Mario and Kirby: The Seven Stars of the Star Portal

By Blade Guy

Chapter 17: Here Come the Dry Bone Broz

In a dank tower in the middle of the scariest place in Boo Woods, a Boo with an emerald crown is seen floating toward a boney Bowser.

Boo: Dry Bowser, I have a job for you to do.

Dry Bowser: Grrrr.

The Boo takes off his crown and three figures are seen falling out. The first one is a Shy Guy, the next is a Boo, and the last is a green man with a hat that has the letter L on it.

Luigi: Huh?

Luigi, a bit dazed from coming out of the Boo's crown, looks around and sees Dry Bowser.


Booser and Shy Guy look and get scared too.

Boo: Take them to the lowest part of the tower! I will deal with them later!

Dry Bowser: Yes, King Boo.

Dry Bowser grabs them and drags them to the lowest part of Boo Tower.

King Boo: Bwahahahahaha! Now, phase two of my revenge plan.

King Boo floats toward where Dry Bowser was sitting and moves the chair. Behind it is a Star within a cage.

King Boo: I know for a fact that Mario is out there looking for these Star Pieces! When he gets here, I will beat him with this Star Piece for what he did to me back on Isle Delfino! Then I will use the Star Piece to destroy Luigi, Booser, and Shy Guy! But first, a little test! Oh boys!

Then the door swing open and four Dry Bones with masks on them come out. One is wearing a red, the second one is wearing a green one, the third has a black mask, and the fourth has a yellow mask.

King Boo: Good timing. Anyway, I must tell you that Mario is on his way.

The Dry Bones get scared.

One of the Dry Bones: Not Mario again!

King Boo: Yes, I know, shocking. But, since I revived you, you should have more power than before!

Dry Bones: Yes sir!

King Boo: Thatís what I like to hear, now, go to the entrance and find hiding places, then ambush him!

Dry Bones: YES SIR!

King Boo: Oh, and I will send Dry Bowser down.

The Dry Bones run off and King Boo just laughs.

King Boo: Bwhahahahahaha! Today, Mario and Luigi. Tomorrow... THE ENTIRE MUSHROOM KINGDOM! BWHAHAHAHAHA!

At the entrance of Boo Woods, Mario and Co. are standing at the entrance, a bit scared.

Mario: Okay, this is it, the sixth Star Piece. We must get in there and find Boo Tower. Then we will find the Star Piece.

Kirby: Got it.

Mario: Good, letís move.

They head into Boo Woods. Everyone is a bit scared, but Tubba is the bravest at the moment. Boo's don't scare him. Three passing Boos notice Tubba and sneak up behind him. They make their scary face, but Tubba doesn't move. He then turns and scares them with a loud roar. The Boos get really scared and fly off.

Yoshi: Nice.

Tubba blubba: Thank you.

Our heros are now half way through the woods. It is still daytime, but not for long. The sun starts to set and everyone, excluding Tubba, is getting scared. But they move on. When they hit a clearing, they find a giant tower. Boos are flying around it, and Dry Bone remains are around the tower.

Mario: Letís move.

Our heroes head in and slowly open the door. Unfortunately, the door is very squeaky, so they quickly pile in and shut it fast so it won't squeak anymore. In the room they are in, they can see a piano, a table, four chairs, a candle, and a bookshelf.

Mario: Be careful, these things could come to life at any moment.

Doopliss goes to sit on the chair in front of the piano. But, then he hears a low growling sound. Doopliss gets a really scared look on his face and turns around. The piano starts to move. Suddenly, it leaps into action and grows a row of teeth. It then roars loudly. Doopliss is really scared now. Mario saw this coming, so he grabs his hammer and smashes the piano into bits and pieces.

Doopliss: Thanks, I thought I was a goner.

Mario: Yeah, those things are just plain evil. Come on, letís move.

Our heroes continue on and find three staircases.

Mario: Oh boy.

Yoshi: What do we do now?

Meta Knight: We have to split up.

Mario: He's right. Me and Yoshi will take the left one. Kirby, you and Meta Knight will take the middle one, and Tubba and Doopliss will take the right one.

Everyone goes to the stair case they were assigned to. Mario and Yoshi reach the top of theirs. When they get there, they are ambushed by a whole bunch of Boos. Mario takes out his hammer and Yoshi eats something and turns it into an egg. Mario whacks at an oncoming Boo. The Boo is slammed into some other Boos. Yoshi throws his egg and hits seven Boos. All that is left is three Boos. Mario charges at them and whacks them. Mario and Yoshi ssee another staircase and move on.

Kirby and Meta Knight have made it to the top, where they found some pianos everywhere.

Kirby: Oh sure, we get the hard one!

The pianos come to life and attack. Kirby sucks up a chair and shoots it back at a piano. It just shreds it though. Meta Knight uses his drill sword move and takes out three pianos. Kirby charges toward a piano, jumps, and turns into stone. He smashes the piano with the weight of his stone. Meta Knight mach tornadoes some more pianos. There is one left. Kirby stones the last piano. They find another staircase and move on.

Doopliss and Tubba Blubba make it to the top to find themselves about to battle killer books. The books come off the two bookshelves and grow teeth and charge toward them. Tubba grabs them and smashes them together. Doopliss copies a bookshelf and fires his own books at the oncoming books. Tubba walks up to the two bookshelves and tips them over.

Doopliss: Why didn't we just do that the second we got here?

Tubba Blubba: I don't know?

They move on. When everyone reaches the end of the second staircase, the stairs take them to one big room where they meet up with each other.

Mario: What did you guys run into?

Kirby: Pianos.

Tubba Blubba: Books.

Doopliss: You?

Yoshi: Boos.

Kirby: Well, at least we made it, and are safe.

Mario: I wouldn't be so sure.

Mario turns and sees four piles of Dry Bones with masks.

Mario: Those masks look familiar.

The bones start to jiggle and they form into Dry Bones.

Yoshi: WHAT THE?!

Dry Bones: We are... THE DRY BONE BROZ!

Mario thinks back, then, it hits him...

Mario: Nice to see you again... Koopa Bros!

Tubba Blubba: HUH?! The Koopa Bros. that had the first Star Spirit?

Mario: The very ones!

The one in the red mask speaks.

Red: So, you found out? We might be a bunch of Dry Bones, but we are super powerful!

Green: Yeah, we are! We are also super cool!

Black: And super sneaky!

Yellow: And... Awwww. You guys took all the good ones.

Heroes: ...

Red: It doesn't matter! What matters is us beating you and giving your Star Pieces to our master!

Yoshi: Master?

?????: OH GUYS!

Stomping is heard and a bony Bowser comes up behind the Dry Bone Broz.

Mario: Dry Bowser!

Dry Bowset: Bwhahahaha! Thatís right! My boys are going to beat you good! GO GET ĎEM, BOYS!

Dry Bone Broz: YEAH!

Mario: Letís go guys!

They charge at each other and start the battle.

Boss: Dry Bone Broz

Mario and Red charge at each other and start to throw punches at each other. They keep hitting each other in the face, but neither shows a sign of weakness. Meanwhile, Yoshi and Green square off. Green starts to run around and throw bones everywhere. Yoshi just eats them and turns them into eggs. He throws them at Green, but he quickly dodges all the eggs.

Green: I was always the fastest in the group before we got ourselves game overs.

Black and Yellow are up against Tubba Blubba, Doopliss, Kirby, and Meta Knight.

Black: Four against two isn't fair.

Yellow: Yeah, letís make it even!

Black and Yellow get a hold of some bones and throw them in front of them. Then the bones start to jiggle and two Dry Bones come alive.

Black: Now itís even!

Kirby charges toward a Dry Bone and starts to smack wildly with his quick punch attack. The Dry Bone resists and punches Kirby right in the gut, which sends him across the room. Doopliss and the other Dry Bones are squaring off. Doopliss has transformed into a Dry Bones and they start throwing bones at each other. They both keep getting hit, but again, neither side shows any type of weakness.

Tubba Blubba and Meta Knight are battling Black and Yellow. Black lunges at Tubba with a headbutt, but Tubba smacks him into the wall, where he breaks into a million pieces. But the pieces just form back into Black. Meta Knight slashes Yellow into pieces, but Yellow just puts himself back together. Then, Yellow charges toward Meta Knight and takes out a bone and bone smacks him right in the face. Then, Red and the others regroup.

Red: I think it is time for our special move!

Green: Letís finish this!

Then the Dry Bone Broz stack up on each other, Yellow on the bottom, Black next, Green the third highest, and Red on top.

Red: Time for the... DRY BONE BROZ SUPER SPIN!

They go into their shells and start to spin. Then they charged toward our heroes and hit every last one. They are all sent to the ground.

Mario: How... did I not see... that coming? They have got... to have a... weakness. But what?

Mario thinks while the Broz laugh at them. Then Mario remembers Bombette and Bobbery. They both were able to cause massive damage to the Dry Bones in Bowserís Castle and the Palace of Shadow. Mario takes out a Star Piece and holds it tightly. The Dry Bone Broz notice this, and Yoshi slowly gets up and sees what is about to happen. Mario begins to glow and puts his hands out in front of the Broz.

Yoshi: The Mario FinaleÖ


Mario sends a big blast of fire at them.

Dry Bone Broz: OH NO!

The fire hits them all. They just stand where they are, scorched. Then, they turn to ashes.


Mario then turns to Dry Bowser.

Mario: Youíre next!

Mario fires and hits Dry Bowser. But Dry Bowser just stands there.

Mario: Huh?!

Dry Bowser: Oh Mario. Don't you remember? You used a Fire Flower on me, but I was unaffected! I am the only Dry Bones in the universe to be impervious to fire! Now meet your doom!

Mario and Dry Bowser charge at each other and tackle one another. They keep bouncing back and doing it again. Mario then jumps on him. Nothing happens. Dry Bowser shoots a fireball at him and throws a bone. They both hit Mario and he takes sever damage. He manages to get up. He then charges toward him and punches him right in the gut. A bone comes off, but doesn't go back onto him.

Mario: !  You might be impervious to fire, but you also have a defect! Unlike other Dry Bones, your bones don't come back to you! You are just a pile of bones when you are down!

Dry Bowser: You might know my weakness, but you will never get a chance to hit me again!

Mario gets up and charges. Dry Bowser throws a bone, but Mario jumps over it. Mario then slides and punches off more bones making up his stomach. Mario then comes around and avoids a fireball. He takes Dry Bowser's arm and pulls it right off. Then he quickly gets behind him and grabs his tail. He started to spin Dry Bowser around and throws him right into a wall.


Dry Bowser hits the wall and falls apart into a million pieces. The other heroes get up and see Mario is victorious.

Kirby: Nice job.

Yoshi: You were great.

Meta Knight: I don't know what to say.

Tubba Blubba: You beat the tar out of The Dry Bone Broz and Dry Bowser.

Doopliss: Yeah, now letís go get the Star Piece!

They head into the other room and find a throne room. And sitting above the chair in a cage is the Star Piece.

Mario: Letís grab it!

Before they can go any further, laughter is heard.

?????: Bwhahahahahaha!

Yoshi: It... It... can't be.

Mario: I'd know that laughter from anywhere.

In front of the cage, King Boo appears right before them.

King Boo: Bwhahahahahaha! Did ya miss me, Mario and Yoshi?

Mario: But... but... how?

King Boo: Well, it happened like this. During the battle I had with Luigi, I played weak. I was sending all my power to my crown! When it was fully powered up, I just let myself get caught. The crown did not get sucked up due to the fact that it is an object! Then, when Luigi and Booser left, E. Gadd made sure that every painting was in his lab and that the crown was safe. But when he went to bed, I was still able to control the crown from inside it. I took it over to my painting and revived myself with the power I had in the crown, and here I am! I know about the Star Pieces, Mario! That Dry Bowser is the one I used in my battle with Luigi! Those Dry Bone Broz, they were real!

Mario: Grrrrrrr...! Luigi. What did you do with Luigi?!

King Boo: Letís just say, that he is about to meet a Star Piece-powered up King Boo who is going to kill him! But first, I want to destroy you for what you did to me back on Isle Delfino!

Mario: Get ready, guys, he means business!

Boss: King Boo

King Boo opens the cage and takes the Star Piece. He holds it tightly and nothing changes. Mario and Co. are puzzled. Mario charges at King Boo. He is about to punch him when...

King Boo: Time to slime things up!

King Boo turns purple and is dripping with slime. Mario hits him, but gets his hand caught inside him.

Mario: What the?!

King Boo: That Star gave me the power of all my old minions! And that includes this one!

King Boo changes his form and turns into a rock ghost. He forms a rocky fist and punches Mario right into a wall.

Yoshi: That must be the form of Bouldergeist!

Mario: Ya got that right.

King Boo: Thatís not all.

King Boo then turns into a black ghost with yellow eyes.

King Boo: Meet, King Bomb Boo! Go, my Bomb Boos! Destroy them!

King Boo is letting off many Bomb Boos, 25 to be exact. The Bomb Boos head toward our heroes and chase them around. Tubba opens his mouth and eats the ones that are coming after him. When they hit the bottom of his stomach, an explosion is heard inside him. Tubba opens his mouth and smoke comes out. The other Bomb Boos hit the other heroes and knock them down. King Boo changes his form and turns into a Boo that is covered in dripping paint. King Boo sends globs of paint toward everyone. They are hit and sent to the ground covered in paint. Then, Kirby gets an idea.

Kirby: Hand... me... a... Star... Piece... Mario.

Mario slowly takes out a Star Piece and gives it to Kirby. He holds it tightly and gets much power in him. He then gets a cookís hat and two frying pans and a pot.


King Boo: You think a little puffball that is able to cook is going to beat me? Letís see how you like it when I do this!

He turns into Van Goreís paintbrush and starts to paint a Kirby himself.

Kirby: I think I can beat that!

Kirby throws a frying pan at it and it catches the fake Kirby and sends him in the pot. King Boo didn't see this coming.

King Boo: Oh boy.

Kirby: Your turn!

Kirby throws his frying pan and catches King Boo. He is sent into the pot. Kirby starts to stir and add salt. Then King Boo is sent out of the pot and is burning. A Maximum Tomato appears as well, plus a Spicy Curry.


Mario looks and sees the Tomato and Curry heading toward him. Mario eats the Tomato and catches the Curry.

Mario: Time to eat some of Kirbyís cooking, King Boo! EAT SPICY CURRY!

Mario charges toward King Boo and throws the Curry in his mouth. King Boo swallows and turns red. Then he erupts like a volcano and his tongue is in fire.


Mario: I don't think so!

Mario charges toward him and punches him. King Boo falls to the ground very tired. Then, Mario approaches him.

Mario: Now you're going to give me the Star Piece and tell me where Luigi is!

King Boo: Okay... He is in the lowest part of this tower. And take the Piece.

Mario takes it from him.

King Boo: You may have won this round, but I'll be back, Mario! Bwahahahahahaha!

The crown sucks King Boo up. Then it disappears.

Mario: That is one weird crown.

Kirby: Come on, letís get the others.

The other heroes wake up and see Mario holding the Piece.

Mario: Come on, Luigi is on the lower part of the tower.

Everyone runs fast to the bottom. When they reach it, they find Luigi, Booser, and Shy Guy in a cell.

Mario: LUIGI!

Luigi: Mario!

Mario approaches the cell and punches the lock clean off.

Mario: Itís good to see youíre all right!

Luigi: Thanks for saving me, Bro.

Booser: Good to see ya again, Mario. You too, Yoshi.

Luigi: Kirby? What are you doing here?

Kirby: Long story. Come on, we have to get back to General Guy and Navy Guy.

Mario: Oh, right!

Mario and Co, plus Luigi, Booser, and Shy Guy, head off for the Mushroom Kingdom, where they find everything is back to normal and General Guy and Navy Guy have been waiting for them.

General Guy: Well, how did it go?

Yoshi: We got it!

Navy Guy: Good job. Now, we must tell you something about the Pieces.

General Guy: Yes, you see, if you have at least six of the seven Star Pieces, the six Pieces will break up into tiny stars and form the whereabouts of the person who destroyed the portal. Just take them all out and they will do the rest.

Mario: All right.

Mario brings out all the Star Pieces and holds them all up. The Star Pieces start to jiggle and they break. The tiny pieces start to form something. They form what looks like a giant sword.

General Guy: Huh?

Navy Guy: What in the world is that supposed to be?

Mario looks closely at it and finally as the answer.

Mario: Itís Exor, Smithy's factory is inside him. Marx and Smithy must have the last one.

Yoshi: But the problem is that we don't know where Exor is.

The star bits start to jiggle again and they form something that looks like a giant mountain.

General Guy: Oh my... That's Mt. Rugged.

Mario: Huh?

General Guy was right, it was Mt. Rugged.

Mario: That means, we have to catch the train.

General Guy: Nope, just us the warp pipe in the underground.

Mario: Oh yeah.

Luigi: Good luck, Bro. I have no idea whatís going on, so me, Booser, and Shy Guy might as well stay here.

Mario: All right, come on, guys.

Navy Guy: Good luck, Mario. This is the final battle

The star bits turn back into Star Pieces and go into Mario's pocket.

So, Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, Meta Knight, Tubba Blubba, and Doopliss head for the warp pipe to Mt. Rugged and hope to find Exor. There, they will go inside him and take out the Axem Rangers, Drawcia, Smithy, and Marx, who holds the final Star Piece. What will happen in the last few chapters? Will Mario and Co. win the battle and get the Star Piece? Or will Marx and Smithy win and get all the Star Pieces? And what surprise does Marx have for Kirby and Meta Knight? Find out in the last chapters of Mario and Kirby: The Seven Stars of the Star Portal.

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