Mario, Luigi, and Chris: Partners in Time

By Chris

Last time on Mario, Luigi, and Chris: Partners in Time, our three heroes found E. Gaddís old time machine, and their past selves came out! Unfortunately, so did Shrooboid Brat. They had an epic battle! Unfortunately, after a while Bowser also came out with two friends, Princess Shroob and Jacob! They hightailed out of there and left their minions to stall the heroes while they set up a trap for our heroes in Holli Jolli Village. After the stall battle was done, the trap worked! Mario, Luigi, and Chris went back in time and died! BUT, the babies didnít go, which leads us back to our story. ..

Ch. 4, A New Hope

E. Gadd is seen with a tracker device. He had put one of these in Chrisís pocket before they left.

E. Gadd: Jeepers! The Shroobs creamed them! What to do, what to do, what to do?!

The Babies overhear him from another room.

Baby Mario: Did you hear that?

Baby Luigi: Yeah, big guys got creamed!

Baby Chris: But, what can we do?

Baby Mario: Go save them, DUH!

Baby Chris: *sniff* Donít say that! I was made fun of at daycare and I got sensitive feelings.

Baby Luigi: Heís sorry. RIGHT?!?

Baby Mario: *gulp* Sure! Yeah, Iím sorry!

Baby Chris: Címon, letís tell E. Gadd.

Suddenly the door opens and E. Gadd comes out.

E. Gadd: I was listening at the door, Babies! Have you gone mad??!

Baby Mario: NO!!! Is this how you want us to die, old man? Weíre them. If they die, WE die in the future!

E. Gadd: Ok, ok, I get your point! But I canít possibly let you go alone! Iím coming with you!!

Baby Chris: Ok! Last one to the time hole has a rotten diaper!

Race Begin!!!

Baby Chris is winning, but Baby Luigi covers his eyes with his cap, causing him to crash! Baby Mario then jumps onto Baby Luigi, only to get hit in the eye with Baby Chrisís shades! Baby Chris then wins the race, but the other two Babies are still racing! Baby Luigi then pulls Baby Mario back by his diaper, making him second. Baby Mario has the rotten diaper!

Baby Mario: I just wasnít trying, thatís all!

Baby Chris: Whatever, letís just go!

They jump in the time hole, and get out.

Baby Chris: Well like they say, ďWhat goes down, must come up!Ē

Baby Mario: Ummm, I think itís the other way around.

Baby Luigi: Guys, you still there? E. Gadd and I are way ahead of you!

Baby Mario and Baby Chris: Well now you tell me!

Suddenly a hoard of Shrooblets fall from the sky!


Battle start!
Shrooblet Hoard: 50 HP
Baby Chris: 150 HP
Baby Luigi: 170 HP
Baby Mario: 160 HP

Shrooblet Hoard uses Tackle on Baby Chris!
Baby Chris: 130 HP

Baby Chris uses Hammer on Shrooblet Hoard! Super Effective! Timed hit!
Shrooblet Hoard: 25 HP

Baby Mario uses Hammer! Timed hit! Super Effective!
Shrooblet Hoard: 0
Shrooblet hoard out!

Battle ove-

Suddenly the Shrooblet Hoard makes a clone of Shrooboid Brat without the suckers by standing on each other!
Shrooblet Brat: 1,000 HP

Baby Luigi uses Crybaby on Shrooblet Brat! Super effective! Timed hit! Lucky!
Shrooblet Brat: 500 HP

Shrooblet Brat uses Clone! He makes two clones of himself!
Shrooblet Brat Clone: 750 HP
Shrooblet Brat Clone 2: 800 HP

Baby Chris uses Crybaby on Shrooblet Brat! Timed hit! Super effective! Lucky!
Shrooblet Brat: 0 HP
Shrooblet Brat out!

Baby Mario uses Crybaby on Clone 1! Super Effective! Timed hit! Lucky!
Clone 1: 500

Baby Luigi uses Crybaby on Clone 1! Timed hit! Lucky!
Clone 1: 0 HP
Yer Out!

Clone 2 uses Body Super Ultra Mega Deluxe Smash on our heroes! MISSES!

Babies all jump! No timed hit, no lucky, just super effective.
Clone 2: 0


Babies: Level 13!

Baby Mario: Címon! Letís-a go!

After about an hour, they make it to the adults!

Baby Mario: Score! Címon, letís-a-get these Life Shrooms to them!

Baby Luigi: Right!

Suddenly two people jump from out of a bush!

Shroob 3: #^%^$%&^#*%^#%@*!!!

Shroob 2: #^&&$%^%#^&%#^%#^&%&%^&@%@%^&%^&#%^&#%*!!!

Boss Battle!
Shroob 2: 42 HP
Shroob 3: 50 HP
Baby Mario: 200 Hp
Baby Luigi: 210 HP
Baby Chris: 190 HP


Baby Mario uses Crybaby on Shroob 2! Super effective! Lucky! Timed!
Shroob 2: 12 HP

Baby Chris: Well this should be done quick!
Baby Luigi uses Jump on Shroob 2! Timed hit!
Shroob 2: 0

E. Gadd: BOYS!

Babies: What?

E. Gadd: Here, take these!

The Babies get Green Shells!

E. Gadd: Use Ďem!

Baby Chris uses Green Shell! It hits 20 times! 4 lucky! All timed hit!
Shroob 3: 0


Babies: Level 15!

Baby Chris: Yeah, we rule! We rule! Itís our birthday! We rule!

They put the Shrooms into their adult and eleven-year-old-selves mouths.


Babies: Theyíre alive!!!

Mario, Luigi, and Chris: Babies! Thank you!!!

Princess Shroob: %^%^*()((*(&&^^%%$$%#$@#@#@#$@$!!!(Curses! This wasnít supposed to happen! Time for plan B!)

She pulls out a walkie-talkie.

Princess Shroob: @!#@#^%$%$^&%&^&*)&_*&*^&^^%%^$%#$#!!! (Jacob, I suppose your troops are in position?)


Princess Shroob: #$#^%^&&^^&%%$$##@!@%& (KEEP YOUR VOICE DOWN!!! Oops. Well anyway, good. See you. Time for plan B!)

What is plan B? Where is Bowser? Where will they go next? Find out next time on Mario, Luigi, and Chris: Partners in Time, Ch. 5, Plan B!

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