Mario and Kirby: The Seven Stars of the Star Portal

By Blade Guy

Chapter 7: The Rise of Gonzales

We last left our heroes getting on a boat to get back to the Mushroom Kingdom to show General Guy that they got two Star Pieces. When they got to the docks, they rushed to General Guy to tell him the good news.

General Guy: Mario, what news do you bring me?

Mario: We-a got two Star Pieces from the Axem Rangers!

General Guy: WHAT?! But how?

Meta Knight: I can tell you.

Meta Knight told General Guy everything he told Mario, Kirby, and Yoshi.

General Guy: So, you really killed Yellow and Pink with your Mach Tornado move?

Meta Knight: That's what I'm saying.

General Guy: Well, I congratulate you on a job well done. But, now I just found out something. When the Star Portal broke, eight pieces flew across the Mushroom Kingdom. But one of them isn't in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario: Is that why only seven are marked on the map?

General Guy: Yes, and I know where the one that isn't in the Mushroom Kingdom is.

Yoshi: Where?

General Guy: Well, it's sorta like a treat I'm giving you, but the Star Piece is at the Glitz Pit.

Mario: No way! But how is this a treat for us if we have to go get a Star Piece?

General Guy: Because, if you remember, Mario, you have an old friend there that might know something about the Star Piece.

Kirby: I have heard about that place. Isn't it in the city called Rogueport?

General Guy: Yes Kirby, but the Glitz Pit is over the Mushroom Kingdom right now!

Yoshi: Wow! But why?

General Guy: I'm guessing that they are here to see what it is like here. I have arranged a ride for you.

Mario: Come on guys, let’s move!

Our heroes found the Mushroom Blimp and rode it to the Glitz Pit. When they got there, they were greeted by an old friend.

?????: Gonzales!

Mario looked around and found Rawk Hawk walking towards him.

Mario: Rawk, long time no see.

Rawk Hawk: Same to you. So why are you here?

Mario: We are looking for the pieces of the Star Portal. Have you seen any pieces?

Rawk Hawk: A Star Piece... I know where one is!

Yoshi: You do?

Rawk Hawk: Yeah, Grubba found it one day and now he's holding a tournament to see who can win it.

Mario: Wait, Grubba is back in power?

Rawk Hawk: Oh yeah, but he is a changed man. When you left with the Crystal Star, he went to some hot spring to calm himself down, and when he came back, the dude was totally a changed man.

Mario: Can we still enter the tournament?

Rawk Hawk: Yeah, but someone heard you were coming and he wanted to see you.

Mario: Who?

Rawk Hawk: I'll get him.

Rawk Hawk walked toward the Glitz Pit, and seconds later, he came back out with a little green dino with red hair and orange pants.

Mario: Gonzales Jr!

Gonzales Jr: Gonzales!

Yoshi: So this is the guy you were talking about when you came back from your adventure.

Mario: Yeah, he was one of the best fighters on my team. He also helped me take down Grubba.

Gronzales Jr: It has been so long since I saw you, man!

Mario: Yeah, but have you signed up for the tournament yet?

Gonzales Jr: No I haven't. I wanted us to sign up together and take out those chumps that want that Star Piece.

Mario looked at his partners.

Mario: Guys, would it be okay if I just fight with Gonzales Jr?

Yoshi: Yeah Mario, we'll be in the stands cheering you guys on.

Kirby: You got that right!

Meta Knight: Good luck!

Mario: Thanks guys. Come on, let’s go sign up!

So Mario and Gonzales Jr. headed toward the sign up booth and made it just before it closed. Then they went to talk to a bodyguard to ask what room number they were in.

Body Guard: Okay, you guy's room will be 105.

Gonzales Jr: Thanks.

They headed to their room and saw that they were sharing rooms with King K, Hamma, Bamma, Flare, and The Magikoopa Masters.

Mario: This isn't how the Glitz Pit is set up.

Gonzales Jr: Well, Grubba built new and bigger rooms just for the tournament. So they won't be like this forever.

Then King K noticed them.

King K: No way! Gonzales, your back!

Mario: Hey King! How goes it?

King K: It’s really good, G' Dog. My team is doin’ real good!

Mario: So, how is this whole thing set up?

Hamma: I can tell you.

Then Hamma started explaining the rules of the tournament.

Hamma: Okay, well first, we don't battle people by their rankings, but we still have rankings, but not right now, not until we all battle someone, then the rankings will be put up.

Mario: But how do we get each rank, like rank 1?

Hamma: Well, it depends on how well you battle, like if you want to be in the upper ranks, you will have to kill the enemy really quickly and with style. But if you are in the lower rank, two teams will get voted off, and you can't fight here again, but you can still watch. The last two teams still in the tournament will battle to the death and whichever one comes out on top, they get the Star Piece, man! Oh, and your little buddy, is the champion here!

Mario: O_O Really?

Gonzales Jr: You bet I am, man!

Then, Red Magikoopa piped up.

Red: The fights start tomorrow, so you’d better get some rest and save your energy for tomorrow.

When night fell, everyone hit the hay. The next morning everyone was up and ready to fight.

Hamma: Hey, Gonzales Broz!

Mario looked around and saw that Hamma was talking to them.

Mario: Why call us that?

Hamma: Well, your names are both Gonzales, so I thought that should be your team name. I also told Grubba to call your team that. But anyway, I have respect for you two and hope that your team and my team square off.

Gonzales Jr: Thanks man, good luck in your match today.

Just then, Grubba's face appeared on the giant TV in their room.

Grubba: Okay fighters! I have put together the fighting list and which team everybody is fighting against today, and here it is:

The screen changed and every fighter’s team was onscreen as follows.

Round 1: The KP Koopas vs. The Dead Bones
Round 2: The Pokey Triplets vs. The Hand-It-Overs
Round 3: Rawk Hawk vs. The Tiny Spinies
Round 4: The Koopinator vs. The Gonzales Broz
Round 5: The Armored Harriers vs. The Magikoopa Masters
Round 6: The Goomba Bros vs. The Bob-omb Squad
Round 7: The Punk Rocker vs. The Fuzz
Round 8: The Royal Koopas vs. Chomp Country
Round 9: The Purple Pack vs. Craw Daddy
Round 10: Hamma, Bamma, and Flare vs. The Wings of Night
Round 11: Spike Storm vs. The Poker Faces
Round 12: The Mind Bogglers vs. The Shellshockers

Then the TV turned back to Grubba.

Grubba: There you have it! Now, I want King K's team and the Dead Bones to get to the battle arena.

The TV turned to the battlefield so the fighters could watch.

Gonzales Jr: Cool, we can watch the fights from the comfort of our rooms.

King K: Well, wish me luck, guys!

Mario: Good luck!

Just as King K and his team walked out the door, Mario remembered two names that he never saw in the Glitz Pit when he was here last time.

Mario: Hey Red, who are the Royal Koopas and the Purple Pack?

Red: Those guys?

Mario nodded.

Red: I have no idea. All I know is that the Royal Koopas are from the Mushroom Kingdom and the Purple Pack are not from around here or Rogueport.

When Mario looked back at the screen he could see the Dead Bones throwing bones at King K, but the Paratroopa sneak-attacked and dived down on the Dull Bone that was throwing bones, then and King K and his teammates shell slid into the remaining Dull Bones, earning them a one-way trip to winners’ victory. Then King K and his buddies came back.

King K: Did you see how we thrashed 'em!

Bamma: Yeah, but you were in a bit of trouble when that one bag of bones was throwin’ bones at you, I don't think you'll get a very high rank, man, but there is a good chance though.

King K: Okay.

Grubba: Next we have the Hand-It-Overs and the Pokey Triplets!

King K: Looks like Bandy Andy is up next.

They turned to the screen to see Bandy Andy and his gang vs. the Pokey Triplets, and things did not look good on the Hand-It-Overs’ end. They were being thrashed and thorned. In the end, the Pokey Triplets came out on top.

Gonzales Jr: Aww man, they were creamed, and they were a higher rank than them before the tournament.

Flare: Like the old saying goes, you win some you lose some.

Grubba: Our next match is Rawk Hawk and the Tiny Spines.

Green Magikoopa: Yeah, Rawk is going to thrash 'em about!

They turned to the screen and saw Rawk Hawk grabbing one Spiny and throwing it into another, giving Rawk Hawk a quick victory.

Mario: Wow, he is tough.

Grubba: Now, it’s time for the Gonzales Broz and the Koopinator to come to the battle arena.

Mario: We’re next, Gonzales Jr.

Gonzales Jr: Let’s show him who’s the bosses!

They walked out of their room and entered the field. Mario looked in the audience and saw Yoshi, Kirby, and Meta Knight in the front row of the stands.

Grubba: Now let’s get ready to BAAAATTTTTLLLEEEE!

Mario took out his ultra hammer and whacked Koopinator rapidly. Gonzales Jr. ran up and put him in his mouth and spit him out hard to the ground. But the battle wasn't over yet, Koopinator bent his head and ran toward Mario with a skull bash, but Gonzales Jr. was quicker and threw an egg at him, which threw him backward for a KO.

Grubba: The Gonzales Broz win!

Everyone was cheering for them. When they went back to the room, King K, Hamma, Bamma, Flare, Red, Green, and Gray Magikoopa congratulated them on their first win.

Gray: Nice first win, man!

King K: Yeah, you really hurt him bad.

Mario: Yeah, but now we get to see how the Magikoopas do.

Green: That’s right, we’re up next against those stupid Iron Twins!

Red: We will rock their world!

They went out of the room and entered the battle arena. Red started with an electric spell, but the Red Iron charged at him fast. Red was able to pull off the spell though. Red Iron got shocked, but Green Iron was faster and aimed for both Green and Gray, but they cast a freezing spell on him. Green Iron was frozen and Red Iron was paralyzed, so they couldn't move, which gave the Magikoopa Masters a victory. When they went back to their room, everyone congratulated them. The next match was between the Goomba Bros. and Bob-omb Squad. The Bob-ombs didn't even try because the Goombas were weak, but what they didn't see coming was spikes on top of their heads, but the Bob-ombs beat them anyway. Then the Punk Rockers and the Fuzz were next. The Fuzz really did a number on the Punk Rockers. The next battle was with Chomp Country and the Royal Koopas. Mario had to see this. When the Chomps entered the arena, out came the Royal Koopas... Bowser Jr, Lemmy, Iggy, and Ludwig.

Mario: WHAT?!

King K: You know those guys?

Mario: Yes, they're my mortal enemies! They're here for the Star Piece, I just know it!

The battle began. Bowser Jr. grabbed his paintbrush and drew paint pits, which the Chomps were stupid enough to fall into. Lemmy used his Freeze Gun and froze the Chomps, Ludwig breathed fire on them to let them out, and Iggy finished them off with his spinning move. The Royal Koopas won with ease. Bowser was watching them from his seat.

Bowser: Nice jobs kids!

The Royal Koopas went back to their room and out came Craw Daddy and the Purple Pack. When Mario saw them, he was shocked to see Larry, Morton, Wendy, and Roy Shroobified.

Mario: Princess Shroob must be behind this.

But someone was outside Mario's room.

Commander Shroob: You are wrong, Mario, you are so wrong…

He then walked away. The Purple Pack grabbed Craw Daddy and started to beat him like dough. Craw Daddy didn't stand a chance. The Purple Pack left and then it was Hamma, Bamma, and Flare against the Wings of Night (Sir Swoop’s team).

Gonzales Jr: Good luck, dudes!

Flare: Thanks, man!

When they entered the arena, Hamma started to throw hammers like there was no tomorrow. Sir Swoop and another one of his teammates dodged them, but one got hit and was out like a light. Bamma threw his boomerange at both the Swoopers, but Sir Swoop dodged while his other teammate got hit and was grounded (pun intended). Flare just shot fireballs at Sir Swoop, but Swoop was really fast, so he charged down toward Flare, but Flare thought fast and shot a big fireball and Sir Swoop was burned to a crisp. Hamma, Bamma, and Flare had won. When they got back, they were congratulated like everyone else was. Then Spike Storm and the Poker Faces squared off, but the Poker Faces ended up with the win. All that was left was The Shellshockers and The Mind Bogglers. The Mind Bogglers thought they had the advantage when the Shockers were on their backs, but what they didn't know was that they were the only Koopas in the world that could attack when they were flipped over. The Shellshockers won by using their Super Slam move when they were on their backs. Then when the battle ended Grubba appeared on the screen.

Grubba: Yeah, that was some intense fighting, folks, now I am going to rank everyone and the two teams who did the worst will not be on the ranking list. Give me a few minutes.

The screen turned off for a few seconds and then turned back on.

Grubb: Okay fighters and fans, here are the rankings!

The screen showed what rank everyone was at, and here it is:

1st: Rawk Hawk
2nd: The Purple Pack
3rd: The Royal Koopas
4th: The Gonzales Broz
5th: Hamma, Bamma, and Flare
6th: The Magikoopa Masters
7th: Bob-omb Squad
8th: The Pokey Triplets
9th: The Fuzz
10th: The KP Koopas
11th: The Poker Faces
12th: The Shellshockers
13th: The Wings of Night
14th: The Tiny Spinies
15th: Spike Storm
16th: The Dead Bones
17th: Chomp Country
18th: The Koopinator
19th: The Goomba Bros
20th: Mind Bogglers
21st: The Punk Rockers
22nd: Craw Daddy

The screen turned back to Grubba.

Grubba: Well, there you have it. You saw who won, who is still in, and who is going. So, The Hand-It-Overs and The Armored Hairiers are gone, and cannot fight anymore!  The fighters who are still in, I will show you who you are up against tomorrow. So good night!

Everyone in Room 105: YEAH!

Mario: We’re all still in!

Gonzales Jr: Yeah, we all rocked!

King K: Yeah, but it's kinda sad to see Bandy Andy leave.

Hamma: Yeah, he was one of your peeps. But at least the Armored Morons are leaving!

Mario: Yeah, but we should get some sleep.

Red: Yeah, it’s getting late.

So they all went out like lights and woke up early next morning to find out who they were up against. But first they ordered room service and had breakfast. Then Grubba appeared on the screen after they finished.

Grubba: Hello fighters, I hope you slept well. Anyway, I have put everyone up against someone else, so here they are.

Grubba's face once again disappeared and the opponent list is up.

Round 1: Craw Daddy vs The Pokey Triplets
Round 2: The Purple Pack vs. The Punk Rockers
Round 3: KP Koopas vs. The Koopinator
Round 4: Dead Bones vs. The Poker Faces
Round 5: The Magikoopa Masters vs. The Fuzz
Round 6: Spike Storm vs. The Gonzales Broz
Round 7: Hamma, Bamma, and Flare vs. Tiny Spinies
Round 8: The Royal Koopas vs. The Wings of Night
Round 9: The Bob-omb Squad vs. The Shellshockers
Round 10: Rawk Hawk vs. Goomba Bros
Round 11: Mind Bogglers vs. Chomp Country

Grubba: There ya go, folks! Now let’s get Craw Daddy and The Pokey Triplets out here!

The screen turned to the arena and we see Craw Daddy and the Pokey Triplets entering the arena. Craw Daddy started by throwing spears at all of the Pokeys, but the Pokeys counterattacked and shot thorns at him. Craw Daddy charged toward them and stabbed them all. There was slience, and the Pokey Triplets fell apart. Craw Daddy had won. Next was Purple Pack and The Punk Rockers. The Rockers started by all charging at the shroobified Koopalings. But Roy charged torward them and punched them all into each other. Then the other three started shooting ray guns at them and they were down. Mario saw the whole thing.

Mario: O_o Are ray guns legal?

Gonzales Jr: I don't know, man…

Red: Hey King K, you’re up next against Koopinator.

King K: Oh boy! We might not stand a chance, man!

Gronzales Jr: Come on, you can do it, dude!

King K: You're right. Come on, gang, we have a match to win!

They headed toward the arena and started the battle. Koopinator started by skull bashing Paratroopa, but King K crawled into his shell and slid toward Koopinator to stop him. The other KP Koopa charged toward him and shell slid him onto the ground. Koopinator was flipped over and ParaKP divebombed him and Koopinator was down. When King K got back to his room, everyone cheered and they turned to the screen to see the Dead Bones and Poker Faces ready to fight. The Poker Faces spun wildly and charged toward Dead Bones, and the Dead Bones were broken to pieces all over the arena. The Poker Faces had won.

Green: Looks like we’re up against the Fuzz dudes. Let’s go.

The Masters went toward the arena and Green Fuzzy started to multiply into a dozen Fuzzies. Black started to charge toward Gray to try to suck his HP, but Gray turned himself invisible and Black just hit himself to the ground. Pink was going after Red, but Red cast a multiplying spell of his own to confuse Pink. The twelve Green Fuzzies were after Green Magikoopa, but Green cast a powerful spell that knocked all of the Fuzzies into each other, revealing the real Green Fuzzy. Green finished the Fuzzy off by freezing him. The Red clones were all around Pink and casting wicked spells. Pink went down. Black and Gray squared off and Black kept leaping toward Gray to suck his HP, but Gray came out on top when he cast an electric spell, shocking Black. The Magikoopa Masters were victorious.

When they got back, everyone cheered and The Gonzales Broz were up next against Spike Storm. Gonzales Jr. leapt up and rapidly ground pounded Lakitu, while Mario kept whacking the living daylights out of the Spinies with his Ultra Hmmer. In the end, it was an easy fight and they both won.

Then Hamma, Bamma, and Flare were up against the Tiny Spines. Hamma threw hammers, Bamma threw boomerangs, and Flare spat fireballs, but the Spinies endured them all and charged toward them with their spikes facing the Bros’ faces! But the Bros. ducked into their shells and avoided a very painful attack. Then Hamma spun wildly and threw hammers all around the arena. Bamma and Flare did the same only with boomerangs and fireballs. The Spines were no match in the end.

The next fight was the Royal Koopas and The Wings of Night. Now Mario got to see another one of the Koopalings’ combos. Iggy started to spin and that got the Swoopers dizzy. While they were dizzy, Lemmy grabbed his Freeze Gun and shot the Swoopers, encasing them in a block of ice. Ludwig used his fire to melt the ice, but hurt the Swoopers. Bowser Jr. then used his paintbrush and slashed the Swoopers with paint. The Swoopers were all down.

Mario: They didn't even get to attack…

The Bob-ombs and the Shellshockers fought and the Bob-ombs somehow came out on top by flipping the Shoockers over and then blowing up in their faces when they used their best move. The next match, I shouldn't even explain. Rawk Hawk just wall jumped and jumped on each Goomba. The Goombas were wearing spikes, but that didn't seem to bother Rawk. The last match was Chomp Country and Mind Bogglers. Chomp Country thought that the Ruff Puff would make a good snack for them, so they almost ate him. But he managed to get out... alive. The Bogglers tried everything they could to put a dent in Chomp Country, but nothing would work, so Chomp County dominated them.

Grubba: That ends day two of our fighting tournament folks. I'll put everyone in the rankings.

The screen turned blank and after a few minutes, Grubba had the ranking list.

1st: Royal Koopas
2nd: Purple Pack
3rd: Gonzales Broz
4th: Rawk Hawk
5th: Magikoopa Masters
6th: Hamma, Bamma, and Flare
7th: Bob-omb Squad
8th: Craw Daddy
9th: The Poker Faces
10th: The KP Koopas
11th: Chomp Country
12th: The Fuzz
13th: Koopinator
14th: The Punk Rockers
15th: The Tiny Spines
16th: The Pokey Triplets
17th: The Shellshockers
18th: Spike Storm
19th: The Dead Bones
20th: Mind Bogglers

Grubba: Well, you saw it, now say goodbye to the Gooba Bros and The Wings of Night! Goof luck tomorrow, fighters.

The screen turned off and everyone could see the Goombas and Wings of Night leaving.

Green: All right! We got good rankings again!

King K: Yeah, we did!

Gonzales Jr: Man, we thrashed all of our opponents!

Mario: You got that right!

Red: Let’s get to sleep, we can see who we’re fighting tomorrow.

They all went to sleep and by morning, they were ready to go. Then Grubba posted the fighters.

Round 1: Chomp Country vs. Pokey Triplets
Round 2: Dead Bones vs. Spike Storm
Round 3: Mind Bogglers vs. Craw Daddy
Round 4: Bob-omb Squad vs. Tiny Spinies
Round 5: Hamma, Bamma, and Flare vs. Koopinator
Round 6: The Royal Koopas vs. The Poker Faces
Round 7: The Purple Pack vs. The Fuzz
Round 8: The Punk Rockers vs. Rawk Hawk
Round 9: KP Koopas vs. Shellshockers
Round 10: Gonzales Broz vs. The Magikoopa Masters

Everyone in room 105 gasped at round 10.

Grubba: The first fight will start in a couple minutes, good luck today, fighters!

The screen turned off. Two great teams had to battle each other on the third day of the tournament. Who will come out on top? Find out how these great teams battle and who wins in Chapter 8.

Read on!

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