Mario and Kirby: The Seven Stars of the Star Portal

By Blade Guy

Chapter 6: You Guys Again!

We last left the Koopalings and Bowser being confronted by their old foe, Commander Shroob.

Lemmy: Why are you here?

Commander Shroob: I am here because I want revenge on you guys for freezing me in a block of ice and ruining all of my plans.

Iggy: Wait a second, we found out that it was actually Cackletta controlling you. How did you we ruin all of your plans, and how did you get out of that block of ice?

Commander Shroob: Well, first of all, as you can see above us, one of the Shroob flying saucers has come to free me from Lemmy's icy prison by shooting a ray at me. But while I was in my prison, I put two and two together and found out that she was controlling me, but I had no idea when you destroyed her. Then I took all of your children that were left in your castle, Bowser, as well as your minions.


Commander Shroob: Now now, don't lose your temper there, Bowser. Oh, and I heard you have another child, what was his name, Bowser Jr, was it?

Bowser Jr: Yes, and you're going to pay for what you did to by brothers and sister!

Lemmy: That goes double for me, Iggy, and Ludwig!

Iggy and Ludwig: Yeah!

Commander Shroob: Well too bad, that is never going to happen! Dark Bones, Hammer Bro, Green Bones!

All: Yes?

Commander Shroob: Take these enemies of mine to the prison hall of our ship.


The guards took the Koopalings and Bowser to the Shroob Ship and put them in the dungeon, or prison hall, whichever one you prefer. Anyway they threw them in and they all landed with a *THUD*.

Bowser Jr: Oh man, this is bad. How are we going to get out?

Bowser: Ludwig, do you think that you, Lemmy, and Iggy can think of a way to get us out of here?

Ludwig: We'll try.

While the Koopalings are thinking of a plan to get out, letís see whatís happening with our heroes: Mario, Kirby, Meta Knight, and their new member, Yoshi if you forgot. We see them running through the jungle of Yoshi's Island.

Mario: Man, this place has bigger trees than the Forest Maze.

Meta Knight: Which way do we go, Yoshi?

Yoshi: Hmm. We take a left at the fork in the road up ahead.

They did what Yoshi told them to do, but what they didn't expect was something was about to surprise attack them.

Kirby: I get the strangest feeling that we are being watched.

Yoshi: Yeah, I feel it to Kirby.

Meta Knight: Then we must listen closely to the sounds of the jungle.

They were all silent. Then out of the corner of his eye Mario saw movement in the bushes. Mario grabbed his Ultra Hammer and hammered the ground near the bush, and out popped Mack.


Mack: I came to stop you from getting to Bowyor, thatís what I'm doing!

Kirby: Well weíre going to take you down!

Boss Battle: Mack and Shyster Army

Before our heroes could make the first move, Mack whistled and out came Shysters as far as the eye could see. The Shysters leapt toward Yoshi and kept jumping on him. Then Yoshi started to slap the Shysters away with his tail. Mario grabbed his Lazy Shell and kicked it at every Shyster he could see. Meta Knight sword-drilled his way through the Shysters, but Kirby couldn't do anything. Then a Shyster jumped toward him and Kirby sucked it right up, and Kirby gained a po-go stick. This form is called Po-Go Kirby. Kirby jumped on every Shyster's head he could find. Finally Mack had no army left.

Mack: Very impressive, I didn't think you'd be able to take out my entire army, but your games end right here, right now!

Mack charged toward them, but was then hit with an Aero, which froze him in his place.

Mack: Aw man, I am going to kill Bowyor for what he did to me. But I don't think that will be for a whileÖ

Yoshi: Come on, letís just leave him, he wonít be moving for a long time. Plus, I see a light up ahead.

Our heroes ventrued further and finally made it to the end of the jungle. Then they quickly found a tree to hide behind because Bowyor was right near the exit of the jungle back to Yoshi Village.

Bowyor: Axem Rangers late, nya! Mad that make me, nya!

Kirby: (whispering) Does he always talk like that?

Mario: Yup.

Then they heard a rumble and looked up to see Blade.

Bowyor: They are here finally, nya!

Axem Red was the only one to step out of Blade.

Red: Has Mario and his friends come here yet?

Bowyor: I have seen them not, nya! But found Star Piece I did, nya!

Red: Thatís good, but we need Mario here so we can finish him off with the Star Piece we have, so me and the other Rangers will just wait here. Oh, and you need to see someone about that "nya" problem of yours.

Before Red could get back on the Blade Mario jumped out and kicked Red right in the stomach.

Red: OW! That hurt! Rangers, get out here, and Bowyor, start shooting arrows.

Bowyor: Right, nya!

Boss Battle: Bowyor and Axem Rangers

Bowyor started to throw arrows at our heroes, but Mario jumped on them to send them to the ground, Meta Knight slashed them to pieces, and Yoshi ate them and turned them into eggs. Kirby was able to suck one up and transformed into Aero Kirby. He grew a bow and arrow set and was able to shoot Aeros. Then Bowyor ran out of Aeros.


Red: DUDE! You have a speech problem!

Then the other Axem Rangers showed up and started to swing their axes everywhere.

Green: Taste my axe, Greeny!

Green lunged at Yoshi, but Yoshi threw eggs at Greenís face, and he missed Yoshi. Black was aiming for Kirby, but Kirby used his Aeros to hit Black. They all hit and froze him. Red was battling with Mario. Yellow and Pink found the Star Piece that Bowyor was holding for the Axem Rangers. But Meta Knight was on to them. He followed them back to the Blade. When he found Pink and Yellow, he saw them putting the new Star Piece with their other Star Piece in a machine.

Meta Knight: What are you doing with those Star Pieces?!

Yellow: We are going to absorb their power and fire the Breaker, which will be more powerful with the Star Pieces, at this island, destroying it!


Yellow: Oops.

Meta Knight: You are going to pay!

Meta Knight grabbed his sword and charged at both Rangers. Both Rangers grabbed their axes and lunged at Meta Knight. They all started slashing at each other. Neither side showed any sign of weakness.

Meta Knight: I didn't want to do this, but I will have to use my special move... MACH TORNADO!

Meta Knight started to spin wildly and everything was getting sucked toward him, including Yellow and Pink. They were getting slashed and bashed inside the tornado. Once Meta Knight calmed down, everything that was sucked toward him turned into little bite-sized pieces, including Yellow and Pink. Meta Knight grabbed the two Star Pieces and exited the ship. When he got outside he saw Red, Green, Black, and Bowyor tied up.

Kirby: Where were you, Meta Knight?

Yoshi: Yeah, we really beat them good.

Mario: What do you have there?

Meta Knight held up both Star Pieces.

Yoshi: No way! You got them back!

Red: NO! Smithy will really be disappointed in us, but not as bad as...

He looked at Kirby.

Red: Uh... Never mind.

Kirby had a question mark over his head.

Yoshi: Well Mario, should we let them go or not?

Mario: I say we don't let them go.

Kirby: Why?

Mario: Because I'm about to do this!

Mario kicked his Lazy Shell at the Blade and then threw his Ultra Hammer like a boomerang, and the Blade crashed down into a million pieces.

Black: NO! We lost the Blade!

Bowyor: How we get back to Smithy do we, nya?

Red: -_-

Green: I think I have a way to get us out of these ropes.

Green used his magic powers and made a saw to get them out of the ropes. Once the saw finished cutting the ropes, the three Axem Rangers and Bowyor high-tailed it off of Yoshi's Island.

Yoshi: So anyway, how did you get them back, Meta Knight?

Meta Knight: Well, I saw Yellow and Pink taking the Star Piece back to their ship, and followed them. Then we battled and I destroyed them with my Mach Tornado move. By the way, those three Rangers will find out soon that they are short two members.

Kirby: You didn'tÖ

Meta Knight: Yes, I killed them.

Mario: Who cares? We got two Star Pieces, letís go to General Guy and tell him the good news.

Our heroes made it out of the forest and got back to the docks. They were on their way back to the Mushroom Kingdom. But, meanwhile in the Shroob spaceship, we find Ludwig telling everyone his plan on how to get out of the jail cell.

Ludwig: Okay Dad, I want you and me to use our fire breath on the bars, then Lemmy will use his Freeze Gun to freeze the bars to weaken them, and Jr. will use his paintbrush to break the bars. Iggy will use his spinning ability to help Jr. break the bars. Everybody got that?

Everybody: Yup.

Bowser and Ludwig used fire on the bars, Lemmy froze them, and Jr. and Iggy broke them. Then they made their escape. But a passing Shroob noticed this and pressed a button that sounded the alarm.

Lemmy: Great, they found out we escaped!

Iggy: Quick, I think I saw them taking our Clown Copters to the their airship docks.

They found the docks, but when they got there, Commander Shroob had already beat them there, and was with four shadowy figures.

Commander Shroob: Well, it looks like we found some prison breakers.

Bowser Jr: Youíd better let us through, Lemmy and Iggy told me that they beat you so many times, that I could take you!

Commander Shroob: Really? Well, letís see how you do against you siblings!

Bowser Jr: What are you talking about?

Ludwig: You didn't!

Commander Shroob: Oh, but I did! Bowser, would you like to see them?

Bowser: I swear, if you did anything that hurt them, I will take you and have you smashed by my Thwomps!

Commander Shroob: Calm down, they aren't hurt. Now, I would like to show you my Shroobalings!

Then the four shadowy figures walked forward and out of the shadows were Larry, Roy, Morton, and Wendy.

Lemmy: You shroobified them!

Bowser Jr: Youíre a sick Mushroom!

Commander Shroob: Are you still up to battling your siblings, Jr?

But before Jr. could answer, a Shroob came rushing in.

Shroob: Sir, we are right now as we speak, approching the Glitz Pit. Should we stop or what?

Commander Shroob: Land the ship.

Shroob: Yes sir.

Bowser: Why do you want him to land?

Commander Shroob: Your Koopalings and my Shroobalings are going to rise through the rankings and battle each other to the death!

Bowser thought for a minute and finally spoke.

Bowser: Fine.

Ludwig: What are you doing?!

Bowser: You guys have got to show Commander Shroob once and for all that you are more powerful than you look!

Lemmy: But...

Bowser: I know you beat him many times, but you have got to show him once and for all that he can't take you on, even if it means you must beat up you siblings.

Iggy: Okay King Dad, we'll do it.

Commander Shroob: Just what I like to hear, a challenge. Okay Shroobalings, letís go, I am signing you up right now!

The Shroob ship landed and they entered the Glitz Pit to sign up. What will happen to the Koopalings? Where will Mario and his friends find the next Star Piece? Find out in Chapter 7.

Read on!

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