Mario and the Seven Demons

By crankymama5452

June 26, 2010

Chapter 1: The Seven Demons

One day in the Mushroom Kingdom the Mario Brothers and Peach are sitting at the castle planning a trip. The three are planning a getaway from their usual work to take a rest. As they talk a bell rings and Mario turns to the clock. He then turns to Peach.

Mario: It's twelve. If we are taking the ship we planned we’d best pack up now. We have little time.

Peach: Hmmm, okay. I never knew it was so late.

Mario: Yeah. So what are we taking? You know, besides clothes?

Peach: Probably nothing but that and money. We can buy food there and rent a fancy hotel or something.

Luigi: Rent the hotel, huh? Not just a room?

Mario: You know Peach.

As they get up to go pack their stuff Toad runs in seemingly rushed and nervous.

Toad: Princess, we have a guest. It's Redip, the leader of the army.

Peach: What? The army? Why is he here?

Toad: I don't know. Should I let him in?

Peach: Of course.

Toad: Okay. COME IN!

A Koopa Troopa comes in. He is dressed in a blue suit with boots and white gloves, and has short black hair and an eye patch on his left eye. He goes up to Peach and bows.

Redip: Nice to meet you, Princess. I am Redip. I run the Mushroom Kingdom Army.

Peach: Nice to meet you too. May I ask why you are here?

Redip: You may. I am here due to the discovery of something urgent. Recently a city to the east was burned down, and at the site were several unidentified beings.

Peach: What?

Mario: Unknown beings.

Redip: Yes. I'm wondering if me and some of my men can use your castle as a base. I got word you were leaving on a trip so I thought I could use your castle as it is in the middle of the kingdom and sending men out to other areas would be easier.

Peach: You can use the castle, but I could never leave knowing this.

Luigi: Yeah.

Peach: We have to help.

Luigi: Yeah. We'll help.

Mario: We are the Mario Brothers.

Redip: I know... Well I don't want to be a major bother, but if you wish to help I would never reject you.

Mario: Great.

Redip: Okay. Hmmmm. Can I see you and your brother outside on the bridge? I need to discuss the matter further and in private.

Mario: Okay.

Mario nods and Redip bows again before leaving the room. The Brothers turn to Peach, who nods, and so the Brothers head outside. There Mario and Luigi see Redip looking off into the water. They run up to him and he turns to them.

Redip: There are seven.

Luigi: What?

Redip: Seven of them were sited.

Luigi: Seven of these things?

Redip: Exactly. Apparently they aren't even normal looking. I doubt they’re aliens, but it is odd.

Mario: Hmmm. Well would you know how to destroy these things?

Redip: No. We have no information aside from the fact that there are at least seven and that they are not fully normal. This is why I need all the help I can get.

Luigi: No problem.

Redip: As for Peach... I don't know if she should be a part of this. It could be too dangerous. Maybe even too dangerous for us... Of course that doesn't matter in our case.

Luigi: Of course, something must be done.

Mario: All right. Should we go in?

Redip: Okay... Just don't let Peach know unless there is a real problem. It is best she thinks this is being dealt with well, if possible. I wouldn't wish to frighten her.

Mario: Okay.

The three turn to go in but are confronted by a Rex with a drill for a horn on his nose and slightly longer claws. He hisses at them and growls.


The Rex lunges forward and claws Mario and Luigi's right hand. He goes to claw again but Redip punches him, causing him to fall off into the water and wash away in the current.

Redip: What was that for?

Mario: Ugh... Ohhh...

Luigi: My hand... I feel... sick…

Redip: Oh no. Come on! Hurry!

Redip drags them inside as the Rex washes to land. He climbs out and stands up to be confronted by a Bandit with the marking of a flaming pitchfork on his mask.

??????: Edger, what are you doing here?

Edger: Just checking on you. You shouldn't be swimming, Warth. You were assigned to destroy the Brothers.

Warth: I tried, but I got knocked from the bridge.

Edger: Ugh. Okay. Well, did you do anything right?

Warth: I clawed their right arms.

Edger: Good, that is good enough. The poison will do the rest. Still... go make sure they are put down. Your mark is on your palm so they won't be as likely to see it as they would on me. That will keep them in the dark. They want us dead, so we need to get them first.

Warth: Good. They'll feel my rage. I'll claw them into the Underwhere.

The two laugh evilly and Warth, the Rex, walks off.

Meanwhile the Brothers are in beds and being examined by a doctor.

Doctor: Poison. This is not good. What were you doing? Your hands are filled with poison. It will spread soon.

Luigi: We... we... were…

Redip: Allow me. They were attacked by a Rex. Clawed.... Though would that cause poison?

Doctor: Hmmm. No... odd. If you say so, though. This is hard to say, but those hands will have to come off.

Everybody gasps as the doctor hangs his head.

Chapter 2: The Firebrand and Thunderhand

Mario: Removed...

Doctor: I'm afraid so.

Peach: Is there another option?

Doctor: No... The hands must be removed, BUT we can replace them. Is there a preference for a replacement?

Luigi: Yes.

Mario: What?

Luigi: Do it. We can use the Thunderhand and Firebrand.

Mario: We need hands and gloves, though.

Redip: Yes. You can't do anything handless.

Luigi: We know how to perform the powers of the Firebrand and Thunderhand, all we need is a new hand each. That can be done, right?

Doctor: Of course. Shall I?

Mario: I guess.

Redip: Hmmmm. Is this a risky operation?

Doctor: Oh no. I switch body parts all the time. Hands, arms, legs, and so on. It'll be like they never got clawed.

Redip: ... Okay then.

Doctor: Just go get the gloves and such, and come back in a while and they'll be good as new.

Peach: Okay.

Everybody leaves the doctor with the Brothers and go looking for the gloves the powers were held in. Meanwhile the Brothers are being watched from outside by Warth.

Warth: Ah man. All I went through, too. Stupid, stupid doctor. I'll deal with you too, and... OOOWWWWWW! That looks painful. Off with their hand. Hmmm, they are alone with the doctor. Now would be best to make my strike…

Warth turns around to see Edger.

Edger: They are having surgery. Hmmmm. Kill the doctor before he can reattach the hands.

Warth: No problem.

Warth runs off.

Meanwhile Peach is in a room with some of Mario and Luigi's stuff, rooting through a chest. She pulls out two gloves, which Redip sees.

Redip: Are those the gloves?

Peach: Yes.

Redip: I guess we’re done then. Shall we go back to give them to them?

Peach: Okay.

The two leave and go to the main hall to see the door burst open and Warth come storming in.


Redip: You again!

Warth: Oh, it's punchy. GET OVER HERE!

Redip: Stay back, Peach!

Peach: What is he? ... Is he... the Rex from before?

Redip: Yes.

Redip runs down the hall but Warth throws out a fist and a wave shoots down the hall from the glove and blows Redip back and to the floor. Warth then turns and runs toward where the Brothers are. Peach runs after him in the attempt to save them.

Redip: Peach... come back. I'm fine. It's dangerous...

Meanwhile the doctor is almost finished putting the new hands on the sleeping Brothers when the door falls in, revealing Warth. The doctor turns to him.

Doctor: Who are you?

Warth: I think you should be more worried about what I'm going to do to you three than who I am.

Doctor: Stay back!

Warth moves closer and prepares to claw the doctor, but the doctor reaches aside and grabs and swings a metal bar out and blocks the claw. He forces Warth out of the room but then Warth snaps the bar. The doctor throws a chair and hits Warth back before he goes back to trying to fix the Brothers. Peach comes up.

Peach: Hey freak!

Warth turns to be smacked with a frying pan. Warth proceeds to bite through the pan and claw at Peach, who jumps back and trips. Warth goes to claw her but Redip comes up and knocks him back. Warth goes to claw them but are grabbed by a hand. Warth turns to see the now-healed Brothers. Warth pulls back and runs.

Peach: Mario! That was quick.

Doctor: Yup. After doing this so many times it's become a basic checkup pretty much, haha. Okay, you’re good to go.

Peach looks at the Brothers’ hands and gives them the gloves, which they put on.

Luigi: Thanks, Princess. Let's go.

Redip: Wow, in a rush, are we? Are you okay right now?

Luigi: Sure.

Redip: All right, then let's go.

The three leave and Peach goes to the doctor.

Peach: Thank you.

Doctor: No problem.. Just their hands aren't quite...

Peach: What?

Doctor: Normal.

Peach: What do you mean?

Doctor: Well you told me about the poison, so I had a little fun. Their hand is six layers of skin over...

Peach: Metal? You gave them a metal hand, didn't you?

Doctor: Yes! Don't worry. I am having the poison drained from their original hand, and once done I'll reattach their good old hands.

Peach: Okay… They will be okay, right?

Doctor: Of course. Just their right hand is poison proof.

Peach: Okay.

Peach walks off.

Chapter 3: Stul

Mario and Luigi leave the castle with Redip and prepare to head off in search of the seven unidentified creatures when Redip speaks up.

Redip: Are you sure you'll be okay?

Mario: Yeah. No worries. We can make fire and electricity.

Redip: Okay. Well... I'm going back. I need to help my men. We'll study up on these things as much as we can to help.

Mario: Okay.

Luigi: Bye.

Mario and Luigi walk off as Redip waves to them. He then goes in. Mario and Luigi walk down the trail, itching to begin searching.

Meanwhile, Edger and Warth are seen with a Magikoopa. Apparently female, she has long, flowing, black hair, purple lipstick, red fingernail polish, ruby high heels, and diamond earrings.

Edger: Well Warth, how did it go?

Warth: Not good.

Edger: What happened?

Warth: I was held off for too long and the doctor finished.

Edger: DARN IT!


Edger: Stul, maybe you can help.

Stul: Okay. No problem. I'll make them fall for me....

Stul, the Magikoopa, goes off

Stul: Those Brpthers are in for something they've NEVER seen before…

Meanwhile, Mario and Luigi are walking down a trail heading to the recently burned down city. As they go they look at their hands.

Luigi: Brother, should we try out our powers?

Mario: Okay.

Mario claps his hands to make a spark, then throws out his hands to make a fireball shoot off. Luigi does the same thing but a spread of chain lightning shoots out.

Mario: WOAH! How did you do that?

Luigi: The way you made the fireball. I only expected a spark, though. I guess I'm better than you at this. Heh heh.

Mario: Oh ha ha. Don't got cocky. I'm always better.

The two Brothers begin to argue, when Stul walks up, wiggling her hips. The Brothers turn to see her and she bats her eyes at them and then winks.

Stul: Hey there, big boy. Could you help out a little old thing in need?

Mario: Ummm, sure.

Stul: I was talking to the other one. You’re not big.


Mario grabs Stul and swings her around and throws her into a tree, snapping it.

Luigi: MARIO!

Stul gets up unharmed and rubs her back.

Stul: Woah. You are a big boy. Could you help me now?

Mario: Fine. What?

Stul: Look into my eyes. Look, Mario, look.

Mario looks at her and her eyes glow. Mario stops moving and hearts appear in his eyes.

Mario: You’re beautiful…

Stul: Aww, thank you. Come here now.

Mario: Okay, Beautiful…

Luigi: Mario, are you okay?

Mario doesn't answer but goes up to Stul to hug her. She grabs him, spins him, extends a fingernail into a blade, and holds it against Mario.


Stul: Good guess, deary. Mario is going to be chopped up now.

Luigi: Stop now!

Stul: Or else what? You’re going to hurt me? Ahahaha! You don't scare me, boy.

Stul continues to speak in her low tone, drawing out the length of her words a bit, until Luigi becomes hypnotized.

Stul: Come to me, boy.

Luigi: I'd love to…

Luigi starts going up but bumps into Mario, shocking him and removing her spell on him.

Stul: So who are yyyyou?

Luigi: I'm Luigi…

Stul: Oh, what a nice name.

Mario gets up behind her and goes to punch her, but she does an aerial cartwheel to dodge and Mario misses.

Luigi: Hey Mario, stop!

Stul: Look at me, Mario. Look at my eyes…

Mario: NO!

Mario claps his hands and pounds the ground, and flames shoot across at her, but she jumps over it and shoots her fingernails through Mario's shoulder, causing him to kneel and grip his shoulder in pain.

Stul: Luigi, he's trying to take you from me. You have to stop him.

Luigi: Yes Stul…

Luigi moves towards Mario almost zombie-like, but Mario jumps up and shakes Luigi and throws him down.

Mario: WAKE UP!

Stul: Ahahaha! Sorry, deary.

Stul moves towards them and begins to swing her hair, and Mario turns away as Luigi becomes trapped in love again. Mario throws a fireball behind him and hits her but she puts out the flames by throwing herself into a nearby lake. Luigi wakes up and the two wait for her to emerge. She does so, soaked but swinging her hair again. This time the Brothers notice a marking of a burning pitchfork on her chest around a spot where her dress had been burned away. Mario and Luigi turn away to avoid her eyes and she... runs.

Mario: We’re protected if we don't look. Haha

Luigi: Yeah. Give up... Huh?

They turn to see her gone, and sigh.

Luigi: Good. Hey Mario, that marking. The pitchfork…

Mario: Yes. I bet it is their marking. She is one of the seven.

Luigi: Okay... She could…

Mario: Hypnotize us.

Luigi: Yeah. What do we do?

Mario: I don't know. Should we keep going to the city?

Luigi: Okay. I guess. Let's go.

Mario: Okay.

They continue on. Meanwhile Stul meets up with Warth.

Warth: And...?

Stul: I had to retreat. However I did find something out.

Warth: Oh?

Stul: I can hypnotize them. They fell for me at the bat of an eye.

Warth: Good. You could be the most helpful of us all.

Stul: I know... Hey, why do you act like you’re the boss of us?

Warth: I like to think I am almighty. You’re not the leader either.

Stul: I know. You’re just a guy who needs anger management.

Warth: Oh shut up.

Stul: See.

Warth: You’re ugly.

Stul: WHAT?!

Stul grabs him and slams him into the ground.

Warth: I need anger management, eh?

Stul: Oh ha ha. Come on. We need to tell the boss about this finding.

The two go off.

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