Mario and Kirby: The Seven Stars of the Star Portal

By Blade Guy

Chapter 8: The Deal

We last saw Mario and his friends going to the Glitz Pit for the Star Piece. Mario had teamed up with his old friend, Gonzales Jr, to fight for it. Now we see them ready to face the Magikoopa Masters.

Mario: I can't believe it. It's only been three days and Grubba puts us up against each other.

Red: I know. All I want to say is that you will not let me win, and I won't let you win.

Mario: Deal!

They shook hands.

King K: Now that is what I call good sportsmanship.

Grubba: Now Chomp Country and the Pokey Triplets will battle, lets watch.

Chomp Country lunged at one Pokey, but the Pokey fell apart just to avoid being hurt. The other Chomp was rushing toward the other two, but the Pokeys shot thorns into its mouth, which put the Chomp in very much pain. The Pokey parts hopped toward the other Chomp and headbutt him in the mouth. Both Chomps were in so much pain that they had to give up and go to the hospital for surgery. Next was Dead Bones and Spike Storm. Lakitu threw Spiny eggs at one Dull Bones, while the Spinies not in egg form charged and tackled the other two. But they would just get back up because they can revive themselves. All three Dull Bones used a Bone Formation Combo, which, when the bones were thrown, looked like a giant Dull Bones head. Everyone on Spike Storm got hit and was down. The next battle was Craw Daddy against Mind Bogglers. Pider kept shooting spider webs at Craw, but Craw just slashed them with his spear and then charged toward him to slash him. He was down after about five slashes. Pale Piranha tried to bite him, but Craw used his spear and put it up in Pale's mouth, which hurt a lot. Dark Puff was left and all he could do was shoot lightning. Craw get shocked a couple of times but he made it up to Dark and stabbed him, and The Mind Bogglers were knocked out.

Grubba: We are going to take a short break right now.

In room 105, Mario and Gonzales Jr. wee thinking of a battle plan.

Mario: Okay Gonzales Jr, what are we going to do?

Gonzales Jr: Well, I think that I should distract Red, and you aim for Gray.

Mario: But what about Green?

Gonzales Jr: Hmm, I forgot about him. Okay, I'll throw eggs at Red and Green, and you aim for Gray and get in a get K.O. on him, and then we'll take out Red and Green together.

Mario: Sounds like a good plan to me!

While Mario and Gonzales Jr. were going over their plan, we find Kirby, Meta Knight, and Yoshi out in the main lobby.

Yoshi: I wonder how Mario is going to do in his next battle?

Kirby: I'm sure he'll have something planned.

Then they all heard voices around the corner.

Meta Knight: That sounded like Grubba.

They peeked around the corner to find Grubba and Commander Shroob.

Commander Shroob: Look Grubba, I know you own this joint, but you can't take out my Purple Pack just because they use ray guns!

Grubba: But those things are illegal! So, either you leave, or I make you.

He clutched his fists together.

Commander Shroob: Put a cork in it, you over-sized Clubba!

Grubba: Oh, you are messin' with the wrong Clubba, you little Shroob!

They both glared at each other.

Commander Shroob: Hey, I have an idea.

Grubba: What did you have in mind?

Commander Shroob: Well, you and me are going to have a fight, and if I win, I will take this place from you!

Grubba: But what if I win?

Commander Shroob: I will leave with my Purple Pack.

Grubba: Okay, you got yourself a deal!

From around the corner, Kirby, Meta Knight, and Yoshi could hear all that.

Yoshi: This isn't good!

Meta Knight: I thought Grubba was a retired fighter?

Yoshi: He is, but Mario told me he might not have the fighting spirit in him anymore.

Kirby: Then Commander Shroob will get the Star Piece and own this place. What else could go wrong?

Before they could leave, the Purple Pack were pointing ray guns at them.

Yoshi: You had to ask.

Then Commander Shroob came around the corner.

Commander Shroob: I knew you guys were listening in on me and Grubba's conversation. My plan is going smoothly. Tie them up and come back to Grubba's office in two minutes!

The Purple Pack tied them up while Commander Shroob went near Grubba's office, but had to wait for two bodyguards to leave their post.

Bodyguard 1: Hey, did you hear that Mr. Grubba was going up against the Purple Pack's manager?

Bodyguard 2: Yeah, I hope he wins.

Commander Shroob: (whispering to himself) When are they going to leave?

He went to sit down, but knocked over a can, which rolled over to the bodyguards.

Bodyguard 1: Hey, I think someone is spying on us!

Bodyguard 2: I think the can rolled from behind that corner.

They walked over and you can hear bangs and thuds. Then, from the corner came Commander Shroob in a bodyguard outfit. He went to stand next to Grubbaís office. If youíre wondering what happened to the guards, they were beaten senseless and were put in a big box so no one could find them. Grubba came out and saw Commander Shroob in a bodyguard outfit, but thought he was a guard.

Grubba: Okay, I'm off to get some supplies before the match, you can take a break if you want.

Commander Shroob (in bodyguard outfit): Thank you, sir.

Grubba walked away and Commander Shroob took off the outfit and tried to get in the office, but the door was locked. Then the Purple Pack showed up with Mario's friends.

Commander Shroob: I can't get in, Roy, come here and smash the door down!

Roy walked up and used all his might to smash the door down, which worked. They all walked in and put Mario's friends in a corner.

Commander Shroob: Okay, letís see, what button do I press to talk to one room... Here it is!

He was looking for the button to talk to room 105. He pressed it and the TV in room 105 turned on, with Commander Shroob on it.

Commander Shroob: Hello Mario!

Mario turned to the TV and saw him.

Mario: YOU!

Gonzales Jr: Who is this clown?

Mario: Someone who works for the Shroobs! Now what do you want?

Commander Shroob: I am here to tell you that me and Grubba made a bet! If I win, I own this arena. But if he wins, me and my Purple Pack leave!

Mario: So, why does this involve me?

Commander Shroob: Because if I lose, your friends are in for a world full of hurt.

He showed Mario Kirby, Meta Knight, and Yoshi.

Mario: Why would you capture them?

Commander Shroob: Because they would have told you about my plan!

Mario: Then why tell me now?

Commander Shroob: Because they would have told you and you would have stopped me! But, if you try to stop me, I will hurt your friends anyway!

Mario: By doing what?

Commander Shroob: Letís just say, theyíd better like being part of the Mushroom Kingdom! Bwahahahahaha!

The TV turned off and Mario sat there, depressed.

Gonzales Jr: Come on man, we have to do something.

Mario: We can't, it's a lose-lose situation for me and my friends, but a win-win for Commander Shroob.

Meanwhile back at Grubba's office, we see Commander Shroob looking around.

Commander Shroob: Let me think, if I were a Star Piece, where would I be hidden?

Commander Shroob looked everywhere except Grubba's desk. He went toward it and found a switch taped under the desk. He took it from the table and pressed it, and out from behind him, the wall opened up and the Star Piece was sitting right in the wall.

Commander Shroob: Jackpot!

He grabbed it.

Commander Shroob: The Star Piece is mine! Now letís hurry and get out of here before Grubba gets back. And take those friends of Mario's to the storage room!

The Shroobalings did as they were told. When Grubba got back, he told every fighter that he was fighting against the Purple Packís leader, so all fights were canceled. When the fight came, every fighter (including those who left) was there to watch. Mario, Gonzales Jr, The Magikoopa Masters, and King K on the other hand were looking for Mario's friends.

Mario: Okay, they must be around here somewhere.

King K looked around the corner and saw all the shroobified Koopalings guarding the storage room door.

King K: I think I found where your friends are being held.

They all looked around the corner and saw the Shroobalings.

Mario: Now all we need is a plan.

While they were thinking of a plan, the fight had just started back at the arena and Grubba had started with a shockwave. Commander Shroob jumped him and came falling down toward Grubba with his foot stretched out, but Grubba grabbed it and swung Commander Shroob around and slammed him on the ground.

Commander Shroob: You're pretty good, but letís see how you do with this!

The Commander grabbed Grubba and started to pinch him. But what Grubba didn't know was that his claws were infected with a deadly poison. Grubba broke free and started punching the Shroob rapidly. Commander Shroob endured almost every hit.

Grubba: You're not too shabby, Shroob! But letís see how you deal with my special move!

Grubba focused and then his hands grew to the size of the giant watermelon from Super Mario Sunshine. Then he put his hands together, which formed a giant fist, and slammed them down like a hammer on Commander Shroob. When his hands lifted, Commander Shroob was in the ground. He slowly got himself out of the hole and was panting heavily.

Commander Shroob: *pant* I don't know how you learned that move *pant* but I think it's time I used this little piece of power source!

He reached into his pocket, if he as one, and was holding the Star Piece.

Grubba: O_o How did you get into my office?!

Commander Shroob: Why don't you ask your bodyguard?

Grubba thought for a minute and finally put two and two together.

Grubba: You were the bodyguard outside my room office!

Commander Shroob: Correct, and I used one of my Shroobalings to knock down your door so I could get in! Now, it's time to win!

The Star Piece started to glow and Commander Shroob lifted into the air and grew twice as big. His arms grew longer, and his claws grew as well. He gained bat wings, like the ones Jr. Troopa had only bigger, and his teeth were sharper.

Grubba: I am doomed! I also feel like I'm growing weaker, but I will still fight!

While the fight went on, we find Mario and his friends formulating a plan.

Mario: Okay, how about Gonzales Jr. throws an egg at all four of them, and they see him and go after him. Then the Magikoopas will fight them all with Gonzales Jr, and me and King K will go rescue my friends.

Gonzales Jr: Sounds good to me.

King K: Letís put this plan into action!

Gonzales Jr. lay an egg and threw it at Roy. The Shroobalings saw Gonzales Jr. and chased after him, then the Magikoopa Masters followed. Then Mario and King K headed toward the door to the storage room, but the door was locked.

Mario: Great, how are we going to get in now?

King K: I don't know, but I'd be more worried about the guys coming toward us!

Mario turned around and saw all of Bowser's shroobified minions.

Hammer Bro: You didn't think that the Commander would leave those stupid Shrooblings to guard this door, did ya?

Dry Bones: The Commander called for us because he figured you'd have a plan to free your friends!

Fire Bro: So we waited for the Shroobalings to get tricked and then we would ambush you guys!

Mario: Man, that Shroob thought of everything.

Green Dry Bones: Now Mario, you and your little Koopa friend there are going down!

Boomerang Bro: Say good night, plumber!

Before Boomerang could do anything, a fireball had hit him in the back of the shell and knocked him out.

Dark Bones: What the...

They all turned around and saw four figures.

Blue Dry Bones: Who are you?

?????: ...

Dark Bones: Dry Bones, go get them!

Dry Bones took out a bone and charged toward one of the figures. That one figure then flung paint at Dry Bones, which sent him down to the ground, where he struggled to get free.

Dark Bones: Blue, Green, get them!

Blue and Green Dry Bones ran toward one, but it shot ice at them and froze them.

Hammer Bro: Guess it's just you, me, and Fire Dark! Letís get them!

They charged toward the last one and that one shot a beam at them, which knocked them out.

Mario: Thanks... Koopalings.

Mario was right, from the shadows emerged Iggy, Lemmy, Ludwig, and Bowser Jr.

Iggy: No problem.

Ludwig: Letís tie these clowns up so they don't escape.

They found a rope and tied up the Shroobified Bowser minions.

King K: Thanks for the help, royal dudes!

Bowser Jr: No prob.

Lemmy: To tell you the truth, we are only helping you because we want Commander Shroob gone.

Mario: Oh...

Lemmy: But, we will help you get your friends back!

Mario: Okay...

King K: But we have a problem, we can't get into the storage room.

Ludwig: What do you mean?

Ludwig tried to open it, but the door wouldn't budge.

Ludwig: I see what you mean.

Iggy: Let me try.

Iggy reached into his shell and took out a pin. He put it into the lock and jiggled it around. Finally, they all heard a *click* sound.

Iggy: There you go.

Mario: Thanks.

Mario opened the door and inside he saw his tied up friends.

Friends: MARIO!

Mario: Yup, I'm here to save you guys!

Meta Knight: How did you find us?

Mario: Me and King K found the Shroobalings in front of this door.

Kirby: Oh, then how did you get past the Shroobalings?

Mario: Oh, well see, we... Oh, Gonzales Jr!

King K: I'll look for them, you help your friends!

King K ran out the door following the direction Gonzales Jr. and the Magikoopa Masters went. When he made it to the door to the exit he saw the Magikoopa Masters were on the ground, with only Gonzales Jr. still standing.

Gonzales Jr: Those guys are too good. They took out the Masters, they know all my moves, and theyíre fast. I need some help.

He looked up and saw King K around the corner. Gonzales Jr. had a look on his face that said "I need your help!" King K nodded and tucked into his shell and charged toward the Shroobalings and knocked them down like bowling pins. When they got up, the Shroobalings saw King K with Jr.

Gonzales Jr: Letís see you dodge this!

Gonzales Jr ate King K and spit him back out at top speed. King K had total control of his shell's direction and hit every Shroobaling right in the face. They were all knocked out. The Masters woke up after that.

Red: What happened?

Gonzales Jr: Me and King K totally rocked their world!

They all took a look at them.

Green: A fine job you did, too.

Gray: But what should we do with them?

Gonzales Jr: Well, Gonzales told me that they are really his enemy, the Koopalings, in a shroobified form. Maybe you guys could use your magic and change them back to normal.

Red: We'll try.

Red, Green, and Gray approached them and chanted some magic words and shot a beam at the Shroobalings. The beam covered them and when the beam was gone, the Koopalings were in the place of the Shroobalings.

Green: We did it! But won't they wake up and see us?

Gonzales Jr: No, I made sure that they were knocked out like a light when me and King K used our combo.

Gray: Letís take them back to Mario.

The Magikoopas used their wands to levitate them and take them to Mario. When they got back to Mario, they found his friends untied and the other four Koopalings. Mario saw the newly unshroobified Koopalings.

Ludwig: Thanks a lot for unshroobifying our siblings.

Green: No problem.

Mario: Maybe you Koopalings should go, we'll take care of that Shroob!

Lemmy: No, we will stay! We want to see Commander Shroob get beaten by you!

Mario: Okay, come on, letít go!

Back at the arena, the newly formed Commander Shroob was beating the tar out of Grubba, but Grubba was still fighting strong. But then, the poison started to kick in.

Grubba: Feeling... weak... Can't... survive any... longer...

He then fainted due to the poison.

Commander Shroob: Hahahahaha! I am the owner now! I will turn this place into a Shroob paradise, and kick out every fighter!

?????: No you wonít!

Commander Shroob turned around and saw Mario, his untied friends, his Glitz Pit friends, the Koopalings, and the Shroobalings turned back into Koopalings.

Commander Shroob: What did you do to my Shroobalings?!

Mario: We had them turned back to Koopalings! Now your plans are ruined!

Commander Shroob: No they are not. My plans were fully finished! Now I own this place, and I finally get to take my enemy down with the power of the Star Piece!

He showed Mario the Star Piece.

Mario: Oh great!

Commander Shroob: Now I will finally have my revenge on you since your adventure in Partners in Time!

Mario: Kirby, Meta Knight, Yoshi! I need your help here!

Yoshi: Weíre right behind you all the way, Mario!

Gonzales Jr: Go kick his butt, buddy!

Mario: Will do!

Boss Battle: Commander Shroob

Meta Knight lunged at Commander Shroob and tried to slash him with his sword, but he didn't get a scratch on him. Yoshi threw eggs at him, but the Shroob grabbed them and cracked them. Kirby had to stand there and find something to suck up, then Mario had an idea.

Mario: Kirby! Heads up!

Mario threw his Ultra Hammer in his direction, and Kirby sucked it right up. He didn't turn into his regular hammer Kirby, but rather Ultra Hammer Kirby, with a metal hammer. He ran toward Commander Shroob and tried to whack him, but missed him and got slapped away by one of Commander Shroob's claws. Mario kicked his Lazy Shell into Commander Shroob, but he grabbed it and threw it back at Mario with twice the power. Then he grabbed our heroes and raised them up to his face.

Commander Shroob: You can't win! I am untouchable! With the power of the Star Piece, I can do anything!

Mario was struggling to get free, but it was no use. Then he remembered something.

Mario: Red... In my pocket are the Star Pieces! Use your magic to send them to my friends and me!

Commander Shroob: You have some Star Pieces? Well, letís take them out and give me more power!

But he was too late, Red Magikoopa was fastest and used his magic to take the Star Pieces out of Mario's pocket and give them to him and his friends. Then they started to glow and Mario's hands were on fire, which burned Commander Shroobs.

Commander Shroob: YEOW!

He dropped our heroes and Mario shot a large fireball toward Commander Shroob. Kirby's hammer had grown, and he swung it with all his might and hit Commander Shroob. Meta Knight was able to go super fast and he slashed the Shroob like there was no tomorrow. Yoshi gained large egg bombs and threw them all at Commander Shroob. He was on the ground after that.

Commander Shroob: You might have some Star Pieces, but I can still defeat you with my one!

Kirby: Think again. Mario, take your hammer!

Kirby spit up the hammer and Mario caught it, then Kirby sucked up Commander Shroob (thanks to the power of the Star Piece), then he spat him toward Mario, who whacked him with his hammer like a baseball bat and sent him flying out of the arena.

Mario: Homerun!

The crowd saw the whole thing and cheered.

Meta Knight: But what about the Star Piece?

Then an object came from the hole in the ceiling that Commander Shroob had been knocked through, and it was the Star Piece.

Meta Knight: I guess my question was answered.

Mario took the Star Piece and held it high for everyone to see.

Lemmy: Good job, Mario! But what puzzles me is what became of our minions?

?????: Well Lemmy, why don't you ask us?

The Koopalings turned around and saw Bowser's minions unshroobified.

Ludwig: You guys are all right!

Dark Bones: Yeah, we are. One second we were tied up as shroobified minions, and the next, we were unshroobified.

Iggy: Well Mario, we congratulate you on beating Commander Shroob! But we must find Dad and steal the Shroob Spaceship so we can get home.

Lemmy: We'll see you in the future, Mario!

Bowser Jr: Yeah, Papa will beat you if he does!

The Koopalings and Bowser's minions went to the exit to find Bowser. Then Mario heard a low grumbling noise.

Mario: GRUBBA!

He turned around and saw Grubba on the floor motionless.

Yoshi: He's... dead.

Kirby: ...! Mario, don't you have any Mushrooms?

Mario: Oh yeah!

Mario reached into his pocket and took out a Super Shroom. He stuffed it into Grubba's mouth. They waited for a few seconds and...

Grubba: ... Gonzales.

Meta Knight: Heís all right!

Grubba: Thanks, Gonzales! If you hadn't given me that Mushroom, I would have been a goner.

Mario: No problem, Grubba.

Gonzales Jr: Way to kick some Shroob butt, man!

Green: You were awesome!

Gray: You really showed him.

Mario: Yeah, but if I hadn't told Red what to do, we would have been gone!

Red: It was a pleasure to help you.

Mario: But now that we have the Star Piece, me and my friends have to go.

Grubba: I understand. You have a mission!

Gonzales Jr: I had a real good time with you, man! If you come back someday, we are going to square off!

Mario: Will do buddy, will do.

With our heroes heading back to the Mushroom Kingdom to tell General Guy the good news, we find... THE AXEM RANGERS AND BOWYER, heading toward the Factory to confront Smithy and Marx, minus Yellow and Pink, and Blade.

Red: Well, we are about to die, we are totally going to die now!

Bowyer: Agree I do, nya.

When they enter the castle, they see Smithy in front of a giant sheet covering something.

Green: Master Smithy, we have...

Black: -Unfortunately... failed.

Smithy: I know, and so does Marx. Bowyer, go and take a break.

Bowyer: Thank you.

He ran off.

Red: How do you know?

Smithy: Well, Mack came back and told me everything.

Green: But he was hit with one of Bowyerís Aeros.

Smithy: One of his Shysters woke up and cured him. He told me everything when he got back.

Black: So you know that the Blade and Pink and Yellow were destroyed?

Smithy: Yes. But, I have two things to give you that should give you an upper hand when you encounter Mario next time. One, I give you your new ship... HYDRA BLADE!

Smithy took off the sheet that was behind him, and the Rangers saw the same face that the old Blade had, but meaner looking, with Bullet Bill cannons on the side and an improved Breaker Beam.

Rangers: WOW!

Smithy: And, I give you new members! Axem Rangers Blue and White!

Smithy guided them to a table and the Rangers saw a blue and a white figure on the table. (This is what the Shy Guy cam saw when Mario, Kirby, and Meta Knight told General Guy they lost their first Star Piece.)

Red: Do they even work?

Smithy: Not yet, but I just need to give them a few tweaks and theyíll be ready to go! You guys can go rest for now.

Green: Thank you, Master Smithy.

Just when the Rangers left, Marx appeared.

Marx: I told you giving them the Star Piece wouldn't work!

Smithy: Master, I am sorry, but my Rangers will make up for it.

Marx: Very well, but go and make them fetch the Pieces! I have a better plan that involves the Star Pieces and something here that is closely related to something on Pop Star!

He then disappears.

Smithy: I wonder what Marx is talking about?

While Smithy got back to work, wondering what Marx was talking, we find Commander Shroob floating in the depths of space. Then he spotted something that is familiar to him, so he tried to get its attention.

Commander Shroob: Help... me... please!

The thing noticed the Commander and floated toward him.

?????: What should I do?

Commander Shroob: Take... me to... Planet Shroob. Princess... Shroob will... know what... to do...

This thing knew where Planet Shroob was. What is this thing helping Commander Shroob? Does it have any alliances with him? Will Mario find the next Star Piece? Find out in the next chapter.

Read on!

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