Mario and Kirby: The Seven Stars of the Star Portal

By Blade Guy

Chapter 14: The Battle in the Mushroom Sea

As our heroes make it back to the Mushroom Kingdom, they hear explosions along the way. When they get to the kingdom, they find bomb craters, and fallen Shy Guys being taken by Medi Guys. They follow the Shy Guys to Shy Guy’s Toy Box, where they see General Guy and at least one type of every Shy Guy.

General Guy: You have come back just in time! We are under attack by the Shroobs!

Mario: Huh? But the last time you fought the Shroobs was when they had a surprise attack on the kingdom.

General Guy: Yes it was, but now, they are attacking in their UFOs, Magikoopas are joining in, and they are attacking from the Mushroom Sea!

Yoshi: Maybe they snuck here and made a hideout underwater.

General Guy: That is good thinking. Now, before we move on, do you have the Star Piece?

Everyone gets a sad look on their face.

Tubba Blubba: Well, you see, we were turned into balls and had a hard time finding it.

Doopliss: So Tubba got an idea that we should use a Star Piece power to turn ourselves back to normal. But when we were turned back, we still couldn't find it.

General Guy: So what you’re saying is that the Star Piece could be in the hands of Smithy and Marx?!

Kirby: ... Possibly.

General Guy: Well, we will have to deal with this later. Right now, you guys have to find the next one. Mario, bring out the map!

Mario brings out the map and rolls it out so everyone can see it. When they find the next place to look for a Piece, Mario is shocked.

General Guy: What’s wrong?

Mario: The next Star Piece is in Ice Land.

Yoshi: So?

Yoshi thinks for a second and finally gets it.

Yoshi: Oh.

Kirby: What is it?

Mario: One of my oldest foes rules Ice Land.

Tubba Blubba: You don't mean...

Mario: Oh, I mean it, Tubba. The ruler I'm talking about is...

General Guy: Lemmy Koopa!

Mario: Correct!

General Guy: Okay, here’s what we’re going to do. Right now we have a war going on. You guys will have to retrieve the Piece and my army will take care of things.

Mario: NO! When we came here, we saw many Shy Guys down! We want to help!

General Guy just stands there and thinks.

General Guy: All right. But, only three of you can stay. Now, how are you going to divide yourselves?

Mario: Well, I might have to stay here. I am the most balanced out of all of us.

Kirby: I'm staying too! I'm not that good in the cold.

Yoshi: I guess I'll be going to Ice Land.

Tubba Blubba: I'll stay here too. Lemmy is Bowser's son, and if he sees me, he might get really angry and try to kill me.

Doopliss: I guess me and Meta Knight are going with Yoshi.

Meta Knight: Sounds good to me!

General Guy: Good. Now, give Yoshi a Star Piece, Mario, it might come in handy.

Mario takes a Star Piece and hands it to him.

General Guy: All right, good luck, soldiers!

Yoshi: Thanks.

The three that have chosen to go to Ice Land head out of the Toy Box and hurry out of the kingdom.

The scene changes and Koopas, Toads, and Penguins are seen with pick-axes. They are using them to crack the wall and let ice crystals fall out. Then Clubbas put them into carts and push them off. Hanging around by the walls to make sure everyone is working is a white Clubba with a crystal club and a crystal hand. Next to him is what looks like a Hammer Bro, but his helmet and shell are dark blue and his skin is light blue. He isn't holding any hammers, and he doesn't even shoot fire or throw boomerangs. He does something that the other Bros can't, but you will find out later. Anyway, a Toad falls over and the Clubba walks up to him.

Clubba: HEY! Why aren't you working? The master will be very displeased with you!

Toad: I'm *pant* sorry. But I have *pant* been working for *pant* ten hours. Can't *pant* I have a break?

Clubba: Well, all right. Thirty minutes is all you get though!

Toad: Thank you.

The Toad drops his pick-ax and leaves.

Bro (the Hammer Bro): Dude, are you sure it was all right for him to take a break?

Clubba: Yeah, he was just a Toad. We got plenty of other workers to dig up ice crystals!

Bro: Yeah, this ice mine is loaded with them!

Then a Koopa in a copter with a mad clown face on it floats in. The Koopa is holding a wand and has a rainbow Mohawk.

Bro: Master! Taking the Clown Copter for a spin, I see?

Clubba: Are you here to check on your workers?

Master: Yes, that and see how you, my loyal minions, are doing!

Clubba: We’re doing fine, Master.

Master: Good, I'll be on my way!

But before he can go, a Penguin finds something in the shape of a star.

Penguin: I found something!

The master rushes over and takes the star-looking thing. He looks at it and has a sparkle in his eye.

Master: I... I don't believe it! IT’S THE STAR PIECE!

Bro: The Star Piece from the Star Portal?

Clubba: Duh!

Master: I have many thoughts if what to do with it! I must call my family.

He pulls out a transmitter and a Koopa with a wacko hair style appears on the screen.

Master: Ludwig, hey, come in!

Ludwig: Oh, hey Bro, what do you want?

Master: One of my ice mine workers found a Star Piece!

Ludwig: You're serious?!

Master: Yeah.

Ludwig: All right! I'll tell Dad. Is there anything you want me to rebuild and send you?

Master: Yes, I want you to rebuild and fuse two old machines of yours that Dad used to take over the galaxy!

Ludwig: ! But they were no match for Mario back then. How do you know they will be stronger?

Master: Because I have something that should give them a boost!

Ludwig: Oh, the Star Piece. Okay, I'll send it over right away!

Master: Good.

He hangs up and turns to the Bro and Clubba.

Master: Ice, Frost!

Ice (the Bro) and Frost (the Clubba): Yes Master?

Master: I want you to guard the mines with your lives! I will lock up every door in my castle and they will have to come through the mines!

Ice: Who are "they"?

Master: Mario and his friends!

Frost: Oh.

Master: Anyway, they will have to fight you, and I know how unbeatable you two are! You will beat them and I will swoop in and steal the Star Pieces they have and give them to Dad! We will be unstoppable! If that fails, I have the weapon my brother is making me.

Ice: Whatever you say, Master Lemmy.

Lemmy: Bwhahahahaha!

He floats off and leaves Ice and Frost guarding the entrance to the mines.

General Guy: Okay, the Shroobs have UFOs, subs, and a power source! I have no idea what that power source is. If I recall, Kirby and Meta Knight destroyed Swiggler.

Kirby: That’s right.

General Guy: Okay, and all we have is Shy Guys and you guys.

Tubba Blubba: Yup.

General Guy: Hmmmmm. Okay. My army will battle on land. You guys go underwater with scuba gear and find out what the power source is and destroy it!

Mario: You can count on us!

Mario and friends leave the Toy Box while General Guy keeps thinking.

General Guy: Something about the word underwater makes me think about a Shy Guy for some reason. I wonder way?

Shy Guy 1: Sir, the Shroob army has started attacking the Mushroom Kingdom! What should we do?

Shy Guy 3: Keep an eye on them!

Shy Guy 2: Rodger.

The Shy Guy in blue still has his thoughts on General Guy.

Mario: Come on! We have to get to the beach and get some gear!

Kirby: We’re running as fast as we can!

By the time they make it to the entrance of the beach, they find out that it has been blocked off.

Tubba Blubba: Huh?!

Mario: The Shroobs and Magikoopas must've created this so we can't get to the beach. Here Tubba, take this Star Piece and try to break the wall.

Mario hands him a Star Piece and he holds on to it tightly. Then he grows giant and starts to punch the wall rapidly. Eventually the wall breaks and Tubba turns back to normal. But when he gets back to normal size, everyone can see Blazing Shroobs, Yoob, UFO', and the Atomic Shroobmarine. The Blazing Shroobs and Yoob spot Mario and his friends. They start to attack.

Mario: #$%$*#@!

Kirby: I have an idea!

Kirby walks up to the Blazing Shroobs and sucks them right up. But the UFOs notice this and charged toward them, but Kirby doesn't feel so good.

Mario: Are you okay?

Kirby: ... HEARTBURN!

Kirby then fires a stream of fire. Kirby hits the UFOs and they turn to ashes without Kirby noticing. When he stops breathing fire, he notices.

Kirby: Wow, I didn't even know I hit them.

He turns around and sees Mario and Tubba were hit.

Kirby: Sorry.

Mario: It's all right. I'm just happy that...

Kirby: What?

Mario: There is something behind you...

Kirby: Please tell me it looks happy.

Mario and Tubba shake their heads. Then Kirby slowly turns around to see Yoob staring down at him.



Kirby runs behind Mario and Tubba goes to attack.

Mario: NO!

Yoob shoots out his tongue and eats Tubba. Mario and Kirby just stare at the horror that just happened.

Kirby: We’re next.

Yoob is stomping toward them. He is about to shoot out his tongue, but stops and clutches his stomach. Mario and Kirby can see punches going everywhere inside his stomach. Yoob looks sick and then spits up Tubba, who is covered in saliva.

Tubba Blubba: YUCK!

Mario: Glad to see you’re okay.

Kirby: Uh, guys? We still have that thing to deal with!

Kirby points at Yoob, who is now really angry.

Mario: Time to cause some pain!

Boss: Yoob

Mario grabs his hammer and starts whacking the living daylights out of Yoob, but Yoob just stands there and takes it. Tubba Blubba takes a giant piece of the wall he destroyed and throws it at Yoob, but he is unaffected. Kirby looks around and finds one of the Blazing Shroobs’s ray guns. Kirby sucks it up and becomes Tech Kirby. Anything Kirby sucks up that is high tech, he will become this. Anyway, he holds a ray gun and has a jetpack and an aimer. Kirby flies up in front of Yoob and shoots him. Again, Yoob is unaffected.

Mario: MAN! This thing is unaffected by anything we throw at it!

Tubba Blubba: What are we supposed to do now?

Kirby: Maybe we have to hit it from the inside!

Mario: We're going to have to! Tubba, on your way down into his stomach, did you see his heart?

Tubba Blubba: Sure did!

Mario: Then let’s go!

Mario, Kirby, and Tubba approach Yoob. Yoob roars loudly and shoots his tongue out and eats all three of them. Yoob swallows and they are on their way down through his windpipe. Mario and Tubba cling to the edge of Yoob's ribs; Kirby, still in Tech form, still has his jetpack. As they climb down, they find the heart right in the ribcage.

Mario: Tubba, punch that cage with all you got!

Tubba Blubba: Gotya!

Tubba swings his fist and pounds the ribcage hard. This causes it to break. They go toward the heart and Mario brings out his hammer. Kirby aims at the heart, and Tubba gets into position for his hip attack.


All three of them hit the heart with everything they got. When the heart is hit, it starts to jiggle and it implodes. With the heart gone, Yoob falls over and stops breathing. Mario and Co. crawl back up and out of his mouth.

Tubba Blubba: Well, that takes care of that.

Kirby: Come on, let’s get some gear.

They go toward the shop and get some gear. Kirby gets rid of his Tech form and puts the gear on. They jump in and swim down under to see what is giving the Shroobs their power.

Yoshi: Well guys, this is Ice Land, home to Lemmy Koopa.

Doopliss: Once he sees me, he is going to kill me for what I did to him in the past.

Meta Knight: That won't be happening! Whatever he throws at us, we can take it.

Yoshi: Meta Knight’s right, let’s move on.

As Yoshi's team moves further into Ice Land, everything starts to get colder.

Yoshi: Brrrr. I'm getting chilly.

Doopliss: Me too.

Meta Knight: Something's not right, I can sense it.

Yoshi: Well, let’s just keep on moving.

Lemmy: All right Ludwig, I have been waiting for a long time! Where is that robot you promised me?

Ludwig: I'm almost done! Remember, one of them was very big!

Lemmy: Whatever, just keep working!

Ludwig: Just a tweak here, and... Done! I have just finished. I shall send it right over!

Lemmy: Excellent!

Lemmy hangs up the communicator and then a white Clubba runs in.

Clubba: Sir! We have just spotted Yoshi, a knight, and some sheet coming toward the ice mine!

Lemmy: Did you say a sheet?

Clubba: Yes.

Lemmy: He is done for now! Tell Ice and Frost to get ready for battle!

Clubba: Sir, yes sir!

The Clubba rushes out and Lemmy heads toward his airship. But when he gets to the docks, he sees the robot Ludwig made right there.

Lemmy: Wow, Ludwig sent that thing fast. But more importantly, it should kick the tar out of those friends of Mario!

Lemmy then calls on some of his minions, which are two Hammer Bros, a Magikoopa, four Frost Piranhas, three Rocky Wrenches, and five Boos carrying crates.

Lemmy: Magikoopa, take my airship and head for the ice mine! The rest of you, listen to what he says!

Magikoopa: But what about you master?

Lemmy: I'm going to take this robot Ludwig built for a spin!

The minions jump into the airship and Lemmy hops into the robot. They head for the ice mines, where Yoshi and Co. may meet their match.

Mario and Co. are seen going deeper underwater. They keep going until they see a lair that looks like a Mushroom. Mario points in that direction and they head that way. When they reach it, Mario knows that this is the Undersea Shroob Lair. They look for a way in, which they find. They head for that entrance. When they reach the surface, our heroes find themselves in the lab.

Mario: This must be where all the inventions were made.

Kirby: Duh.

Tubba Blubba: Let’s go deeper into the lair.

They move forward and travel down a hallway. They go in the first door they see and find Blaze, G.S., Rex, and a Lakitufo.

Kirby: Hmmm, the Shroobs must've found them and brought them back here.

Mario: These are the guys you and Meta Knight fought, right?

Kirby: Yup.

Tubba Blubba: But where's Swiggler?

Kirby: Me and Meta Knight blew him up.

Tubba Blubba: Oh yeah.

Mario: There's no point in staying here. Let’s move on.

They move on ahead, leaving behind the fallen Shroob soldiers.

Commander Shroob: Bwhahaha! In a matter of minutes, our army will have destroyed the entire Shy Guy army and the Mushroom Kingdom. Then, I will launch the AS-bomb and destroy the kingdom. Finally, we rebuild it into our own little paradise!

Suddenly, a Shroob runs in franticly.

Shroob: SIR!

Commander Shroob: What is it, soldier?

Shroob: I hate to be the barer of bad news, but our radar picked up three figures heading for the lair.

Commander Shroob: WHAT?!

Shroob: Not only that, but we also know that they are in it right now.


Junior Shrooboid and Shrooboid Brat are seen running toward the control room.

Junior: Yes Commander?

Commander Shroob: I need you to head back to the base and stop some intruders from finding Shrooba Blooper!

Brat: Yes Commander. But how?

Commander Shroob: Shut down the power and take some flashlights with you so you can see!

Junior: Yes Commander.

They both leave and head for the supply room and grab what they need. They head for the exit and swim toward the base. They both find the way into the control room. They reach the surface and find the power breaker. Brat pulls the switch and all the power goes out. They turn on the flashlights and search the lair.

Mario: What just happened?

Kirby: Why did the power go out?

Tubba Blubba: I'm thinking we’re not the only ones in this lair.

Mario: We have to be extra careful now.

Kirby: But it is so pitch black. I can't see a thing.

Tubba Blubba: Kirby's right. What are we going to do?

Mario: We just have to move on.

So they move on. They keep going until they find a door with writing on it, but they can't read it.

Mario: What do you think it says?

Tubba Blubba: I don't know. Let’s see what’s inside.

Tubba opens the door and they walk inside. The room is pitch black. They walk carefully, but stop when they hear a low grumbling noise.

Mario: Kirby, please tell me that was your stomach.

Kirby: No.

Mario: O_O  Then what is it?

Tubba Blubba: I don't know, but I think I hear someone coming.

Mario: Hide!

They run around in the dark trying to find a place to hide. Luckily they find something rather large and hide behind that. The door opens and Junior and Brat enter. They look around with their flashlights. They find nothing.

Brat: Well, it looks like nobody is here.

Junior: That’s good. At least Shrooba Blooper is safe. But I wish he would stop snoring.

Brat: Yeah, let’s just look somewhere else.

They both leave and our heroes come out of hiding.

Tubba Blubba: What is a Shrooba Blooper?

Kirby: I don't know.

Mario thinks and finally realizes something.

Mario: That’s not a Shrooba Blooper.

Kirby and Tubba Blubba: It's not?

Mario: No, that’s my old nemesis, Gooper Blooper. They shroobified him. We have to contact General Guy.

Mario pulls out a walkie-talkie and contacts the general.

Mario: General Guy, we have found the power source.

General Guy: Good job Mario, have you destroyed it?

Mario: No, but I must tell you, the power source is Gooper Blooper. The Shroobs shroobified him and changed his name to Shrooba Blooper.

General Guy: Well, what do you suppose we do?

Mario: Well, I say we unshroobify him and let him free.

General Guy: Are you sure you want that? I mean, he is your enemy.

Mario: He might be, but any enemy of mine doesn't deserve to be a Shroob.

General Guy: All right, call me when you succeed.

Mario: Over and out.

He hangs up and turns to Kirby and Tubba.

Mario: Tubba, you stay here and guard him. If he wakes up and tries to hurt you, just give him a pull on his mouth, that will shut him up. Kirby, you are going to find the power switch and turn the power back on. I am going to go back to the lab and find a ray that can unshroobify him.

Kirby and Tubba Blubba: Right.

Mario and Kirby leave Tubba to do his job, and go in different directions. Kirby is looking around for a door, but can't find anything. He then finds a door with a light next to it. The door says "Control Room". Kirby opens it and hears high-tech noises. He walks toward a switch that looks like it can turn the power back on. He pulls it and everything becomes fight.

Kirby: Yes, time to go back to Tubba Blubba.

Kirby runs back to the room with Tubba in it. Mario is aware that Kirby's job is done, but so are Junior and Brat. Mario might find a little surprise when he gets to the lab.

Brat: How the?

Junior: How did the lights turn back on?

Before Brat can say anything, the door opens and they turn to find Mario in the doorway.

Mario: Uh oh.

Both: MARIO!

Mario: Uh, I don't want any trouble.

Brat: Too bad. You got trouble!

Junior: This is for what you did to us in the past!

They charge toward each other and start to fight.

Boss: Shrooboids Brat and Junior

Both Shrooboids charge at Mario, but Mario jumps out of the way, and they ram into a wall. Mario charges toward them and taes out his Lazy Shell. He kicks it and it is sent charging at them. Brat acts fast and takes his lollypop and throws it at the shell. It stops the shell, and Brat gets another lolly. Junior starts spinning toward Mario.

Mario: Pathetic.

Mario jumps and lands on him. Junior is in pain, but gets over it.

Brat: I may not have an audience, but here’s a new move I picked up from Swiggler!

Brat opens his mouth and shoots out the poisonous gas that Swiggler could shoot out. Mario jumps over it and charges toward them. He grabs his hammer and whacks them both. They are whacked into the wall. They get up quickly.

Junior: Here’s a new move the Elder taught me!

Junior raises his hand and forms a green fireball. He throws it and keeps forming more fireballs and throws them at Mario.

Brat: We have a combo! Get ready, Junior!

Brat takes his lolly and holds it up in the air. Junior throws fireballs at the lolly and it becomes a flaming lolly. Brat hands Junior the flaming lolly and he starts to spin. He lets go of it and a high speed flaming lollypop is heading toward Mario. He is hit and sent into the wall. But, from a shelf above, a ray gun drops into Mario's lap. He looks at it and it says on the side "The Unshroobify Ray Gun. Unshroobifies anything that we don't want on our side anymore". Brat and Junior are unware that Mario has acquired this. Mario then looks at the wall that he sent Junior and Brat into with his hammer. He sees a crack. That gives him an idea. He hides the gun and gets up, and grabs his Lazy Shell and hammer.

Mario: You guys had better watch out!

Both: Huh?

Mario swings his hammer and hits his shell. The shell is heading at both Shrooboids at high speed. They duck and avoid the shell.

Brat: HA! You messed!

Mario: Wasn't aiming for you.

The shell keeps on hitting everything in the room. It comes toward the crack in the wall and hits it. The crack becomes ten times larger than before. Then, water starts to pour into the lab.

Both: OH NO!

Mario: Have a good swim, guys!

Mario runs out of the lab and shuts the door. He finds a chair and puts it in front of the door so they can't get out. He heads toward the room with Kirby, Tubba Blubba, and Shrooba Blooper. When he finds them, Kirby and Tubba are glad to see him. Shrooba, however, is still in a deep sleep.

Mario: We don't have much time.

Kirby: Why?

Mario: I had a battle with some Shroob minons and won, but at the cost of flooding the entire lair.

Tubba Blubba: Well hurry and shoot him so we can leave!

Mario aims at him and shoots. Shrooba feels the shock and wakes up. He loses his two extra tentacles, turns back to his regular color, and shrinks down to his normal size. He spots Mario and doesn't get angry, but is glad to see him free him from his Shroob prison.

Mario: Well, he's back. Come on, we have to leave.

Gooper Blooper stops them and reveals a hole under where he was sleeping.

Kirby: I think he is making a way for us to escape.

Tubba Blubba: Let’s hurry and get our gear on.

Mario takes out the gear and everyone puts their's on. They jump down the hole and are safely in the water. Gooper jumps in the hole and stays for a second. He pulls his tenticle back and swipes it under the foundation of the lair. The lair falls over and Gooper then grabs it and drops it off the cliffside of his home. He and Mario eye each other.

Mario (who is able to talk underwater thanks to his scuba gear): Thanks, Gooper.

Gooper Blooper: Bloop Bloop Bloop!

Kirby: What did he say?

Mario: I think he said thank you.

Tubba Blubba: Maybe he could be useful to General Guy's army.

Before anyone can say anything, the Atomic Shroobmarine comes up from behind. Mario, Kirby, Tubba, and Glooper are shocked. Then they hear Commander Shroob's voice through a megaphone.


The Commander pushes a button and three claws pop out of the side of the sub. The claws grab Mario, Kirby, and Tubba Blubba. Gooper watches in horror as Mario and Co. are being taken to the sub.

Mario: Gooper! Get out of here!

Gooper gets a mad look on his face and takes three of his tentacles and grabs Mario and Co. He then pulls them away from the sub, but the claws are still trying to bring them into the sub.

Commander Shroob: So, you want to play like that, Gooper? TRY MAXIMUM POWER!

The claws now are trying with full power to bring Mario and Co. with them, but Gooper has even better power. He then shoots ink out and hits the claws’ arms. The claws start to grow weak and they finally let go of our heroes. Gooper pulls the heroes toward him, and swims away with them.

Commander Shroob: HEY! Ink isn't fair. It short-circuits the claws. GRRRRRRR! GREAT! My army consists of only Sunnycide, Elder Shrooboid, Shroob minions, and Magikoopas! We lost Swiggler, Blaze, G.S., Rex, Junior, Brat, and Shrooba Blooper! Now what? I have no idea where they went...! Hey, Sunnycide! Elder!

Both of them run to the control room.

Sunnycide: Yes, my lord.

Commander Shroob: I need you to get to surface and takeover Yoob. The three heroes that got away have destroyed his heart, but you can control his body from within. Elder, I need you to go on land and help destroy the Mushroom Kingdom!

Elder: Understood!

They both leave and take an escape pod to the surface.

Commander Shroob: They had better not fail, or I will have to launch the bomb!

Just outside the sub, another sub is seen with a Shy Guy mask on the side.

Shy Guy #1: Sir, we have spotted a giant Blooper, an oversized Clubba, a puffball, and Mario coming up to our sub.

Shy Guy #3: Did you say Mario?

Shy Guy #1: Yes.

Shy Guy #3: Bring the sub toward them.

Shy Guy #2: Got it.

The Shy Guys bring the sub to Gooper, who is stopped by the sub. Then the Shy Guy in blue speaks through a megaphone.

Shy Guy #3: I mean you no harm! Just have the Blooper let go of you and keep him by the side of my sub!

Mario: I don't know…

Shy Guy #3: I must tell you, I know General Guy.

Mario: Okay.

Gooper swims toward the side and lets them go. Mario and friends swim toward the underside of the sub. The open the hatch and reach the surface, where three Shy Guys are there to help them. After they take off their gear, the Shy Guy in blue walks in.

Shy Guy in Blue (SGIB): That will be all, guys.

The Shy Guys walk out.

Mario: Well, you definitely know General Guy. You are dressed like him, only you are wearing blue instead of white.

SGIB: Indeed I do know General Guy. I am related to him.

Kirby: Huh?

SGIB: Yes. You see, as General Guy keeps the Mushroom Kingdom land safe, I keep the underwater of the Mushroom Kingdom safe. So, I am known as Navy Guy, the brother of General Guy.

Mario: Nice to meet you. But, we need to call the general, actually.

Mario pulls out the walkie-talkie and phones General Guy.

Mario: General Guy, we have sunk the Shroob lair and saved Glooper Blooper.

General Guy: Good job, men! Where are you now?

Navy Guy takes the talkie.

Navy Guy: Don't worry, General Guy, they are safe and sound in my sub.

At the sound of his voice, General Guy is shocked to hear his brother.

General Guy: Navy Guy? Is that you?

Navy Guy: Indeed.

General Guy: I'm glad Mario and his friends met with you. What word do you have on Commander Shroob’s sub?

Navy Guy: I hate to say it, but you don't have much time left. You see, the commander is sending something called Sunnycide to take control of Yoob and help destroy the kingdom, while a thing called Elder Shrooboid is going to help the Shroob army. If that doesn’t work, then the commander is going to launch the AS-bomb, with will destroy everything in the kingdom.

General Guy: ...

Navy Guy: I'll bring Mario and his friends up to help. My army will try to stop the commander from launching the bomb.

General Guy: Very well, send them up.

Navy Guy: All right.

He hangs up and gives the talkie back to Mario.

Navy Guy: Good luck.

Mario: You too.

Navy Guy: There is an escape pod in the next room, take that to get back to the surface. My army will try to stop the bomb, along with the help of Gooper Blooper.

Kirby: Thanks.

Mario and friends head for the escape pod and take it back to the surface.

What will happen when they get there? Will they get caught? Will they be able to stop the army? Will Navy Guy be able to stop the AS-bomb from being launched? What about Yoshi, Doopliss, and Meta Knight? Find out in chapter 15.

Read on!

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