bites Danetís neck, causing Danet to lose his grip on him. Rennis makes a getaway as he begins to climb a piller.


Rennis: NEVER!

Danet begins to climb up after him, as he notices Rennis looking at a broken piller below. The broken part forms a severely sharp point and Rennis is aiming towards it as he prepares his jump.

Danet: Don't you DARE!

Danet reaches up and grabs him by the leg.

Mario: NO!

Edger: Come on, Dad!

Danet climbs onto the pillar and Rennis grabs him by the arms and jumps off the side as Danet holds onto him, leaving him hanging off the side.

Danet: Idiot! Now I'll just pull you up!

Rennis: No Dad! No you don't!

Danet: Of course I will! I don't feel like dieing just yet!

Rennis: You forget something! You gave me your powers by doing that. I can do just the same things as you.

Danet: And?

Danet stares with a grin that slowly turns to a horrified expression. Edger soon realizes and shouts out!


Danet goes to haul Rennis up but his eyes light up, followed by Rennisís. Their eyes go blank and Mario and Luigi gasp.

Luigi: Is... Is heÖ?

Their eyes return to normal and Rennis's voice emerges from Peach's body.

Rennis: The most unfortunate move on your end!


Rennis: I used your evil against you!

Danet: Hehe!

Danet's eyes glow as he procedes to begin a body swap again, but Rennis lets go!

Rennis: Goodbye, Dad!

Danet falls with a look of rage on him... falling to the speared piller below; and with the impalement, Danet in Rennis's body is reduced to bones.

Edger and Holts: NO! NO NO NO NO NO!

Rennis falls to his knees and turns to Mario.

Rennis: Mario... Peach needs you... Find the body with her soulÖ Place my body on hers... and let magic happen.

Rennis falls forward and slides off the pillar to the side and hits the ground.


Luigi: It won't happen!

Holts: What?

Luigi: Danet gave Rennis his life orb. Peach's body doesn't have one to be destroyed, so that body will remain the same.

Edger: NÖno... WHY?

Holts: The ritual...


Mario: NO!

Edger runs by and heads downstairs.

Edger: Hehehe HAHAHAHAHA! THIS IS PERFECT! I'll offer up Mario's father and Redip and everything will be perfect! I'm in control! I've wanted this for so long!

Edger emerges in the ritual room to see Senior gone, making Edger grunt.

Edger: Where are you, ya stupid old man?

Edger moves into the center of the room as everybody else enters it. Mario looks around and frowns.


Edger: Nothing! The old scab got away!

Luigi: Way to go, Dad!

Holts: Gah! ENOUGH!

Edger: You, Mister Red, have been a pain in my backside from the day we met in the burned down city. I'm going to destory you here for your friends and family to see.

Mario: I'll be happy to finally end this once and for all!

Luigi: Me too!

Edger: Come get me!

Mario and Luigi run at Edger, but Holts grabs onto Luigi's arm. Luigi turns to him.

Holts: Hold on, Mr. Green. Edger said your brother was his pain. You're MY pain, and I'd like to deal with you myself.

Luigi: Heh! Take three, then!

Holts: Third time's the charm!

Luigi: And I'm feeling lucky!

Holts: Let's see you in action then!

Holts wraps around Luigi and begins to drag him underground again. Bet T. notices and jumps onto Holts, and the three are dragged under.


Mario jumps at Edger, who grins at him.

Edger: Here we go!

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