Mario and Kirby: The Seven Stars of the Star Portal

By Blade Guy

Chapter 15: The Battle of Ice Land

We find Yoshi and Co. still in Ice Land. They are close to the ice mines, which is bad because Ice and Frost see them coming.

Ice: Dude, they're almost here!

Frost: Letís hide and catch them by surprise!

They both hide behind a rock. Yoshi and Co. make it to the mines and enter. Ice and Frost follow.

Yoshi: This place is creepy. I hope we are close to finding the Star Piece.

Doopliss: Yeah, it is freezing here!

Meta Knight: Wait! I hear something.

Yoshi: You always hear something. Are you sure it isn't your imagination?

Meta Knight: I am sure.

Just behind our heroes, Ice and Frost are about to ambush them.

Ice: On the count of three. One...

Frost: Two...

Both: THREE!

They jump out and attack Yoshi and Co. But Meta Knight slashes them away.

Yoshi: I guess you weren't imagining anything.

Doopliss: Who are you guys?

Ice: I am Ice Bro!

Frost: I'm Frost Clubba!

Yoshi: Let me guess, Lemmy made you guys.

Ice: You got that right!

Frost: Now, come our way, and we will not hurt you if you give us your Star Pieces.

Doopliss: Yeah right!

Ice: Well, it looks like we have to do this the hard way, Frost.

Frost: Letís do it!

Boss: Ice and Frost

Ice inhales, and unleashes a fury of iceballs. Yoshi eats them and swallows them, although they are very chilly. Frost charges toward Meta Knight and Doopliss and swings his club everywhere. Meta Knight slashes his sword back, and they both collide. Doopliss copies Frost and joins the fray. They are swinging everywhere until Meta Knight hits Frost's club out of his hand.

Frost: Not bad, but letís see how you deal with my crystal fist!

Frost throws a punch at Meta Knight, who is hit and falls. But Doopliss fights back with his own crystal fist. Meanwhile, Yoshi can't get a clear shot at Ice, who just keeps spitting iceballs at Yoshi. Yoshi then feels cold and breathes out a breath of ice.

Yoshi: !  Maybe I can beat him at his own game!

Ice spits another ball at Yoshi, and he eats it. He then spits ice back at Ice. Ice is hit and falls to the ground. Yoshi charges toward him, jumps, and ground pounds Ice in the stomach. Ice yells in pain, but gets up. Frost and Doopliss are still fighting with their fists. Doopliss then gets a clean shot at Frost's face, so he punches, and Frost goes to the ground. But he gets back up.

Frost: Not bad, but I still have one more trick. CRYSTAL SMASH!

Frost puts his hands on the ground and crystals are seen rising from the ground, similar to Mimi's ruby wave. The crystals hit Doopliss and he is sent to the ground.


Ice quickly inhales and sends out an ice beam at Yoshi, who is sent to the ground. All three heroes are on the ground, with no fight left in them.

Ice: Would you like to finish this, Frost?

Frost: I'd be honored. CRYSTAL SMASH!

He does the same thing, and crystals are sent at our heroes. Yoshi thinks fast and remembers the Star Piece he was given. He takes it out and holds it tightly.

Yoshi: I hope this works!

The Piece starts to glow and Yoshi has a change in appearance. He has grown wings. He grabs Doopliss and Meta Knight and flies them up high to avoid the crystals.

Ice and Frost: WHAT HAPPENED?!

Yoshi: I am SUPER DRAGON YOSHI! Time to taste defeat!

Yoshi inhales, and breathes out a fireball. It hits both Ice and Frost. Doopliss and Meta Knight wake up and see Yoshi's appearance.

Yoshi: Come on, guys! Help me finish these guys off!

Meta Knight charges toward the fainted bodies and slashes them and sends them toward Doopliss, who is still in Frost form. He uses the crystal smash and sends them up to Yoshi.

Yoshi: Hope you guys like it hot!

Yoshi sends another fireball at them and they are hit. Both Ice and Frost are sent through the roof of the mines and their fainted bodies land on Lemmy's doomship, who is not too far from the mines.


They both get up, but have little power left.

Ice: We were... attacked... by Yoshi and... his friends.

Frost: They are... tougher than they... look.

Magikoopa: Hmmm.

He grabs a communicator and calls Lemmy.

Magikoopa: Master Lemmy, Ice and Frost have been launched out of the mines and are right here in the ship.

Lemmy: So, they failed?

Magikoopa: Unfortunately... yes.

Lemmy: No matter, I will take care of the pests myself! Just keep following me!

Magikoopa: Got it.

The airship continues to follow the robot to the mines. Our heroes have just exited the mines, when they suddenly see Lemmy's doomship and a giant bot.

Yoshi: This isn't going to be fun.

The robot stops and our heroes look at how tall it is. The robot has three giant legs, a head with razors around it, a mean-looking face, and a glass dome with Lemmy in it.

Lemmy: HAHAHAHA! Hello Yoshi! Meta Knight, itís good to see you again, and letís not forget Doopliss!

Doopliss: O_O

Lemmy: Itís time for sweet revenge, Doopliss! I'll be getting my revenge with this bad boy. I would like you all to meet... MEGAMANIAC!

Yoshi: (That robot, it looks like something Mario described to me before...!) HEY! Thatís Megaleg and Topmaniac combined!

Lemmy: So you figured it out. Well, I am going to beat you, and there is nothing you can do, not since I have this!

He pulls out the Star Piece.

Yoshi: You already found it!

Lemmy: Thatís right! Now, feel my wrath!

Boss: Lemmy in Megamaniac

Yoshi: We have to climb it and take out the glass dome!

Doopliss: How do you know this?

Yoshi: Mario told me, and I played SMG before.

Meta Knight: Enough chit chat, letís move!

The three of them head for one of his legs and start to climb. They reach a flat surface, but face a brigade of Bullet Bills. They are hit and the three of them fall off.

Yoshi: Okay, I forgot about that.

Doopliss: I think we might want to move.

Yoshi: Why?

Doopliss: THATíS WHY!

Doopliss is seen pointing at one of Megamaniac's feet about to crash them. So they roll out of the way and avoid being crushed. They try a different leg to climb up, but end up falling off thanks to more Bullet Bills.

Yoshi: There is no way to get up to the head. We always end up down on the ground!

Meta Knight eyes the doomship. The ship aims its cannons and fires.

Meta Knight: LOOK OUT!

Yoshi and Doopliss see the cannonballs and avoid them.

Yoshi: Great, now we have to deal with the airship!

Doopliss: Maybe, just maybe, I could transform into something that can help us get to the top.

Meta Knight: Like what?

Doopliss: Like this.

Doopliss transforms and becomes a Bob-omb.

Yoshi: Well, okay.

Yoshi grabs him, and he and Meta Knight climb up the leg. The Bullet Bills come, but didn't expect this to happen.

Yoshi: EAT BOMB!

Yoshi throws Doopliss at the Bills, and a giant explosion happens. Doopliss comes out okay.

Yoshi: Wow, I can't believe an explosion like that didn't put a dent in the leg. Ludwig has done a fine job on this guy.

Meta Knight: We have to keep moving.

They keep going and find moving machine parts.

Yoshi: This I remember. Just jump on a flat surface that comes.

Yoshi starts jumping over and makes it to the other side. Doopliss does the same, while Meta Knight just flies over.

Doopliss: Showoff.

They continue and make it to the top, only to find themselves close to the doomship, but the glass dome is right in front of them and Lemmy is inside.

Yoshi: How are we going to break that dome?

Doopliss: INCOMING!

More cannonballs are coming their way. They avoid them, but one almost hits the dome.

Lemmy: HEY! Watch where you're aiming those cannons!

Yoshi: !  Thatís it! Guys, we have to get those cannons to fire at us while we are around the dome!

Doopliss: That just might work!

Meta Knight: Letís do this!

Each hero goes on a different side of the dome.

Yoshi: HEY! I'm right here!

Some Boos on the outside of the ship see him and start chucking Bob-ombs at him. Yoshi jumps out of the way, and the bombs explode on the dome.

Lemmy: HEY! I told you to watch where you fire!

Boo: Sorry.

Doopliss: Hey Piranha Plants, you have a perfect shot at me!

The four Frost Piranhas take notice and shoot iceballs at Doopliss, who jumps. The ice balls hit the dome and freeze some of it.


Meta Knight: Come and get me!

Two Hammer Bros. who couldn't hear Lemmy throw their hammers, and Meta Kinght dodges and they hit the dome, which now has a big crack on it.

Lemmy: OH NO!

Yoshi: Time to finish this!

Yoshi takes out the Star Piece and holds it tightly. He transforms and flies toward the dome.

Lemmy: Now Yoshi, think of the good times we had, like...! When we defeated King Boo.

Yoshi: Sorry, but we need that Star Piece!

Yoshi opens his mouth and a fireball comes out. It hits the dome and breaks it. Lemmy is now out in the open.

Lemmy: *gulp*

Yoshi: Hand over the Star Piece!

Lemmy: I would, but youíre going to die!

Lemmy pushes a button and Megamaniac starts to shake.

Lemmy: Have fun trying to escape!

Lemmy whistles and his Clown Copter flies in. Lemmy jumps and the copter gently fills the spot where Lemmy was controlling the bot. Lemmy hops in the copter and controls appear. The hatch below the copter opens and Topmaniac comes and is controlled by Lemmy in his copter. Topmaniac flies off to the doomship with Lemmy and the Star Piece, while our heroes are left to die. Or are they?


Still in Super Dragon form, Doopliss and Meta Knight hop on Yoshi, and he flees after Lemmy. They robot explodes and the force of the explosion speeds Yoshi up. They reach the doomship and are facing Boos, Frost Piranhas, Hammer Bros, and Rocky Wrenches.

Yoshi: Letís do this!

Mini-Boss: Lemmy's Minions

Meta Knight acts first and charges toward the Frost Piranhas. The Frost Piranhas fire iceballs at Meta Knight, who is fast and avoids them. Meta Knight aims for one Frost Piranha and cuts off its head. The other three get scared, but still fight. One Piranha goes underground and pops up in front of Meta Knight. Meta Knight is surprised and gets bitten. He endures the hit and slashes off two more heads. The last one gets scared and stands there. Meta Knight slashes his head off.

Doopliss is seen facing the five Boos. One Boo starts to throw a bomb, but Doopliss catches it and throws it back. The Boos are unaffected though because they turned invisible at the last second. Two Boos charge toward Doopliss and start to headbutt him. Doopliss fights back and do his own headbonk on the Boos. The Boos fall to the ground. The three remaining Boos head for a crate and bring out bombs. They keep on chucking them at Doopliss, who keeps on dodging them with ease. One Boo has a secret weapon. He reaches into the create and grabs a grenade! Doopliss is shocked by this. He didn't think the Boo had the nerve. The other two Boos are shocked as well. He pulls the cord and the grenade starts to tick. He throws it and Doopliss doesn't know what to do. But, something hits the grenade back at the Boos, who are hit and knocked out. The person who repelled it is Meta Knight. Doopliss thanks him.

Yoshi is left to face the two Hammer Bros and three Rocky Wrenches. They throw their weapons at Yoshi, who just burns them to a crisp. He thinks he can't be beaten, until he loses his Super Dragon ability. Now he doesn't know what to do, until he remembers he can eat anything. Everyone throws their weapons, but Yoshi eats them and he gets five eggs from the weapons. He throws them, but only hits three. The Hammer Bros. had put their hands in front of the eggs. The Rocky Wrenches, however, were hit in the face and can't see. So they throw their wrenches everywhere, and hit each other and are knocked out. The Hammer Bros. turn back to Yoshi and start chucking hammers like thereís no tomorrow. Yoshi eats all of the hammers and throws eggs at the Hammer Bros, but they put their hands in the way again and are unaffected. Yoshi has an idea. He charges toward the Bros, who throw hammers, but Yoshi avoids them. He jumps up and ground pounds on them. The Bros. can withstand an egg to the head, but what they can't endure is a ground pound from Yoshi. Yoshi has some left over eggs from the hammer chucking. He throws two and hit the Bros straight in the face. They fall over and are knocked out. Every minion of Lemmy is now out except for one. From the door behind them, the Magikoopa comes out.

Magikoopa: Bravo, I saw the whole thing.

Yoshi: You don't scare us!

Magikoopa: I know I don't. But does he?

He points back as Lemmy comes out in Topmaniac.

Yoshi: Him, weíre scared of.

Lemmy: You might have taken out my minions, but can you take out me and Magikoopa?

Yoshi and Doopliss: ...

Meta Knight: THIS ENDS NOW!

Meta Knight grabs the Star Piece from Yoshi and holds it tightly. He glows and this happensÖ


Meta Knight throws his cape over himself and everything grows dark.

Lemmy: Hey, what happened?

Then, Lemmy and the Magikoopa are slashed. It becomes light again and Yoshi and Doopliss can see the Magikoopa down, and Topmaniac shaking.

Lemmy: OH NO!

Topmaniac explodes and Lemmy flies off in the copter. They come back down and hit the ground. Lemmy falls out with the Star Piece in his hand. He is surrounded by Yoshi, Doopliss, and Meta Knight.

Lemmy: Heheh...

Yoshi grabs the Star Piece from Lemmy.

Yoshi: We got another Star Piece!

Doopliss: We should call General Guy and tell him.

Yoshi pulls out a walkie-talkie and calls him. But when he calls, exploding noises are heard in the background.

Yoshi: Hello?

General Guy: Yoshi? What is it? We are having a lot of trouble here!

Yoshi: We have to tell you that we got the Star Piece.

General Guy: I'm glad to hear that, but we need you to come back quickly! We are having a giant war with the Shroobs! Mario, Kirby, and Tubba made it back from under the sea. Even with them, we still can't win!

Lemmy overhears this and quickly grabs the talkie.

Lemmy: General Guy, this is me, Lemmy!

General Guy: Lemmy?

Lemmy: Yeah, listen, I will be there as soon as I can!

He hangs up before General Guy can say anything else.

Yoshi: Why do you want to help us? You're the bad guy!

Lemmy: I'm helping you because... I know Commander Shroob is there and I want him gone!

Yoshi: Wow, thatís...

Lemmy: Yeah yeah yeah, save the sweet talk for later. Right now, we have a war to win!

Lemmy jumps in his copter and heads for the controls. He turns the ship around and heads back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Chapter 16: End of the Shroobs and Magikoopas

Back at the Mushroom Kingdom, things are looking pretty bad. Shy Guys have fallen, bomb craters are everywhere, and Mario and Co. are having a hard time defeating the Shroobs and Magikoopas that are coming their way.

Mario: There are too many of them!

General Guy: We have to keep fighting!


Kirby, in Tech Kirby form, shoots a ray gun blast at an oncoming Magikoopa.

Tubba Blubba: What I want to know is, how are the Shroobs getting these Magikoopas?

Mario: I might have a feeling how! Come on!

Mario and Co. run for the beach, avoiding missile shots and magic beams. When they finally get to the beach, they see a giant Magikoopa in the sky.

Kirby: Who is that?

Mario: I knew it! Kamella the Magikoopa!

Kirby: Didn't you face off against her in some galaxies?

Mario: Yeah. She quit working for Bowser and found her own galaxy where Magikoopas thrive.

Tubba Blubba: So, what should we do?

Mario: We fight. But first, we must destroy a couple Magikoopas.

Kirby gets his ray gun ready. Tubba raises his fists. Mario grabs his ultra hammer. They charge out of the bushes and attack Magikoopas. Mario goes for five, Kirby takes on seven, and Tubba destroys ten. There are still many Magikoopas left. Kirby takes aim and fires many blasts. Mario takes out his Lazy Shell and whacks it with his hammer. He takes out many Magikoopas. Tubba sends shockwaves toward the ground Magikoopas, but the ones on brooms send magical beams. Tubba avoids them and jumps up and whacks one into the other ones. All the Magikoopas are taken out and only Kamella is left.

Kamella: Mario, long time no see.

Mario: Same to you. I thought I took you out when the Daredevil Comet came along in Deep Dark Galaxy.

Kamella: You thought wrong. I was weak, so I drifted in space. Then I found Spell Casting Galaxy. The Magikoopas there took care of me and knew that I was all-powerful. They took me in as their leader. So now, I rule over Magikoopas. I will show you the true power of a Magikoopa!

Boss: Kamella the Magikoopa

Kamella swings her wand around and shoots off a fire spell. When it hits the ground, Mario expects fireballs to be everywhere, but what happens is an explosion and a wave of fire is sent everywhere. Mario and Co. avoid it. Mario is surprised to see her fire spell has been upgraded. Kirby flies up toward her and fires his ray gun at her. She is hit, but takes little damage. Tubba runs fast and jumps up with his fists together. He is over Kamella and hammers his hands down on her head. They both came crashing down to the ground. Tubba of course is fine, but Kamella takes a lot of damage. Mario uses his hammer and Lazy Shell combo. He hits the Lazy Shell and it goes flying toward Kamella, who is hit and takes massive damage. She gets up and starts to swing her wand. This time, she sends a yellow beam to the sky. Lightning then comes striking down. Many bolts come down. Everyone is hit, but they are all right.

Kamella: You like? I upgraded my fire spell and learned how to use a lightning spell. Now, itís time to finish this!

Kamella swings her wand and a red beam comes out and hits the ground. Then three giant red shells appear and each one goes after Mario, Kirby, and Tubba. They are all hit and sent to the ground. Kirby loses his tech form. Kamella floats toward them and laughs.

Kamella: Hahahaha! You know, Mario, I thought you would put up a fight. But this was way too easy! Time to finish this once and for all!

Kamella swings her wand and flames are coming off the end of it. She is going to use her fire spell to finish Mario and Co. This is the end. But before Kamella can fire the spell, a Bullet Bill hits her. She stops and looks around. She looks up and sees an airship. Inside the airship is a Koopa with rainbow hair, a green dino, a sheet, a knight, and a Magikoopa.

Koopa: FIRE!

Some Boos and Hammer Bros outside hear the Koopa. The Hammer Bros. start throwing hammers and the Boos throw Bob-ombs. They all hit Kamella.

Koopa: Ice, Frost, finish her off!

A Bro with a dark blue helmet, dark blue shell, and light blue skin walks outside the airship and opens hit mouth. A white Clubba with a crystal hand and a club walks outside as well and opens hit mouth as well. They both fire a beam of ice and they hit Kamella.


She is then frozen. The airship lands and everyone gets out to see if Mario, Kirby, and Tubba are all right. They get up and find out that they were saved by Lemmy Koopa's doomship.

Mario: Yoshi. How did it go?

Yoshi: We got the Piece.

Doopliss: We rocked.

Meta Knight: We won the battle and got our prize.

Mario: But why is Lemmy here?

Lemmy: I overheard Yoshi and General Guy talking and knew Commander Shroob would be in this war, so I came along to help.

Tubba Blubba: It's a good thing you did. We were about to die.

Kirby: Thanks.

Lemmy: My pleasure.

Mario: Kamella might be down, but those guys aren't.

Mario is seen pointing at Yoob and Elder Shrooboid.

Yoshi: Letís take them down!

Lemmy: I'll be watching in the sky.

Lemmy gets back to his doomship and floats back up in the sky. Then, the battle begins.

Mario, Kirby, and Yoshi head straight for Yoob, while Tubba, Doopliss, and Meta Knight head for Elder Shrooboid. Before Mario and the other two attack, Mario tells them something important.

Mario: Don't attack, let him eat you.

Yoshi: WHAT?! Are you insane?

Kirby: Trust us.

Yoob roars and eats them all. They are freefalling through Yoob's lungs. They hold on to the walls and head for the rib cage. When they get there, they find that Yoob is up again due to his body being controlled by Sunnycide.

Boss: Sunnycide

Sunnycide notices them and roars loudly. He charges toward them, and brings out his tentacle-like arms and grabs Kirby and Yoshi. Mario rushes toward him and whacks him. Sunnycide loosens his grip and Yoshi and Kirby quickly gets away from him.

Yoshi: Whereís a Chomp Rock when you need one?

Mario looks around and notices a round thing above Sunnycide.

Mario: Up there!

He points and Yoshi sees it.

Yoshi: Distract him while I drop it on him.

Kirby: Got it.

Yoshi rushes off and Sunnycide tries to grab him. But Mario whacks the arm away and Kirby runs up and kicks him in the eye. Yoshi is seen up at the Chomp Rock. He pushes with all his might and finally pushes it off. Sunnycide looks up and sees it falling.

Sunnycide: This is not my day.

The rock lands on him and he falls over.


Mario whacks his weak spot rapidly. Yoshi comes crashing down with a ground pound. He lands on Sunnycide with a thud. Kirby floats up and turns into stone and lands on him.

Mario: I didn't know you could just turn into stone like that?

Kirby: Remember Brawl?

Mario: Oh yeah.

Yoshi: Come on guys, letís finish him off with one more attack combined.

Mario: Me and you will ground pound, Yoshi, and Kirby will stone him.

They agree and go with Mario's plan. Sunnycide notices this and starts to struggle to get up, but it is too late. Yoshi, Mario, and Kirby have just landed on him. Sunnycide roars in pain and starts to glow. He then explodes. Yoob, who has been controlled by Sunnycide, lands with a thud. Now all that is left is the Elder.

Boss: Elder Shrooboid

Meta Knight lunges at the Elder and slashes him. Elder grabs him and puts his other claw in front and forms a fireball. Tubba quickly rushes to Elder and whacks him. He loses his grip on Meta Knight. Doopliss disappears and comes back looking like a Magikoopa. He fires a magical beam at Elder, who is hit and sent to the ground. He gets up and starts to spin wildly. He slowly goes toward Meta Knight, Tubba, and Doopliss. Meta Knight acts fast and starts to do his mach tornado. They both collide and fall back. Tubba runs toward him while he's down and hip attacks him. Elder feels much pain, but gets up. Doopliss shoots a fire spell at him, but he is unaffected since he can use fire too. Speaking of fire, he forms a giant fireball and throws it. Meta Knight disappears, but the other two get hit and are down. Doopliss reverts back to himself. Meta Knight and Elder glare at each other and start to spin again. They collide and try to outspin each other. The Elder gets the upper hand, but then Meta Knight comes back and outspins him. Elder falls back, but is quickly sucked into the mach tornado and gets slashed many times. When Meta Knight finishes, Elder has lots of scratches on him, and he is down. The other two get up and see Mario and Co. getting out of Yoob. The Shroobs are dead for good, or are they?

Down in the sea, Commander Shroob saw the all the battles.

Commander Shroob: Thatís it! I am bringing out the AS-Bomb!

He pushes a button and the AS-Bomb comes out of the sub. He presses another button that fires the bomb, but nothing happens. He presses it again, and still nothing happens. He goes outside and is shocked at what he sees. Gooper Blooper is holding on to it, preventing the bomb from being fired. The Commander gets mad and approaches Gooper and tries to get the bomb himself and throw it at the Mushroom Kingdom. Gooper tries with all his might to prevent Commander Shroob from getting the bomb. Then Gooper uses one of his tentacles to grab the Commander. He grabs sub with his other two tentacles- yes, Gooper is very strong - and slams the Commander and the bomb onto the sub. He then throws it out of the water and into the sky.

Shy Guy #1: Navy Guy, Gooper has thrown the sub, Commander Shroob, and the bomb into the sky.

Navy Guy: Excellent. This should end the Shroob race.

Out in the sky, the Death Shroob targets the Mushroom Kingdom, and Princess Shroob is about to fire until...

Commander Shroob: LOOK OUT!

She looks out her window and sees the sub, the bomb, and Commander Shroob coming straight for her.

Princess Shroob: Oh @#&%!

They collide and a big explosion happens. Lemmy looks out his window and sees the explosion.

Lemmy: ... He is finally dead.

Mario and Co. look up and see the explosion too.

Mario: Gooper and Navy Guy did it.

Yoshi: Navy Guy?

Mario: General Guy's brother. I'll explain later.

Then a sub and Gooper come up to the surface and a Shy Guy in blue clothes comes out.

Navy Guy: Greetings, I am Navy Guy.

Yoshi: Nice to meet you, I'm Yoshi.

Doopliss: Doopliss is my name.

Meta Knight: I am Meta Knight.

Navy Guy: Good to see you all.

Then, through the bushes, General Guy runs in.

General Guy: I heard the explosion and...

He then sees Navy Guy.

General Guy: Navy Guy.

Navy Guy: General Guy.

They walk up to each other and hug.

General Guy: Good to see you.

Navy Guy: I am happy to see you too.

General Guy: Right, now, I heard the explosion and came rushing.

Before anyone can say anything, Lemmy lands the doomship and walks out.

Lemmy: Hey General Guy. And I don't know who you are.

Navy Guy: I am Navy Guy. You must be Lemmy Koopa.

Lemmy: Yeah, but how did you...

Navy Guy: General Guy told me since I last met him.

Lemmy: Ahh.

Mario: The Shroobs are destroyed, and Kamella is frozen. It is finally over.

Magikoopa: HAHA!

Everyone turns and sees Magikoopas around Kamella.

Magikoopa #1: We have to get her back to the galaxy!

Magikoopa #2: I agree.

The Magikoopas pick up the frozen Kamella and fly away back to the galaxy.

General Guy: Anyway, not quite, Mario. We still have one more Star Piece to find, then you have to find out where the last one is.

Little does everyone know, when the sub and the Death Shroob exploded, the Star Piece was blasted far away. And by that, I mean into the hands of Smithy and Marx. The Star Piece crashes through a window of the castle/factory, and lands right in front of Marx.


Smithy comes rushing in.

Smithy: How did that get here?

Marx: I don't care! We have a Star Piece!

Just then, Hydra Blade and Drawcia's Soul come rushing in.

Red: SMITHY! We couldn't find...

He sees Marx holding the Star Piece.

Red: Oh.

Marx takes a good look at Drawcia.

Marx: This is your soul form?

Drawcia: Yup.

Marx: Perfect! Now, you will not be looking for the last Star Piece. We will let Mario and Kirby find it. When they get here, you guys will attack them!

Axem Rangers: SIR, YES SIR!

Marx: Good, now get to your battle stations!

They all leave, including Drawcia.

Smithy: We must find a use for it.

Marx: I'll think of something, right now, you will go prepare yourself.

Smithy leaves.

Marx: Little do they know, that I have a special surprise for Kirby and Meta Knight!

Mario and friends are looking at the map and trying to find the location of the last Star Piece. Finally, Navy Guy spots it in a spooky place.

General Guy: Thatís Boo Tower, home to many Boos.

Mario: Ghosts won't stop us. Right, guys?

All: YEAH!

Tubba Blubba: I'll eat any ghost that comes in our way.

General Guy: Thatís what I like to hear! Now, you guys go along; me, Navy Guy, and our comrade will clean up the kingdom.

Lemmy: I best be getting back to Castle Koopa.

Lemmy heads for his doomship and fly off, while Mario and Co. head for Boo Woods, where they will find the path to Boo Tower. But meanwhile...

We find Luigi, a Booser, and Shy Guy inside Luigi's Mansion just outside of the nicer area of Boo Woods.

Shy Guy: Ahhh, this is nice, isn't is, Booser?

Booser: Sure is, Shy Guy. What do you think, Luigi? I'm loving this.

Luigi: I am loving this life too.

This is Luigi's vacation after defeating King Boo. He, Booser, and Shy Guy are living here. But little do they know, someone is lurking around the mansion. Then, they hear the doorbell ring.

Shy Guy: I'll get it.

Shy Guy walks from where he and his friends are all the way to the door. When he opens it, he gets a scared look on his mask. He slams the door shut and runs screaming back to the Guest Room, where Luigi and Booser are, and slams that door shut too.

Luigi: Shy Guy? What is it?

Shy Guy: H-h-h-heís... back.

Booser: Who's back?

Then, an evil laughter is heard.

Luigi: Oh no...

Booser: It can't be...

Then, a Boo with an emerald crown comes through the walls.

?????: Bwahahahaha! I'm back, Luigi and Booser!

The three of them are shocked at who they are staring at. The Boo takes off his crown and the crown sucks  them all up.




When everyone is sucked up, the Boo puts the crown back on and laughs.

?????: Bwhahahahaha! At last, it is time for my revenge plan to take action. All I need to do is get back to Boo Tower and show Dry Bowser what I got! Bwhahahahahaha!

This strange Boo with the crown has captured Luigi, Booser, and Shy Guy. What plans does he have for them? Does he know about the Star Piece being there? Will Mario and Co. run into this Boo and fight with him? Find out in chapter 17.

Read on!

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