Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

Chapter #58: The Final Battle Part 3: The Fate of The Seven Demons of ROY G BIV

We see a door opening and light spilling out of it. Luigi, Veny and Tongulty enter this light, going from the darkness of the Underwhere to the light of the Overthere. Veny and Tongulty's eyes grow wide and they gasp.

Veny: This is amazing.

Luigi: Here we are.

????: Hi, boys. Glad you could come.

Veny: That voice.

The three turn to see Stul smiling at them while sitting on a cloud watching them. Veny and Tongulty run to her, Veny hugging her and Tongulty eating them both only for them to reappear.

Stul: Not going to say anything. You both are just the same... but I'm so happy to see you.

As they hug, a hand lands on Luigi's shoulder. Luigi jumps and spins to see Holts.

Luigi: You...

Holts: I was wondering when you'd get here. Now that I can finally rest in the afterlife, I see I belong here. My death was destined to happen, and my revival was a contradiction not meant to happen. I can rest, finally knowing that I'm here. In a way, the revival helped, and moreso you helped.

Luigi: Wow, that's quite a mouthful. I'm flattered, but I was only doing what was right.

Holts: Haha. Even those who seem evil may sometimes know what is right. I know what you were doing. Just say I'm giving you the same praise you get when you normally save the day from trouble.

Luigi: Hehe... Thanks, Holts. Mind if I go see Grambi? I need to get revived.

Holts: No problem.

Luigi smiles and walks off, stopping to turn and wave to the other three. As he walks his eyes water a little. Luigi enters the door to Grambi's chambers and walks up the stairs to see Grambi making a halo appear over a ball of light.

Grambi: Oookay, and you're ready. Welcome to the Overthere, Warth, it's great to have you.

Warth: Thank you so much for taking me in.

Grambi: You deserve it for your change of heart.

Warth smiles and walks around Grambi to see Luigi. Warth smiles.

Warth: We have guests.

Grambi smiles and turns around.

Grambi: Aaahhhh. Luigi, great to have you. Thankfully, not for long... Don't take that the wrong way.

Luigi: Hahaha, I know.

Warth: What did I miss, Luigi? Is it over?

Luigi: Sadly, no... We got Tongulty's orb from him, but Mario is fighting alone. I need to help him.

Warth: Don't let me stop you then... Good luck.

Warth walks by, brushing his hand over Luigi's shoulder. Luigi walks up to Grambi, who laughs.

Grambi: I just realized something. These demons... they are represented, in a way, by a rainbow.

Luigi: Oh? Random fact at a bad time ,right?

Grambi: Not at all. Remember, I see all...

Luigi: So then...

Grambi: Mhm. Mario is doing fine. Did you expect the opposite?

Luigi: No, of course not.

Grambi: Heh, I'll take your word.

Luigi: Okay... What did you mean, though?

Grambi: It'll be helpful, trust me. Roy G Biv is what they use to remember the rainbow’s colors. The life orbs Jaydes gave to the demons were of those colors. Red is Warth’s color, orange is Tongulty's, yellow is Edger's, green is Veny's, blue is Stul's, indigo is Holt's, and violet is Redip's. It determines the way they are, who they are, and the way they will live and die. I'm leaving your orb in you just a little longer. Long enough so you can help Mario... Just remember my words and think carefully of your past and what happened to lead these seven to their current state, and know how to end it at last.

Luigi nods as Grambi glows and Luigi lowers through the clouds.

Grambi: Good luck. Luigi.

We go to Mario and Edger and see Mario jumping and diving from Edger. who is limping towards him while violently whipping the tentacles about and hissing. Mario jumps at Edger and tackles him to the ground. Edger headbutts Mario and kicks him off and through the air. As this happens, Senior arrives back on the scene to see the fight. Mario lands on his feet and runs at Edger, who gets to his feet slowly and kicks him in the face, causing his mask to dent inwards. Mario quickly spins and slams his elbow into Edger's shoulder, popping it out of place.



Mario spins and kicks Edger in the chest, causing his foot to go through him and indent his chest. Edger lets his tentacles slide towards Mario, who jump-kicks him in the head again, causing him to fly to the ground. Edger slowly gets up, his body dented and cracked all over. Mario rushes at him and jabs him in the side of the chest, causing him to twist a bit.

Senior: He... he's winning... Mario.

Senior smiles as Luigi lowers into their sight. The three look up and Mario and Senior cheer while Edger's eyes widen in terror. Edger quickly throws his tentacle and wraps it around Mario and drains energy from him, but Luigi lands and fires a bolt at him that blows him off Mario. Edger gets up again and is in additional burns.


Edger: H-heh... Foolish.

Luigi and Mario get beside each other.

Mario: You're going down, Edger.

Edger:, not yet.

Edger's eyes turn yellow and his tentacles flail about.

Chapter 59: The Final Battle Part 4: Super Mario Bros.

Edger jumps at the two and swings his tentacles at them only for them to dodge. Mario throws a flame at him and he bursts into flames again. When the flames go down Luigi jumps at him and hits him with a jolt of electricity at point blank range, blowing him apart. The two look on as Edger repairs slowly, still covered in the dents and burns.

Edger: My... my wounds... Why aren't they healing?

Mario: Your life orb is almost finished, Edger. You don't have the lives to maintain your time much longer.

Edger coughs up some yellow gas that disappears. He hisses at them.

Edger: I… need more life... now

Edger foams a little at the mouth before jumping at Luigi and grabbing his head.

Edger: Give... me your orb... now... NOW!

Luigi shakes rapidly, causing Edger to bounce about as he tries to drive his fist into Luigi to take his orb.


Luigi and Edger burst into flames, and we see that Mario is throwing flames at them. The blast sends the two flying, but when the flames clear, Luigi quickly repairs while Edger spins on the ground and slowly rises.

Edger: Giiiiiiive me it noow... I need it.

Edger jumps at him as Luigi hits the ground and blasts it with electricity. As the ground rips open, rocks, dust, dirt, and debris flies up along with a few small geysers of oil.

Senior: Wow! An oil field, I see.

Mario: Oil?

Edger: Ugh, it's all over me...

Edger throws his tentacles at Luigi and wraps him up.

We go to Grambi, who says one quick line.

Grambi: I'm giving you the ingredient to success, Mario Brothers... Use it...

Going back, we see Mario dive and kick Edger, causing him to fly to the side. As he gets up several beams of light come from the sky and heavily light the area, forcing everybody to squint through it.

Luigi: What in the world is happening? A drought?

Mario: I can hardly see. The light is so bright it's actually making the oil look gold and that isn't helping either.

Luigi, hearing Mario, gasps and goes through flashbacks.


We see Veny flying through the air for Luigi to electrocute him. After doing so, Veny falls into the freezing water at the base of the ramp to wait for Edger…

We then see Tongulty and Yoshi's tongues tied up and Mario and Luigi stretching them until Luigi lets go causing Tongulty to launch forward and be swallowwed by Yoshi…

We next see Stul in the car, crashing into the wall and causing the car to burst into flames. The flames devour her….

Fourthly Luigi sees the fight with Redip. Mar T. and Senior are pushing the pillar down so the wheel-shaped top crushes him under it…

Luigi soon sees Holts being forced to speed about before his speed causes him to lose his balance from Luigi grabbing him, resulting in Holts’s death...

Finally Luigi sees Warth having his hands and center of his chest blown off by Edger attempting to take his orb...


Luigi goes blank and falls forward after the speeding flashbacks. As he lays there, Edger runs at him.

Edger: I need your orb. I need your orb.


Mario runs at the two as Senior gasps and runs out from hiding. Mario jumps at Edger and grabs onto his back, knocking him over. As they roll about, Luigi wakes up and Senior stops in the middle of the area as Luigi gets up and grabs Edger and throws him into the oil geysers. As he stands there he hears Grambi speaking to him.

Grambi: That's it, Luigi... Now Mario...!

Luigi nods as the voice leaves his head. He quickly helps Mario up.


Mario: What?

Edger gets up, covered in the oil, as the light spills onto him, making him appear gold.

Luigi: This is the gift of Grambi...

Mario: What?

Luigi: Roast him, Mario!

Mario stares at Edger limping towards them as the light expands to stay on him.

Mario: Right!

Mario charges up a fireball as Edger throws out his tentacle. Mario launches the flame, which shoots through the tentacle and bursts into an explosion on Edger as the tentacle hangs an inch in front of him yet again. Edger screams from the burning oil as he shifts. Mario and Luigi back up into Senior, who wraps his arms around their back as the three watch. Edger's forehead suffers a hole puncture and his orb is seen in it. As the flames burn more and more, they spread into the hole and the orb gives off a massive yellow cloud that disappears like the rest, leaving the yellow orb clear. Edger's eyes go blank as the orb cracks. Edger looks through the flames at them.

Edger: Hehehe... haha...

Edger coughs roughly before letting out a forced hiss.

Edger: Congratulations... Mario Brothers.

The orb cracks a little more.

Edger: I lived to destroy... to get all I could and more and turn it into what I wanted... What I wanted was to have life mine...

The orb chips in a few spots as Edger goes stiff.

Edger: Gaaah... In the end I made it mine... I held the power of God and I caused destruction... making life mine, God mine, attention mine, credit mine... And now...

The orb cracks through the center and begins to split.

Edger: I have death... And in the end... hehehe...

The orb explodes and Edger falls backwards

Edger: It was a life... worth living

Edger begins to dissolve as he hits the ground on his back.

Edger: Yes... a life I'll never forget... So with that…

Edger smiles as his neck begins to turn to dust

Edger: Goodbye... Super... Mario... Brothers...

Edger's head turns to dust that blows away. Mario and Luigi fall to their knees as Senior gets down to support them.

Senior: You did it, boys... It's over... Come on... Let's go get your princess back.

Senior smiles as he helps the Mario Brothers to their feet and slowly helps them towards where Mar T. and Bet T. went.

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