Mario and Kirby: The Seven Stars of the Star Portal

By Blade Guy

Chapter 9: Shroobs and Magikoopas

We last left our heroes taking the Mushroom Kingdom blimp from the Glitz Pit back to the Mushroom Kingdom to show General Guy the third Star Piece.

General Guy: Good job, guys! How hard was it for you to get the Piece?

Mario: Well, it wasn't easy. I ended up fighting Commander Shroob in a powerful form thanks to the Star Piece.

General Guy: ... AHAHAHA! For a second there, I thought you said Commander Shroob. But seriously, what did you have to go through to get it?

Mario: We had to fight Commander Shroob.

General Guy just stared at them and finally yelled.


Mario: I have no idea? But don't worry, we blasted him into deep space.

General Guy: Well, that is good to know. But anyway, let’s find out where your next Star Piece location is.

Mario brought out the map and opened it on a table so everyone could see.

Kirby: Well, it looks like the closest place from here is some place called the Ruby Mines.

Mario: (Rubies? Could it be that she could own the Ruby Mines?)

Yoshi: Mario? Are you still with us?

Mario: What? Oh, yeah. Sorry, I just was thinking about something. Anyway, let’s get going.

Meta Knight: From what it looks like on the map, we should make it there by about sundown.

Kirby: I guess that’s good enough.

General Guy: Take these walkie-talkies with you, so I can keep in touch.

He hands them to Mario.

Mario: Good, now let’s-a go!

Smithy: Axem Rangers! If you remember, I give you a new ship, and new partners.

Red: Of course we do.

Smithy: Well, I would like to introduce you to Axem Rangers Blue and White!

Smithy moved and behind him were robots, one with a blue tall body, the same size as the remaining Rangers, with a head that looks like Red's but that is more rounded. The other one was white and tall like the others, only this one's head was shaped a lot like Green's. They both had axes in one of their hands as well.

Blue Axem Ranger: What’s up, guys?

White Axem Ranger: We can be very helpful in any way possible.

Black: I like them!

Green: They do look like they are better than Yellow or Pink.

Smithy: Now that we are all good buddies, I want you five to find Mario and follow him. Also, Blue and White, I must tell you that Red is the leader and I want you to do anything he says when I'm not around and when all of you are trying to destroy Mario.

Blue: Understood.

White: Will do!

Smithy: Good, now go and test out Hydra Blade!

Red: Yes sir! Rangers, move out!

Rangers: Right!

All of them ran to the new Hydra Blade and started it up. It lifted up to the sky and the handling was amazing. They flew off into the distance.

Smithy: I hope they succeed, or Master Marx will be very disappointed.

Smithy walked out of the room, and from around the corner was the Shy Guy Cam Bot, which heard everything…

In the depths of space, we find Commander Shroob, in his cool-looking form (to me it is) but very weak. He was being carried by a big Magikoopa with a wand two times bigger than a regular Magikoopa's wand. They were on the verge of entering Planet Shroob's area. The Magikoopa entered the planet’s territory and was ambushed by some Shroobs, Blazing Shroobs, and Guardian Shroobs. The Magikoopa shot a beam at them through its wand and moved on. Finally it reached Castle Shroob. The Magikoopa shot down the door and entered. It reached the throne room, where it found a tall Shroob with a different-looking head, not the regular Shroob head. The Shroob had gloves over its claws, a small crown, and a light purple dress-like thing. This was Princess Shroob. She spotted the Magikoopa and spoke.

Princess Shroob: What is your purpose for being here?

She spotted a very weak-looking Commander Shroob in the Magikoopa’s hands.

Princess Shroob: Commander Shroob? What happened to him?

The Magikoopa finally spoke.

?????: I found him drifting around lazily around my planet. We Magikoopas thrive there.

Princess Shroob: Magikoopas... Then that must be you are from Spell Casting Galaxy! Then that means you’re...

?????: Kamella, Queen of the Magikoopas!

Princess Shroob: Well, I welcome you to my castle, but we have to get the commander to the lab and see what happened to him.

They rushed him off to the lab and a Dr. Shroob examined him.

Princess Shroob: Have you found out why he is out cold like this?

Dr. Shroob: Well, he was whacked by a hammer, and he is in this form because of what appears to be a Star Piece.

Princess Shroob: From where?

Dr. Shroob: I can't exactly determine it, but it looks like the power of a Star Piece from the Star Portal.

Kamella: The Star Portal? I heard that that was broken a while back.

Princess Shroob: Then that means there are pieces scattered around the Mushroom Kingdom!

Kamella: We can find them and use their power to takeover the world!

Princess Shroob: Bingo! But Mario is surely looking for them as well, and he took out my entire army last time he battled them! I wonder...

She walked to an intercom and pressed a button.

Princess Shroob: I want all Shroobs to report to the main lobby immediately! That includes regular Shroobs, Dr. Shroobs, Blazing, Guardian, Shroids, RCs, Intern, Shroobsworths, Shroob Rexes, and Lakitufos! Also, Swiggler, Yoob, Sunnycide, Shrooboid, Shrooboid Brat, and Elder Shrooboid!

She turned to Kamella and the Dr. Shroob.

Princess Shroob: Kamella, come with me! Dr. Shroob, bring Commander Shroob in the machine!

Dr. Shroob: ! But my princess, we have never used it before.

Princess Shroob: Then this would be a good time to use it!

She and Kamella headed toward the lobby and saw that every Shroob, Shroob Rex, Lakitufo, and every boss she called had made it.

Princess Shroob: My fellow minions! Our time has come! I have just found out that the Star Portal has broken! The Star Pieces are scattered throughout the Mushroom Kingdom! I want you to find them and bring them back here! We also have a new ally! I present to you... Kamella, Queen of the Magikoopas!

Kamella approached the stand and all the Shroobs cheered.

Princess Shroob: Right, now! We are now teaming up with the Magikoopas! They shall help us in finding the Star Pieces! But, we also have someone back with us! Dr. Shroob!

The Dr. Shroob from the lab was using all his might to push a giant machine with a cover over it.

Dr. Shroob: Here you go.

Princess Shroob: Good, now go stand with the other Shroobs.

He rushed to the crowd and Princess Shroob continued.

Princess Shroob: Now, back with us today is your old Commander Shroob!

She pulled off the cover and under it lay Commander Shroob in his cool form on a table under a giant machine.

Princess Shroob: Now, I want all Shroobs, except Lakitufo and Shroob Rexes to stand in front of the machine.

They did so.

Princess Shroob: Good, now as you can see, your commander is in a state in which he is resting and restoring his energy. But his form is due to the power of a Star Piece, so now, all you Shroobs will look exactly like him!

Princess Shroob pulled a lever and the machine turned on. A ray popped out from the top. Then Commander Shroob was electrified and a computer scanned his form. Then the ray glowed and shot all the Shroobs. Then they all grew bat wings, longer arms, larger claws, and sharper teeth, and became twice as big as they were before. Then Commander Shroob finally woke up.

Commander Shroob: I'm back on Planet Shroob!

He then spotted all the Shroobs in his form.

Commander Shroob: Why do they all look like me?

Princess Shroob: I'm glad to see you’re finally up. But I did this with the machine that we never tested.

He spotted Princess Shroob and Kamella.

Commander Shroob: Long time no see, Kamella. Thanks for bringing me back here.

Kamella: No problem. But I have to go and get the Magikoopas to invade the Mushroom Kingdom with the newly formed Shroobs.

She rushed off and Princess Shroob continued.

Princess Shroob: Now, I want ten Shroobs to invade the Kingdom and one Blazing Shroob, one Guardian Shroob, one Shroob Rex, one Lakitufo, and Swiggler to go and look for the Star Piece!

They all listened and flew off, although the Shroob Rex had to hitch a ride with Lakitufo and Swiggler has to ride a Shroob. Princess Shroob had forgotten something and yelled to them.

Princess Shroob: Kamella will send some Magikoopas your way! So you'll have some help!

Then she turned to the commander.

Princess Shroob: We must talk about your new form and how you can use combos.

Commander Shroob: Basically a battle strategy for me?

Princess Shroob: You are all dismissed!

Everyone left the lobby and the minions Princess Shroob sent out passed Kamella’s galaxy and she sent some Magikoopas their way. She and a lot of other Magikoopas followed her back to Planet Shroob.

General Guy was visiting Peach and Toadsworth when suddenly…


General Guy: What was that?!

They headed outside to find Magikoopas shooting spells everywhere. General Guy looked toward the sky and was horrified by what he saw.

General Guy: No... They’re back, and stronger than ever. Toadsworth, I want you to take the princess to the deepest part of the castle and have the Toads protect her.

Toadsworth: Understood, but what are you going to do, Master General Guy?

General Guy: I am going to drive these Shroobs and Magikoopas out of here!

General Guy got his Shy Guy army and had them prepare for battle.

What will happen to the Mushroom Kingdom? Will General Guy be able to protect it? Will Mario and his friends find the Star Piece, or will the Axem Rangers get in the way as well as the minions Princess Shroob sent? Find out in Chapter 10.

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