Mario and Kirby: The Seven Stars of the Star Portal

By Blade Guy

Chapter 10: A Star Piece Within the Mines

As our heroes ventured toward the Ruby Mines, Mario kept thinking that he might meet an old adversary, and a freaky one at that.

Yoshi: Hey Mario, you seem more quiet since you found out that the next Piece is in the Ruby Mines. Are you feeling all right?

Mario: Yeah, itís just that... I think I might know the person who owns the mines. And that person is really freaky!

Kirby: Don't worry! Whoever this person is, we will kick their butt!

Meta Knight: Mario, how much longer until we get to the mines?

Mario takes out the map and finds out.

Mario: Just one mile more.

Our heroes moved on, but Meta Knight stood still. He could sense someone, or somethings. He grabbed his sword and slashed the bushes, and out came Shroob Rex and Guardian Shroob!

Meta Knight: What in the world are you guys?

Shroob Rex: We are the Shroobs! An alien race of Poisonous Mushrooms! Well, except for me and Lakitufos. But that is not the point! The point is that we know about the Star Piece!

Meta Knight: But how?

Guardian Shroob: We'll give you a hint. Does this form I'm in remind you of anyone?

Meta Knight thought for a minute and finally realized it.

Meta Knight: How did he get back to your planet?

Shroob Rex: Ask Kamella the Magikoopa about it!

Meta Knight: I have no idea who that is, but how did you get into Commander Shroobís form? He used a Star Piece to turn into that form!

Guardian Shroob: Our Dr. Shroobs invented a machine that scans the DNA of anything, or shocks them in Commander Shroobís case, but anyway, and the machine will shoot a laser that has the DNA in it and voila! We are now super powerful!

Meta Knight: Great, first Kracko Puff, then the Axem Rangers, then Commander Shroob, now you guys! Why can we not get a break?

Shroob Rex: Shut your trap! We are going to defeat you and make you tell where the Star Pieces are!

Meta Knight: I cannot let that happen!

Guardian Shroob: He is asking for it, Rex! Well, it's your loss, Knight, so say nighty night!

Mini Boss: Guardian Shroob and Rex

Guardian Shroob stretched out his arms toward Meta Knight and tried to grab him with his giant claws. Meta Knight threw his cape over himself and vanished. He appeared behind both of them and slashed them both. Rex charged toward Meta Knight, but Meta Knight used his drill sword move (from Super Smash Bros. Brawl) and sent Rex back.

Meta Knight: Is that the best you can do?

Guardian Shroob: Oh, we are just getting started!

Guardian Shroob flew fast toward Meta Knight, but the knight stood strong and took the hit and endured it. Rex jumped high in the air and ground pounded, sending shockwaves toward Meta Knight. But he dodged by flying up in the air.

Guardian Shroob: So it's a high fly battle you want now? Rex, get on! Weíre taking this battle to the sky!

Rex jumped on and they flew up to Meta Knight and continued the battle up there. Meta Knight quickly slashed them both, but they counterattacked by swippng Meta Knight away with Guardian Shroobís arm.

Rex: I think itís time to unleash my balls of fire!

Rex opened his mouth and out came three balls of fire. Meta Knight was hit, but all right. He did his drill sword again and hit Guardian Shroob. But Guardian Shroob quickly grabbed Meta Knight, with the tip of his claws about to touch him.

Guardian Shroob: I have you now! Once I jab my claws into you, you will be inflected with a deadly poison that will slowly and painfully kill you!

?????: NOT TODAY!

Rex: What the?

Rex turned around and coming straight toward him was a Mushroom Bomb.

Rex: Uh G.S., I think weíre going down.

Guardian Shroob: What do you mean?

He turned around and saw the Mushroom Bomb.

Guardian Shroob: This is going to hurt.

The bomb hit them straight on and they fall out of the sky, leaving Meta Knight up there to use his wings to come down gently. When he got down, he saw a little puff ball with a Mushroom cape on.

Meta Knight: Thanks Kirby, I was almost a goner.

Kirby: No problem.

Meta Knight: Where are the other two?

Kirby: I saw you weren't with us so I made a lie that I had to go to the bathroom and I would catch up with them later. I also found a Mushroom and became Toadstool Kirby once again.

Meta Knight: Once again?

Kirby: It's a long story.

They both looked at the bombed Shroob enemies.

Kirby: I hope we don't see them again.

Meta Knight: We might, I think there is more from where they came from.

Kirby: Come one, letís catch up with the others.

Before they could take a step, three spiders dropped down.

Spider #1: We saw you battle, you would be perfect to work in the mines!

Kirby: What is he talking about?

The spiders shot a sticky web at them and took them away.


Mario: It has been way too long since Kirby said he had to go to the bathroom.

Yoshi: I didn't even know he could go to the bathroom. I thought he had a bottomless pit of a stomach.

Mario: Come to think of it, I think I remember him telling me that he has never gone to the bathroom in his life. He told me that during the Smash League.

Yoshi: I'm starting to worry about him. Maybe we should go back and look for him.

Mario: He said he would catch up, and come to think of it, I haven't seen Meta Knight in awhile since he asked me how much closer we were to the mines.

Suddenly, three spiders came down upon them.

Mario: What the... Who are you guys?

Spider #2: Hmmmm... You look strong enough to work in the mines. Web them!

The three spiders covered Mario and Yoshi in the same sticky web that Meta Knight and Kirby were shot with. Now they were being taken away too.

Red: Hmm, no sign of Mario yet. Hey Green, did you find him yet?

Green: The radar isn't picking up anything. Any luck, Black?

Black was looking out the window.

Black: Nothin! Hey Blue, White! Did you find anything?

Blue and White are seen standing on top of Hydra Blade.

Blue: No, nothing yet...  Oh wait! I think I see something!

White: I see it too. Black, get me some binoculars.

He handed them to White and he could see Mario and Yoshi being dragged by the spiders that captured them.

White: Target sited, I repeat, the target is sited!

Red: I heard ya! Letís follow them!

White kept a good eye on them and guided Red.


The Shy Guys controlling the cannons fired them at three Magikoopas. But they dodged the Bullet Bills shot out of the cannons.

General Guy: This isn't good! The Shroobs and Magikoopas must have teamed up to takeover the Mushroom Kingdom. I wish Mario was here to help me. But he is looking for the...

General Guy paused and finally yelled.


Shy Guy #1: What should we do?

General Guy: We need her! I'll be right back!

General Guy rushed back to the Toybox and entered a dark room, where he could see a bright light. The bright light was caused by a Liíl Sparky that had a pacifier in it's mouth.

General Guy: Hey, Watt, wake up.

He shook Watt a little and she finally woke up.

Watt: General Guy? What is it?

General Guy: We need your help. Come outside.

General Guy showed Watt outside and she saw Shroobs and Magikoopas everywhere.

Watt: Yikes!

General Guy: I know, we need your electricity to help us.

Watt: Anything to help the Shy Guys!

General Guy picked up Watt and aimed her at an oncoming Magikoopa. Watt shot an electrical charge and shocked the Magikoopa, who was knocked off his broom.

Watt: Nice job aiming!

General Guy: Thanks, a pretty good electrical shock you got there yourself. Now letís shoot down some Shroobs and Magikoopas!

General Guy ran toward the Shy Guys with Watt in his hands, aiming at a Shroob.

General Guy: FIRE, WATT!

Watt charged up and shot electricity at the Shroob, who got knocked down.

General Guy: YES! Keep up with the shooting, Watt!

Watt: Will do!

Watt just kept shooting at some Shroobs and Magikoopas, missing a couple times but hitting them most of the time.

In the depths of the forest to the Ruby Mines, a giant Wiggler-like thing, a Lakitu in a UFO, and a Mushroom with a flame on top of its head are seen walking through the forest.

Lakitufo: Man, this forest is deep. Letís hope your new form can help us out, Blaze.

Blazing Shroob (his name being Blaze): Don't worry, I am a skilled fighter and this form of mine looks pretty powerful for anything!


Lakitufo: That guy really needs to learn how to talk.

Blaze: Yeah. I wonder if Guardian Shroob and Rex were able to find Mario and his friends?

Lakitufo: I hope they found them.

Just then they entered the area where Meta Knight had fought with Rex and Guardian Shroob, G.S. as of now. Lakitufo looked over and saw them down.

Lakitufo: Oh man! They're down!  We have to do something!

Blaze: I'll handle this.

Blaze approached them and shot a ball of fire right on them.

G.S. and Rex: YEOUCH!

Blaze: Oh good, youíre up! Now what happened to you guys?

G.S.: Well, we found a knight and found out that he is with Mario. I almost had him, but then a pink puffball came out of nowhere and threw a bomb right at us, and we were out like a light.

Blaze: Oh, really? Well, all I have to say is... IT WAS A PINK PUFFBALL! HOW COULD YOU HAVE LOST?!

Rex: We told you, it came out of nowhere.

Lakitufo: It had to come from somewhere. Things like that don't just pop out at you.

Blaze: He's right, now come on, letís just get going. Mario has to be around here somewhereÖ

Mario: Uggg, my back is killing me.

Yoshi: Hey, where are we? And why is it so dark in here?

Meta Knight: Yoshi, Mario! Is that you guys?

Mario: Meta Knight? Where are you?

Kirby: Weíre right in front of you. Although, you can't tell because itís pitch black in here!

Yoshi: Kirby! Weíre glad to see you guys are all right.

Mario: I am relieved that they're all right, but I wish we could see.

Then, around the corner came a lantern light that was being carried by a spider.

Spider: Well, itís good to see that youíre up! Time for you slaves to get to work!

Mario looked around and found out that they were trapped in a cage.

Mario: How did we get in here? And what do you mean by working?!

Spider: Youíre in the Ruby Mines, and anyone who comes around our territory, must be captured!

The Spider opened the cage door and gave Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, and Meta Knight a pic axe for each of them.

Yoshi: What are these for?

Spider: To dig up rubies! Our queen loves them so much, so follow me!

The Spider took them to a place where our heroes saw many captives digging up rubies and taking them away in carts full of them.

Spider: Your workstation is by a giant Clubba and some guy in a sheet! Get to work!

He pointed toward the Clubba and the guy in the sheet. The spider took our heroes toward them.

Spider: Yo, ghostly guys! These new captives are going to help you out!

The spider departed, leaving our heroes facing their new captive buddies. The two captives, however, were eyeing Mario more then the other three. Mario knew them very well.

Mario: Tubba Blubba and Doopliss!

Tubba Blubba: Well hello Mario. It has been awhile since we have met!

Doopliss: Yeah Slick! Who are these guys with you anyway?

Mario: Well, these are my friends, Kirby, Yoshi and Meta Knight.

Tubba Blubba: Whatever. Anyway, how did you get captured?

Doopliss: No wait, let me guess. You were in the territory of the mines.

Yoshi: Yeah, how did you know?

Doopliss: Everyone always gets captured like that, Slick!

Kirby: Look, we are looking for something called a Star Piece, have you seen anything that looks like a star?

Mario: I wouldn't trust them! They are enemies of mine! Although, I think I recall an old friend of mine telling me that Tubba Blubba was on the side of good. I don't know about Doopliss though.

Doopliss: Look, I ain't going to steal your precious Star Piece. I just want to get out of here!

Mario: Yeah, I do too.

Tubba Blubba: Anyway, we should get to work. If we don't, the Spider' Ďleader will come and punish us, and she is tough.

Mario: She! Now I am sure it is her!

Doopliss: I know who you're talking about! I once worked with her to steal the Ancient Stars from the Koopalings! Man oh man, I thought she would remember me and set me free, but I was wrong.

Yoshi: I think I see a Spider coming, letís get to work!

So they started to use the axes they were given to hit the walls and find rubies. But Doopliss found something even better than rubies.

Doopliss: Hey Mario. Is this the thing you are looking for?

Doopliss shows Mario a piece of a star.

Mario: O_o  You found it!

Doopliss: Consider it a peace offering for what I did to you in the past. I'm... sorry for doing that.

Mario: Wow, you really are a changed ghost, Doopliss.

Before Doopliss could give Mario the Star Piece, a Spider quickly came in and grabbed it.

Spider: Whatís this we have here! This isn't a ruby. But I'm sure our leader would like to see it! Who dug it up?

Doopliss: I did.

Spider: Come with me. The rest of you, get back to work!

The Spider took Doopliss down a dark hallway where he could see many Boos working. They finally reached a door and on the other side was a place with bright lights, a refrigerator, and a television. Doopliss had to squint so he could get used to the bright lights.

Spider: Master, this ghost thing found not a ruby, but some type of star piece.

His master was in a spinning chair and wasn't looking at them.

?????: A star piece? Give it to me.

The Spider put the piece on the desk, and his master quickly grabbed it without turning around.

?????: Hmmm... I think I'll keep it!

Upon hearing this, Doopliss leapt up and jumped on the master's head and quickly took back the Star Piece.

Doopliss: NO! I found it and I'm giving it to Mario, and you have no right to take it from me, MIMI!

The chair turned around and in the chair was indeed Mimi.

Mimi: Doopliss, think of the good times we had. Like when we impersonated Bow and King Boo to lure the Koopalings into a trap.

Doopliss: I thought we had something going too, until you captured me! Now I'm giving this Star Piece to Mario!

Mimi: Mario is here in my mines?

Doopliss: Thatís right. Your Spiders captured him! But now, I am helping him escape!

Doopliss was so angry with Mimi that he held the Star Piece tightly and it began to glow. Then Doopliss started to feel strange and he shot lasers out of his eyes.

Doopliss: Hey! This Star Piece is giving me power. Take this, Mimi!

He shot the whole office down with his laser eyes. Then he ran out the door, freeing any Boo he passed.


By the time Doopliss made it to the last Boo, a hoard of Spiders was coming his way. So he ran for dear life and found Mario, Tubba Blubba, Yoshi, Kirby, and Meta Knight.

Doopliss: Come on, guys! Drop the axes and letís get out of here!

Tubba Blubba: Why? What did you do?

Doopliss: It's a long story, but we have to hurry, Spiders are coming this way!

Mario looked past Doopliss and saw the Spiders.


They dropped the axes and ran for dear life. When a Spider got close, Doopliss shot it down with his laser eyes.

Mario: How did you learn how to do that?

He noticed the Star Piece Doopliss was holding.

Mario: That answers my question.

Then they saw a light and knew that it was the exit. When they got outside, all the Boos were out there, and Mario told them to get far away from there. The Boos listened and fled. Doopliss was at the entrance and used his laser eyes to shoot down a giant boulder to block the path so the Spiders couldn't get out.

Mario: Doopliss, hand me the Star Piece.

Doopliss handed him the Star Piece.

Mario: Okay, me and Tubba Blubba will stay here and make sure the Spiders don't get out. You guys get out of here, we'll catch up.

Yoshi: Will do!

They all ran toward the inner part of the forest, leaving Mario and Tubba Blubba waiting for the Spiders. Then the boulder cracked and was blown to bits. And in the entrance were the Spiders.

Mario: You want the Star Piece? Come and get it!

Spider: Letís get him, boys!

Yoshi: Okay, I think we are far enough away from the cave. I just hope both of them can handle them.

Meta Knight: I sense an enemy! We will have to split up so we can confuse them. I see a fork in the road up ahead, and they both lead to the Mushroom Kingdom. Me and Kirby will go right; Yoshi, you and Doopliss go left.

Yoshi: Can do.

Doopliss: I'm with you all the way. You can trust me though, right?

Yoshi: After what you did back there, I was almost about to ask Mario to let you join our team.

Doopliss: Why didn't you?

Yoshi: Well, there were Spiders coming and we could've been caught. But I will ask him.

Doopliss: Thanks, now letís go!

They both took their paths. Kirby and Meta Knight were in an area with thick trees.

Kirby: Keep your eyes peeled! Someone could be lurking in any one of these trees or bushes!

Meta Knight stopped and grabbed his sword. He slashed both a tree and a bush. Out of the tree came a dragon/dino-looking thing, and a Lakitu. Out from the bush came a giant Wiggler, a Mushroomer with a flame on his head, and a white and blue Mushroomer.

Meta Knight: You guys again!

Kirby turned around and saw Meta Knight had found enemies.

Kirby: Who are these clowns? Hey, what a minute! I know two of these guys!

Mtea Knight: And they brought three buddies with them!

Rex: So, we meet again!

Lakitufo: These are the guys that you were talking about? They look pretty weak.

G.S.: Don't be underestimated. They do have some power in them.

Blaze: Whatever! Letís just take them out right here, right now!


Kirby looked around and saw another Mushroom. He sucked it up and became Toadstool Kirby.


Yoshi: So you and Mimi were once partners trying to get things called the Ancient Stars that the Koopalings were collecting.

Doopliss: Yeah, but she betrayed me when her Spiders captured me! So now, I am deciding to hang with you guys and help get the Star Portal back together.

Yoshi: Wow, you really are a changed Duplighost.

Then a beam was shot down in front of them.

Yoshi: What the...

They looked up and saw a big ship with an angry face-like thing on it.

Yoshi: It can't be... We destroyed it back on my IslandÖ

Doopliss: Whatís going on?

Yoshi: Get your fighting gloves ready, Doopliss!

The ship landed and out came five robots.

Red: We are powerful.

Black: We live for disaster.

Green: We are the best fighters in the universe.

Blue: We love treasure.

White: We are really awesome.

Red: WE ARE...


Yoshi: I thought we left you clowns on Yoshi's Island!

Red: Well you thought wrong!

Green: We made it back to our place and Master Smithy was very kind and made us a new ship named Hydra Blade.

Black: We also have new friends! Say hello to Axem Rangers Blue and White!

Blue: We will crush you!

White: We will also take you back to Smithy as a present to hang over his fireplace!

Yoshi: But how did you find us?

Red: We followed you until we lost you in a cave, or mine-like place. So we waited for you to come and when we saw you come out, we followed you, Yoshi! But now, this is where your game ends!

Yoshi: Not going to happen! Me and Doopliss can take you on!

Doopliss: Letís do this!

Red: Rangers! Get your axes ready!

All the Rangers grabbed their axes and charged toward Yoshi and Doopliss.

Mini Boss: Spider Minions(x50)

Ten Spiders were running toward Mario in the shape of a set of ten bowling pins. Mario took out his Ultra Hammer and Lazy Shell.

Mario: I hope you guys like being the bowling pins!

Mario whacked his lazy shell with his hammer and knocked away all the Spiders.

Mario: Strike!

Tubba Blubba was jumping around sending shockwaves toward any spider that came near him. He also used his hip attack, where he would smash the enemy with his hands. He took out twenty spiders, so there were thirty down, twenty to go. Mario gave Tubba Blubba a sign that said, "Letís do a combo." Mario whacked his shell toward Tubba with his hammer and Tubba smacked it into ten oncoming spiders. The combo of the whack from the hammer and Tubba's fist was very powerful. The last ten Spiders split into five and Mario hammered them and Tubba just stepped on them, for he is big. That was all the spiders. Then, from the cave came Mimi.

Mimi: Bravo, Mario.

Mario: Mimi! I knew it was you who owned the mine!

Mimi: Really? Well aren't you a smart one. But you and Tubba Blubba are going down right here, right now!

Mimi twisted her head and grew six legs. She had become Spider Mimi.

Spider Mimi: Taste defeat!

Mini Boss Battle: Shroob Minions

Rex started the battle off by shooting fireballs at Kirby. He deflected them by throwing Mushroom Bombs. Meta Knight was slashing G.S. G.S. kicked Meta Knight to the ground and almost clawed him, but Meta Knight disappeared thanks to his cape. He appeared right behind Lakitufo, who was surprised by this and was slashed into submission. Lakitufo quickly got away and threw three Spiny Shroopa eggs at Meta Knight. He slashed them away, but when they hit the ground, out came Shroopas. The three Shroopas and Lakitufo charged toward Meta Knight, but he flew up into the air and they all rammed into each other. Blaze was helping out Rex with Kirby. He was shooting fireballs like Rex, making a total of six fireballs heading toward Kirby. Kirby threw three Bombs, which hit three of the fireballs, then dodged the other three and threw three Bombs toward them that exploded in their faces. Then Kirby had an idea. He reached into his pocket, if he has one, and took out a little star. The star grew into the Warp Star. Now Kirby was able to fly through the air. Rex saw this.

Rex: Man, not another air battleÖ

He hopped on Blaze.

Rex: Get them!

Blaze turned and put his claw in Rex's face.

Blaze: I give the orders around here!

Rex: ... Okay.

Blaze: But I will battle him in the sky.

Meta Knight saw Kirby up in the sky and thought that that could give him an advantage. So he flew up, but G.S. and Lakitufo were following. Lakitufo threw more Shroopia eggs at Meta Knight, but he dodged and they hit Rex.

Rex: OW!

Lakitufo: Sorry.

G.S. tried to grab Meta Knight again, but he was too fast to grab. Meta Knight charged at him and drilled him in the face with his sword. He then came back and did the same thing to Lakitufo. They both fell to the ground and were KOed.

Meta Knight: Two down, two to go.

He looked toward Kirby, who was in the middle of throwing bombs. Kirby was getting nowhere fast though, so he had to take a risk. He charged toward Blaze and Rex and threw a Bomb right into Blaze's face. Then he flew to Rex and did the same thing. They both fell down to the ground and landed on top of G.S. and Lakitufo. Kirby and Meta Knight both landed next to them.

Kirby: Well, that was a little challenging.

Meta Knight: It was, but something tells me that weíre not done yet.

They turned around and saw Swiggler was left.


Kirby: You're right. Letís do this!

Boss: Axem Rangers

Yoshi found a fruit tree and ate an apple. He gained an egg and threw it right in Blackís face.

Black: Youíre going to pay for that!

He charged toward Yoshi, who kept dodging his axe swings. Doopliss, on the other hand, was observing the other four, trying to figure out which one to copy. He yelled to Yoshi.

Doopliss: Hey Yoshi!

Yoshi, who was still fighting Black, managed to talk.

Yoshi: What?

Doopliss: Which one of those guys should I copy?

Yoshi: What?

Doopliss: Just trust me!

Yoshi: Ummm, I guess Blue.

Doopliss: Thanks.

Doopliss did the same thing he did in PMTTYD and disappeared.

White: Where'd he go?!

Then a scan thing appeared on Blue and scanned him. Then, from where Doopliss was standing, out from the shadows came Doopliss in Blue's form.

Doopliss: SWEET!

Blue: HEY! He looks just like me!

Red: Easy Blue, don't have a rampage, thatís Blacks job.

Blue: I'll take care of him.

He charged toward Doopliss and they started to battle.

Red: White, go help Blue. Me and Green will assist Black.

White: All right!

White charged toward Doopliss and Blue. He threw his fist out and hit Blue by mistake.

Blue: OW! White!

White: Sorry, but I can't tell you two apart. That Duplighost is a real good shapeshifter!

Blue: Just stay next to me!

White: That could work.

They both swung their axes at Doopliss, who was dodging every single axe swing. Then Doopliss had an idea and turned back into himself and turned to Yoshi and transformed into him!

Doopliss: Heh heh, now weíre talkin! Yoshi! How about a tongue combo?

Yoshi: That works!

Both Yoshi and Doopliss used their tongues and grabbed all five Axem Rangers. They swung them around and threw them into their Hydra Blade, and they didn't come back out.

Yoshi: Nice job!

Doopliss: That should be the last we see of them.

Then the ship started to rise and the Bullet Bill cannons were aimed at both Yoshi and Doopliss.

Yoshi: Oh boy.

Boss: Spider Mimi

Spider Mimi shot rubies at Mario and Tubba. Mario was able to dodge. Tubba grabbed an oncoming ruby and threw it back at Mimi with twice the force.

Mimi: OW! You hurt me with my own attack! Now I'm mad!

Mimi grew four rubies on the top, bottom, and the sides of her and started to spin wildly toward Mario and Tubba.

Mario: Be careful! This is her most deadly attack!

Tubba Blubba: Got it!

They kept dodging her until she stopped. Then she started to shoot more rubies at them. Tubba did the same thing, only this time, Mimi dodged it. Then she stomped the ground and rubies came up from the ground, forming a wave. Mario and Tubba jumped over them to avoid them. Mimi had had enough. She started to spin wildly and she shot rubies in every direction. Tubba managed to grab one. Then he had an idea that would destroy Mimi.

Tubba Blubba: Mario! Bring out your hammer!

Mario didn't know what he was talking about until he saw the rubie in his hand. Tubba threw the rubie toward Mario with all his power and Mario hammered the rubie with all his might toward Mimi. The power of Tubba's throw and Mario's hammer were devastating. The rubie reached Mimi and went right into her. Then she noticed the rubie in her. She screamed loudly due to the pain. Then she exploded into nothing.

Mario: All right! We beat her!

Tubba Blubba: We make a really good team! So could I join you since I have nowhere else to go?

Mario: Sure you-a can.

Tubba Blubba: Really? All right! You will not regret this!

Mario: Come on, we have to see if the others are all right.

Boss: Swiggler

Swiggler charged toward Meta Knight and Kirby. Kirby tried to stop it with Mushroom Bombs, but he just went straight through them without feeling anything.

Kirby: O_O  What the?! How did he withstand that?

Meta Knight: I'll give it a try!

Meta Knight drilled right into him, but Swiggler just sent him back to where he came. Then Swiggler charged right into Kirby and sent him high into the sky. Kirby then fell to the ground with a hard landing.

Kirby: How are we supposed to beat something that is indestructible?

Meta Knight: ...

Kirby: Well?

Meta Knight: (If we can't beat him on the outside...)

Swiggler then thought he could win very easily, so he started to inhale them.

Meta Knight: Thatís it! Kirby, throw your bombs into the mouth of that thing when it starts to inhale.

Kirby heard him and threw a Mushroom Bomb right into the sucking range of Swiggler. When he sucked it up, the Bomb blew up inside him and Swiggler was in much much pain.


Kirby: It worked! Letís try again!

When Swiggler was done being in pain, he tried inhaling again, but Kirby threw another Bomb and Swiggler sucked it right up and the bomb blew up inside him again.


Kirby: Once more!

Swiggler was now mad. He increased his inhaling and was sucking Kirby right toward him. Kirby acted fast and threw one last Mushroom Bomb into Swiggler. Swiggler paused and when the Bomb blew up, Swiggler blew up as well, leaving nothing in its place.

Meta Knight: We did it!

Kirby: I never thought of throwing bombs inside him! How did you figure out that I should throw bombs inside?

Meta Knight: When he was inhaling the first time.

Mario: HEY! Are you guys okay?

Kirby and Meta Knight turned around and saw Mario and Tubba coming their way.

Kirby: We're all right. We beat some Shroobs and some giant worm.

Mario was puzzled, and behind them he saw Rex, Blaze, G.S., and Lakitufo fainted on the ground.

Mario: He made it back to his planetÖ That giant worm you were facing is called Swiggler.

Tubba Blubba: Hey, where are Yoshi and Doopliss?

Meta Knight: We had to split up, I sensed these guys and they must've followed me and Kirby.

Mario: Then what about Yoshi and Doopliss?

They heard a big explosion.

Meta Knight: I think they ran into some trouble on the other path. We have to hurry and help them!

Boss: Hydra Blade


Blue and White were firing the Bullet Bill cannons at Yoshi and Doopliss, who kept dodging but almost got hit.

Yoshi: We can't reach them up there.

Doopliss: No, but your eggs can.

Yoshi: But what am I supposed to eat?

Doopliss: The Bullet Bills!

Yoshi: Oh, right.

Two Bullet Bills were coming their way and Yoshi ate them both.

Yoshi: What should I am for?

Doopliss: How about the cannons? They can't attack us anymore if we take them out.

Ypshi: Good idea!

Yoshi aimed both his eggs at one cannon, and threw them. They hit the cannons, but didn't leave a scratch.

Doopliss: I have a better idea. I'll shapeshift into a Bullet Bill cannon and shoot some Bullet Bills myself so the ones they shoot won't hit us. You can find some tree with fruit in it and turn them into eggs.

Yoshi: Good plan.

Doopliss shapeshifted and became a cannon. He shot Bullet Bills while Yoshi was eating fruit. When he had eaten seven fruits, out came seven eggs. Yoshi aimed the eggs at the holes of the cannons and plugged each one up with an egg. The cannons exploded due to the fact that they couldn't shoot anything. The last five eggs Yoshi had were sent toward Blue and White Axem Rangerís faces. Blue and White retreated into the ship and told Red what happened. The Hydra Blade reteated.

Doopliss: All right! We won!

Kirby: You guys okay?

They turned and saw Kirby, Mario, Meta Knight, and Tubba Blubba coming toward them.

Yoshi: Weíre fine. But Mario, Doopliss has something to ask you.

Doopliss: Mario, may I join your team to help you get back the Star Pieces?

Mario: Of course you can. Tubba here joined as well.

Doopliss: Thanks Mario!

Meat Knight: Come on, letís get back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Princess Shroob: So, let me get this straight. G.S., Rex, Blaze, Lakitufo, and Swiggler failed to get the Star Piece?

Dr. Shroob: Well, yeah. Swiggler exploded and the other four are unconscious.

Commander Shroob: Who fought them?

Dr. Shroob: Some weird beings called Kirby and Meta Knight.

Commander Shroob: I dealt with them back at the Glitz Pit! They are pretty tough next to Mario!

Dr. Shroob: So what should we do?

Princess Shroob: I don't know? How about you, Kamella?

Kamella: Well, how about this? We fuse my Magikoopas with your Shroobs to create Magishroobs!

Commander Shroob: No way! We tried that once, remember? The Ancient Stars!

Kamella: Oh yeah.

A Lakitufo rushed in.

Lakitufo: My Princess! General Guy has taken out our entire Shroob and Magikoopa army with something called Watt! It shoots electricity!

Commander Shroob: General Guy! I really want revenge on him!

Princess Shroob: Okay, forget invading the kingdom. I want you, two Ghoul Guys, Yoob, three Shroobsworths, and five RC Shroobers to find the next Star Piece!

Kamella: I'll be sending five Magikoopas as well.

Lakitufo: As you wish, my Princess.

Smithy: I wonder if the Rangers are doing all right?

Marx: I hope they succeed! Do you have anyone else to send to follow Mario?

Smithy: Well, there is my brother Yaridovich.

Marx: Send him, and have him find your Rangers so he can hitch a ride.

Smithy: Will do, but what about you?

Marx: I am going to pay a little visit to Star Heaven!

Marx flew off, leaving Smithy wondering what he meant. Marx was flying over the Mushroom Kingdom, carefully making sure he wasn't seen. He then made it to Star Heaven. He went to the Star Sanctuary and found all seven Star Spirits.

Eldstar: What the... Who are you?

Marx: I am Marx, and I am here to take something of yours!

Misstar: You are not getting your hands on the Star Rod!

Marx: I think I am!

Muscular: You will have to go through us if you want the Star Rod!

Marx: Sounds like a challenge, for you, but not for me! I can take you out with one attack!

Marx turned into paint and flew up into the sky. Then he crashed down into the ground and the Star Spirits were hit by a lot of paint and were knocked out. Then Marx regenerated himself and broke the seal protecting the Star Rod. He made a wish and the Rod started to glow. The Rod shot a beam of light in front of Marx, and the beam formed a puddle of paint. The puddle formed into a witch. A witch who liked to paint and cause chaos.

Marx: Welcome back, my friend.

?????: Wahahahahahaha!

Who is this mysterious witch Marx brought back? Does it have any relationship to Kirby and Meta Knight? Will Mario find another Star Piece with the help of his new partners, Tubba Blubba and Doopliss? Or will the Shroobs get in the way again, as well as the Axem Rangers and Yaridovich? Find out in Chapter 11.

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