Mario and Kirby: The Seven Stars of the Star Portal

By Blade Guy

Chapter 13: The Wrath of Drawcia

In the last chapter, the Shroobs built an undersea lair to hideout in. But a giant Blooper attacked the lair. So Commander Shroob dived down and stopped it by shooting it with a ray gun, but not just any ray gun. This ray gun would turn you into a Shroobified form of yourself! The Blooper stopped attacking the lair and just floated there. Then Commander Shroob took out a walkie talkie and called Princess ShroobÖ

Commander Shroob: My Princess, the attacker of the lair was actually one of Mario's old enemies, Gooper Blooper!

Princess Shroob: So, what did you do?

Commander Shroob: I Shroobified him!

Princess Shroob: ...

Commander Shroob: Hello?

Kamella grabs the walkie talkie and continues the conversation.

Kamella: Okay Commander, why did you Shroobify Gooper Blooper?

Commander Shroob: Well, you see, Swiggler was like a regular Wiggler, only bigger and had something that could power us up. Now, Shrooba Blooper, the name I called it, is just like Swiggler. He has a snout that can drink up a liquid, and tentacles that can feed it to the Shroob Submarines and the Shroob UFOs. Plus, after I zapped him, he grew two more tentacles. He originally had four. So it is safe to come down. I'll meet you at the base!

The Commander hung up and Kamella told Princess Shroob everything.

Princess Shroob: The commander has done well. Okay Kamella, letís move.

Kamella: Grab on to me.

Princess Shroob held on to Kamella and she used her transporting spell to transport them to the lair. When they got there, they saw everything inside was high tech and shiny. They met in the main room with Commander Shroob.

Commander Shroob: Well, what do you think?

Princess Shroob: It's perfect.

Kamella: I'll say!

Commander Shroob: I'm glad you like it. But I am off. I am getting a sense that a Star Piece is somewhere.

Princess Shroob: Thatís never happened beforeÖ

Kamella: Maybe when you transformed, not only did the Star Piece give you power and a new form, but it gave you the power to sense a Star Piece.

Commander Shroob: Well, whatever it is, I'm off. I have the Dr. Shroobs getting Shrooba Blooper his drinks ready so he can power us up.

Princess Shroob: Good luck, Commander.

Commander Shroob: I'll be back with the Star Piece! This I swear!

With that, he was off.

Mario: Okay, I'm sure weíre not too far from Canvas Land.

Kirby: The author had said that.

Mario: Oh.

Yoshi: Well, letís just hurry and get the Star and find out why we have been turned into balls.

Everyone advanced except for Kirby and Meta Knight.

Kirby: Should we tell them?

Meta Knight: I want to, but we have to make sure it really is her.

Kirby: I know, but who else could use magic like that?

Meta Knight: You're right. Come on, letís move.

?????: Wahahahahaha!

Kirby: NoÖ

Meta Knight: She's here.

?????: My oh my, Kirby and Meta Knight. It has been awhile since I last saw you.

Kirby: All right Drawcia, show yourself! We took you out once like this and we can do it again!

Drawcia: You might, but you don't have that powerhouse King Dedede to help you!


Drawcia: All right.

There was a flash of light in front of Kirby and Meta Knight, and when the light cleared, a floating witch with no arms or legs showed up in front of them.

Drawcia: Well, here I am.

Meta Knight: How did you get back? We destroyed you, and your soul!

Drawcia: Yes, you did. But Marx came along and revived me with the Star Rod! Thatís why he stole it! He was tired of Smithy's minions failing him! The only ones he trusts are those Axem Rangers and Yaridovich! Thatís why you keep running into them!

Kirby: So youíre working for Marx!

Drawcia: Thatís right!

Meta Knight: If you don't move, we will have to fight you!

Drawcia: Be my quest!

Boss: Drawcia

Meta Knight launched at Drawcia, who just floated up to avoid it. Then Kirby started to rev like a wheel and rolled at high speed toward Drawcia, who was hit. But she felt nothing. Then a canvas board showed up and she started to use her powers to paint bombs. Then bombs started to drop everywhere. Kirby and Meta Knight were hit and took severe damage. But they got back up. They tried everything they could, but every time they hit her, she felt nothing. And whenever she attacked, they were hit and hurt. They couldn't find a way to beat her. Then, someone from the bushes popped out. It was the Axem Rangers and Yaridovich.

Red: So, youíre the person who turned us into balls!

Drawcia: So youíre the Axem Rangers and Yaridovich. I'm sorry about what I did to you, but you were caught in my magic. So, let me change you back.

She used her powers and the Rangers and Yard started to glow. Then they were turned back to normal.

Red: Excellent! Yard! Go and fetch Hydra Blade! We'll help Drawcia get rid of these fools!

Yaridovich: Yes sir!

He ran off, leaving the others surrounding Kirby and Meta Knight. They were all about to launch a final blow when...


Everyone turned to see Mario and the others rolling fast toward Drawcia and the Rangers. Mario and Yoshi hit Drawcia and knocked her down. Tubba and Doopliss hit the Rangers and they fell like bowling pins.

Kirby: Thanks, guys.

Mario: No problem, now eat these. They will heal you.

Mario somehow dropped two Mushrooms. Kirby and Meta Knight ate them and felt much better.

Meta Knight: Thanks, now letís hurry while they're down!

Tubba Blubba: Right, letís move!

Our heroes started to roll fast away from the villains and toward Canvas Land. But Drawcia got back up.

Drawcia: I'll have to get ahead of them!

She flew off just as Yard brought the Hydra Blade.

Yaridovich: Guys, wake up!

The Rangers got up and found Drawcia and Mario were gone.

Blue: We have to hurry!

Green: Everyone, hurry to Hydra Blade!

Everyone rushed into Hydra and followed the path Drawcia took, not knowing they were following her.

As our heroes were rushing and rolling, they made it to Canvas Land. Everyone they saw was holding a paintbrush. They made no business of them and hurriedly looked around for the Star Piece. But they found nothing.

Yoshi: Where could it be?

Doopliss: I hope the Rangers or that witch didn't get here first.

Mario: It has got to be around here somewhere!

Kirby: We have to keep looking!

Meta Knight: We've looked everywhere! Maybe if we weren't balls, we could look better. But I don't see any magic users around here.

Tubba Blubba: Thatís it! Mario, don't the Star Pieces have huge amounts of power?

Mario: Yeah?

Tubba Blubba: Well letís use them to turn ourselves back to normal!

Kirby: Good idea.

Mario: Okay.

Mario dropped a Star Piece and everyone rolled toward it. It started to glow and they started to glow as well. Then they were transformed back into their regular selves.

Mario: It worked!

Tubba Blubba: I knew it would!

Yoshi: Come on, letís keep looking.

Kirby: Right!

They all split up. But after a couple minutes, they still hadnít found anything.

Mario: Well, I guess we have to tell General Guy the bad newsÖ

Yoshi: Come on.

As they walked away from Canvas Land, laughter was heard from the sky.

?????: Bwhahahaha! What they don't know is that I have it! Huh?

The strange thing was then seen looking at Drawcia flying its way with Hydra Blade bringing up the rear.

?????: I don't have time for this!

Drawcia: Hey! Thatís our Star Piece!

?????: Says who?

Drawcia: Says my master, Marx!

?????: Well, I don't know who this Marx is, but I found this piece first, so itís mine!

The strange thing formed an energy ball and fired it at Drawcia, who dodged and retaliated by painting a sword. A sword appeared and started to slash the thing. But the thing just slashed it back at Drawcia, who was hit and sent to the ground.

?????: That takes care of that.

The thing flew off toward the beach of the Mushroom Kingdom, and dove underwater. Meanwhile the Axem Rangers and Yard landed and saw the mess that the thing made.

White: OH NO! Drawcia has been killed!

Blue: What should we do? Go tell Master Marx about this, or leave her here?

?????: Neither!

Rangers: Huh?

The Rangers looked toward Drawcia and see that her body was disappearing, but in place of the body was a big ball of paint with a mouth and six eyes.

Black: Drawcia, is that you?

Drawcia: Yes! My soul is taking the place of my body! I am much more powerful when I'm in my soul form.

Green: We should tell Master Marx.

Drawcia: Very well.

The Rangers jumped onto Hydra Blade and Drawcia followed them back to their castle.

Commander Shroob: My Princess, I am happy to present you with this!

Commander Shroob took out the Star Piece, and both Kamella and Princess Shroob were proud.

Princess Shroob: Good job! Now, time to put that Star to good use!

Princess Shroob took it and went to the lab. There, she saw Dr. Shroobs working on a submarine.

Dr. Shroob: Ah, my Princess, let me introduce you to the Atomic Shroobmarine! It comes complete with Bullet Bill cannons, cannons that will shoot Bob-ombs soon, and last but not least, the Atomic Shroob Bomb! AS-Bomb for short.

Princess Shroob: Not bad, maybe you should use this inside it!

She handed him the Star Piece.

Dr. Shroob: Understood, my Princess. We will put it into the sub at once.

Princess Shroob: Very good, and make sure that the Shroob Subs and UFO's are able to get Shrooba Blooperís power.

Dr. Shroob: Okay, but why?

Princess Shroob: Because those Mushroomers are about to live under our rule!

She walked away and back to the main lobby.

Princess Shroob: Commander! Get your army ready! We are about to unleash an attack on the Mushroom Kingdom!

Commander Shroob: Yes, my Princess!

Princess Shroob: Kamella, get your Magikoopas ready and follow Commander Shroobís orders.

Kamella: Yes, Princess Shroob!

They both walked out and Princess Shroob went back to the lab, where the Dr. Shroobs were just finishing putting the Star Piece in place.

Dr. Shroob: The Star is in place and the sub is ready to roll! Now where is the commander?

Princess Shroob: He is getting ready. Now, how is the Death Shroob coming along?

Dr. Shroob: Well, it is able to shoot Shroob Bombs and rockets now.

Princess Shroob: Excellent!

She walked over and jumped in. A hatch opened at the bottom of the Death Shroob. It floated into and under the water. Then it began its journey up to the sky. Then Commander Shroob and his army came in and got into their subs and UFOs. Commander Shroob got into the Atomic Shroobmarine with Sunnycide and the Shrooboids. They all left like Princess Shroob did. But the Shroob Subs and UFOs made a quick stop so Shrooba Blooper could give them power. Kamella and her Magikoopas used their magic to teleport to the beach and meet up with the others.

But, while underwater, another submarine with a Shy Guy mask on the side of it was watching the whole thing. Inside the sub were three Shy Guys. Two wore both red and the third one wore what General Guy wears, only his outfit was blue instead of white.

Shy Guy #1: Sir, our sonar just picked up a huge amount of energy coming from the sub that just exited the base that looks like a Mushroom head.

Shy Guy #3: Hmm, I'll take a look.

He pulled down a telescope that poked out of the top of the sub, and through it he saw the Shroob lair.

Shy Guy #3: ... Follow the sub very carefully and don't lose sight of it!

Shy Guy #2: Roger!

The sub followed the Atomic Shroobmarine very carefully so it was not seen.

Shy Guy #3: (General Guy, please be careful. Help is on the way!)

Mario and Co. had failed to find the Star Piece in Canvas Land, while Kirby and Meta Knight had squared off with an old foe of thereís and lost. Now the Shroob army is getting ready to attack the Mushroom Kingdom and take control. Will our heroes be able to find the next Star Piece and save the kingdom? Will the Axem Rangers and Drawcia get in the way? Will the Shroob army take control? And who is this strange Shy Guy and how does he know General Guy? Find out in Chapter 14.

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