Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter 50 - Demonic Fusion: Redip goes Wild

Mario flies at Edger, who turns into a bat and flies out of the way. Mario hits the ground and looks up at him, grunting.

Edger: How quickly you forget I have Veny's powers, since I was the one to kill him.

Mario: Your fancy new powers won't save you forever.

Edger: No they won't... but they will save me long enough that I can put you down for good.

Edger turns into a chainsaw and starts up as he also grows wings. Mario looks on as the saw flies in and takes swings at Mario, who jumps left and right out of the way.

Edger: Come on, Mario!

Edger hits a wall and saws a large gash in it, shocking Mario long enough for Edger to get out of the wall and swing at him again. Mario throws up his metal hand and blocks the hit before spewing a burst of flames in his face. Edger morphs into a Stone Chomp.

Mario: Fire resistance, I see. Nice move on your end.

Mario jump-kicks Edger, causing him to roll backwards. As he rolls he lashes out his chain and wraps it around Mario's foot and drags him across the room before throwing him into a wall. As he does so, we go to Mar T, who is watching from a corner while trying to figure out what to do. As he looks through his backpack something catches his attention and he looks up near the pillar Mario was placed on earlier to see a hand signaling him from behind a rock. Mar T. makes his way over to the rock as Edger turns back to normal.

Edger: Since it would be in my favor to be in a two on one match, , I think I'll take advantage of a little something!

Mario: And what is that?

Edger turns into a pair of scissors and flies up towards where Redip is strapped. Mario freaks and throws a barrage of flames up towards Edger as he cuts Redip free. He then turns into a suit of armor and fuses to Redip's body and takes control of him to allow him to move. Redip gets up and looks down at Mario!

Redip: Thank you, Edger! I think this'll make things a lot easier.

Edger: I hope! Let's do this!

Redip makes blades emerge from his wrists before jumping down and taking a quick swing at Mario, hitting his shoulder causing him to fall back.

Mario: ... I'm not even going to comment on that!

Mario throws flames at them and Redip slices through the flames, much to Marioís horror. Redip flies in but Mario jumps up and latches onto Redipís head as he closes his helmet to keep Mario off him. Mario blasts Redip at point blank with a burst of flames, to which he responds by throwing himself into a wall to knock Mario flying off him.

Mario: Urg, this isn't working!

Redip: And it never will. Haven't you realized yet? You thought you killed me twice already, and I return yet again! Fate has chosen me to be the one to kill you.

Edger: And I to help! I feel so proud!

Redip: Heh! Try this!

Redip makes his fingertips fall off, revealing bullet holes. Redip begins to go into rapid fire, shooting at Mario wildly!


Mario goes running across the room, diving and rolling around. Meanwhile we see Mar T. go behind the rock to find Senior.

Mar T: You! Thank goodness you're alive.

Senior: It'll take a lot to bring this old man down. I was pretty shaken up though when Redip ambushed me as I was about to leave for home.

Mar T: I see... Well! What say we three on two them and take them out?

Senior: Of course! My son needs help, and I know how we can. Do you happen to have a blowtorch? Mario said you brought one, and I know how it'll help!

Mar T: Ah, I do have one! I had it for self defense. How do we use it?

Senior: Well...

Senior whispers to Mar T, who grins and nods. Going back to Mario, we see him hiding behind a mound of falling rocks as Redip combo-slices through it and barely misses Mario before he rolls aside and shoots fire in his face to no use again.

Mario: Darn it! He isn't taking damage.

Edger: Of course not! This armor resists fire.

Mario: Resistant, you say? Not immune. All right!

Mario throws more flames at Redip, who walks through them and spin-kicks Mario in the head, sending him crashing to the floor. Mario look up at Redip to see the armor is melting a little, then Mario spins on the ground and trips Redip, causing him to land on his back.

Redip: OW! You little runt!

Redip gets up and Mario latches onto his face and delivers another point blank fire burst, causing Redip to stumble back before Mario delivers a punch to his face, knocking him over. Redip, seemingly unharmed, instantly springs to his feet and shoots his finger guns again and pelts Mario's legs and brings him to his knees. Going over, we see Senior using the blowtorch on the pole of Mario's sacrifice bed and melting through it.

Mar T: Are we ready?

Senior: Yup! Ready?

Mar T: Yup!

Senior: Good! Help me out!

Going back to Mario, we see Redip walk up to him while smiling.

Redip: Good job. I applaud you!

Edger: Me too! You lasted so long! Your title of SUPER Mario isn't just some fancy decoration!

Redip: You're the real deal, but nobody is perfect!

Mario: How ironic, coming from the one who has called himself perfect more times in the course of a week than anybody in the kingdom has in their whole life.

Redip: Because I am the living dead! You can't kill me!

Mario: Says Veny, Tongulty, and Stul!

Redip: Why you little! Take another shot at the family! I dare you.

Mario: Did you know Edger is the one who killed Veny and Tongulty? Do you wonder why he is able to transform?

Redip: Frankly, at this point, I don't care! Consider it four on one if you must!

Edger: Haha!

Senior: Consider it three on four in our favor! NOW, MAR T!

Redip: Huh?

Redip turns to Mar T. and Senior, who forcefully push the pillar, causing it to fall towards Edger and Redip!


Mario shoots fire at Redipís foot, causing him to fall off balance and crash to the floor.

Redip: NO!

Redip looks up at the falling pillar as his armor fades and a silver puddle forms and slides across the room before reforming into Edger. Edger quickly throws out his tentacles and catches the pillar and tries to hold it up as Redip crawls towards Mario.

Redip: Thanks, Bro! As for you, you tricky little scum, you're mine!

Mario shoots fire in Redipís face as he crawls through it, grunting under the pressure, while Mar T. turns to Edger and grins.


Mario: Huh?

Edger: What?

Mario: OH, RIGHT!

Mario turns and shoots a flame at Edger, who instantly recognizes plan and jumps up, wall kicks away, and lands at Mario's feet.

Edger: Think hitting me would kill me, and me dodging would cause me to drop and let the pillar hit Redip? Very clever, but I'm not so easily fooled!

Mario: Except you are!

Edger: What?

Mario grabs Edger by his feet and pulls on him, causing him to trip and drop the pillar. Redip looks up in terror and crawls as the pillar slams hard on his legs and pins him down!


Mario aims at Redip as Edger kicks him in and knocks Mario aside. Edger turns into a hammer and pounds on the pillar, cracking it and breaking Redip free, though Redip still can't move due to the pain. Edger then turns into some kind of needle.

Redip: One injection will help you, Brother.

Edger flies at Redip but is tackled aside by Senior and Mar T, who hold him down.

Senior: Now, Mario... Do it now!

Mario slowly gets up and aims at Redip, who pulls out his blade, which extends towards Mario forehead!

Redip: GO DOWN!

Mario: Too late!

Mario claps and sends a stream of fire launching down the blade, causing an explosion when it reaches Redipís body, his blade not even an inch from Mario.


Mario takes aim at Redipís now-exposed head and launches a fireball.

Mario: THIS IS IT!

The flames explodes in Redipís face, the last remaining part of his physical body; and as his head burns to bones, Redip shakes and his mechanical body melts and falls apart.


Mario watches as the cracked and partially broken skull falls loose from the body and shatters on the ground. The armor fully falls apart, leaving flaming scrap in the middle of the room. Mario sits, panting, as Mar T. and Senior smile in relief and happiness.


Mario: Heh! Finally!

Senior: Way to go, Mario!

Mar T: It's finally over.

Edger: Knock knock!

Mar T. looks down to see Edger back to normal form. He grunts as he kicks both Senior and Mar T. off him. Edger jumps to his feet.

Edger: LOOK WHAT YOU DID! You are all going to burn and rot in the afterlife. NEVER WILL I LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS! I WILL DEMOLISH THE THREE OF YOU ON MY OWN!

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