Mario and Kirby: The Seven Stars of the Star Portal

By Blade Guy

Chapter 12: The Undersea Lair

In the last chapter, our heroes, the Axem Rangers, Yaridovich, and the Shroob minions who had been sent to bring the Star Piece back to Planet Shroob, had all been turned into balls due to the magic of a strange wizard. We shall start with how the Shroobs are dealing with this. Oh, and they split up last time, but regrouped after the transformation.

RC Shroober #1: This stinks! We have been turned into balls, guys. BALLS!

Shroobsworth #1: Once we find the person who's done this to us, we will pound them!

Ghoul Guy #1: But there is something missing. Kamella said she would send some Magikoopas to aid us. WHERE ARE THEY?!

?????: We're right here! So keep your mask on!

Everyone turned around to see five Magikoopas heading their way, but when they got to them, they paused and started to laugh at the sight of the Shroobs’ transformation.

Magikoopa #1: Wahahahahahahahaha! Oh my DAD, that is funny!

Magikoopa #3: What *chuckle* happened to *chuckle* you guys?

RC Shroober #1: Someone used magic and turned us into balls! And why weren't you guys with us when this happened?

Magikoopa #2: Well, *chuckle* why would we want to be turned into balls? We sensed *chuckle* some powerful magic when we came into the area, so we quickly fled until it calmed down... OH, I CAN'T HOLD IT ANY LONGER!

All the Magikoopas started to laugh again.

Shroobsworth #2: You’d better shut the %&#@ up if you know what’s good for you!

Magikoopa #4: Or what? You’re going to roll on us?

Shroobsworth #2: He's right.


Magikoopa #4: Okay, I'm scared of him.

RC Shroober: Look, could you just turn us back to normal?! I have just got an idea.

Magikoopa #5: All right, let’s do it, guys.

The Magikoopas aimed their wands at all the Shroobs and Yoob, and sent a beam of magic. The beam hit the Shroobs and they were transformed back to their regular forms.

RC Shroober: Thank you, now, my plan is to bring every Shroob down to the Mushroom Kingdom Beach and-

Magikoopa #1: Wait, why the beach? Everyone will see us and get scared and call on police and have us arrested.

RC Shroober: You didn't let me finish.

Magikoopa #1: Sorry.

RC Shroober: Anyway, you will transform me into a Mushroomer lifeguard and I will tell everybody that the beach is closed due to a toxic barrel polluting the ocean. Then you will create an empty barrel that looks like a toxic barrel and put it in the ocean, and everyone will get scared and run away from the beach. Then you will turn me back and one Magikoopa will tell Princess Shroob about my plan.

Ghoul Guy: Okay, I get the evacuation plan, but what is the next part of your plan?

RC Shroober: Okay, I'll tell you, and a Magikoopa.

He whispered to the Ghoul Guy and a Magikoopa about his plan.

Ghoul Guy: Wow, that's a good plan.

RC Shroober: Good, now Magikoopa 4, go and tell Princess Shroob about my plan. Also, tell her to tell a bunch of Dr. Shroobs to bring a whole lot of metal, tools, and a lot of things that you put over your mouth and they allow you to breathe underwater for a very, very, very long time.

Magikoopa 4: Got it.

The Magikoopa flew off and the rest of them put RC Shroober’s plan into action. He was turned into a Mushroomer and then walked to the beach.

Mushroomer (RC): I'm sorry, everyone, but the beach is closed until further notice.

Mushroomers: WHAT?! WHY?!

Mushroomer: Because, there has been a toxic barrel floating out in the sea, and the current has brought it toward our beach.

He pointed out at sea. That was Magikoopa's cue to send a barrel out there. He used his magic and a barrel appeared.


Every Mushroomer on the beach quickly got up and ran toward the forest back to Toad Town. Then the Shroobs and Magikoopas came out of the forest and the Magikoopa turned RC back into an RC Shroober.

RC Shroober: Perfect. Now we just have to block off the back entrance and wait for Princess Shroob.

The Magikoopas created a wall of steel to block the beach entrance while they all waited for Princess Shroob.

Magikoopa 4 is seen flying on his broom through the Shroob Castle trying to find Princess Shroob. He finally burst through a door, but found Kamella and Commander Shroob. They both saw him and were surprised to see him back.

Kamella: You're back, do you have the Star Piece?

Magikoopa: Well... no.

Commander Shroob: Then why did you come back!

Magikoopa: Well, I must tell this to Princess Shroob, where is she?

Commander Shroob: She had to go look up more about the pieces of the Star Portal, which means you must tell me why you are back.

Magikoopa: Oh, well, it goes like this...

The Magikoopa told Kamella and Commander Shroob about RC Shroober’s plan.

Commander Shroob: Wait, is this RC Shroober a little bossy and kinda mean?

Magikoopa: Yeah.

Commander Shroob: I knew it was him. I seem to favor him more than the other RC Shroobers around here. But, that’s his plan?

Magikoopa: Yeah, we can hide out there and we can get to the Star Pieces quicker.

Commander Shroob: I like it! I'll tell Princess Shroob.

He flew off to tell Princess Shroob what Magikoopa just told him. He found her in the Study, a room people went to research things in peace.

Commander Shroob: My Princess, one of the Magikoopas has come back and told me a plan that one of my RC Shroobers has come up with.

Princess Shroob: Well let’s here it.

Commander Shroob told her what the Magikoopa told him.

Princess Shroob: Not bad. Okay, I'll tell the Dr. Shroobs and Shrooba Divers to get ready, you tell every other Shroob to head for the Mushroom Kingdom Beach.

Commander Shroob headed off and told every Shroob to head for the beach. He also let Kamella know that she should go and bring all of her Magikoopas with her. She rushed off back to Spell Casting Galaxy. Princess Shroob rushed to the Dr. Shroobs’ lab to tell them about the plan. The Dr. Shroobs grabbed their equipment and those things you put over your mouth to breathe underwater. Then she rushed off to tell the Shrooba Divers as well. She told them everything she’d heard. The Shrooba Divers grabbed their swimming gear and headed off with the Dr. Shroobs to the Death Shroob, or the Shroob Mothership, whichever one you want to call it. Princess Shroob, the Dr. Shroobs, and the Shrooba Divers boarded the Death Shroob with everything on it. Commander Shroob followed the Death Shroob. Kamella spotted the ship, and she and her Magikoopas followed it. Everyone met up at the beach. Princess Shroob sent some Shrooba Divers down to the bottom of the ocean with some Dr. Shroobs in mini-submarines to put something together.

Down below the sea, Shrooba Divers and Dr. Shroobs are seen putting together a big undersea fortress. The bad thing though is that they were building it near the edge of a cliff that led further down into the sea, not like really close, but like 1-3 feet away from it. Anyway, when they were finished, they rushed back to notify Princess Shroob that they were finished and they would see them down there. Then Princess Shroob made an announcement.

Princess Shroob: My fellow Shroobs. You have been told that an RC Shroober had a plan that involved us moving to the sea. Well, I want you to take one of these things that you put over your mouth so you can breathe underwater, oh, and take these goggles that I brought for everyone. And I hate to disappoint the Blazing Shroobs, but you guys and Yoob will have to stay on land and make sure no one comes.

Blazing Shroob: We really don't care, we hate the water.

Princess Shroob: Oh, then let’s move out.

Every Shroob and Magikoopa took their gear and headed for their new undersea base. Everyone left but Princess Shroob, Kamella, and Commander Shroob.

Princess Shroob: Before the three of us go down, I must inform you, Kamella, that our power is gone.

Kamella: What do you mean?

Princess Shroob: You know that giant worm we called Swiggler?

Kamella: Yeah.

Princess Shroob: Well, it was destroyed when I sent him, a Guardian Shroob, a Lakitufo, a Rex, and Blaze the Blazing Shroob down.

Commander Shroob: Aw man! Someone killed Blaze? He was my top Blazing Shroob.

Princess Shroob: Anyway, we need a new power source.

Before she could start thinking, Commander Shroob’s walkie-talkie went off. Then a Shroob started to talk from the other line.

Shroob: Commander Shroob! We need you!

Commander Shroob: What’s the problem?

Shroob: The fortress it being attacked by some giant Blooper with four giant tentacles. We need you down here right now!

Commander Shroob: Understood! I'll be there as soon as I can!

Then Commander Shroob thought of an idea.

Commander Shroob: My Princess, do we still have that one ray gun?

Princess Shroob: Yeah, I have it with me, why?

Commander Shroob: You'll find out once you come down to the fortress, but you two stay up here for now.

Princess Shroob handed him the ray gun he was talking about, and he dove into the water. He had the power of the Star Piece in him still, so he could breathe and see underwater. He headed to the fortress and found the giant Blooper attacking the fortress.

Commander Shroob: (The Shrooba Divers and Dr. Shroobs must've built the fortress close to a ledge, home to the Blooper. But do I have a surprise for him…)

He approached the Blooper and the Blooper stopped and noticed him. He was about to slap the Commander away, but Commander Shroob stopped him by shooting the ray gun at him. The Blooper stopped and began to undergo a change in his appearance. He started to turn a sickly green color, his eyes went from whatever color they were before to a dark red. He grew two more tentacles. The Blooper also stopped attacking the fortress.

Commander Shroob: Mwahahahahahahaha! Welcome, Slooper Blooper!

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