Luigi's Adventure: The New King



Luigi is standing on the roof of Bowser's Hold. He is waiting for something to happen, for Bowser to come, for his princess to appear. But nothing, until...

"GWAHAHAHAHAHA!" Bowser drops from his Clown Copter to the ground, namely, the roof of the castle.


"Mario is-a on vacation," Luigi says softly, almost too softly to hear. "But-a Daisy isn't! You have her!"

Luigi jumps at Bowser furiously, but Bowser dodges easily, and even sneaks in a blow.

"YOUR FOOLISH JUMPING CAN DO NOTHING AGAINST ME!" Bowser is beside himself. Luigi growls, and slides to Bowser, but Bowser simply jumps over him. Luigi smiles, backflips over Bowser, and performs a ground pound.

"No one-a messes with the Luiginater!" Luigi starts performing a cocky dance. But then Bowser gets up, and growls menacingly. The great lizard walks forward, pinning Luigi against the open ledge, ready to deal the finishing blow. Luigi trembles in terror.

"Heeheeheeheeheehee!" a high laugh sounds. Luigi's eyes widen. Bowser turns around. There is a dark figure, with his face concealed.

"DIE, BOWSER!" it screams, and sends a dark bolt of lightning at the Koopa King. It finds its mark, and Bowser is sent plummeting off the edge of his own castle. "Now for you!" the figure turns to Luigi. Luigi screams, and jumps off the castle to land in a soft, cushy tree. As he falls, he hears the high laugh again...


Kammy Koopa hears a scream. She looks out of the window to see Bowser fall off of the castle. Her mouth drops open. She stares at the scene to see Luigi, standing at the edge. He turns and jumps off. Kammy growls and says to the nearest Koopa, "Call Wart. The Koopalings. Kamek. Make contact with Tatanga. All the villains you know. Crump, Cackletta, Fawful. NOW!" The Koopa nods and hurries away. Kammy turns again to the window, and a single tear drops from her eye. "He's gone..."

Chapter One

A few days before...

Luigi is sipping on a hot cup of coffee and reading the newspaper in his pajamas when he hears a knock at the door.

"MAIL!" Parakarry is standing outside the door. "URGENT MESSAGE FROM TOAD!" Luigi jumps up from his chair and hurries to the door. He opens the door and grins at his brother's old friend.

"Parakarry!" Luigi says. "Come on-a in!"

"'Fraid I can't, Luigi. I'm on the job," Parakarry sighs. "Here you go, from Toad." Luigi nods, takes the letter, and goes back to his coffee. He opens the letter and reads it...

Dear Luigi,

It has come to my unfortunate attention that the Princess Daisy of Sarasaland has been kidnapped by the King of Dark Land, Bowser. As your brother is on vacation with the Princess Peach, it is your duty to rescue her.



Luigi buries his head in his hands and groans. He sits there for a few minutes, then takes a sip of coffee, crumples the letter up, and throws it away. For the next day, Luigi ponders what to do. He fetches the letter from the trash, and reads it again. Princess Daisy of Sarasaland... Luigi's face turns red and he rips up the letter. King of Dark Land, Bowser... Luigi angrily goes to get on his overalls.

A few minutes later, Luigi is standing outside his house in his overalls. It is dark out already. Luigi sighs and goes back into the house. He wishes that Mario were here to help him. He falls asleep.


King Bowser Koopa stares at the TV screen excitedly.

"YOU'RE GOING DOWN, MARIO!" he yells, a Wiimote in his hands. In this hack of Super Mario Galaxy, Bowser is just about to beat Mario when... POP! The TV had been turned off. He looks around the room, ready to torch whoever made him lose the game. As he turns around the second time, he sees a Magikoopa in purple robes. "Oh. Kammy. It's just you."

A hint of a smile appears on Kammy's face. "Of course it's just me! Who did you think it would be, Mario?"

"Actually, yes."

Kammy rolls her eyes. "Don't you read the papers? That's why I came in here! Look at this!"

Bowser looks at the front page. "Mario, Peach, and half the Mushroomer Army go on vacation to Isle Delfino."

"THIS COULD BE OUR CHANCE!" Bowser and Kammy exclaim at the same time. "Kammy, go get Kamek and the Koopalings. Time to go to Sarasaland!" As Kammy leaves, Bowser rubs his hands together. "Yes..."


Bowser walks through the double doors with an unconscious Daisy tied and bound. He is holding her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Two heavily bruised Magikoopas with torn robes follow him.

"Boy..." Kamek says. "That Daisy can sure put up a fight." Bowser ignores this comment and hands the princess to a random Kooptrol.

"You know the routine," Bowser says. As the Koopatrol walks away, he adds, "Or you should."

Chapter 2: Luigi's Landing

(Author's Note to the Confused One: Chapter One happens before the Prologue. Chapter Two happens after the Prologue. So, if you forgot the details of what happened in the Prologue, reread it. Otherwise you will be really, really, confused. Oh, and if you're confused on any Spanish terms in here, ask me. Or just go to an online Spanish-English dictionary. Or refer to one that you may have handy.)

Luigi opens his eyes slowly. Bright light floods in, and he quickly shuts them again. "Hello..." he says from dehydrated lips. "Anyone... here?"

A loud voice intrudes into his thoughts. "HOLA, SENOR!"

Luigi springs up, suddenly awake. "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Who are you, and whaddya want from me?"

"Hola, hijo! My name is TOADITA! And this is my husband Kenny. I cannot believe that Luigi is in my casa! We are such big fans! And a Luigi-shaped hole, too!"

"Yes..." Kenny says quietly. "We are huge fans..."

"Do not mind Kenny," Toadita screams. "He is so tired and quiet."

"Yeah..." Luigi mutters. "I wonder why... Anyway, I gotta sleep."

"Yes!" Toadita says loudly. "Must let our house guest descanso

Luigi thankfully makes his way to the cot he woke up on. Hopefully it would be quiet so he could rejuvenate... and inspect his surroundings.

The house appeared to be built around a tree, with shelves on it holding precious china: Luigi collector dishes and silverware. Looking around the house, he sees much of his own paraphernalia. He looks at Toadita. She appears the same as Toadette, but with a purple color scheme. Kenny is a Toad with a blue cap and vest. Done with his investigation, Luigi nods off to sleep.


The dark figure smiles and laughs.

"So, Bowser, you may have died, but you are Corrupt, and if you are Corrupt, you are mine. So, Bowser, if you wish to save Plit, you must escape Corruption, and we both know that that is an impossible feat!"

Bowser looks up and roars in submission: an un-Bowserlike action. But it isn't Bowser. It looks like the King of Koopas. But it isn't. Bowser has a heart, even if it is small. But this Bowser, THIS Bowser would kill anyone that his master let him. This Bowser is a beast, a puppet, taken over by a mysterious dark magic called Corruption...

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